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A Sorcerer’s Journey - Chapter 381

Published at 20th of February 2020 10:15:07 AM

Chapter 381: 381

Chapter 381: The Strongest Magic Tool!

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The world guardian stared at Grimm’s half-hidden eyes behind his mask .

“So a mere Level-1 Demon-Hunter had gotten the attention of the great Principle Will of the Sorcerer World? Not bad!”

After praising him, the female world guardian on the red flying carpet turned to the Celestial Cordillera and spoke, “Guardian of the Seven-Rings, let me bring this demon-hunter to the heart of the world in your stead . ”

“As the world guardian wishes,” the turtle rumbled .

As a wisp of world energy surrounded Grimm, he began to feel intimate energy from the Rank-3 Honor Badge on his sorcerer barrier . The barrier had seemed to become thicker and stronger owing to this wisp of world energy and the fact that he was so close to the heart of the world .

So this was world energy?

Back when he was a sorcerer-apprentice, Grimm was fascinated by this mysterious energy that could neither be seen nor touched . To him, he hadn’t moved an inch but it seemed like the entire world did—moving him from the back of the turtle onto the red flying carpet .

But now, after becoming an official sorcerer, Grim could easily and accurately feel that this was indeed world energy .

More precisely, the energy of the Sorcerer World .

Grimm stepped onto the solid flying carpet that felt like a hard wooden floor .

“Although I don’t feel the need to mention this to an official sorcerer, out of formality’s sake, I need to remind you that you need to remain completely silent and solemn . As soon as you slide through the Destiny Lever and see the great Guardian of Winter, you won’t need to display the mission scroll anymore . ”

Standing behind the world guardian, Grimm nodded eagerly . “I understand . ”

Unlike the time when the world guardian retracted the flying carpet and let him freefall when he was an apprentice, they descended this time slowly and steadily .

Gradually… The surrounding area started to darken with the light growing dimmer by the second . At the same time, Grimm sensed strong World Laws originating from the sorcerer’s world emanating from the deeper end towards the outside world . This converged with the Balance Laws of the endless world .

Here, those two forces crossed paths and combined, creating a convoluted and complex Law as if it were the price the sorcerer’s world had to pay for removing itself from its original world’s coordinates!

This piece of the endless world rejected the sorcerer’s world for disrupting its balance . The effect that the strong sorcerer had on the endless world was simply too great!

“So this was why I was unable to cast any sorcery while I was here as an apprentice…”

Sorcerer-apprentices were the intermediate stage between ordinary humans and sorcerers that the ancient Grand Celestial Sorcerer had created and as such, could only cast sorcery within the confines of specific laws of the sorcerer’s world . Once they were removed from it, they would be no different from a normal human .

The area here was greatly influenced by laws that were not of sorcerer’s world origin, hence they could not cast any sorcery here .

“So we’re back here again, huh?”

Myna asked suddenly . As the world guardian was right there, Grimm ignored the bird, not entertaining it with a conversation .

After five hourglass’ worth of time .

Kaleidoscopic rays appeared, slicing through the darkness as Grimm mumbled, “The Source Light and the Law Will of the sorcerer’s world…”

Thus, the World Law Space of the sorcerer’s world .

The Light of Self of the sorcerer’s world gently glowed, lighting up every inch of this mysterious space . Countless translucent chains came from the light source of this space .

These chains controlled everything in the sorcerer’s world: the four seasons, the phases of the moon and sun, the ides, the weather, natural disasters… those were the very laws that governed the sorcerer’s world .

After traversing thousands of chains that were of varying size, shape, and color, the world guardian spoke solemnly, “We have arrived at the Leverage Point Plaza . ”

This was the leverage point of the Destiny Lever . It was shaped like a large tray that was wide beyond belief and was filled with countless amounts of Crystallized Energy Stones that had lost their power .

A mist of pure unfiltered magical power blanketed the plaza with clouds that were even thicker than the magic clouds at the sorcerer tower .

Connecting everything together was a rapidly flowing golden river .

This was the greatest and most incredible magical item in the sorcerer’s world—the Destiny Lever .

If a foreign world were to treat the sorcerer’s world as a target for pillage, then this Destiny Lever would definitely be one of their main goals .

This was similar to why Grimm wanted the Infernal Spirit Bible and how Black Isotta wanted the ability to open gates to foreign worlds with souls from the infernal spirit world .

The golden river was endless . It seemed to be rough and was filled with turbulent rapids on the surface but was filled with the warmth of hope from within, tolerating all forms of life .

This river was like the brightest star from a faraway galaxy in the night sky .

It seemed bright, blinding and just within reach, but at the same time a mirage that was far away and unreachable .

With a thump, Grimm jumped off the flying carpet, stepping onto the remains of the Crystallized Energy Stones as he made his way to the Destiny Lever .


The moment he touched the water, the golden river immediately consumed Grimm .

The Destiny Lever was like a giant slide, causing him to slide down through the golden river . Even though the glowing river seemed like it didn’t have a material form, it still gave him the feeling of being pushed along by the rapids .

On the other side of the Destiny Lever, a Will akin to a loving mother who could tolerate all the wrongdoings of her child waited for him with open arms .

Myna grabbed tightly onto Grimm’s robes as his eyes gaped wide open .

“Young Master, it was here that the bastard Antonio became a Level-9 Grand Celestial Sorcerer and held up the Destiny Lever . It enabled him to leave the endless world in an hourglass worth of time!”

Myna’s tone was heavy . It was a scene he could not forget .

According to his deductions, it was the highest level in the endless world to become a Level-9 Grand Celestial Sorcerer, just like how Venus became the Goddess of Love .

Attempting to surpass a dimension’s laws and wanting to ascend into a higher dimension would result in the original dimension to never again accept the being who did it .

These beings would definitely be unable to become high-grade living beings in the higher dimension causing them to become strange creatures in the dimensional gaps .

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Dimensional gaps were mysterious spaces created by beings from higher dimensions by leveraging their memory .

In these gaps lived dozens upon dozens of lower-dimensional beings that had attempted to ascend to a higher dimension . Although they had infinite possibilities in the dimensional gaps, they were only in the imaginary space of beings from higher dimensions .

Antonio’s last great experiment was to let Myna fly into the dimensional gaps to look for the Goddess of Love, Venus .

If Myna had found Venus trying to ascend from the dimensional gap, then it would imply that Antonio himself would become a being in the imaginary space of higher-dimensional beings .

In the end, he did not become a god but instead became a part of the law of the endless world in order to recover the lost balance of the endless world as well as one of the sources of mystical energy .

He was also Myna’s slave .

This was due to Myna’s ability to use mystical energy and to transverse between dimensions .

As for the conclusions he actually drew from the experiment…

Not a single trace of information was left behind by Antonio in the Sorcerer World . Grimm, on the other hand, was not foolish enough to guess his thoughts with his limited knowledge .

Could a sorcerer that could not even guess the thoughts of a Stigmata Sorcerer guess the thoughts of the strongest Celestial Sorcerer in history?

Don’t be absurd .

In a sudden flash, a gray stone statue appeared .

The stone statue was in the image of a light sorcerer wearing a large robe and a tall sorcerer’s hat . He held a staff high, his expression savage and ferocious but also somewhat sad and resentful .

The hand that held the magic staff high seemed to be holding up the entire world, while in his other hand lay a book, its pages open .

“Grant me infinite knowledge, and I shall be the fulcrum that moves the endless world!” Grimm and Myna muttered silently .

In the golden river, the gray statue behind them slowly disappeared .

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Grimm could not help but imagine the grandiose and terrible scene of the Ancient Grand Celestial Sorcerer fighting against the Endless Lord of the foreign world and the God of Gods with the Destiny Lever as his weapon .

“Little Myna . ”

A while later, Grimm suddenly spoke .

“Hm? What is it, young master?”

Grimm took a deep breath as he looked at the Heart of the World that was getting closer and closer .

“Do you think… that maybe one day, my Mask of Truth has what it takes to become the strongest magic item in the sorcerer’s world just like the Destiny Lever?”

Myna let out a surprised caw as he looked at Grimm, not uttering a word .

In front of the Heart of the World .

With a snowflake on its back that symbolized the Will of the Winter, the guardian of Winter solemnly raised its hand, as a bright light started shining from the small hill called the Source of Life .

These were all fragments of the sorcerer world’s Heart of the World .

At the same time, a gentle form of energy wrapped around Grimm like a soft blanket, absorbing him into the Heart of the World with a splendid warmth .

It was as if he’d fallen asleep in a mother’s warm embrace .

When Grimm slowly woke up, he found himself lying on the back of the Celestial Cordillera again with five hundred empty fragments of the Heart of the World, or in other words Sorcerer Essence next to him .

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