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A Paragon of Wuhun - Chapter 5

Published at 10th of August 2019 12:06:24 AM

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Choose Martial Arts

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Translator: Zhao Xueran

Proofread by He Li


“Chen Feng, you try hard to hide the truth from me!”

After leaving the crowd, Han Cong smiled to Chen Feng on the way to the foreign sect .

There was no blame in his words while actually he felt very happy for Chen Feng .

“Sorry, uncle, I didn't mean to hide it from you . ” Chen Feng apologized .

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“I know, I know, I am afraid that a person of high position is liable to be attacked . ” Han Cong laughed: “it doesn’t matter . You don’t need to explain what has happened to you . I'm happy for you but . . . ”

He said seriously: “your master had made numerous enemies . They originally thought you were a waste and disdained to fight with you . But now you have changed other people's views of you . There will be also more dangers around you . Listen to me, you must be careful . ”

Chen feng was moved by his affection and he said: “uncle, do not worry!I will keep it in mind . ”

“What are you going to do now?” Han Cong asked: “do you still go to the resources temple to get spirit stones?”

Chen Feng shook his head: “I don't want to go now . If I go there, you will certainly have conflict with Sun Elder . I have accumulated a lot of spirit stones these years, so there is no shortage of such stones . When I am strong enough, I will go to find him . ”

Han Cong nodded gratified .

He was very pleased that Chen Feng could take a step back . The real strong could not blindly gain the upper hand . He should be flexible and resilient . There are few heroes whose life could go smoothly .

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“Uncle Han, I want to go to the Wuji pavilion to choose a kind of martial arts . My master had been teaching me to practice Kungfu, but never taught me martial arts . ” Chen feng said .

“Ok, I'll take you there . ” Han Cong said with a smile: “just now, the one in charge of the Wuji pavilion is my uncle whom I got acquainted with at the beginning of my career and he is an elder of the foreign sect . I can say something nice for you . ”

The two went down the road and walked along a path to Wuji pavilion . Behind the pavilion was the cliff which was surrounded by mountain flower blossoms and green trees . The environment here was very quiet . On the way to the pavilion they encountered several disciples of the foreign sect, each of whom holding a thread-bound book in his hands just like cherishing a treasure . It turned out that they had picked out one martial art in Wuji pavilion and hurried to go back to practice it .

Several people laughed at Chen Feng, but they did not dare to say anything when they saw Han Cong beside him .

Against the door of Wuji pavilion, an old man leaned on the steps drinking wine . His beard and hair were messy and very untidy . He turned the jug over so that the wine poured into his mouth . He gulped the wine, the liquid spilling from his mouth . The strong smell of alcohol could be smelled from far away .

Han Cong stepped forward and said in a low voice: “uncle, I brought a man who is the disciple of Yan Qingyu’s elder brother . He was supposed to be a waste, but now he is able to practice . And now he has reached the third level of Houtian Realm . He can pick a kind of martial arts to practice according to the rules of our sect . ”

The old man mumbled a few words . Han Cong turned around, saying: “well, don't stay too long and come out early .

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“Thank you, uncle . ” Chen Feng asked no more question . When walking to the door, he turned around to salute the old: “thank you, my supreme lord . ” After saying these, he entered the pavilion .

Wuji pavilion was as big as hundreds of square meters . On the rows of bookshelves were books on all kinds of martial arts . The number of the books is over ten thousands .

Wuji pavilion of the foreign sect only served the disciples of the foreign sect, while almost all of them reached varying levels of Houtian Realm . The highest degree of martial arts here was only the third degree of Yellow .

Martial arts requires gradual practice . The man whose ability is of between the 1st level and the 3rd level can only select his martial art in the first floor . The man who can achieve the 4th level can enter the second floor and the 7th can enter the third floor .

Chen Feng wanted to go directly to the second floor . He scorned the martial arts of the first floor . Although he didn’t reach 4th level which has a strength of 1,000 jin, he has reached 800 jin in terms of the level of Houtian Realm, thus deciding to have a try .

As soon as he reached the first step, he felt physically blocked, as if there were a transparent air barrier blocking his way .

Chen Feng was not surprised . His Genuine qi swelled out to fight with the air barrier and he tried to rush into the air barrier . He advanced forward step by step, pressing back against the air barrier . But air barrier was very tough, anyway, it could not be broken . With sweats on the forehead, Chen Feng’s meridian was been painful due to excessive stimulation of the Genuine qi . Nevertheless, he stepped forward desperately with his teeth clenched .

Right at this moment, suddenly there came a light cracking of something like a bubble burst and the air barrier disappeared without trace . Chen Feng hurriedly stopped the pace or his head would hit on the stairs .

He was surprised that he was able to rush in the chamber easily .

Chen Feng did not think too much and quickly ran to the second floor .

“He has a clear goal and great determination . A promising guy . Of course I'll do him a favor . ” Outside the Wuji pavilion, said the drunken elder . His eyes were bright and not dim by the wine .

Han Cong saluted him and said: “thank you, uncle . ”

“In those days, what a pity for his maser . . . ” sighed deeply the elder .

Chen Feng was choosing the martial arts on the second floor . He had the Beiduoluoye Sutras already and did not need to find another one in terms of basic guidance for Kung fu .

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