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Chapter 30

The voice of the system sounded again: “Target’s situation has been detected: Has a cold and indifferent nature, and is Great God ‘S’ in the game . Capture suggestion: Melt him with fire like enthusiasm, or show some kind of special ability or personal strength inside the game to get the other person’s recognition . ”

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……he was that ‘S’?

Yu Chu bowed her head and sighed .

Now that idea of quitting the delivery job was completely gone, she pressed her lips together, and looked somewhat worriedly at the red skin on her arm while walking down the steps .

The youth walked inside with the pizza box, put it on the table, and took up his notebook again .

While looking at the screen, his white fingers hovering over the keyboard, he suddenly remembered the girl’s eyes .

Appearing astonished upon seeing his face—— he had seen many of such people but did not remember any of them .

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He dropped his eyes and calmly tapped the keyboard, the expression on his beautiful face tranquil and unperturbed .

That afternoon, Tang Mo came .

As soon as Yu Chu opened the door, he stood there while impatiently holding out his hand, and demanded: “Give me five hundred . ”

Yu Chu raised her eyebrows and looked at the boy in front of her .

Tang Mo had a pretty good appearance . Just recently eighteen years old, there was a kind of youthful and inexperienced flavor . However, his expression was harsh as he looked at his own sister with impatient eyes .

The girl did not speak in a cold tone as she had done in the past . Instead, she smiled and in a gentle tone, said: “Ah’Mo1, come in . You’re sweating, so take some time to rest . ”

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Tang Mo stopped, stunned .

At this moment, the original owner has not yet gone to talk to Lin Xinxin, and Lin Xinxin has yet to complain .

Therefore, right now, Tang Mo was only rebellious . Towards his sister, he has not yet developed a feeling of disgust .

Usually, the original owner attitude was not good and for a rebellious teen, it was only natural that he would counter it by confronting her and meeting her head on .

But this time, the girl first soften her approach and the teen was at once incapable of putting up a vicious front . He only frowned but still muttered very impatiently: “Whatever, I don’t want to go in . Stop messing around and just quickly get the money . ”

The girl continued to smile: “Just come in . I will go get it for you . ”

Tang Mo’s fierce expression paused . He hesitated a moment, then reluctantly lifted his foot and entered .

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The original owner hated using the air conditioner, but Yu Chu was very willing . As soon as Tang Mo stepped through the door, the coolness wrapped around his body, and his expression instantly relaxed a little .

Yu Chu poured him a glass of water and watched as he drain the cup in one gulp . When he finished, he only continued to frown and roared: “Hurry and bring it, ah . ”

……little brat .

Yu Chu rolled her eyes, but with no more nonsense, she went into the bedroom and indeed took out five hundred .

Tang Mo, bored, looked around, and his eyes inadvertently fell on the laptop screen on the table . Couldn’t help but feel surprise, he raised his eyebrow and said: “You’re also playing this?”

Yu Chu had deliberately wanted him to see it . Upon hearing his question, she nodded: “Last time, I heard you playing this so I decided to download it myself . ”

As expected, Tang Mo instantly sneered: “Why? So you can monitor me? Tang Chu, I’m not just chasing after some girl and its not just some puppy love! You are her roommate, but yet you don’t even help me by saying good things and just act like a stalking thief!”

Yu Chu said: “System, give me acting skills . ”

The system said: “Giving . Here you go . ”

So, after Tang Mo finished speaking and his face still carrying a sneering expression, the girl in front of him merely stared back blankly, then showed a look of not knowing whether to laugh or cry, said: “What are you going on about? Why would I monitor you?”

Meeting Tang Mo’s stumped for words, she continued: “Ah’Mo, I also think Xinxin is a good girl . How would you know that I haven’t said good things about you in front of her?”


1 .  A/Ah // 阿 – Used in front of a persons’ given names; a kinship terms to express familiarity