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Chapter 87

Together with Pikarsha .

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Getting on the pikarsha that came over to the inn, right now I’m up in the sky .
The destination is Faust; because I’m going to stock up on ingredients, it’s not Nexia but Faust .

At first I thought it would only bear me to places within the Fairy Country, but when I tried to ask, ‘Just asking, but would you go to a city like the humans’ Faust?’ the pikarsha immediately lifted its head and nodded .
Whatever you say, I’m already this conspicuous so I make up my mind to just do it and seriously ask …

“You’re fast as always, na~”

So saying, I stroked the back of the flying pikarsha’s neck .


Looks like the pikarsha’s also in a good mood; I’m getting accustomed to this cry .
With this kind of back and forth conversation, in the blink of an eye we’ve left the Fairy Country; if we keep going at this speed straight ahead, Faust is right before us .

“Sorry, but land here!”

Even while the pikarsha let’s out a “Pyui?” cry full of questions, it obediently landed .

“In order to get ingredients for food to give my thanks to pikarsha, there’s lots of guys that I want to hunt around here, so I’m sorry but I want to stop by on the way . ”

At those words, the pikarsha “Pyuipyui♪” cried out happily .
I’m going to have to do my best … a convenient Bear is here so I aimed at it with my bow, when a blue body rushed at the Bear at high speeds .


That’s right, the pikarsha charged in at the Bear .
As it enters the dumbfounded me’s field of vision it ran really fast, drawing close to the Bear . And then …

“Pyui!” — Stab-! Crash -!

With a single war cry, it made a merciless stab attack with its beak into the Bear’s face .
After that, it hit it with a kick attack and the Bear floated in the air .

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I raised a dumb sounding yell . Hang on, the pikarsha was this strong!?
The pitiful Bear turned into light particles and the meat item drop landed in my hands .

I,is something like this okay…


“Pyu~i, pyu~i, pyuipyuipyu~~i♪”

While singing …a cheery singing cry? the pikarsha walks with me .
After that first one, another 10 or so Bears danced in the sky … by the way, I should tell you that a Bear’s weight is such that I am unable to lift it up or drag it … to that kind of heavy-weight opponent, the pikarsha is able to easily send it spinning in the sky with one kick, and already, a lot of different kinds of common sense in my head has become strange .

We properly went to the forest on the way to Faust to hunt Dread Wolves .
As for the Rock Ants, the pikarsha, together with a single “Pyui!” cry, stomped on them and squashed them; it’s practically a tank . If it’s this strong, then a half-baked Fairy King probably wouldn’t even dare to try to ride, na…
Thanks to that, I could safely gather medicinal plants and the like .

And then, the city came into view, but … the pikarsha stands out, it really stands out!
I had prepared myself for this, I really intended to firmly bear it! But the gazes are really super painful!


Aa, pikarsha, it’s not your fault, so don’t make such a troubled face…
Come to think of it, I just realized it, but within the city it’s not just humans; here and there you can see fairy figures .
They’re not player contracted fairies but the wandering fairies .
Those wandering fairies, seeing the pikarsha in the area are open-mouthed; well yeah, it’s a creature that rarely appears outside of the Fairy Country itself naa .
If we enter the city like this, there will inevitably be massive chaos breaking out, it seems . It’s unavoidable . .

“Sorry, pikarsha, but I’d like you to wait here for a bit . ”

I say that in front of Faust’s gate and …


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It raised a panicked cry .

“As you might expect, inside the city is all narrow, so for pikarsha it would be uncomfortable . I absolutely need to buy ingredients for use in flavouring, so be a good kid and wait just for a little bit . ”

Soothing it like this, “Pyui…”the pikarsha let out a sad cry and sat down .

“I’m going to get what I can and return fast, so please wait!”

Leaving behind those words, I dove into the city of Faust .
“Why is there a pikarsha here!?” questions are flying in from here and there, but “It’s waiting for me, so right now answering is impossible!” I’ll say to avoid them, and using <Fly> and <High Jump> together, I walk through the air .

“Sorry, but spices and herbs and vegetables and fruit please … this and this and this, please sell a lot of it to me!”

I dove into Faust’s nostalgic Ingredients Shop labeled as such and rapid-fire my order .
Even while surprised, the shopkeeper dealt with the requests; come to think of it, among the human-type shopkeepers, their reactions are also growing more and more human-like …?

“Thanks for shopping, and come again!”

I received those words from the shopkeeper with my back, and once again I extracted myself outside of the city .
I didn’t want to let it wait too long, since the pikarsha is cute, na … and when I had returned, as I had expected, there was a mountain’s worth of people crowding around … no, a rainbow-colored mountain of people, na, since the colors of the hair on their heads are “colorful” .

“M,make way please-!”

I force my way through the spaces between unwilling people and made my way forward .
Right in the middle of the mountain of people was the pikarsha, who, being sieged to this degree, was exhausted .


The moment it spotted my figure, it came over and we were face to face .
With this number of people surrounding it, of course you’d feel helpless, ne… “Sorry,” I apologized .

“Now then, I’ll hurry and make it, so pikarsha, don’t hold back and eat! Once you’re stomach is full, then you snuggle against my face, okay?”

In response to my voice, the pikarsha, “Pyui!” called out and nodded its head .

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And then, it’s been a while, the steak was started, the vegetables stir-fried, stew, kara’age, salad, and for drinking the potion juice are all being made, and I treat the pikarsha to my food .
The food that appears one after another, the pikarsha devoured one after another .
The surrounding people, towards that pikarsha, said things like, “Cute~~” and “I want to pet it~ . ”
When they tried to pet it, the pikarsha vehemently denied it, so I began to notice the glances directed my way had a strong jealousy in them .
On Chocolate Day and on White Day there wasn’t any masks of jealousy making their appearance?

Satisfied, the pikarsha nuzzled my face; about 80% of the meat that we had taken while hunting on the way back disappeared into the pikarsha’s stomach .
Ma, the pikarsha itself was the one who got them, so there’s no problem, though .
The pikarsha lightly fixed its feathers, and after it pulled a feather from its body, and handed it over to me .

“Is that okay?”

In response to that question the pikarsha nodded, so I accepted the feather from its open beak .

Pikarsha’s Heart Feather

Legendary Accessory

A single, shiny blue feather that you can receive after earning a pikarsha’s trust .
If you stick it on your body somewhere like a brooch, it has the ability to relieve all fatuge .
Also, you will receive the wind’s protection .

Arts and Magic Use will have 15% MP reduction
With a thin Barrier, projectiles and magic avoidance will increase by 10%
Movement speed increases by 10%

This is another… I immediately attach it to my left breast area .

“Is this good enough?”

I face the pikarsha, and when I showed the blue, sparkly feather at my breast, “Pyuipyui♪” it gave a satisfied nod . As soon as it nodded, the pikarsha took to the skies . And in an instant, it was out of sight .

“See you again some time-!”

So saying, I waved my hand .
… And right after, that players and wandering fairies crowded around, asking all sorts of questions goes without saying .

[Wind-Blown Hunting Bow]Lv16
[Assaulting Kick]Lv22
[Small Shield]Lv 6
[Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv32
[Chivalrous Thief]Lv25
[Fairy Language]Lv99 (Forced Acquisition) (Unable to be moved to Reserved Skills)

Reserved Skills
[Advanced Cooking]Lv11 ↑1UP
ExP 4

Titles Possessed:  The One who Charmed Even the Fairy Queen, The One who Defeated a Great Foe Alone, Liberator, ???
Second Names: “Fairy King Candidate”(jealous), “Chef of the Battlefield-san”

A/n: It’s a part with out any contract fairies; this part is treated very favorably .