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Chapter 17



After rushing for five days and nights, they finally arrived at the capital . She quickly went to Xing Bu . The presiding officer of this case was Yu Lan from the Ti Xing division (提刑, Prosecution Office) . When Qing frantically called her back, she had prepared mentally . This would be a tough case . However, when she heard that this was a serial killer who would take the heart of the victim, she was still surprised . Qing’s initial report suggested that all of the victims were female . There were no injuries on their body apart from an incision about five inches long on their left chest . The cause of death was the removal of heart . The faces of the deceased revealed extreme fear, but there were no other scars left on their bodies .

The killing technique was the best, but their modus operandi was also very skilful . They didn’t leave traces of evidence .  Xing Bu had investigated for a month . The witnesses and the crime scenes had been checked numerous times . They still haven’t gained anything . Qing had asked Xing Bu to investigate similar cases across the country, hoping to find a new clue .

“Madam, would you like to enter the house now?” Two small soldiers looked strangely at their madam who had been sitting in front of the General’s Manor for an hour .

Gu Yun, whose brain was busy analysing the case, paused momentarily . She looked up to see the two soldiers looking at her with a weird smile, dumbfounded .

She might be able to analyse the case clearly and logically . However, she was somewhat undecided about her personal matter . She originally didn’t want to return to the manor, not because it was a bad place . In here the soldiers were straightforward and her freedom was not restricted . However, when thinking that she and Su Ling would be living under the same roof, she was inexplicably upset! The more appalling thing was the golden bagua .  Without living in this manor, she wouldn’t be able to get information on the bagua, hence, she wouldn’t be able to go home .

For the sake of being able to go back to her era, Gu Yun finally decided— live at the General’s Manor!

After deciding, Gu Yun raised up . She walked to the two young soldiers and gently smiled, “Please tell the soldiers in here, the general had someone he loved . Before long, he will marry her . Later, you don’t need to call me madam anymore, or else you will be punished according to military law . Do you hear me clear?”

The two looked at each other . After a long time, they unwillingly replied, “Understood, then… How should we call you?”

“You could just call me Miss Qing . ” Gu Yun’s mood improved greatly . As long as it was not that damn ‘Madam’, calling her anything was alright .


They believed that Gu Yun must actually be sad but was acting like she was alright before them . The two looked at each other and firmly said, “Yes, Miss Qing . Please be assured, in our hearts you are still our general’s madam!”

Ah? Gu Yun’s mouth went stiff . She didn’t care anymore! She whispered, “I know your mind, but please don’t ever call me Madam again . The general will be unhappy . Please convey this news to everyone, ok?”

“Yes . ” Both faces in front of her looked displeased for her . However, their still answered her loudly . This made Gu Yun satisfied . As long as they didn’t call her madam anymore, her heart would feel much more comfortable . Feeling very tired, Gu Yun smiled at the two and turned around into the manor .

Seeing Gu Yun’s ‘forced smile’ and her weak back figure, one of the soldier angrily whispered, “How can the general treat Madam like this? She is a really good woman . The general truly doesn’t know how to cherish her!”

“Yes!” Another man quickly agreed . No wonder Madam’s complexion was so bad and sat outside the manor for a long time . She was really pitiful!

When bunches of men were gossiping, their skills of gossiping weren’t bad . At times, they were even better than women . Soon after, the entire manor knew of the situation . There were even many versions of the story .

Gu Yun was very sleepy . She really wanted to sleep so she went straight towards the inner house . When she reached the hall, she bumped into Su Yu . Obviously, Su Yu didn’t think that Gu Yun would be returning today . There was joy in his eyes but it was soon replaced by impatience .  He asked, “How could you return so early? What about Second Brother? Did big brother come with you?”

She had been travelling for a long period and was busy analysing the case . Now, there was finally time to sit and rest . Gu Yun felt really tired . She ignored him and went to the inner house .

Against her black clothes, Gu Yun’s face looked very pale . Her black eyes frightened people . Su Yu finally thought that she wasn’t alright . Blocking her way, he asked, “It has only been a couple of days, why do you look so lethargic?”

Gu Yun didn’t want to explain and just wanted him to let her go . Su Yu suddenly grabbed her wrist and anxiously asked, “Did your illness relapse again? Do we need to ask your sister to come and have a look?”

His young face was anxious and worried . People could see that he was really worried about Gu Yun . Gu Yun slowly replied, “I’m fine . Su Ren is still transporting the gold . Su Ling went to the palace . ” After arriving at the Capital, they went their own ways .

“Are you really alright?” Su Yu was still worried, muttering to himself, “Or is it probably better to ask a doctor to come and see you . ” Her previous sudden collapse scared people out .

Gu Yun turned her eyeballs . She shook off his hand and continued walking . Su Yu angrily growled, “Hey, I am still talking to you . Why are you walking off?”

“Sleep . ” She spoke the word from afar . Su Yu was stunned for a moment . Then lowering his head, he laughed quietly . Oh, she didn’t sleep well . It looked like she was having a hard time dealing with the rebels . Okay, then . He would tell the kitchen to cook a delicious and nutritious meal for her . Su Yu happily went to the kitchen, which he rarely visited . He completely forgot that he was going out to do something .

The kitchen was finally able to produce a table of good food, but Gu Yun was already sleeping like a log . Su Yu was shouting at the outside until his throat was dry, yet he only got four words as an answer, “I am not eating!”

Staring at the plethora of dishes on the table, Su Yu’s anger slowly rose up . What an ungrateful woman! Next time when she wanted to eat, he would not let her eat!


Just as Su Yu was about to flip the table to vent his anger, Su Ling’s tall figure came into the hall .

“Big Brother . ” Seeing Su Ling, Su Yu pressed down his anger . He stood up to welcome Su Ling . A smell of alcohol came to his nostril . Su Yu frowned, “Did you drink? Gu Yun lied to me saying that you went to the palace . I was just thinking to ask you what did the emperor say . ”

Su Ling’s eyes darkened, “She returned?”

Su Yu replied bitterly, “She has returned . Once she arrived, she just went to sleep . ”

She still knew how to rest! Su Ling snorted . Rubbing his sore neck, he turned around and exited the hall .

Su Yu asked, “Big Brother! You haven’t eaten, why are you leaving?” How could this plentiful table not attract people to see it?!

“Sleep . ” Coldly dropping this word, Su Ling strode away .

Sleep again? Su Yu felt a little bit depressed .


The wind was breezing, the moonlight was bright and a century-old Chinese parasol tree used its vigorous branches to make it look like a giant umbrella, preventing the moonlight from passing through . However, there was a figure on the highest branch . Using his hands as a pillow, he closed his eyes . It seemed like he was sleeping . However, even so, you couldn’t get closer to him; he could attack and defend flawlessly at any time .

The man slowly opened his eyes . Habitually, he tilted his head to see further . This was the highest place in the neighbourhood . It had a very clear view of the rock’s smooth surface and the forest where she used to train .

Ao Tian’s indifferent eyes contained a trace of self-mockery . When did he begin to have a habit of looking at that forest? He’d heard that she went to Pei city to put rebels down . She had such a little body, where did she actually store so much power? She was really an interesting woman .


“Morning, Miss Qing . ”

“Morning . ”

“Hey, morning, Miss Qing . ”

“Morning . ”

Although she was still not having enough sleep, but Gu Yun’s mood had remarkably improved after resting for a night . In addition, after the two small soldiers’ broadcast, the result was good . Nobody had called her ‘Madam’ again . However… They showed abnormal sympathy towards her, being really careful around her . There were still questions in her heart, but she was still happy . She could consider herself successful . It was truly a beautiful day!

Gu Yun was in a good mood . When she saw Su Yu from afar, she smiled, “Morning, Su Yu . ”

Su Yu was still angry because of the incident last night . He snorted, “You still could sleep; you really are a pig . ”

Gu Yun gently raised her brows and laughed, “A pig is better than a chick . ”

“You!” Su Yu glared angrily at Gu Yun . All of it was her fault! She once told everyone that he was eating like a chick . Now, every time he met her sister, he would be called Chick General! Both sisters were really bad!

An elder servant was carrying Su Yu’s breakfast over . Seeing Gu Yun, he kindly smiled, “Miss Qing, would you like to eat breakfast too? I will take it for you . ”

“It’s okay . I need to go out . ” Gu Yun waved her hand, leaving angry Su Yu behind .

What did the servants call her? Miss Qing? Didn’t they usually call her Madam? Su Yu secretly nodded . Truthfully, she was not Big Brother’s woman, why called her Madam?


Yue Lai teahouse .

“Three thousand liangs! (Liang is a measurement of gold/money) Are you serious?!” Gan Jing’s eyes were sparkling . He swept away his usual ruffian-like behaviour and stared straight at Zhuo Qing .

It was indeed a huge amount of money . Speaking about money, he refocused again . Zhuo Qing nodded . Gan Jing quickly said, “I’ll go!” 3,000 liangs, ah! This time, Xing Bu was giving a huge amount of money .

Looking at the two calm men who kept silent, Zhuo Qing asked, “Ao Tian, Ye Mei, what about you?” Both of them were her objective today! The ones that were hurt this time were all noble class misses . The imperial guards could not be said to be weak, yet they still let the killer escape . However, seeing his high-skilled martial arts, even if the killer was found, Xing Bu might or might not be able to catch him . If these two helped, Xing Bu would have a better chance . After all, they were bounty hunters . Three thousands liangs should have enough attraction .

“I don’t have time . ” The husky man’s voice was cold, and he looked uninterested .

Well, don’t need to fight with him . He had refused frontally!

The golden mask hid the woman’s expression, leaving only a pair of cold deep eyes . She didn’t immediately refuse . Her eyes were slightly squinted, coldly silent . Gan Jing pouted and said, “Senior (female), this murderer had killed four innocent women consecutively . It was really inhuman!”

From the first time he met this female senior, she always had a pair of cold eyes . Depending on her mood, she would go chase criminals for their bounty . However, she had a full sense of justice . The people she arrested did heinous acts . The bounty could not impress her but the crimes could .

Sure enough . The icy eyes flashed slightly . Ye Mei almost undetectably nodded .

Zhuo Qing was secretly relieved . Today, her venture could be considered a success .

“Knock, knock . ”

A gentle knock was heard . The people in the room were looking at each other . Zhuo Qing said, “Come in . ” Didn’t she specifically tell the Boss not to let outsiders bother them? Who could it be?

Unlike the polite knock, the door was quickly opened as Zhuo Qing spoke, revealing a charming figure who leaned on the door side . Zhuo Qing laughed, “Why did you come?” She was thinking to let Gu Yun sleep more, so she didn’t look for Gu Yun . However, here she was looking for Zhuo Qing .

It was her! Ao Tian’s calm eyes rippled, but it quickly disappeared .

After sleeping for a night, Gu Yun’s mood was a lot better . Her face was no longer so icy . She smiled back, “I went to the Prime Minister’s Manor to see you . Luo Xi Yan said you were here . ”

“Are there any problems?”

Gu Yun didn’t rush in and just waved her hand while exiting, “You just talk first . ”

Zhuo Qing smiled, “The discussion finished . ”

“Let’s go to Xing Bu to talk . ”

“Wait . ” Just when Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun opened the door, a hoarse male voice spoke again .

Zhuo Qing turned her head around . Ao Tian’s face remained indifferent and just coldly threw three words, “I will join . ”

Gan Jing’s face was full of surprise . There was a touch of surprise in Ye Mei’s cold eyes . This male senior of hers never took back what he said . What made him change his mind?

The two looked at the casual looking woman near the door . Was it because of her?


Ti Xing Division .

“Did you find the cases that I asked for?”

Cheng Hang was tidying up the files on the table . He replied, “We’ve found it . If we didn’t go looking for it, we might not have noticed it . Apparently, six years ago, in the Qing Yue territory, there had been cases similar to this . There were more than 2 cases . However, it was not consecutive like this one . In some cases, the assailants were captured and executed . The others remained unsolved . They were old cases . Now, if we recount, there had been more than thirteen cases!” He had used more than 10 manual laborers and wasted an entire night going through the files before he finally found it!

Zhuo Qing was leaning on her cheek with her hand . Hearing his report, she quickly focused and asked, “Were the victims females? Closed room case? Did all of them bleed to death due to the removal of the heart? Did their faces show similarly frightened looks?” Although they were all cases of stolen hearts, it didn’t necessarily mean it was done by the same assailant!

“Yes, they were all females . There were only two closed room cases . However, whether they bled to death and were frightened or not was not recorded . ” The files came from the regional report . The methods of reporting and autopsies were different . It was really difficult to compare .

Gu Yun’s index finger was tapping the table . She frowned, “Were there any other commonalities?”

“There were . ” Although they existed, Cheng Hang’s face didn’t show any excitement . He continued, “Three of the victims were studying Qin (a traditional Chinese harp) under Su Mu Feng, but it is probably a coincidence . ”

Zhuo Qing and Lu Qing had disappointed expressions . Gu Yun asked, “Who is Su Mu Feng?” She never heard them mentioning him .

Zhuo Qing explained, “He is Qiong Yue’s most famous musician . A calm and indifferent man . He had taught many famous families . This time, three of his students were killed while they were still his students . However, the last time I saw him, he had haemophobia and it looked real . ”

Gu Yun believed Zhuo Qing’s clear judgement . However, how could there be so much coincidence in this world? Everything needed to be rechecked!! Gu Yun naturally stood up and smiled, “He is indeed suspicious . Regardless whether he is a real haemophobic or a fake, we still need to meet him . ”


Su* House (A different character from Su Ling’s surname) .

There was the Su* Manor, which was located in the most prosperous area in the periphery of Qiong Yue’s capital . However, this house was another Su* house inside the capital . No wonder the Su* family was known as a musician family . Even this house was also decorated with many ornaments . There was a refined aura emitted everywhere .

Gu Yun, with her usual behaviour, was looking around . She walked here and there in the middle of the hall . She was like this because she thought that a noble family would make them wait for awhile . She didn’t expect that after they arrived for a while, a deep clear voice would leisurely greet her, “Miss Qing . ”  


Gu Yun looked back . Her eyes couldn’t help but squint . The man was wearing white clothes while his steps were light . The wind gently blew his hair, revealing a handsome face . His demeanour was calm and composed . His eyes were deep and calm, easily capturing people’s attention . Gu Yun finally understood why Zhuo Qing used ‘calm and indifferent’ to describe him . He was like a cloud, giving people ‘a cold uncertain helplessness and alienated’ feeling .

Zhuo Qing nodded and smiled, “Su gongzi, is your body feeling better?”

Su Mu Feng smiled and replied, “Thank you, Miss . I’m fine . ”

Gu Yun had those sharp eyes that only a few could ignore . Su Mu Feng faced the woman who was standing in the hall . She kept staring at him . He politely nodded to her and smiled . However, his pale lips only raised a bit . It was almost impossible to see .

This man was interesting . You wouldn’t think he was mannerless, but it was absolutely impossible to feel his warmth . Zhuo Qing smiled, “This is my little sister, Qing Mo . These twos are investigators from the TiXing Division . ”

Su Mu Feng saw the two men on the other side . He wasn’t startled or impatient, just calmly asked, “Why did you guys come here?”

Lu Jin got up and fisted his hand in front of chest to greet, “Su gongzi . Sorry to disturb . The victims of the first few cases were your students, so we just want to ask some questions . ” Even though Su Mu Feng didn’t attend the court, his reputation was excellent . Facing such refined and graceful figure, people couldn’t help but respect him .

Su Mu Feng gently nodded and replied, “Please don’t hesitate to ask . ”

“When gongzi taught these misses’ last classes, did you notice anything strange?”

“No . ” Su Mu Feng’s answer was simple and calm .

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“How long had gongzi taught them for?”

“Miss Ci and Miss Li had received three lessons while Junzhu (It’s kind of like a princess but not emperor’s daughter) had two . ” Su Mu Feng’s face remained calm and composed . He continued, “Do you need the entire list of my students and ex-students? If you need it, tomorrow, I will have someone to send it over to TiXing Division . ”

“This…” Su Mu Feng was really cooperative . Lu Jin felt somewhat embarrassed .

“Yes, please!” Gu Yun’s bright voice was somewhat forceful . She stepped closer to Su Mu Feng and coldly asked, “As their teacher, do you feel anything towards their death?”

Meeting Gu Yun’s eyes, Su Mu Feng’s face remained indifferent . Despite her not being an official, he still replied, “Shock . I just hope the murderer can be captured as soon as possible . ”

Gu Yun’s eyes flashed . This man’s face was too calm that she could not read anything from him . It looked like she had met a tough opponent . Gu Yun walked to Su Mu Feng’s front and continued to ask, “What do you think about the murderer’s killing method?”

“I do not know how the murderer killed, so I don’t have any opinion . ” Su Mu Feng’s tone was gentle . He looked natural and his answer to every question seemed flawless . Gu Yun continued to approach . Zhuo Qing stood up, wanting to pull Gu Yun . She was a bit excessive today .


Unexpectedly, when Zhuo Qing stood up, she stepped on Gu Yun’s skirt . Gu Yun was only focusing on Su Mu Feng so she wasn’t paying attention to her surrounding . She stumbled forward . Fortunately, she was fast and quickly grabbed Su Mu Feng’s steady hand so she didn’t fall on the ground .

Gu Yun stood up and apologised, “Sorry . ”

When she was about to take back her hand, she found that the man’s arm was trembling . Looking up to see Su Mu Feng, the usually calm eyes suddenly showed hidden tension and panic . Gu Yun was slightly surprised; she was just holding his hand!

Zhuo Qing was about to step up and asked her condition when she saw Gu Yun’s body weakly relying on Su Mu Feng’s body . Gu Yun said, “It looks like my foot was sprained . ”

Was she sprained just by that? Impossible! Even if it was really a sprain, Gu Yun wouldn’t lean on a man’s chest and not get up . Zhuo Qing stepped back . She would just wait and see first .

Gu Yun could feel that when she fell onto his arm, Su Mu Feng obviously went stiff . Wanting to put her in a wooden chair, his voice was becoming colder, “Please sit down, Miss . ”

Gu Yun’s eyes flashed again . Her body was still leaning completely on his arm . Her arms hugged his waist . Pretending to be weak, she said, “It hurts . I can’t walk . Please help me over . ”

Su Mu Feng flawlessly took Gu Yun’s hand to help her walk . His face was becoming even colder . At this time, a fierce roar came from the outside, “What are you two doing?!”

Looking at the direction where the sound came from, an over-thirty-year-old woman was coming towards them . The woman dressed in dark blue . Her hair formed a high cloud bun (云髻) . In her hair, there were several long silver hairpins . Her face was charming . Her figure was thin and tall . She was definitely a beautiful woman . However, her brows were wrinkled now, angrily glaring at Gu Yun .

Seeing clearly who was coming, Su Mu Feng respectfully greeted, “Aunt Xin . ”

The woman didn’t look at him at all and straightly faced Gu Yun, “Your leg was sprained, wasn’t it? I will help you . ” When she finished speaking, the woman grabbed Gu Yun’s arm, pulling her from Su Mu Feng . Her strength was extraordinary, making Gu Yun frown .

Gu Yun was almost thrown away to the furthest chair . Gu Yun quietly watched this “Aunt Xin” who just came .

Coldly glancing to Cheng Hang and Lu Jin, the woman impatiently snorted, “If you still have things to ask, please be quicker . Mu Feng still has many things to do . ”

Cheng Hang and Lu Jin looked at each other . Then, they looked at Zhuo Qing . Zhuo Qing shook her head . At this time, Gu Yun suddenly stood up and smiled, “There is nothing to ask anymore . Sorry for disturbing . We will go back . ”

The group left the Su* house . It was almost sunset . The sky was bright red . It was really beautiful, making it hard to look away . But, no matter how beautiful the sunset was, it would soon vanish . As the dark shady sky would soon drown away all its brilliance .


Returning to TiXing Division . Cheng Hang sat on a chair and sighed, “There should not be a problem with Su Mu Feng, right?”

Gu Yun shrugged and smiled, “His attitude towards women was odd . His aunt was also strange!”

That could also be a problem?! Cheng Hang bluntly said, “The other person is an elegant person . To a woman who suddenly threw her body towards him, he would naturally keep a distance . ”

Rolling her eyes, Gu Yun asked, “What he showed was a mix of courtesy, disaffection, uneasiness and even disgust . All of these are understandable . However, how could he show panic?! Is this not strange?”

Panic? Was it that serious?! He really didn’t see it . Cheng Hang was trying hard to remember Su Mu Feng’s expression . Lu Jin asked directly, “What could his panicked state mean?”

Gu Yun smiled, “I don’t know . ” Panic can only show his mood, but it can’t really reveal what was the reason behind it .

Gu Yun looked at Zhuo Qing . Seeing her hold her cup without drinking, Gu Yun frowned . She didn’t know what Zhuo Qing was thinking . She whispered, “Did you think of anything?”

Slowly putting down her cup, Zhuo Qing replied, “I remembered when Prime Minister Lou’s little sister was attacked, she had physical contact with Su Mu Feng that day . ”

Originally she didn’t pay attention . However, when Gu Yun mentioned physical contact like that, she also felt that Su Mu Feng had an unexplained reaction when he had physical contact with other people, especially women!

Once Zhuo Qing finished speaking, Cheng Hang quickly stood up . Leaving the sentence “I will go and check”, his figure flashed through the door .

Gu Yun’s lips raised slightly . Although this man was impatient, his mobility and curiosity were worthy of recognition .

Zhuo Qing put both of her hands on her chest . She snorted, “If the murderer was him . Then, it means he had acted like a haemophobic in front of me!”

Patting the angry Zhuo Qing’s shoulder, Gu Yun consoled her, “It’s not impossible . When we mentioned the three deceased, his face was free of guilt . No panic, nor pride . This is not a murderer’s usual behaviour . This could only mean either his acting skills were superb or that we guessed it wrong!”

If they were not mistaken, Su Mu Feng would be a big challenge for them .

Two hours later .

The sky was completely dark . They had lit several lamps in the study room . Inside, three people were sitting far from each other and looking at the files .

A lean figure rushed into the room . Cheng Hang grabbed the water pot and drank several cups of water . His legs would soon be broken from running .

Lu Jin asked, “How?”

Wiping his sweat, Cheng Hang was panting while happily nodding, “All the personal attendants of the misses said that on the day before the misses were killed, they met Su Mu Feng and more or less had a physical contact with him . ”



Zhuo Qing snapped her fingers and said, “Amongst Su Mu Feng’s students, only these few misses encountered danger . This is probably the reason!”

Cheng Hang suddenly thought of something and said, “If that is the case, then his target tonight will be…”

The three looked at Gu Yun who was still looking at the files . They only saw her nodding, her eyes excited and smilingly she said, “Me!”

“Impossible . ”

In the hall, Su Ling and Su Yu were eating . Gu Yun had just returned to discuss with Su Ling, hoping he would lessen the number of night patrolling soldiers . Otherwise, with this complex and tight security, she was afraid the murderer wouldn’t dare show up! Who would have thought, she hadn’t finished explaining when she got rebuffed by Su Ling .

“Why?” Gu Yun frowned, “I’ve heard there will be celebration within a month . Your emperor wanted this case to be solved as soon as possible . We have the opportunity to catch the murderer now . Why do you refuse to cooperate?” Did he not want to catch the murderer?

“General Manor has its own rules . ”  He had heard about the case of stolen hearts . The murderer was extremely cruel and cold-blooded, terrorising the capital . Other noblewomen were scared to death, yet she agreed to become human bait?! Dan Yu Lan was really impotent to employ such a method!

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“Just one night . ” Gu Yun naturally knew an army would know the most about discipline . She could understand that General Manor had its own regulation . However, tonight was a special situation!

“No way!” Su Ling once again refused . Did she really want to die?!

Gu Yun took a deep breath, swallowing the angry fire in her chest . She coldly replied, “Okay . ”

Then, Gu Yun turned around to leave . Su Yu who had been sitting at the side anxiously asked, “Where are you going?”

Gu Yun looked at Su Ling’s dark expression as if someone had owed him a million . She replied, “I will stay at Prime Minister Manor for a couple of days . Lou Xi Yan should not have so many rules! The murderer’s target is me . He should be going wherever I go . ”

After saying this, Gu Yun turned away . Su Ling’s eagle eyes squinted . He growled, “Stop!”

Gu Yun halted in her steps, slowly turning around . Her eyes met with granite eyes . From Su Ling’s side profile, his teeth were visibly clenched, showing he was trying to subdue his anger .

Su Ling did not say anything . Su Yu had begun to freak, “Qing Mo, please think clearly . You are a person of the General Manor . How could you stay at Prime Minister Manor? No way!”

Gu Yun icily smiled . Her hands were folded in front of her chest and asked, “The General Manor’s security is very tight . The killer most likely will not appear . If we let the perpetrator get away, there will be more innocent misses dead . Then, in you two generals’ opinion, how should we deal with this problem?” Who was the one who said the General Manor had its own rules? She respected their rules . Why did they still complain?


At this moment, Su Yu didn’t know what to say and looked at Su Ling . Su Ling stood up and walked towards her . In front of her, his big tall figure seemed to completely envelop Gu Yun . Gu Yun silently stood there, meeting her eyes with his . Just when Gu Yun thought he was going to explode, she heard, “Su Yu, go and make the arrangements . It can only be for a night! Tonight let her sleep in the Yi Tian room (means Heavenly) . ”

His words were directed to Su Yu but his eyes were looking at Gu Yun’s black eyes .

Yi Tian room? Gu Yun? This name had a true martial arts aura .

Su Ling’s attitude had a sudden 180 degrees turn . Gu Yun was a bit suspicious . When she wanted to speak again, Su Ling had passed her and exited the hall .

Looking at his back figure, Gu Yun couldn’t guess what this man was thinking! It wasn’t just her, Su Yu also thought the same . Just before, Big Brother firmly rejected the idea, how could he agree to it now?

The spacious room was simply decorated with a large bed . Beside the bed, there was a plain looking table . Although the moonlight tonight was not very bright, in the absence of curtain layers, the room’s environment could still be seen when squinting .

On a big bed, a woman was lying . Her eyes were closed . It seemed like she had fallen asleep .

The weather was hot so two windows were opened . The night breeze could easily come in and so could a slender shadow .

After flying into the room, the dark figure didn’t directly go to the bed but stood in front of the window for a while . Long after, he walked towards the bed, staring at the peacefully sleeping woman .

Suddenly, he walked to the bedside table, took a cup and bashed it down onto the ground . The sound of broken porcelain was so clear and loud in the silent night .

Gu Yun frowned, suddenly opened her eyes . The dark shadow had almost jumped from the window .

“You just came, do you want to go now?” A clear voice without a sign of confusion after sleeping was heard . Gu Yun jumped from the bed and went towards the dark figure . From behind, she used a rope to strangle the man’s neck . The man was pained and his body a bit sluggish . He didn’t expect this woman to have such good skills . Gu Yun punched the side of his abdomen . Then, she kicked the back of his knee .

The man went black for a second . His hand was on his waist . Gu Yun saw a silver flash . Wanting to escape, the man used his other hand to push her . She didn’t have a chance to back off . Fearing that when the man came, Bing Lian’s shaking would alert the murderer, she didn’t bring Bing Lian . Now, she didn’t have a weapon in her hand, she couldn’t attack .


Gu Yun secretly bit her lips . She decided to get closer to the man in black . She was shorter than him, so she might be able to escape the sword .

She hadn’t been able to move when she felt her waist belt being tightened . Getting back her concentration, she had been hugged by someone . The silver flash was also interrupted by a pair of big hands . The blood smell spread across the room . The flowing blood slid between the fingers . Gu Yun opened her eyes widely, looking at the side of the man . Ao Tian’s black clothes and silver hair . His face was pale but remained calm . He didn’t show any signs of injury except for bleeding . In the dark night, the foolish act of the man-made Gu Yun a little bit agitated . The man in black was also surprised for a moment .

Luck was on Ao Tian’s side . He twisted his hand . The man in black immediately felt a strong force coming towards his wrist . His sword flew out of his hand . The man in black was flustered . He went towards the window and jumped .

In the inner garden, there had been fully armed soldiers holding spears . The man in black squinted his eyes . It looked like they were luring him . He thought if he wanted to exit and enter the General Manor, it would not be an easy thing .

Gu Yun grabbed some cloth from the bed, tearing it into long strips . She bandaged Ao Tian’s bleeding hand and anxiously asked, “Are you okay?”

Soon, the blood stained the white silk . Ao Tian took back his hand and replied, “I’m fine . ” Done speaking, he went out . Gu Yun felt strange . This man’s character was too weird!

The two went out to the garden . None of them had noticed there was a man standing with a complex expression at the corner . His hand was holding a sword that had been unsheathed . Yet, he was one step slower .

Su Ling didn’t speak anything and just left Gu Yun’s courtyard like he had never been there at all .

In the courtyard, countless torches had been lit, illuminating the entire courtyard . The man in black was surrounded by soldiers . He understood his situation so he no longer resisted and just coldly looked towards Gu Yun .

“I’ve looked down on you, little girl . ” The man in black spoke up . It was clearly that of a woman’s voice .

Using her hand, the woman in black ripped the black clothes that she had used as a mask . A beautiful face was revealed .

“It’s you!”

Gu Yue Xin!


After catching the person, Xing Bu immediately put Gu Yue Xin in the prison . She had admitted she was the one who killed them . Her reason was ridiculous . To protect Su Mu Feng from their harassment, she killed people?

Xing Bu’s lobby was a little bit quieter . Gu Yun whispered, “I still feel something is off!”

When closing a case, the proofs must be certain . All the evidence should be linked together and nothing should be overlooked . If Gu Yue Xin was the murderer, there were too many holes!

Dan Yu Lan brightly smiled, “Miss Qing, there is no harm in saying what you think . Please tell me . ”

Walking to the hall, Gu Yun spoke out her doubt, “First, although Gu Yue Xin’s martial art isn’t bad, it could not be considered high-skill . If we didn’t deliberately reduce the patrolling guards by half, she might have not been able to find my room . The General Manor is a heavily guarded place . The murderer could enter and exit effortlessly . This isn’t something that Gu Yue Xin is capable of doing . Secondly, she couldn’t explain the details of the three murders . If she really murdered them, she should know the details . Thirdly, her eagerness to plead guilty . This is probably to protect someone, and this person is likely the real murderer!”

Cheng Hang opposed, “Do you think Su gongzi is the murderer? I think he is not!” Su gongzi’s fear of blood had been well known amongst the Su* family . They had also found many doctors for this . This could not be fake!

Zhuo Qing who had been silent the whole time looked up . Her face was full of worry and said, “Gu Yue Xin said that the victims were not moving or crying was because they were under the Gu Yue family’s hypnosis . If it’s really that good, Su Mu Feng could also be under hypnosis . Under the circumstances, he didn’t know he would kill people . The trigger is a woman’s touch . As long as a woman deliberately touches him, he would kill her uncontrollably!”

This was what was called hypnotic suggestion (I don’t what they mean in any language, so I google translate it) . If that were the case, the real murderer would be the one used the hypnosis .

Killing uncontrollably? Everyone’s face in the hall was changed . Gu Yun looked at ease . She smiled, “These are our speculations . Tonight we are going to prepare a trap again . Whether the murderer will come or not, we can only resign to fate . ”

“This time, I will be the bait . I’ll definitely unravel this so-called hypnosis!” Zhuo Qing suddenly offered herself . Luo Xi Yan frowned, “Can’t others do it?” It was too dangerous .

Zhuo Qing shook her head . Gu Yun bluntly said, “If it really is hypnosis, she will be the only one who can unravel it!”

Qing was the recent years best coroner and also responsible for psychological training in the police station . If Su Mu Feng was really under hypnosis, Qing was the only one who could help him!


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Shi hour (3-5 am), General Manor .

The sun almost came again . There was no movement in or outside the room . The entire General Manor was quieter than usual . Tonight’s moon was unusually bright . The moonlight lit the room through an open window . Zhuo Qing, who was lying on the bed, looked at the inner chamber’s situation .

Luo Xi Yan was worried that he couldn’t rescue her in time so he assigned Mo Bai, who was wearing black, on the beam of the roof . Meanwhile, Ao Tian was hidden in the closet . Gan Jing and the others from Xing Bu were in the outer chamber . Gu Yun insisted on remaining in the inner chamber, so she and Luo Xi Yan, who was also worried about Zhuo Qing’s safety, were hiding in the furthest corner of the inner chamber . Through the screen, they could see the inside of the room!

Suddenly, a shadow passed through the window . The man was wearing grey clothes and his face covered with a silver mask . His lean shadow was stretched by the moonlight . He didn’t say anything . His hand was quick . Mo Bai and Ao Tian, who were closer, simultaneously took a deep breath . This man was definitely an expert . If he found out, tonight’s operation would be a failure .

The man in grey was standing in front of the window . Glancing through to the woman who shouldn’t be in the bed, his eyes darkened . Hesitating for a moment, he turned away to leave .

No way, she couldn’t let him go! Or else even if they caught him, they couldn’t undo the hypnosis! Zhuo Qing sat up . Using a warm voice, she said, “Mu Feng, is that you?”

The man-in-grey’s body stiffened . He didn’t answer, but he didn’t leave either .

It was indeed him! Zhuo Qing stood up . Slowly walking behind him but not too close, she spoke warmly, “Truthfully, since the first time I met you, I have fallen for you . Tonight, I spent so much effort to sent Qing Mo away just to wait for you here . ”

The man-in-grey slowly turned around . His back was facing the moonlight and he was also wearing a silver mask . Zhuo Qing couldn’t see his face nor his eye expressions . She only heard a muffled husky voice chuckle and reply, “You knew that I would come?”

This sound… was really like Su Mu Feng’s but the intonation and tone were completely different .

Zhuo Qing secretly calmed her mind, gently shaking her head . She stepped forward, holding his palm . Lightly shaking it, she pretended to be shy, “I don’t know, but I just hoped you would come . It looks like the heavens had heard my prayer; you finally came . ”

Gu Yun rolled her eyes . This woman should not be so into her act, ok? The legendary gentleman beside her, Minister Luo’s fists had clenched several times!

Zhuo Qing thought this man-in-grey would push her aside which was a normal reaction of Su Mu Feng . Who knew, he didn’t actually push her, but actually grabbed her waist . He tightly hugged her into his embrace . Caressing her cheek back and forth, he whispered, “Did you say you love me?”


The cold caresses on her cheek felt like snake scales . She felt gloom and terror . Zhuo Qing secretly took several deep breaths . Then, she nodded, “En . ”

Not waiting, the man had picked her up and went to the spacious bed . Gently putting her down on the bed, he pressed her body against his, trapping her between his arms . His finger constantly teased her earlobe . This man really knew how to seduce a woman! Was he really Su Mu Feng?

Zhuo Qing struggled to extend her hand . Gently stroking the portion of the man’s face that wasn’t covered with a mask, she asked, “Mu Feng, I want to see you!”

Gu Yun carefully looked at the fairly calm Luo Xi Yan’s side profile . She found that his eyes were remarkably cold . In the night, you could also see the murderous aura in his eyes . She really admired this man’s intellect and also understood that this man had fallen deeply for Qing!

The man-in-grey grabbed Qing’s hand . Mo Bai, who was on the roof beam, immediately raised in alertness . Zhuo Qing was also surprised; she thought that he would get angry . Who knew? He took off his mask and gently threw it into the bed .

Zhuo Qing finally saw the man clearly . The face in front of her was extraordinarily handsome and indeed was Su Mu Feng . However, Zhuo Qing could not be certain that the man in front of her was really Su Mu Feng . During the day, his eyes had a touch of silver colour but under the moonlight, his eyes were silvery grey . He jokingly bit his rosy lips . Compared to his elegant and cold demeanour in a daytime, he was really different now . This time, he lazily smiled . This side of him could make people’s heart race . Zhuo Qing felt doubtful . She began to question her previous judgement . Hypnosis should not change a person’s attitude this much .

Zhuo Qing was caught in her own thoughts but the man didn’t allow her to be distracted . Pinching her chin, he lightly asked, “Are you willing to do anything for me?”

Zhuo Qing surprised and nodded, “En . ”

Lightly pinching her nose, the man then stroke her chin while whispered, “Good girl . Are you willing to give your heart to me?”

The husky voice was very enchanting . Zhuo Qing gently raised her eyebrows and asked, “You want my heart?”

Zhuo Qing’s reply made the man’s eyes flash, but he soon composed himself . He smiled, “Are you not willing?”

The two stared at each other without blinking . Zhuo Qing could see the silver light in his eyes were circulating like a pit, sucking her in . It was a very strange experience for her . Zhuo Qing felt a little bit dizzy . After a while, Zhuo Qing nodded, “Okay . ”

The man’s face had a touch of excitement and his smile was bright . He sat up and satisfyingly looked at the motionless body of the woman . His hands were on her belt . Soon, he untied the belt . He said to the woman who kept staring at him, “Don’t be afraid, soon you will be liberated . ”

A thin blade slid on the smooth skin . The cold sharp knife drew on the chest . There was a sexy red on the tip of the blade, flowing across the waist, like a red string .

The man slowly stretched his arm . As usual, the knife neatly pierced into the chest . Soon, his hand held a beating heart in front of Zhuo Qing, waiting for her shocked and pained expression . This was the most exciting part of him . However, when he looked at Zhuo Qing’s eyes . He was flustered; in Zhuo Qing eyes, he could see a calm and profound expression . There was not even a shred of fear or pain .

The man’s evil smile stiffened! She watched her heart being dug out . How could she be so calm? How could this happen?

“What is happening?” The question didn’t just occur to the man on the bed but also to the three other people in the room except for Gu Yun . Everyone was surprised seeing what had happened .

Zhuo Qing, who had been lying with the man for a while, suddenly sat up . She immediately went to the side and then a strange thing happened . The man faced the empty bed, pantomimed opening other people’s clothes and then grabbed the sharp thin knife on his waist . He skillfully and precisely drew the knife and inserted it into the bed between his finger . He inserted his hand, and like he was holding something, he took it out . His face showed excitement and enthusiasm . It was like he was performing how he stole the heart . How ever they saw it, they still felt strange .

Gu Yun slightly smiled and calmly replied, “You will know it once you see it . ” It seemed like Qing had successfully reversed the hypnosis .

“You…” The man stared at Zhuo Qing’s profound eyes . He felt dizzy afterwards . He was surprised when he found his hand was no longer holding the heart and his bloody hands were gone . There was nothing on the plain white bed . Zhuo Qing’s clear and sharp eyes watched him carefully .

“This is… impossible!” The man stared at Zhuo Qing . His surprised face turned into uneasiness .

Zhuo Qing slowly sat down and coldly said, “In this world, you are not the only one who knows how to hypnotise . ” She admitted, at the beginning, she was almost lost in his eyes . If she wasn’t well-prepared, he might have been successful in hypnotising her .

The man’s eyes showed cruelty . Zhuo Qing was surprised and quickly retreated while unconsciously blocking her chest . The man’s blade grazed the back of her hand . Luo Zi Yan’s anxious voice was heard at the same time, “Mo Bai, Ao Tian, grab him!”

Mo Bai jumped down from the beam and attacked the man’s torso . The man turned around and kicked . The blade in his hand was still aimed towards Zhuo Qing who was in the furthest corner of the bed . Just as Zhuo Qing was almost stabbed, from behind the screen a large palm intercepted the man’s wrist, using internal force to fend off the man’s attack . Zhuo Qing felt her shoulder being pressed and an enormous force threw her out of the bed . The strength was so enormous she almost hit the wall . Luckily, Gu Yun caught her body so Zhuo Qing wasn’t injured .

The man quickly retreated out of the window and went out . Mo Bai and Ao Tian quickly chased after him .

In the courtyard, he was greeted with Ye Mei’s long whip . This small courtyard had been surrounded . There were archers who came out, ready to shoot the grey shadow .

Mo Bai, Ye Mei and Ao Tian fought with him . The man didn’t have a chance to escape . Ye Mei’s whip trapped the man, tying him up . They used all the long ropes and iron shackles that the other investigator had prepared to tie him solidly .

Cheng Hang looked at the man’s face and immediately cursed, “Su Mu Feng, I cannot believe that you really are the killer! You let your aunt become your scapegoat! You are really evil!”

The struggling man went stiff . He stared violently at Cheng Hang and roared, “What happened to Aunt Xin?”

His eyes were devilish, nothing like the usual Su Mu Feng . Cheng Hang unconsciously put up his guard . He swallowed his saliva and said, “Don’t pretend! Someone come here and escort him!”

Many manual labourers came in and pulled him out . Zhuo Qing shouted, “Wait! I’ll have a word with him . ”

Cheng Hang turned around . Seeing her hand bandaged in linen, he thought she was injured badly and said, “Madam, you just go and bandage your wound first . If you have something to ask him, you could go to the town hall at anytime . ” Finished speaking, he turned around and ordered, “Escorted him to the prison . ” Finally, the real murderer was caught!

Seeing the group of people out, Zhuo Qing lowered her head and sighed, “I’m afraid when I see him again, I won’t be able to ask him anymore . ”

Others might not hear it, but Gu Yun heard it clearly . She looked at Su Mu Feng and thinking about the usual Su Mu Feng, her heart was uneasy .


The next day, Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing once again came to Xing Bu . Seeing Su Mu Feng in the prison, both of them were surprised . This time, he was the elegant and cold Mu Feng . He was really different than the bloodthirsty devil yesterday .

They asked about last night’s event . He didn’t remember what he did last night . As the last resort, Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing went to ask Gu Yue Xin . In order to convince Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing that Su Mu Feng was unintentionally murdering people, Gu Yue Xin spoke to them . Su Mu Feng had a trauma . When he was a child, he got molested by a young miss . He was also beaten by his father’s legal wife . To save himself, he beat his mother to death . After this, as long as a young miss physically touched him, he would have a killing intention . However, after he killed them, he would not remember anything .

Zhuo Qing suspected he had a dual personality . However, at this era, they could not give him a psychological examination . Even if they proved that he was mentally ill, what could they do? His victims were the noble young misses . The noblemen would absolutely never let him go .

Exiting Xing Bu, their mood was very dark .

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