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Chapter 30

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"Liling, you didn't come for the Assembly?" Xin Yong asked as she stepped into the room, Richen right behind her .

"No, I couldn't come in time, so I rather not come at all, any special news? " Lililng asked, she was lying on the tiled floor with a pillow under her head and an earphone by her side .

"Well, there is a very special news' she paused for a while then continued "The results of the contest are out! and . . . . "

Liling only picked the first sentence 'the results of the contest are out!' .

"What did you just say?" She sat upright, eyes wide opened .

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"Yes, the results are out, but it's very sad . They only took ten people, because the board decided not to have another audition . The people selected would be trained in areas they want to participate in, like dancing, singing . . . . "

"Only ten people . . . . " Liling's voice quivered . 'How could they take only ten people out of seventy!, it was quite unfair' . Thinking back, she knew she mayn't be among the best ten, she was even the last to perform on that day, her mood depreciated drastically . So all her practice was utter waste? . Well she could start teaching elementary school children . At least it could earn her few dollars to be able to live on . Moreover, she was just trying her luck, it's not a crime to loose! . Consoling herself with these thoughts, she looked at Richen whose face was sullen and at Xin Yong who was looking at her sadly .

"Hehe, if there is bad news, spill it quickly, your making my heart skip beats unnecessarily" Lililng chuckled dryly . Deep in her heart, she didn't even want to hear the results, but she would definitely do so, whether she liked it or not .

"Liling, I was the number seven selected . . . " Xin Yong's face immediately brightened up, a laugh escaped from her lips as she started jumping around the room, screaming .

Liling didn't know when she joined her in her joy, she utterly forgot about winning; she was so happy for Xin Yong .

Richen sat on her bed, crossing her arms and watching them .

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Liling almost hugged the life out of Xin Yong .

"I'm so so happy for you Xin Yong, so I'll be able to see you on TV soon, haha, wonderful, gush, and you kept your face like a sad primary school child . You're such a tease . " Liling exclaimed as she gently nudged Xin Yong .

"Richen got the tenth place, but she had the same score with another student . They are going for a retest tomorrow, to determine the best out of the two, that's why we were somehow sad" Xin Yong immediately explained . Liling turned to look at Richen who was sitting on her bed, she was obviously sad .

Liling's joy drained, she gently walked closer to Richen and sat down beside her . She didn't know the exact words of comfort to give her, she just hugged her .

"You will definitely be selected, I'm sure of it, brighten up and let's rejoice with Xin Yong " Liling comforted her gently .

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"Well Liling, I won't be the only one rejoicing today" Xin Yong immediately added with a slight chuckle .

Lililng's brows creased, they were only three of them there, wait did she mean that Xiao Ran also participated?, No, she wasn't even a music student, so who was she talking about? Was it her? Ha, how could she have been among the first ten!, so unbelievable . . With those thoughts in mind, she casually asked Xin Yong .

"Who?, there is no-one else here? "

Xin Yong stared at her,her hands at akimbo, as though she didn't believe what Liling just said .

"You of course, who else!, you were the first ranked among the ten of us with a percentage score of 92 . The Head of Departments called us out and you were missing, he was a bit annoyed but I told him you were not feeling well . . . "

Liling didn't even hear the remaining words Xin Yong spoke, what rang in her mind was 'you are the first ranked among the ten of us . . ' . Impossible, it's not possible!

"Xin Yong, I really appreciate jokes, but you see this one is really expensive . You don't have to joke like that!" Her voice rang out, almost angry .

"Wait, you think I'm joking?, ask Richen by your side, you are number one . Everybody wanted to even see you, but unfortunately you didn't come to the assembly . . . . "

"I'm . . . Number One?, Number one? . . " Liling jumped from the bed as she ran to Xin Yong and shook her violently .

"Ahh, Liling, you are hurting me . . . Ah!, yes you are number one, can you let me go now?" Xin Yong screamed jokingly, she was really happy for her friend, and she was happy for herself too .

But someone had been forgotten in the room, Richen sat on the bed, griitng her teeth; sending frosted daggers at both of them . 'They were both happy and rejoicing right?, couldn't she sing better?, way better than Xin Yong but Xin Yong came seventh and her tenth?, not even tenth, she was a draw with someone and isn't even sure if she could win against that person!, and Lililng, Hehe, first?, what did she even sing?, she was sure she damaged her keyboard the night before, so she would just sing but not only did she sing well, she came first!! . '

Richen bent her head down, she wasn't thinking clearly; anger, pain mixed with animosity filled her heart, but the most important thing right now was to pass her retest so she could have a stand with her two stupid roommates .

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