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Chapter 86

Maximum Caution is Needed Because We’re Returning

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Since we’re returning to the Southern Inner City, my party walked in that direction .
We hunted the random High Rabbits and War Deer along the way .
The 4 Fairies group are already in soaring spirits … until now, just fighting leaves them in tatters, and on top of that they were constantly fighting the fear of death; against those kind of opponents, after learning how to fight them, they’ve already hunted tens of them; in all sorts of meanings, there isn’t any reason for them not to be in high spirits .

— but because of that, they have to get it together .

In order to keep the 4 from figuring it out, I frown .
The reason is that, along this route, there is the reaction from 4 monsters lying in wait .
The actions are precise, and with several moving in a group … it’s about 100% the ones at the top of the list that we don’t want to meet right now, a group of War Goblins . Other than me, the other 4 are clearly opponents that are burdened with luggage … they’re basically casualties walking .

In order to avoid them, to some degree we could change the direction we’re going 2, 3 time, but no good, we’ve been completely made the targets; any changes to our direction would be read and they’d move to lie in wait again … I guess I should be thinking that combat is unavoidable .
And the 4 other than me are getting carried away talking about how to use the amount of money they’ve never gotten their hands on that they will be paid after returning to the inn, completely without any vigilance .
… Can’t be helped, I’ll have to give them their last lesson .

For the War Goblins, their sole card to play is that their own existences are not found out; I’ll have to use that way of thinking to my advantage…even though their hiding place is completely seen through with <Danger Perception> .

And, as we approached those War Goblins’ ambush spot, I addressed the 4 who are still immersed in discussing how they were going to spend their money .

“You guys, I still have one more important thing left to teach you, and that’s… to tighten up your awareness on your way home!”

I yelled so to the 4 roughly while, with the remaining 4 bottles of Enhanced Oil, and threw them into the spot the War Goblins were waiting to ambush .
The 4 bottles of Enhanced Oil induced an explosion all together, and one giant pillar of fire roiled up .


They didn’t imagine that their presences were found out I bet; the War Goblins were completely baked by the pillar of fire .
After the pillar of fire died out, 2 of them turned into particles of light and disintegrated, and the 2 remaining had become tattered all over … but even reduced to tatters, if they were the opponents of just the 4 beginner Fairies then it’s at the point where there’s a possibility that the Fairies would be annihilated; the War Goblins that carry that kind of power are terrifying .
Because Zetan can pluck them off all by himself, he’s truly a strong wandering fairy, na .

The War Goblins left over are the tank type and the magic-user type, huh?
It’s most likely that the tank endured it so that the magic user could resist the fire .
Even if it’s done lightly, with regards to the magic attacks of the magic-user type, the possibility that those with weak bodies like Lility and Colin will be burned to a crisp in the blink of an eye is high!

“E, e,e,e,enemies!?”

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Ku-, Colin has fallen into a panic; if I don’t clean this up quickly, there really will be casualties!

“Mia, concentrate everything you have on defense only! The other 3, give everything you have to protecting your own bodies!”

Raising a loud yell and forcing the panic-stricken Colin to return to his senses, I took out the rose-thorn whip at my side and began attacking the tank-type goblin .

“I’ll have you cease being a hindrance for now, <Bind>!”

Happily, <Bind> was a success and the tank-type goblin lost its balance and fell .
I loosed an arrow at the magic-user goblin who had begun an aria during this time .


The arrow pierced its body, and the interruption of the aria was a success .
That was dangerous; the aria that goblin was doing was most likely Fire Magic’s <Explosion> .
It’s a magic that you learn by progressing Fire Magic, but its explosive radius, relatively short aria, and high fire power makes it one of the popular magics .
Just because it’s popular, therefore when I heard the aria coming from the magic-user goblin I realized it and became frantic .

If it’s Mia and Roa then they would probably be able to endure 1 hit, but it’s at the level where it wouldn’t be strange if the weak-bodied Lility and Colin were met with instant death . I’m going to have to advise those 2 to look for some equipment with high physical resistance, na .
Anyway, if I don’t hurry up and sink it, it will become too dangerous .

“It was close, but now it’s goodbye . <Gattling Arrow>”

7 arrows pierced the magic-user goblin and it turned into particles of light and disappeared; 1 more left .


The tank goblin forcefully cancelled <Bind> but … it’s already too late .

“Unfortunately for you, I have no intentions of going at it fairly with a tank from the front . ”

Kicking his feet out from under him with a <Sliding Charge>, the tank goblin fell for the second time . To that defenseless, collapsed form … “Right then, <Arrow Twister>,” I shot an <Arrow Twister> into the collapsed and defenseless neck, ending him .

“Good grief … I wonder how many fairies have been scattered by these guys…”

Moving ahead to the destination and then ambushing .
That they can move together as one in this kind of way, it’s probably not wrong that, within the War Goblins, this group was already a group of fellows themselves .
Their miscalculation was probably that there would be a human who, even without arias, carried implementations that could awaken large fire power .

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*shake shake* The 4 trembled . This was the best medicine, I guess .

“I was so scared… . I was SO scared…”

Since Lility was a magic-user, she probably understood that, with just a little more, they themselves would most likely have been burnt up with an Explosion; she was crying while trembling .

“Get it? To be negligent is to die, is what this means . Rather than how to use the money, you need to first receive the money, na…”

With blue faces the 3 and the crying Lility nodded their heads .


“So, never again … even if you give me 10,000Glo I’m marching my feet out of here . ”

Somehow reaching the inn safely, I parted from the other 4 fairies and while drinking tea I unloaded my resentment on the inn’s proprietor . This is why I’m bad at escort quests .

“Ho ho ho, it became good ‘medicine’ for those 4 I suppose . ”

As for the compensation, at 85,000 Glo it became a huge amount .
Within that, the inn proprietor’s 10,000 Glo is properly included .
Income wise it was certainly very sweet, but mentally it was very sour .

“It’s about time to leave this place, huh?”

Nexia’s ore veins should also be about restored it seems, and the Enhanced Oil is already no more than 6 bottles left .
As expected, I’ve been very uneasy about leaving my bow’s maintenance to a weapon shop (although that is the fault of my X-bow being way too special), so it’s become necessary to head towards the humans’ region for once .

“Is that so, it’s a shame . ”

The inn proprietor said while pouring me a refill of tea into my cup .

“They say that if it happens twice it will happen a third time…”

And the inn proprietor,

“For us it’s, if there are 2 Thief Birds you should be wary of there being 3 . ”

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No matter how you say it, there are similar sayings wherever you may be, na…

“However, how will you move?”

Asked the inn proprietor . That is the greatest problem, na .

“They’ve been implementing stage coaches, but unfortunately they haven’t arrived to the south yet, na . ”

I drink the poured tea while I replied . There is one more method you could speak of, but … When I think of it, half kidding, I clap my hands twice .

–*pan pan* “Pikarsha, please come hear for a bit~!”

“I just wanted to try saying it … but for it to come like that would be difficult, na . ”

While playing the fool and giving a wry grin, I drink the tea .

“Haha, no matter what, that one who won’t even let royalty ride at times shouldn’t come so easily . ”


“I get it, but … but with that one, traveling in the sky is very comfortable, you know?”


“Come to think of it, Earth-sama has ridden it before . ”


“Do you hear footsteps?”


“I do believe that they’re coming this way . ”

— *kiki-*

“”Emergency brakes?””

Gachya- with that noise the door opened .



“Hey, it came…”

“It certainly did come, na . ”

A somewhat difficult atmosphere came out, but to have secured my ‘legs’ is a good thing … let’s leave it at that .

[Wind-Blown Hunting Bow]Lv16
[Assaulting Kick]Lv22
[Small Shield]Lv 6
[Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv32
[Chivalrous Thief]Lv25
[Fairy Language]Lv99 (Forced Acquisition) (Unable to be moved to Reserved Skills)

Reserved Skills
[Advanced Cooking]Lv10

ExP 4

Titles Possessed:  The One who Charmed Even the Fairy Queen, The One who Defeated a Great Foe Alone, Liberator, ???
Second Names: “Fairy King Candidate”(jealous), “Chef of the Battlefield-san”

A/n: A second appearance .