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Chapter 307

Third Young Master Ye raised his eyebrows and looked as if he was thinking . He repeated the question slowly . “Ning Ning and Wei Wei knew each other long ago?”

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 “Instinct,” Cheng Anya said . Her instinct had always been very accurate . She felt that Ning Ning and Ye Wei had known each other long ago as they gave her a familiar feeling . Anya felt weird the day Ye Wei appeared at their house . Ning Ning usually did not allow people into the house, much less talk about the way the two of them interacted . They were not awkward with each other and Ye Wei kept calling him baby .

 The weirdest thing was that both of them had exceptional computer skills . When Anya went down to drink water that day, she saw the two of them looking at Third Young Master Ye’s information . Anya pitied Third Young Master Ye after looking at his information and could not care about anything else .

 But, after thinking about it, Cheng Anya felt that it was weird . Third Young Master Ye would definitely not keep such information on the internet . According to Ning Ning, Third Young Master Ye was also a computer genius and was very skillful .

 Then, he should have deleted such stuff long ago . How did Ning Ning find it? He would not secretly investigate Third Young Master Ye’s privacy . The weirdest thing was that Ye Wei and Eleven were also around . Now that Anya thought about it, the three of them acted as if they were not strangers .

 The young kid was her son and she knew his personality the best . Other than her, Third Young Master Ye, her dad, Li Yun, and Yang Zekun, the young kid was always polite to others . The elegant smile on her son’s face was fake and he only showed it to strangers . But, his gaze was cold, as if there was something protecting it and nobody could go in .

 There was no reason for Ning Ning to be so nice to Ye Wei and Eleven . It was impossible to get Ning Ning to like them if they did not treat him well before . But, Ye Wei and Eleven could joke around with Ning Ning, yet Ning Ning was fine with it . This was a weird feeling .

 Therefore, Cheng Anya had sufficient reason to logically suspect that they had known each other for a long time .

 She still did not fully understand Ning Ning’s world until now . Other than knowing that he controlled most of the backstage deals in the world, she also knew that he was the commander and was in charge of information security behind the terrorist organization . Most of the people Ning Ning knew came from Hei Ye, and he was friends with people in the top-three terrorist organizations . He also knew many poisonous weapon experts and various legendary people . Therefore, it was not weird for him to know Ye Wei and Eleven .

“I didn’t notice,” Third Young Master Ye said truthfully . He was so happy when Ye Wei came to his house and did not care about how she communicated with Ning Ning . After knowing that Louis was Ye Yukun, his whole mind was on how to destroy Louis . He had spent all his efforts on planning how to destroy MBS International .

 He would naturally not notice such details .

 Cheng Anya would naturally not tell Ye Chen about how she knew about his past . She only said, “You should know about our son’s personality . Is it possible for him to be so close to a stranger he just met?”

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 Third Young Master Ye raised his eyebrows . “Anyone will probably like Wei Wei’s personality, right?”

 “You really think that they are not in cahoots?” Cheng Anya copied Third Young Master Ye’s looks and curled her lips, smiling in askance .

 Third Young Master Ye was smart to raise his hand to swear and show his loyalty . “I believe whatever you say . ”

 Cheng Anya suddenly sneered and touched Third Young Master Ye’s head . She smiled in an amiable manner . “If baby and Ye Wei knew each other long ago, whose idea do you think it was for Ye Wei to come to City A and kill you?”

 Third Young Master Ye . “…It might be a misunderstanding . ”

 Cheng Anya touched his head again, in a more banter manner this time . “Yes, misunderstanding . There are misunderstandings in this world every day . It is not weird for you to be lucky and meet with one . ”

 Third Young Master Ye kept silent .

 Third Young Master Ye’s eyes twitched . If his baby knew Wei Wei, then the person that spent two billion for his life was…

F***, if he had the money, why did he not give it to his daddy to invest…

 Third Young Master Ye smiled cunningly!

 Ye Wei, Eleven, and Ning Ning went to the supermarket to get groceries . Ye Wei was wearing a pair of sunglasses that almost covered half her face due to her injuries . The supermarket in that area was very luxurious and filled with all sorts of goods . Ye Wei asked Ning Ning as she pushed the cart, “Baby, you still have not communicated with your mommy?”

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 Ning Ning naturally knew what she meant and smiled . “In terms of logic, my mommy will definitely not bear to let me leave for so long . I have already tried asking, but she did not agree . ”

 “But you cannot go back on your promise . You have already promised Chu Li,” Ye Wei said as she leaned against the freezer leisurely and looked at Ning Ning, who was choosing yogurt . She raised her eyebrows and smiled . “Why don’t I go and speak to third sister-in-law? There is no harm for you and no reason for third sister-in-law to refuse . At most, you can come home once every month . ”

 “Isn’t it supposed to be closed-door training?” Ning Ning smiled elegantly . The training ground of First Terrorist Organization was on an island . Most of the children there started training at the age of four to five . They would have closed-door training until they reached the standard and could go on missions .

Some spent ten years, twenty years, while some spent seven to eight years . It depended on the individual . During the training process, those that were eliminated could only be mercilessly killed . If not, they would become a member of the logistics team .

It had always been like this . The island did not belong to the First Terrorist Organization . It was originally a training camp that was founded by a spy group in North America .

 It was the most complete high-tech instrument testing center . There were more than ten teachers to teach one spy team . They would improve a person’s potential in terms of physical abilities and intelligence .

The children that went in were usually quite something .

Ye Wei, Eleven, Chu Li, Blackjack, Jason, and others were all from the same training camp . Although they were from different batches, they were the most outstanding ones among their batches . As the training process was too cruel and killed many of their friends, Chu Li destroyed the spy group and took over the island . He turned it into the training camp for First Terrorist Organization .

 Most of the cruel training was changed, but it remained closed-door . Chu Li had told Ning Ning before and this was why Ning Ning still did not tell Cheng Anya about it .

 He could only try to ask, but the answer was obvious . One sentence from Miss Cheng sent his question back to his head .

 “This is different . You can’t be compared to other children . We were not as skilled as you when we were at your age, so there will be leniency,” Ye Wei said and smiled seductively . She curled her red lips . “Chu Li is the in-charge of the training camp and he dotes on you the most . He will agree if you ask him and you can consider a more relaxing one . Furthermore, he can’t wait for you to go over and train so that you can become stronger . If you train by yourself, you will need three to four years, but if you go to the camp, you will only need half to one year . Look at me . I am trained to be a professional killer, and I learned everything, but I’m only good at killing . I spent eight years to reach the standard and was considered as one of the fastest . You will definitely spend less time than me . Who knows? You might pass in four to five years . Four to five years is equivalent to attending university . Third sister-in-law is an understanding person . I’m sure she will agree . ”

 Ning Ning chose some fresh steak and threw it into the cart . He did not speak and was silent for a while . His childlike but deep gaze was filled with intelligence . After thinking about the pros and cons, he really should go .

 But, he was not willing to make his mommy unhappy .

 “You guys had better not talk to my mommy about this . I will talk to her about it by myself . MBS International has not come to an end yet . My parents might get married after it has ended and will be in a good mood then . It will be easier to ask them at that time,” Ning Ning said calmly as the cart was filled with more things in the blink of an eye .

 Ye Wei and Eleven looked at each other . This child was indeed calm . They had already said so much, yet he was still not convinced . Eleven said, “It will only take a month for MBS International to end . Are you sure your parents will get married after that?”

 “Yes, Mommy has said before . ” Cheng Anya had told him about it . Therefore, Ning Ning was very eager to destroy Louis . He wanted to chase Louis out of City A so that his dearest daddy and mommy could get married .

 This blocking stone was smelly and hard . He should have been destroyed earlier including that Ye Zhenhua, who dared to mistreat his daddy . The young kid hated them for it and he would definitely get revenge . Therefore, he did not want to mention this thing at this time to make his parents lose their focus .

 He must wait until this thing had ended before he could be at ease . He wanted to be the flower boy for his parents’ wedding . Whoever wanted to stop him would die!

 “Are you not going if third sister-in-law forbids you to go?” Ye Wei was holding a few packets of chips and marshmallows in her hands . There was a need to ask him this question . If not, it would be difficult for her to answer to Chu Li .

 “No!” He had already made up his mind and would naturally not regret it .

 This was a principle . How could he go back on his words after promising something? The young kid had never broken his promise . Therefore, he would not break it .

 “Then, what’s the difference between telling them now and later?” Ye Wei smiled seductively . “Anyway, you will be going even if third sister-in-law disagrees . ”

 The young kid turned back and smiled . His delicate face looked dark . “Since I can make my mommy agree happily, why do I have to make her angry? Anyway, it is still early now . There’s no hurry . ”

 Ye Wei . “…Alright!”

 They had finally reached a consensus on this matter . Ye Wei raised the preserved fruit in her hand and asked Eleven, “Eleven, do you want to eat it?”

 “Just put it down . ”

 “Why are you guys eating such junk food?” Ning Ning looked at his cart speechlessly . He only remembered to choose the food and did not notice what Ye Wei took .

Chips, marshmallow, chocolate, preserved fruits, and a few packets of beef jerky, biscuits, and translucent beef slices… filled the whole cart .

Especially chocolate . There were all sorts of chocolate pilling in the cart .

 “I’m guessing that third brother will bring you and your mommy on a vacation for a while . It will be good to buy more snacks so that you can enjoy the snacks and drink beer while lying on the beach under the sun . What a relaxing life,” Ye Wei replied without feeling embarrassed .

 Drinking beer and eating snacks…

 What a weird combo .