A New Dawn - Chapter 103

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Chapter 103

In fact, Gwendoline, since it was her that had both the guts and the will to face the angry crowd, had absolutely no idea what the Mayor had planned . But, since he had already been in charge of this city for many years, it would make sense that he could gather a few things before dawn, and that's what she was counting on . After the beginning of the battle, she hadn't any contact with Meridiana, but as she came more and more in contact with the succubus, her personality suffered a few changes .

Previously, she was filled with sorrow and anger, seeking revenge for her murdered family . She still retained her memories about that terrible fate, but the feelings connected to it weren't as strong as before . Her mind was getting clearer and clearer, and subtle details she couldn't see previously appeared distinctively . Her subconscious was sometimes making her do things that she could only remember do after a few seconds . Her entire posture was built by this newly found instinct, like the fact that she almost never removed the beautiful smile on her face . Before, she couldn't maintain that façade for more than a few dozens of minutes, but now, it seemed to be part of her .

This proved to be extremely efficient, since she managed to appease most of the terrified citizens of Archet, under the baffled sight of the guards . But the latter were quick to act, and immediately retreat from their earlier aggressive postures and formations . The bearded officer that was the first to trust her could only have his eyes wide open, not knowing how a frail young girl could manage to do this . However, he kept his inner thoughts for himself, since she had resolved that explosive situation almost by herself . However, right after she arrived at the northern part of the wall, where the fights were extremely close, he couldn't help but ask the question that everyone wanted to ask .

"Hmm, young lady, did the Mayor said anything else about the help? And was is preventing him from speaking in person?" His voice was neither loud or quiet, but the few dispersed guards nearby were on high alert, meaning that everyone heard it . They tried to stay impassive, but one could easily see them looking at Gwendoline with the corner of their eyes .

To this, the woman only raised her right hand and pointed it with her left one . This puzzled many, but the officers were quick to understand the meaning of this action . Her white hand was looking even paler under the light of the torches, but only one thing could be linked to it . The previously tense bearded man relaxed because it made sense that those criminals could respond more quickly than the regular army of Avenio . And it also explained that the Mayor couldn't leave, because negotiations with those bandits were filled with multiple checkpoints, tests, and searches .

"Thank you very much … young lady …" By then, he was a bit ashamed that he didn't ask her name even when they traveled for nearly half of an hour by now . He could only murmur a bit the young lady, not really looking at Gwendoline in front of him . But she didn't take this seriously and only smiled back, making the officer a bit redder than he should be . Nonetheless, a citizen couldn't stay on the ramparts, so he personally escorted her beyond the line of soldiers . He could only stay slightly dazed, as her silhouette was absorbed into the huge crowd .

It didn't take long for the important families to also inquire about the same thing as the officers . Most of them were members of the previously hold council, and all recognized the cheerful servant that was often attending to them . Normally, they were in a position of force compared to the young woman, but the attack of the undead changed that . Not wanting to lose even more reputation than they already did, all appeared to be calm and collected, even when their lives were in danger . The Mayor would have happily laughed, seeing those old turtles trying to be brave, even when their faces were filled with sweat and even paler than a corpse .

"Miss Gwendoline, what a pleasant surprise to see you here . We feared that something could happen to those working inside the City Hall, but our worries were apparently unfounded . What a relief . " They of course still acted like the businessmen they were . No one would refuse someone that was smiling or was extending his hand . But seeing the five or six old men surrounding a frail girl could lead to malevolent rumors . Fortunately, the adventurers were blocking the sight of the curious that was nearby .

"Yes, yes, if you had been injured, this would have been a terrible loss for Archet . A terrible loss . "

"Indeed, but, we know each other, isn't it Miss Gwendoline? We heard that you spoke to the Mayor, but we haven't caught sight of him after the gian … can we say that?" One almost blurted something that shouldn't be said in public, but the others only looked around . Seeing that no one was nearby, they nodded at the talkative elder .

"Since you know about the future, I guess we can trust you . After all, you were the best attendee inside the City Hall . "

"Yes . " "Absolutely . " "Without any question . " The praises could have kept coming if the patriarch of the Eltritch family hadn't stopped them . He was the one with the lesser amount of adventurers because he was one of the few that had directed all his forces toward the eastern walls . But after the bells resonated in the city, even he couldn't stay any longer, so he began his escape with his family .

"Miss Gwendoline, we have lost contact with the Mayor after the liches created terrible creatures, gigantic skeletons . He left asking for help, but no one saw him after that . You said that help will arrive at dawn . Are you absolutely sure about that, would you bet your life on it?" The friendly atmosphere disappeared immediately, worry and expectations could be seen on the faces of those old foxes . However, Gwendoline was unfazed, and she repeated the same gesture she did in front of the bearded officer . Sighs of relief could be heard, and even the adventurers nearby relaxed a bit .

"So this explains everything . It is only weird that you were chosen to transmit the information but …" Looking at the young woman, she seemed trustworthy and absolutely not capable of catching any of the outlaws of the Organization " … you were a great choice nonetheless . That speech managed to calm even my eccentric sister, that is scared when a bird land on a tree . Thank you very much, Miss Gwendoline, for bringing comfort and warmth to our old bones . We won't hold you back anymore, but if you want to stay here, you are extremely welcome . "

One person more to defend wouldn't change anything for them, and it was always pleasant to have a beautiful woman in the surrounding . She also couldn't be considered as a stranger, since they had more contacts with her than even some members of their own families . But she dismissed the idea .

"Thank you very much for this opportunity, but I have to deliver the same message to the captain of the guards and the Guild Master . I only came here first because I was worried that some unfortunate accidents would happen because of fear . "

"Yes, yes, terrible things could happen in those dark moments . You did very well, Miss Gwendoline . Hector!" A swordsman that was visibly tired and had blood on his leather armor approached .

"Bring her to Seron and the Guild Master . Nothing should happen to her . " The adventurer only nodded, because he had seen what sign she made . It was rare for an innocent to be in contact with the White Hand, and if she was to die, even he couldn't be sure that he wouldn't follow her in the afterlife .

"Miss Gwendoline, if you could follow me . " She diligently walked behind the adventurer, leaving the group of old men thinking . Because the enemy outside the gates was in an unknown number, they had first thought to break through, but now, they only needed to hold a few more hours . Since that was the case, they dispatched nearly half of those protecting them back to the frontlines . Of course, it wasn't without a change of contract and an increase in pay at the end of the entire ordeal . But they didn't forget to remember who was loyal to Archet and who was greedy . The future of those belonging to the latter category will not be great .

When Seron saw the young lady coming his way, he almost cursed the one in front of her . "What kind of bloody moron bring a civil here?" He had recognized her immediately since she was wearing her regular outfit . She was quite bold to stay in those clothes, but his mind was entirely occupied at holding the City Hall . His worst worry still hadn't happened, nothing from the armory was seen . But his bad mood couldn't prevent his harsh words .

"You! Go to the South, right now!" He pointed at the swordsman, not even asking for his opinion . The latter could only grumble in his beard but still followed the order . He only had to survive the night anyway .

"Gwendoline, what are you doing here? We are at war!"

"I am here to bring you a message . " She then repeated her hand gesture . "Reinforcement will arrive at dawn . " Following this, she could only see Seron laughing madly . She was a bit baffled by this, but still maintained her smile, not perturbed at all .

"That old fool . He promised help hours ago, and now it became dawn . I presume it wasn't him that say this to you?" She could only nod since no one actually told her this . But she won't say this loudly, otherwise, she would lose all the goodwill she gathered . "And because he talked to them, he is now stuck in some dark ceilings, and we have to deal with the situation in the West . One spark and everything we worked for will crumble, could you please …"

Thinking for a few seconds, he remembered she came from that side and with an adventurer . Only those old families could command them like that, meaning she already did something big enough to gain the recognition of those old farts . "Captain, the West had been pacified . A pretty girl appeared out of nowhere and … Heee!" The scout only recognized her after saying so much, but Seron dismissed him . He didn't have the time to ask the details, but what he heard was good enough for him .

"Miss Gwendoline, I suggest you return to safety . This place is dangerous, and we have no idea when or where the liches will attack . You, loud mouth, bring her back . " The scout was a bit embarrassed by the nickname, but he didn't dare to contradict Seron . Bowing to the captain of the guards, Gwendoline followed him, leaving a now smiling Seron .

"GENTLEMEN! HELP WILL ARRIVE AT DAWN! WE NEED TO HOLD FOR 2 HOURS! ARCHET WILL NOT FALL TONIGHT!" His loud shouting could be heard from everywhere, even by the Hand of the White Hand . The latter could only look puzzled, before asking a question . "Your woman is very quick, it has only been five minutes and she already accomplished his mission . " Just that praise was enough for the agent to have a vastly more flourished future .

The woman in question was looking at where Gwendoline was like she had seen a ghost . Right after the departure with Seron, a group of adventurers approached and the scout let her go back alone, guiding the incoming fighters toward the frailest places in the frontline . Following this, the agent of the White Hand picked up the beautiful employee of the City Hall and began to transmit her message .

Because they couldn't let the Mayor leave and the city was in danger, the Hand had decided to divulge the fact that he had asked for help . Otherwise, if the knights he called ended up finding an empty city, it would have been a waste . The moral of the guards was at its lowest, and knowing that someone was willing to help them will greatly invigorate them . As for transmitting the information, they had to find an employee of the City Hall . At least that was the thought of the woman they sent .

When she saw Gwendoline alone, with her distinctive uniform, she thought it was fate . After quickly telling everything she knew, she let the employee go . And a second later, she heard the shout of Seron . Even if the frail girl she captured was an expert, she couldn't be that fast . Shaking her head, she tried to see where the girl went, but she couldn't get a glimpse of her uniform . Puzzled, the agent could only think that her mission was still a success . Only that, there was something extremely weird . But what?