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Chapter 1

Arc 1 . 1: The Prince and the Little Mermaid

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It was not easy for Yu Chu to break through the waves but a tidal wave came over her and took her down again .


Finally, she frantically clung onto a piece of wood, her two big eyes wide open as she stared blankly at the rolling surging waves, her appearance as pitiful as a two hundred catty child .

“System, ah, where is this?”

“A fake fairytale—the world of mermaids . ”

Yu Chu’s heart did not tremble… a ghost, she has a very bad premonition, so I asked:
“I know the Little Mermaid, but is that not a good fairytale, so what does it mean to add a pseudo-character?”

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The system was silent for a while, and said: “When you meet the Lord God, you will know . ”

Yu Chu then quieted down .

She was by the Lord God’s side for hundreds of years . When she was a baby, the Lord took her home to raise her .  Although the Lord God always had the appearance of a teenager, but he was the equivalent of an elder to her…

His soul fragments were scattered all over numerous planes, so she bound with the system to collect the soul fragments .

As for the method of collection…

It depends on the strategy provided by the system .

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The full name of the system is called “The Lord God Soul Plane Attack Strategy System” . Of course, this strategy does not refer to love, but rather, refers to proximity and recognition .  There are many kinds of recognition: appreciation, admiration, and sympathy…

Anyway, the fragments will be recognized .

Yu Chu asked: “In that world, what do I need to do to get the recognition of the Lord?”

The sound of the system had no inflection tones: “After meeting with the Lord God, the attack strategy can then be provided . Note: This system only provides ideas for attacking strategy . The specific methods need to be decided upon and executed by the host . ”

Yu Chu: “…” What is the point of having you then?

However, it is said that the system was built by the previous Lord God… It should still be reliable .

She floated in the sea with her wooden planks and asked powerlessly: “Where is the story now? Who is my body in this plane, and is there a wish?”

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The body Yu Chu uses in each plane must match her soul in order to be used .

Additionally, if the original owner of the body has a wish to be fulfilled, Yu Chu must complete the other party’s wishes in order to use the other’s body .

Once the transaction begins, Yu Chu will first obtain the right to use the body within a certain period of time .

If by the deadline, the original owner’s wish has not been fulfilled, the transaction failure means that she will no longer be able to continue to use this body .

System A: “The following plot has been carried out: shipwreck . The identity of the host is a prince in a fairytale . The wish is the following: cancel the marriage contract and marry a boy . The allotted period is five months . Host, please pay attention . If the wish is not completed within five months, you will no longer be able to use the body . ”


Wait a minute, something is not right .

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Yu Chu asked woodenly: “Why does he want to marry a boy?”

The system said, “Guess . ”

Yu Chu raised her hand without thinking on top the chest of her body, and then could not help but slightly widen her eyes, her face a strange color . She could clearly feel something slightly convex and soft underneath the constricting strip of cloth .

“The prince… is a girl?”

Yu Chu blinked her eyes and held the board as she received all the memories of the original master . She only felt that the thunder was rolling .

As the only heir to the kingdom, Princess Ryan was trained as a boy since childhood . Later, because of the political marriage between the countries, she married another princess…

Yu Chu said: “I just want to know, how did she successfully pass the wedding night?

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