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A Guest in a Ghost House - Chapter 163

Published at 11th of January 2019 08:05:04 AM

Chapter 163: 163

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The police kept the situation under control, and soon Chen Erwa with others, who took the lead, were taken onto police cars, and the bodies were certainly taken on the stage by vehicles specially used to transport it . No one stopped them this time, and the strong man who had been crushed by the coffin was indeed dead .

The police did not leave until it was all dark . I certainly do not want to stay at this place, I saw the police had leaved, I hastened to ask everyone get on my car . Witch Yan and Aunt Li whisper for a while getting on my car .

What the Witch Yan said was: "What a crime . "

As for what Aunt Li said I did not hear clearly, anyway I didn’t care, I thought them just sighed a bit .

The car continued moving on the road . Because I was not familiar with the road map, and it was already completely dark . I was driving very slowly, and there were not much talking in the car . I could only heard my mother whisper with Witch Yan . I was so absorbed in driving that I didn't pay any attention to their whisper .

I had no idea how long I driven, I started to yawn, when I was about to look at my watch, I suddenly found a white girl standing in the middle of the road ahead . I was frightened, my heart shrank severely, and then as if a cold stream was released, spread directly to my limbs, made my whole body numb for a while .

I slammed the brakes deadly . Fortunately, the speed was not fast and my car stopped very quickly . I was about to leaned out my head and yelled at her . Then I came out a thought, how could it be a person in the middle of the night? We were in a remote mountain village . I gain some courage while looking at the people in the car . I opened the window and shout out: " Do you want to die? Hum, do you realized that you could vanish from the world if you stand in the middle of the road in such a dark midnight . "

The girl standing in the middle of the road seems to be frightened by my manner, stupefied for a second then walked quickly to my car, I was also stupefied a bit because it looked like ghosts were not shy at that time .

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I watched the girl walking to the front of my car . She flapped the engine hood, followed by some typical scolding words mixed with many dialects . I felt like dying while hearing her blaming me, then I gradually found that I had made a mistake . She was not a ghost . I don't believe that ghosts would do such silly things that had negative effects to their reputation .

I turned to Aunt Li and others, Aunt Li was laughing, completely ignore my sad eyes . My mother stared at me sharply, then looked at the girl standing outside of my car for a while, with an uncertain tone of voice to ask Witch Yan: "Is that Jiao Jiao . "

Witch Yan nodded, then opened the rear door got down of car and greeted: "Hi, Jiao Jiao . "

The girl stopped scolding instantly, she walked over to take a look, issued a surprised cry: "Granny Yan" then she turned down her head in embarrassment, and her face was flushed .

"GrannyYan, I didn't know you are here . "she looked shyly but showed the whites of her eyes at me once while speaking .

Mom also got out of the car: "Jiao Jiao, this is your brother, Wu Rui, he had been driving for a long time,and it seems that he’s in a daze now . "

"Hum" Jiao Jiao slightly replied, and then she greeted me sweetly: "Brother Wu . "

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The voice was coquettish, not liked the bitch before, but she kept showing whites of her eyes at me while greeting . It seemed that she was still angry with me .

I do not know who she was, but she should be familiar with mom, Witch Yan . What I can do was just nod embarrassingly .

After greeting with each other, mother took Jiao Jiao’s hand and ask: "You are just a girl, how can you walking out in such a late evening . "

Jiao Jiao showed her unhappy look and said: "Aunt, I don’t want to walk out so later, I was supposed to return home by taxi . Unfortunately, my taxi broken down half a way . Because it’s not far away from my home, I decided to walk home . "

Mom was a bit unhappy . She took a glance at Jiao Jiao: "You are such a silly girl . How danger it is! Let your brother Wu send you back later . "

"No, no . "Jiao Jiao hurriedly waved her hands, said:" Aunt, are you going home? How about I sleep in grandma’s home tonight?I can return my home tomorrow . ”

Mother nodded and said: "Alright, get on the car then, though it maybe a bit crowed inside . "

Jiao Jiao got into the car in this way . I finally figured out that Jiao Jiao was the granddaughter of my hometown neighbor Grandma Yu . I still had some impressions of Grandma Yu . She was a nice old lady, good at breeding animals . She loved to give children some candy . Because of this, I decided to treat Jiao Jiao in a nicer way .

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Because of my nicer attitude, Jiao Jiao also became lovelier and more looked like a little sister next door . Her unruly behaviour completely disappeared .

Not long after driving, I found a double-flashing taxi at the side of the road . I asked Jiao Jiao: "Is this the taxi you just called, why is it still here?"

“Hum, it is” Jiao Jiao leaned out her head and took a look . My mom said: “It's rare to see a taxi . Here is one but broken down . Rui, get down of car to take a look if there is anything you can help . ”

I nodded, then drove to the back of the taxi and stopped my car . I also turned on my double flash light and ready to get off, Aunt Li opened her mouth: "Wait, I get down with you . I had been sitting in the car too long and not feeling good . "

Mom wanted to get down with us too . I had been driving slowly at night with so many people in such a crowed car for a long time . It’s no doubt that my mom would feel uncomfortable at that time . But Witch Yan stopped my mother and let her wait in the car .

My eyes squinted a little, and the reaction of Aunt Li and Witch Yan showed clearly that they found something wrong, but I did not ask . After all, Mom and Jiao Jiao were in the car . As for Xue’er, she had been sleeping all the way just like a pig .

After got off the car, I didn't walk to the taxi immediately, but waited for Aunt Li got off my car . We walk slowly to the taxi . When we came near the taxi, I asked, "Aunt Li, is there a ghost?"

Aunt Li smiled and nodded, then comforted me: "Don’t worry about it . ”

I nodded, and my uneasy heart calmed down at the same time . I walked to the taxi slowly . There was no one in the taxi, I walked around the taxi but found nobody either . I didn’t surprise, since Aunt Li told me there’s something wrong . I already prepared for this result in mind .

However, I still cried out several times, as might have been expected there was no responded, all the sound I heard was sounds of unnamed birds and wind .

"Aunt Li? "I looked at Aunt Li with my query eyes .

But Aunt Li did not reply me, she went aside and squatted down as if she were looking at something . I walked to her in haste . What under the road was a field, which was supposed to be a little lower than the road, so the lights of the car could not light up anything . I could not see anything clearly . When I was about to bring the flashlight from my car, Aunt Li had already stood up .

"Let's go back" . she said .

"Oh, oh," Aunt Li, is now my backbone, she said go back, I couldn’t go against her . To be honest, I had encountered too many weird things and felt tired about them deep in my mind .

Just as we walked back to the car, I could not help looking back . When I looked back, I saw a shadow of man moving back and forth on the field not far from the taxi, as if a drunkard .

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