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Chapter 31

Chapter 31      Raging Temper Underneath

“Yu Shijun!!!”

GuYun’s  roar woke up a lot of officers and men that has gravely closed eyes and sleeping feet . Looking where she stands and seeing General Su Ling’s lofty body, he was standing there watching them,  all the soldiers’ faces have expressions of panic and fear the moment they saw him . They quickly got up from the ground and  stood upright . Those men who felt the movement also looked up and saw Su Ling, almost immediately jumped up but swept away by exhaustion .

Yu Shijun was sitting and leaning against a tree to rest, far away, he saw Su Ling and Gu Yun’s figure . When he heard the lioness’s roar, he run up to her where she stood and cried,


Excited to see GuYun and  Su Ling, Yu Shijun  respectfully greeted,” General! “He was the Su  Lieutenant and has generally have little opportunity to contact with the generals, for generals to have actually come in this, meaning he attaches great importance to the team .

Su Ling lightly nodded and always carry serious expression , one cannot see if he is happy or angry .

“What are they doing? ”

Yu Shijun busy only to observe Su Ling, not paying attention to the GuYun’s whose face cannot be described as gloomy, truthfully replied,

” Resting . ”

Resting? Like a cold knife straight to the eyes , Shijun slowly  looked at GuYun’s cold face, his heart trembling, quickly replies,

” Now is not yet  weishi(1-3pm)! ”

GuYu’s brow wrinkled, “You mean you took the lunch break to arrive here and rest, then at weishi start training? “If they returned to the camp to eat, they can rest in the camp for half an hour, come again to gather, instead of awkwardly looking like a slobs on the ground?”

Yu Shijun explained, “They have not returned to the camp for lunch . ”

” Why don’t you eat? ” They have not eaten a good breakfast, lunch they’re not eating too?

“We have practicing  with weapon  all  morning and soldiers have been too tired to move, because it is lunch time, I did not force them back to camp . Kitchens handed over two baskets of bread and water to eat so they can rest for a while . “Yu Shijun seems to guarantee what was finished  as to every general, then quickly added,

” from morning till night in training time, I absolutely have no mercy on them! ”

Maybe they think that time is free time, they can eat all they want to eat not eat?! GuYun laugh, “Like steamed bread is it? Very good! “Her lips smile so Yu Shijun cannot only shake, even Su Ling also feel strange coldness on his back, especially the phrase” very good . ”

Looked up at the sky, GuYun cold voice says:”

“Now weishi to line! ”

Yes . “Yu Shijun turned and walked to the soldiers already got up and stood in the middle and cried,

“Rank and file! ”

Quick and agile more than hundred people lined up to complete the formation, high in spirit like a fowl to catch a blood . If it’s not on their dusty clothes and hair still clinging with dust, GuYun  for a moment have seen fancy patterns of all sorts . .

Su Ling was side by side with GuYun and said, “There is a river near here? ”

” Five miles north is a river of clear water . “Su Ling eagle eyes squinted, secretly watched her face, unfortunately she has calmed the anger  and not much expression on her face, and did not see what she wants .

“Yu Shijun . ” GuYun  shouted .

“Yes . ”

Yu Shijun trotted over, GuYun whispered a few words in his ear, Yu Shijun face appeared a moment  of doubt, but soon went back to business as usual, replied,

” I’m ready to go and prepare immediately . ”

The morale of the soldiers suddenly went up , GuYun coldly say,

“You cannot to swim out of the rank . ”

Dome mountain land and broad, mostly inland, one facing the sea, if one can’t swim is nothing strange, but none of these elite column can’t swim . GuYun nodded with satisfaction and said,

” Everyone is responsible for weighing 20 kg sandbags, run five miles north of clear water river . ”

” Yes . ”

Majestic ROAR shook the birds on the trees in the forest scurrying, GuYun suddenly have some mixed feelings, soldiers tied sandbags on the raised hands, clear voice says,

” Start . ”

The procession walked, a few steps behind GuYun asked Su Ling ,” Do you want to go or do you want to do your own thing? ”

Su Ling did not intend of going to watch it, but could not resist the invitation,” I’m fine this afternoon, I  just want to look at how you are training . ”

GuYun nodded and suddenly reminded of something, with caution,” Don’t forget you promised me something on the line . ”

Training of soldiers,  she is in charge and he could not interfere with her . Yu Shijun deferential to her appearance, Su Ling joked, “You are not in the military prestige . ” One soldier put his hands on the practice in the morning, have to lie down, means she is not weak .

GuYun gave him a glance and replied, “Far worse than you, I was just a fox . “Su Ling’s position in the army, no one can beat, and she did not intend to shake his position .

Su Ling did not think she would be so calm and smiled,

“You’re not like anyone who has no confidence . ”

GuYun generously replied,” I’m confident but not conceited, let’s go . ”

Two people walking side by side outside the training field, Su Ling pulled on a black horse, turn on the horse, GuYun held out her hand . The afternoon sun is still very bright, the sun is down just overhead . GuYun looked up, almost blinding, can’t see his handsome face in the sun, only to see a big hand in front of her . The sun, the palm and fingers of crude cocoons clearer . While GuYun in Yi Tian Yuan, she grabbed it and it is powerful and warm to the touch and suddenly her mind becomes distracted .

GuYun stood there with her head down, she did not nor launched at horse, until  Su Ling say in a low voice,

“Launch . ”

Until she hear the deep male voices, GuYun jerked from her trance, annoyed, what she really saw is just a hand, when did she became so sensitive and see no other horses around, GuYun have no other choice and take Su Ling’s hand .

Su Ling is very powerful, GuYun felt the force lifting her then suddenly a tight waist, and Su Ling fixed her on a horseback .

Releasing the grip on her hand and on the waist, Su Ling said only one word,

“Sit well . “Then they rode away .

The horse ran so fast and the wind whistling across from ear, beside, the tree constantly retrogressing . GuYun’s head was down, she knew her own psychological change, facing him, and she seems to be not as natural as before . Just like now, she sat up straight, because behind her is his warm rolling chest . GuYun despise herself, she’s always doesn’t consider herself  free and easy, doing things without dragging its feet . Su Ling likes her, obviously, she saw it, and then do I like it or not ? Give some happiness and save both of embarrassment!

GuYun still questioning herself, suddenly a tight reins, and the horse stopped, they arrived at the destination . She sigh of relief or also because she was annoyed because she has not to come up with a conclusion . In short, like how she jump to flee the horse, it’s good to escape for now . Su Ling standing on the road looking at the  eager shadow escaping, firm lips rose with fortitude and  she is moving fast .

Yu Shijun already waiting for them on the riverbanks . Below his feet is a long fishing nets, parked behind  are two small wooden boats with four youngsters firmly on the side of the boat sailing on the waves .

GuYun squinted, this clear water river is wider than she thought, about seventy or eighty meters, and the water was swift, start to ripple in the sunlight causing an unusual glare .

“Pull the net and put it at the end of the downstream . ”

As long as you don’t think about the complex relationship between men and women, GuYun’s mind is as smart as ever . Su Ling and Yu Shijun were watching her with puzzled eyes . She was commanding the two boats pulled nets across the river downstream .

The fishing nets were ready for a while, hundreds of people started arriving one by one by the riverbanks . GuYun hasn’t manage them yet and  she instructed the four youths manning the boats,

“You guys, sailed to the river center and later catch the men who cannot hold up . ”

” Yes ” The four youngsters nodded but did not understand her meaning . Behind her are soldiers with heavy physique and were carrying heavy sandbags coming from a very far run . The bags were heavy and they are breathing heavily, their faces flushed and in this condition they are to swim back and forth one or two times!

The four boat men looked with at each other  with dismay but dare not make a retreat and paddled the boats to the center of the river .

Gu Yun has turned around, the soldiers have been lined up in standing formation, because of Su Ling’s arrival, they are very excited . Gu Yun is not instigated and directly said, ‘This afternoon’s physical training is to train your endurance, swimming technique and speed .  From one end of the riverside,  touch the opposite side of the riverbank, and then return to a back and forth and that will be counted one tour . You will be a group of twenty people and a total of ten tours back and forth . In  each tour last one to arrive will be deducted ten points . When the ten tours are finally completed though the test gives no extra points, and as for those who have deduction they are to do leap frog on the shore until all the players have finished testing . ”

After Gu Yun layed down the rule, the faces of the soldiers sank, according to what she meant, for just afternoon, the group is destined lose more than half of demerit points and those points as punishment, far heavier than people who stick, a group of twenty people that will be seven teams . The men from the first team will get double the leapfrog penalty because they have to wait for the entire group to finish before they can stop jumping?

Cold sweats on the forehead begin to drop and everyone is praying that he is not the first group, their face became more and more gloomy , GuYun’s tone was lighthearted,

“Did you get it? ”

Taking a deep breath, replied in unison,” Got it! ”

The men began to undo his sandbags and are getting ready for a launch .  GuYun in a cold voice said coldly,” Who let you down your sandbags? ”

To transport the sandbags under our guard? The sandbags come to 20 pounds! Into water will become heavier, waist, feet  with hanging sandbags, so how do they cross?

Listening to GuYun’s words was Su Ling and his face didn’t change, his heart began to be concerned, Su General house are basically only army and no navy . The only  navy support is  stationed  at East Sea, these soldiers knows swimming, but swimming technically, absolutely impossible, above all they have sandbags and are not necessarily able to completed ten tours   more  so with 20 pounds of sandbags hanging .

Even for these soldiers hearts are sweaty, Su Ling still not saying a word, employing no doubt, the suspects do not use! He now understood what is the purpose of the fishing net  downstream . .

GuYun did not give them the opportunity to refute and complain with a stern voice she ordered,

“Fasten sandbags, prepared the first column! ”

GuYun rearrange formations arranged in height order, the first column is relatively lean people, Liu Xing, Leng Xiao, Shi Hu  is in the first column .

“To begin . “Soldiers’ heart was wailing, and water currents  did not hesitate at all, because they don’t want to fall behind, demerit points, leapfrogging two for hours .

GuYun announce rule is cruel, even if everyone in this group soon, but will still have the last name after the first back and forth, being eliminated is Liu Xing .

Dejectedly climbed out, Liu Xing stuck at one,  Gu Yun did not say anything but he started frog jumping up on the shore . GuYun secretly shook her head, unite and cleverness allowed him to get into this team, but in his physique, GuYun worried about ten days, see the end of his 100 points .

Back view, the second is over back and forth, inevitably join the star team . After a few rounds, in the huge river, distance grew apart from person to person, and to watch them swim slow action, yelled, “You come! Hang about doing? ”

Have been frightened to observe the river Yu Shijun suddenly whispered,” Like someone drowning . ”

GuYun squinting, do have a shadow on the river flapping, estimated to be laboring, or leg cramps, GuYun waved toward the boats called,” Rescue . ”

Youngsters rushed the boat on the ship in the past, they finally know why I waited for rescue in the center, and ten back and forth also strapped to sandbag, Oh my God, it is a crazy way to train!

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Drowning men looked very young, 20, saved just in time, he did not fill a few saliva, is holding the feet, painful look on his face .

A soldiers rowing the boat to the shore and the other soldiers rushed to help him tapping your foot, leg cramps when swimming is normal and usually was cramp, rub the rub will be good, but the officers and kneaded for a long time, feet like stone, looks all the more painful . The youth bit his bottom lip not to cry out, but his repeatedly distorted face showed pain .

GuYun went before the young men, Yu Shijun said in a low voice: “Give way . ”

Yu Shijun looked back at GuYun, and dropped back a step .

“Hand on his shoulder . ”

Yu Shijun grab the youngster’s shoulder, GuYun started to motion  his feet to kick, banging under each limb muscles, rubbing quickly, the youth’s feet was stepped on and stepped off, young man look bluer .

Soldiers on the shore staring straight at GuYun and knows she is to relax the young man but they don’t know or thought she was going to scrap his feet .

Already tense their muscles day and repeats a single pedal foot action, coupled with the cold river water, muscles in his feet is estimated to be similar to stone, and rubs are rubbed not scattered, and can only be used to play . Behind a searing sight GuYun road as did not see after kicked and stepped on while she squat down, holding his feet with her hands, slowly towards the direction of his body, on the one hand and on his feet to rub hard . Su Ling watching them, frowning ruffled came . Because he approached, youngster nervously held her breath . Stiff muscles slowly relaxed . GuYun asked in a low voice, “How is it? ”

Su Ling powerful aura scared the youngsters and he immediately recovered, he stirred the aching feet and somewhat sheepishly replied, ” I’m fine . “The General’s wife may only seem severe, after all but she is a woman with always sharp soft heart .

The feeling in his heart in the next moment is shattered by GuYun words . She stood up and in a cold voice says,

“OK, frog jump . ”

To leap-frog? His foot still hurts now! GuYun looks coldly at him and  the young man in his heart secretly curses but only replied, “Yes . ” He withdraw his words, this woman has a heart of stone!

Young soldier rubbed his leg, had jumped in front on the side with the soldiers for a long time, hard step jump .

Sunny afternoon, the beautiful clear water rivers, drenched and lanky man are lined, such as frogs, struggled to jump on the shore . Should be rippling river, a deadly THUMP figure look particularly ugly, by the nets on the side of the boat also picked up several exhausted men every now and then . Picture is very tragic .

Su Ling hands folded in his chest looking solemnly said, “Are you sure before the end of this one month, you still left with hundred people? “Looking at her style in the afternoon, the practice is also rated the deadliest weapon in the morning, or not let them sleep, the first day had been so harsh, one month after,  the estimate has not been one hundred will not be more than fifty .

GuYun  went ahead and low sound cold, heartless, ” if they could not hold out until the last, after that they simply cannot do the task, if there is no one left the team disbanded, I don’t want to make them a corpse! ”

Su Ling was startled, shakes his head and looked at her eyes . Her eyes were focused on the river and a strong determination . .

Ten finally swim back and forth in the first group out, leaving only less than six people . They also collapsed in the shore could not move, GuYun has said,

“The second group! Let’s go . ”

After several groups of the situation is not much better than the first group, not many people can be done ten times back and forth, shore would leap-frog team is getting longer and longer, and Liu have been quick to cry in front of each jump with both hands to hold the ground, his face flushed almost liver-colored, face the water stains don’t know covered with sweat or tears .

GuYun look back at a glance, harsh voice cried, “Don’t stop, go! “GuYun’s voice now sounds are simply the sound around the ears . The soldiers cursed in every jump, this is the reason why they can still move on .

Sun began to set, and finally finished all seven groups . “Stop . “GuYun gave the order, on a long stretch of riverbank, lying down .

The last group of people secretly grateful that, unfortunately, GuYun was not going to let them, “The last two groups of detained people later would leap-frog back to the camp, if you can’t buckle is complete . ”

Ignoring the entire fierce eye knife, GuYun and shouted,” Line . ”

It was the slowest time ever set, and some people even take three steps to climb one step back in the queue, always upright posture are stooped . GuYun did not blame their stance, just next to Yu Shijun she said, “Remember who was detained , every scores deduct points, they let them go . ”

Yu Shijun reluctantly replied,” Yes . “He is suspected if these people able to practice tomorrow?

“Marched back to camp, after half an hour the wait for me at the barracks . ”

What does she wants? Everyone crashes .

GuYun both surprised and hate, want to cry but no tears eyes and replied,

“You want to withdraw, there is no use . ”

First day automatically withdraws, how will they later mix in the military compound! Wishes one could to attend to the GuYun to dismember her body,  but they had to listen to her command, these men once galloped in the sandy plain great soldier’s heart that aggrieved vexed!

GuYun raised eyebrow gently  and said, “Are not leaving? Half an hour is not very long . ”

This woman is too aggressive! They want to go, but has a broken foot at the moment though, kept shaking . Even if there’s General  Su  presence, they are extremely tired, they don’t have the strength to look unstoppable . When hundreds of people marched proudly up now with two legs and slowly moved to the camp, along the way, there is a “frog” for a company .

Eagle eyes slightly narrowed and  looking  at the so called Elite troops walking slower than an old lady . Su Ling said, suddenly serious, “Han Shu is wrong, after a month, they’ll never call you witch, they’ll say, you’re not a woman! “He thought she is already cold, but in training she was cruel and  heartless .

Known earlier that he wouldn’t say anything nice, GuYun  gave him a blank stare,

“Bored! ”

She is not riding Su Ling’s horse  but inspired by the twilight walk toward the General’s Office, five miles, half an hour to go, she don’t want Su Ling too close right now, she needs a little time to think .

Su Ling did not force her to ride the horse . Holding the horse behind her, looking at the slender figure, she just moves, of doubt in his heart is  more and more heavy . She was no doubt Qing Mo, but why does a daughter understands the way of combat training and martial arts . This woman have so many weird, some careful thinking and quite useful training method? Qing Ling, in the face of abnormal body is calm, these things she treated like a stick of cinnamon, the autopsy of precision even Dan Yulan had to admire . In the  palaces, beauty, women of both talent and appearance and residual yan . Qing Feng a woman, from maid to lady, became one of four Princess , just less than a year’s time, the means and strategies is no ordinary woman at all .

Rumors about Qing’s home  and the three girls on the street is a misrepresentation of the world, or whether it was intentional? They all thought, when you go to the General’s Office, seen from afar Su Yu coming out from the House . GuYun is going to speak and to greet him but he suddenly turned and quickly went on the opposite direction .

GuYun was curious and about to ask but decided to observe first . Su Yu Early clearly saw them . Why is he going in such a hurry? GuYun asked in a low voice, “Su Yu have been busy recently? ”

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Su Ling looked slightly darker, and didn’t say anything, just nodded .

So, GuYun did not pay attention  to much and did not take it to heart, the two entered the House together, she prepared to proceed to training fields directly then to the camp, but after the Hua Ting  (flower garden) yard she was stopped .

“Girl! ”

Su Yan a bowl on his hand, walked out from the Hua Ting, smiling behind him is Su Quan following with full leisure . They strolled  towards Su Ling and  Qing Mo . He rushed to the front of GuYun and  excitedly hand delivered in front of her, showcasing said,

“Girl, you’re back! I will give steamed soup, this is the old turtle mushroom  soup . ”

That bowl of dark old turtle soup has mushroom in it? Didn’t think GuYun directly replied, “I don’t drink . ”

Following  Su Quan Milei Buddha’s smiling flower face ,” I told you those things people don’t like, eat my pills simply don’t run into your soup! ”

” You and your little nagging . ”

The two men began arguing and GuYun is getting a headache and stroking her forehead, when is the day will these two men die? Just when she intended to bypass the two left, Su Qing kicked up light breeze smile and said,

“Let me feel your pulse . ”

GuYun was starting to leave but she remembered Su Qing last internal energy hand skills was amazing, also he has more of a goodwill and trust, not like this two loquacious old man which she feel some detachment, she really admires his calmness . GuYun did not dodge, lifted the left hand and stretched it in front of him .

Su Qing  took GuYun’s pulse, Su Ling observing on the side gave the two bickering old a look , two men bitterly stopped .

Su Qing fingers stayed  on her wrist only a little long, after she recover her hand , he said, “The body has no problem, take a rest and to replenish the body, one month you will be able to jump . ”

Su Yan quickly took the opportunity to send in the hands of a soup bowl and said,” Yes, to fill the body quickly, soup . ”

GuYun ignored him and stared at the Su Qing who was laughing, smiling and with hopeful face, she  asked,” Now, I can start doing some recuperative exercises? ”

Su Qing lightly stroked his white beard, smiled,” Yes, but not too rushed . ” Su Ling staring  at him, Su Qing still freely laughing and completely  ignored the arrows like look . It all the same to him . Seeing the hands of SuYan still holding the thick soup, he turns to Qing Mo and said,”

Drink some , the soup is useful for the body and will not do you harm, also that super dabu pills,  if you eat it is good  and makes you get cured faster . ” Her body other than the injury, there is a more serious internal injuries . In accordance with her pulse, her body is not strong though he reckons this girl is strong but physically will not stand  if she is forced to do a heavy burden . Bing Lian has been by her side, celestials in thousands of years giving her the energy but just let her skinny body has the power of now, but over time, not one-sided supply of energy, but perhaps later Bing Lian will be angered and  that when she need the energy, it will be empty .

If  she can get her body back to its previous state all things doesn’t matter .  GuYun  took the bowl of black dark gravy, a drink it and it is not bitter, but is definitely not good to drink . GuYun obediently drank the soup . At  its best  Su Yan happily laughs, “That’s great! Tomorrow I’ll give you stew! “She’s too thin, take advantage of this period of time, be sure to make  her fat .

Su Quan hated that triumphant look of Su Yan and tried to say, “It was all dark, before dinner . One can eat stew ! ”

The two add up to more than 100 years old, and also like to bicker with each other, GuYun find that funny shook her head saying,

“You eat, I’m going to camp . ”

The training lessons of the group, the men didn’t know how to follow the timetable and she will make them impressed .

GuYun as she finished talking  walked towards the direction of training field . Su Ling did not go with her this time, deep dark eyes looking through the road away, eyes are complex light . Until GuYun was swallowed  and beyond sight . He just slowly recovered his sight when Su Qing kind of smile with a little voice in his ears, “Do you recognize who is she? ”

Su Ling’s  straight back  suddenly become stiff and with low laugh and in unusually brisk cold voice ,”I only dare then to want her . ”

The  Su  Qing laugh shook his head, Ling estimates do not know, the smirk on his face look brilliant, even dazzling .

Camp Kitchen .

The table has tired figures forced to sit still and straight, staring at the GuYun’s eyes are full of alert . They are constantly worried about how she will find fault in them .

“Should have dinner after the conclusion of today’s performance, but because of your two tasks that are not completed, I’ll point out to you, repeating again is not allowed . ”

She asks which of the tasks they have not done? They did slack off? How did their get hands and feet  numbed, this girl, she lies with their eyes open! GuYu’s voice fall on the pairs of eyes that are already was full of grievances bursting out a fierce light . Even if most people wish to rush and her theories, but feared it gave her an excuse to freak, so forcefully to bear down, if eyes could kill then, GuYun is estimated to have been killed a thousand times .

Ignoring that both tiger like eyes filled with hostility, GuYun  said, “Today’s breakfast and lunch you are not really eating . We are preparing food for you to eat but you’re eating only half of the amount . I give you a set of training arrangements, each item you want to perform, including meals! Every hour what should be done, I have said it very clearly, starting from this meal, without my permission or otherwise every meal you must go back to the barracks . Kitchens will provide you with a good food, finish it if  you are given something to eat, not even one grain of rice should be left if not ten points will be deducted, Do you understand . ? ”

Eh? She said eating? Officers and men’s heart anger has disappeared, displaced with laughs, training  what to train . She also manages them how much  to eat . It is easy, hungry have to eat, if not hungry just little eats, she manages really too much! Even the heart is cursing Gu Yun  maliciously, on the mouth has been able not but to reply “Understood . ”

GuYun raising her eyebrow slightly, these people have plenty of spunk, they give lip service with incisively expressions, for fear she could not see! Well, she like the true nature of man, but like is one thing, but now she’s not too cool is another matter .

Once GuYun’s mouth raise to give an order, all present get a goose bumps because she is … . smiling .

“Kitchen gives them dinner . ”

” Yes ”

After a while, several veterans lugged in several big baskets and in one basket with a bunch of big bowls like pot, if that can be called a bowl .

“The pot or say like a flower pot ” was placed in front of everyone, and all looked at each other with dismay, then the other basket was opened, several veterans with a basket, one by one to their “pot” adding things in .

Two cucumbers just right, three tablespoons of rice a little more, but also to eat  half chicken well with rice, a spoonful of vegetables meat and mix well, eight eggs a bit excessive, two tablespoons of fresh red raw beef is what does that mean? Soldiers had piled in front of the “pot”, Dong gu laughed and has very gentle face, they must have, she is deliberately and finishing them, she just wants them to be penalized right? Don’t even think about it!

Anger, grabs the chopsticks, bowed his head, all the soldiers buried like that . In the eyes of Yu Shijun, GuYun  has been very kind to them, at least not that they ate bugs and snakes and rodent, the last scene in the rainforest eat worms, is that they now think it was disgusting .

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GuYun  finally sat down on the stool, Yu Shijun beckoned . Yu Shijun went before her, GuYun pointed to the side of the chair and motioned him to sit down, Yu Shijun hesitated for a moment, finally sat down .

GuYun  asked in a low voice, “Anybody in the training field tonight? ”

” No one . “She nodded with satisfaction, Yu Shijun holding a few chances, said,” no training tonight, right? ”

GuYun replied solemnly,” Of course . ”

Writes plainly on her face” is not negotiable “four characters, Yu Shijun even sympathize with them or titillate whiskers at this time .

“The later you go prepared fourteen bales of hemp twine to the training field . After  they had enough rest after quarter of an hour assemble  in the training field . “GuYun  was talking when the light wind blows and the upright ears secretly listening of what was Yu Shijun agreed with . They are unanimously wandered in the heart, this woman is absolutely a devil, how can a day be so long?
Do not know what she will come up with in the evening with low sigh Yu Shijun, replied .

“Yes . ”

GuYun chuckled, why are they a yaosibuhuo(*meaning more dead than alive) look to, this people  really owed a lesson, she remembered the training arrangements stated in the evening are learning of culture time on the table, they in the end has brains to remember?

GuYun  sitting there, waiting for a long time but still kongkongruye (still empty/have nothing) .

GuYun stared at the veterans of the kitchen, asked in a loud voice “My meal? ”

Ah? She wanted to eat with them? Not only the yaosibuhuo soldiers over there, many soldiers have looked back at GuYun, she would also like to eat raw beef and drink raw eggs ? She was not only ordering that for them to eat? GuYun  gave an expression that she will eat the same course meal  and  the kitchen veteran foolishly gawk at  her for a while, comes back to his senses and suddenly fled and said, “You wait!  Coming right now! ”

Gu Yun roundly smiled,” Exactly the same but cut it in two bowls ”

” Yes ” Kitchen veterans quickly ran into the kitchen, a girl  to train a soldier is strange but evenmore strange thing is sharing at the same table with men .  The General’s preference was really hard to figure out .

This meal, the men ate until very full . The correct term “ is eaten until wanting to cry”,  and not  one grain of rice was left . But they are worried about the night training, are they fed and then spit it out? This would not be her another way to torture them, right?

When a group of people gather at the training field, it was completely dark, and stuck around were torches . GuYun has a  bundle of rope at her feet, one hand is holding a rope of thirty feet long, flickering candlelight illuminates the expressionless face .

Men’s hearts are beating like drums . When  she said earlier that there’s training tonight, even if their hearts settles down a bit, but she is saying nothing, making it more appalling in particular their limbs are stiff and aching and the waiting was an ordeal that will make one crumble .

They are thinking  too much, GuYun stood there without talking, in fact, she is in a deep thought how  to approach the lesson practically, that is tying  a knot, while she was thinking her face has no expression .

Finally, after suffering through a quarter of an hour, GuYun finally began to speak, “I would like to summarize your performance today . Through training today, you should be aware, how bad your fitness, your body now will be impossible to keep up with the training behind me . I want to improve your strength and endurance, there is only one way, is to practice . All the exercises you have to go all out, I said I just want the best person, I hope you are . ”

They are the best people and thus is the reason they selected into this team . But now their hearts have other thoughts, this woman cannot be think of us as worthless! GuYun took a look at the rope on the ground, clear voice says,

“In accordance with the group in the morning . ”

The formation soon stood, GuYun instructed  Yu Shijun,” Bring the things out . Rope set, bundle of paper and one charcoal . ”

” Yes . ” answered quickly Yu Shijun the distributed a bundle of hemp rope, paper and a small piece of charcoal . He is even more confused, charcoal and paper and what she want to do with it?

GuYun didn’t waste time, holding a long rope said,

“The rope is the best and most common tools, by knots, one  can transform a length and use it . If in the wild,  vines of plants or strips of cloth can be used as a tool . This evening I will you teach ten different knots, how to untie the knot, you must learn and be proficient in that even in the case of complete darkness . You should be able to accurately complete the knot and also be able to untie them . ”

Tonight is to learn how to play making knots! Soldiers were secretly relieved . GuYun eyebrow rose slightly and continued, “I have an exam tomorrow evening, no answer and wrong answer, points will be deducted do you understand? ”

” Understand! ”

As for the points, they already have become numbed, but dare not scorn and they really don’t have much deduction .

“This the first, the simplest and most commonly used figure of eight knot . “GuYun said and gave them the model and demonstration,” figure of eight knots ring  including  the eight-shaped knot . ”

Actually GuYun spoke slowly, demonstration also was slow so they can see clearly and also they are doing hands-on as their guide . But what was thought as an easy deal of knots method were putting this strong  group of elite to sweat, ten different kinds rope knot, again plus unknot  the knot and it has its own method, total  twenty  different knotting and unknotting procedure, some rope knot is easy to unknot but some were difficult . Besides that rope knot have different uses, they now know what is the purpose of paper and charcoal .

Within such a short period of time and if one doesn’t write it down and they don’t remember, tomorrow exam, what?

To see a bunch of people scrambling to tie knots, make notes and Yu Shijun finally know why on the selection of soldiers, she required literacy . Now, I see .

“Today’s training will end  up here, marched back to camp . “Sound cool when men first time passes so fast, draws numerous papers with knots and now everyone’s brain was also a tangled in knots .

GuYun laughs easily, “Better not be late tomorrow or I will let you know, how very kind I am . ”

Bright female voice sounded carefree, people tend to shake a bit . Only one thought in mind, do or die they cannot be late tomorrow!

Day 4

A few days training and practice every day their limbs are hurting, but soldiers managed to gradually adapt to the training method of GuYun . Tomorrow is the day of weapon competition days, practiced quite excitedly today . GuYun was also looking forward to their performance tomorrow, after all her test method, absolutely not within their imagination and the target not as easy as they thought .

End of a training day, everyone have been very tired . On her  way back to Yi Tian Yuan,  she saw Su Yu coming her way with his head down  and staggering . GuYun broke into yell, “Hey, Su Yu . ”

He heard the sound, Su Yu seems confused, looked up and saw GuYun smiling and  waving at him . His face called turned gloomy, as if something is being pinched, Su Yu turned to leave .

GuYun who supposed to say something a moment ago was now embarrassed  and just froze in her place, she did not seem to offend him? Occasionally these days, when she met him, he was always in a hurry and being ignored . Now, late at night, she had done nothing , she actually gave him a smile and she was snubbed and just given her his back! . GuYun was annoyed seeing the eager shadow escaping shouted, ” Su Yu you stop right there! “The Su Yu was a stiff and paused for a moment, and immediately started to leave, but GuYun pursued and get in front of him . Su Yu was heavy on the alcohol and breathing heavily . .

* * * * * *

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