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Published at 27th of December 2018 09:03:44 PM

Chapter 1

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"Aah . In the end, time is still my ultimate enemy . "

"It's over 30 years since I was came here, became a hunter, learned and mastered Nen . But since I am short in time and not strong enough, now I'm dying . "

"Will I be back to my normal life in my past life? Where I only eat, work, and entertain myself?"

A guy was dying . He is Aries Chu, a hunter . Specifically a reincarnated character from Earth, a book worm, also an otaku . Reborn in the world of where hunters are the most wanted job, in the world in an anime "HunterXHunter" .

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Earlier, he is fighting a Famous Assassin which is also a Chimera Ant survivor .

Confident in his skills, he thought he could defeat it, but reality sucks and got him lying on the ground .

"Hahaha . I don't want to die without personally seeing the top of this world . I don't want to die! I don't wa---" He coughed out a mouthful of blood as he was seriously injured .

And due to blood lost, he became unconscious .

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"Uggh . Where am I? Hospital? I survived? Haha--" Aries was interrupted

"Human, you are already dead . But---" a voice wanted to speak to him but

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"Who are you? Show yourself! Gyo" Aries tried to focus his Nen in his eyes but for no result .

"Human, as I said, you are dead . But fortunately, you've got good merits in your life . " the voice said .

"Again? So I'm already dead . Will I be able to go back to my previous life?" Aries asked .

"I'm sorry but it's not possible however, because of your merits, I hereby declare you to be reincarnated with better talent and a hint of your elemental affinity that will only be unlocked to your memory when you become 4 . Now touch this stone and let's see your affinity . "

Aries touched a translucent stone which glowed with different colors . 'I hope I will get fire' Aries thought .

The stone shone Purple color with a bit of green .

"I see you will have affinity in Lightning and a bit of Wind . Now go and reincarnate!" the voice shouted . But while he was doing so, an accident happen .

"Fuck . Stop! I forgot to erase this butt's memories . I'll be damned!"

Aries didn't realise it after a while and said "Hehe . Though I didn't get fire as an attribute, I still got my past 2 lives' memories . How lucky . I'll make sure to stand atop the world next time . "

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