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Chapter 1232: 1232

Chapter 1232: Billions of Years Old

The conveyor belt ran in the darkness silently .

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Xia Yingluo restrained herself from looking down as much as possible . The boundless void seemed to be still .

Later, she saw a purple star flickering in the distant place, and it gradually grew bigger and bigger—she heard Wei Lingnan mumble at her ear, “Skatana . ”

His voice suddenly caught her heartstrings .

She had never seen such a beautiful planet . It was as if something was attracting her, making her anticipate stepping on it . Gradually, the wind rose, and in it, there seemed to be countless echoes, singing the same language of high and low tones—the language that Wei Lingnan had spoken to her before, the one that had made her dizzy .

The floating channel stopped before the stars .

She had just lifted her feet to step on it, but she suddenly felt dizzy . She was caught off guard, her body teetered and she was about to fall off the narrow, lonely escalator .

Wei Lingnan’s was quick and immediately held onto her . “Ah Luo?!”

Her face was as thin as gold paper, and her dizziness made her almost go unconscious . A tearing pain tore deep in her body, more severe than it had been the previous times . It left her at a loss .

“Ah Luo, Ah Luo?!” Who was calling far away in her ear…

She had a long dream . In her dream, she was in burning hell .

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She was burned by fire, and there seemed to be a voice talking to her in the void: Don’t step into that restricted area, don’t become a sinner .


She opened her eyes with difficulty .

What she saw was the laboratory where she had been imprisoned for more than ten days . She was immersed in the fluorescent blue liquid, which made her feel warm and comfortable . Gradually, she relaxed .

Wei Lingnan was standing outside the glass cover of fluorescent blue liquid in a white shirt . His slender figure was dragged and lengthened by the disastrous light . His bony fingers pointed at the virtual screen in the air, his expression dignified, and he seemed to be adjusting something .

The shimmering blue liquid swayed slightly and surrounded her more gently .

She slept slowly again .

This time, she didn’t know how long she slept .

When she woke up again, the turquoise blue liquid had been withdrawn, and the metal bed quilt under her was covered with a thick and fine duvet, warm and comfortable . She opened her mouth and spoke with difficulty . “I… what happened to me?”

Her voice was unimaginably hoarse .

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Wei Lingnan looked down at her . “Speak less and save your strength . You were attacked by the will of the Earth; it doesn’t want you to approach the Skatana Planet . Even if it was fake, it was afraid you would remember everything . ”

It took Xia Yingluo a while to understand what he meant . Looking at Wei Lingnan in puzzlement, she said, “How can I remember anything? I’m originally a human from Earth, I was born here and will die here too . ” Even if she had dreamt of something strange recently, it was only because she had been disturbed by Wei Lingnan .

Wei Lingnan said, “You are not human . ”

She frowned slightly, thinking he was spewing nonsense .

Wei Lingnan looked at her with smooth and undulating eyes . “You think I’m out of my mind? Ah Luo, do you know how you were born? When the Phoenix in the Xia family lost fertility in the early days, it was my medicine containing your gene fragments that caused her to be able to get pregnant again . Our Skatana genes are very strong . I only had to slightly modify some fertility conditions, and your genes would find opportunities to transform your mother’s physical environment and implant yourself there smoothly . Otherwise, why do you think Xia Ling can’t get pregnant after giving birth to you? The physical environment of her body is no longer suitable for the birth of ordinary human beings . ”

Xia Yingluo was shocked . “This is impossible…”

“Nothing is impossible,” Wei Lingnan said faintly . “I have done this test many times . Whether it is test-tube babies or human bodies, there are various other ways… I know very well how it works . ”

Xia Yingluo shook her head . “You’re lying to me . I’m the child of my parents, I can’t be anything else!”

“Accept reality, Ah Luo . ”

“I don’t believe you!”

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Wei Lingnan stopped arguing with her . He looked down and brought a drink to her . “It’s time to take medicine to suppress your rejection . ”

Xia Yingluo remembered the sudden pain in her body . She didn’t dare to neglect it and took the medicine with his help .

The warmth spread from her stomach to her limbs, and she calmed down slightly . But everything that Wei Lingnan told her still subverted her beliefs . Suddenly, she thought of something and asked, “Wei Lingnan, are you in your twenties? How old were you when my mother was pregnant with me? How could you possibly have given her the medicine? You’re making it up, right?”

Wei Lingnan smiled . “You’re still not giving up? You might as well go back and ask Xia Ling . It was me who handed the medicine to her . By the way, I don’t remember how old I am . It’s been about a billion years since the explosion . ” His expression also became rarely absent-minded, as if he was thinking of the endless years .

The impact of this conversation was too much, and Xia Yingluo was a little numb . “You’re saying that you are billions of years old?”

“Yes . ”

“… Don’t speak nonsense . ” How could she believe it? This person, he was getting more and more ridiculous!

Wei Lingnan didn’t expect her to believe him immediately . On this primitive and obscure planet, human beings were still unsure about the existence of aliens . In this case, telling Ah Luo so much was indeed a subversive view . He reached for her empty glass and left the laboratory .

Xia Yingluo sat on the bed, staring blankly at the void, trying to organize her thoughts .

First, she was caught by an alien who claimed to be billions of years old .

Secondly, the alien identified her as his sweetheart who had been dead for many years, and with his unremitting efforts, he had resurrected her with the help of a human’s body . And he stubbornly thought that she would remember her past life…

It was nonsense!

Xia Yingluo fell onto the bed with a wailing cry and was about to collapse .

After rolling about a few times, she suddenly rushed to the laboratory door and slammed the clear glass door . “Wei Lingnan! Wei Lingnan!”

After a while, the door opened, and Wei Lingnan’s figure appeared in front of her . “What?”

“It’s easy for me to believe you . You can send me home, and I’ll ask my mother if she ate the medicine you sent her!” Xia Yingluo looked at him anxiously .

Wei Lingnan bowed his head . “Ah Luo, you are always so clever . You thought I would let you go so easily? Don’t be too naive . As soon as you get home, your parents will protect you . They don’t like you contacting me . Otherwise, they wouldn’t have kept you in the dark for so many years . ”

Xia Yingluo originally wanted to ask why they didn’t like her having contact with him . But at the thought of it, of course, no parent would want their child to experience dementia and go crazy .

Xia Yingluo was very sad . She had originally wanted to take this opportunity to coax him into letting her go .