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Chapter 14

Kiel was greeted by an unknown ceiling the moment he opened his eyes . He thought to himself, confused . 'Huh? I'm alive . . . how could that be?' Remembering the explosion and him falling through the darkness, Kiel felt a cold chill running behind his back .

Pain washed his body as he tried to move . Enduring the pain he felt, He stood with shaky legs . He scoured the room with his eyes . It was brimming with unfamiliarity . He muttered "I must have been saved by Izakel and the rest . . . " He tried to walk towards the door despite the deep pain .

Before he could take a step, he caught a glimpse of himself . His eyes went wide as he saw himself through the mirror . Caressing his face with his hands as he came closer for a good look, scrutinizing every detail of his face . He saw his familiar face but it was brimming with youthness . The only difference was his red hair .

He said in shaky voice . "H-have I b-become younger!?" He looked downwards to his body, he had a scrawny build and his clothes were in tatters and full of dirt .

Seconds laters as he was marveling at his new self, a greater pain came emerging from deep within his soul . Clutching his head, he felt like his brain was being teared apart into pieces . He screamed on the top of his lungs trying his best efforts to lessen the pain .

A panicked voice and hurried footsteps were heard as he started screaming . He was shouting "Y-young master! young master!!"

A loud bam was heard as the door was slammed opened . A middle aged man came running inside, his face filled with worry . He looked the young man rolling on the floor, clutching his head and screaming from deep pain . He hurriedly came beside him and called out his name .

"Young master! What happened to you!? did someone did this!?"

All his calls were for naught . Massive information started popping out of his brain . He instantly knew that this memories came from another person, and what was astonishing was this person had the same face as him . Moments passed as the pain lessened until it came away, he was left daze by the unfamiliar memories he acquired

The middle aged sigh in relief seeing his young master stopped screaming . But his worry came back when he saw his eyes, it was dim . He worried thought . 'I guess he couldn't take everything'

On the contrary Kiel was sorting out his new memories to his surprise he was actually in another person's body .

The body he was residing was actually named Yang Chen, the youngest son of the second master of the Yang clan . A subsidiary family of the Phoenix Peak, one of the 32 peaks under the Heavenly Mountain Sect . The sect was a peak tier power in the Dragon Continent .

He used to be treated with high status until years later when he was found out to be talentless in the way of the martial arts and cultivation . He was only at the 10th stage Qi Condensation while his peers were already at the foundation stage .

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After his fall from the skies, he was treated as dirt not only by his sectmates but also his clanmates . He was deemed as the greatest disappointment due to his two older brothers having high talents . Who had high accomplishments within the sect . Being compared to them was like hell for Yang Chen .

Their was an ironclad rule within the sect that anyone who hasn't reached Foundation Realm at the age of 18 would be sent away from the mountains to work for the sect's properties . Since he became 18 this day and was unable to fulfill the condition he was naturally ordered to be sent away . To any of the prominent families within the sect, this was tartamounting to a banishment, a humiliation especially for him who was a direct descendant,

Yang Chen was gravely broken by this and was also harshly beaten up by his cousins, Which Kiel concluded to have caused Yang Chen to pass away .

A mocking laugh was heard behind them as two young men in white robes . There were white badges with the symbol of a sword deeply embed within a mountain, it was the symbol the sect . And the color being the symbol of status withing the sect, with white being a outer disciple, while red being the color assigned for inner discipline . One could assume that they were twins with how they look exactly alike .

One of the young men said with a sneer on his face . "What young master!? He's nothing but trash within the clan!"

While the other one added with a laugh "Oh . . . this trash actually broke down . As expected of the biggest disappointment of the clan!"


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The middle aged man stood up in anger, he wanted to tear this two into pieces . He was someone at the Foundation Stage but he knew he was no match for this two, so he could only suppress his rage .

"What me? You think just because your under the second master we would fear you? You're just a servant hired by the family! don't act so mighty!" One of young men said with his brimming with mockery .

"Feng . . . don't bother with him anymore . . . I'm alright . Yang Ming what do you want?" Kiel's suddenly said as he unsteadily stood up . Servant Feng didn't bothered the two men at the door and hurriedly went to help Kiel .

"So . . . the trash is till actually alive? either way it doesn't matter . Quite the life you got there for yourself despite being trash . " Yang Ming said as he said to Kiel, His eyes filled with disgust as he looked at Kiel . The other one beside him was Yang Bo . the two were twins, being the sons of the third master of the clan .

Yang Bo replied in ridicule . "Move your ass! Grandfather is looking for you . It's about time you get out this mountain to prevent the clan from suffering anymore humiliation . "

The two went away as they finished what they came for . Servant Feng looked at Kiel in worry and said "Young master . . . we should get going or we might get punished by your grandfather . "

"Let's go . " Kield said in a calm manner as walked towards the main hall of the clan . Feng from behind curiously sized up his young master, a little amazed by the way he's acting . He thought to himself 'The young master seems to be different today . ' He didn't bothered anymore and went to follow Kiel .

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Kiel and Servant Feng finally arrived at the main hall of the Yang clan . It was spacious and massive . It was designed lavishly and with grandeur . Kiel was amazed in his heart as he saw how the hall was exquisitely made . He was marveling at the sight until a servant walked near Kiel before saying in a indifferent attitude . "Grand master is inside the his study room with your father . "

Kiel nodded not minding the servant's rude attitude . He thought 'Even the servants here look down on me . ' He continued his way while Servant Feng was behind, angrily staring at the rude servant . The servant only snickered which made Servant Feng blaze in more anger, But he ordered himself . It wasn't wise to start a fight within the main hall or he would be severely punished .

Having arrived at his grandfather's room, He hesitated before knocking at the door .

"Come in . "

An aged voice was heard brimming with great strength . Kiel went inside and saw two people . One was an bearded old man with visible wrinkles on his face sitting before a desk with some papers in his hands, It was his grandfather Yang Ke, an elder within the clan with the cultivation of Soul Origin Realm . The other one was a middle aged man, He was standing tall like a divine spear, he looked exceptional with his deep fiery red hair . He was Kiel's father, Yang Tianmeng . The famed second master of the Yang clan . He was someone who was a genius among geniuses during his generation which gave the Yang clan countless glories . From what he remember his father's cultivation was also on the Soul Origin realm .

Yang ke looked at his grandson with disappointment in his eyes . 'If only he had his father's talents . . . ' He passed a letter towards Kiel and said with a deep voice . "The order has arrived and the sect had you stationed at the border in the region of Yenmen"

His father Yang Tianmeng looked at him with a soft gaze and said . "Chen'er, this the only thing your father do to help you . The region of Yenmen might be far away but it's peaceful region . "

Kiel searched his memories and learned that the Yenmen region was situated on the far east of the sect, the border between the Eastern plains and the desolate wildlands . It has little danger and is one of the most thriving economic region .