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Chapter 110: 110

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Sargeras' words put a smile on the nervous waitress's face again . Yabemiya's tension was gone . She suddenly felt even a demon looked less frightening if he was a customer . She nodded . "Welcome . "

Her smile surprised him . It was such an innocent smile, like fresh morning dew on the top of a mountain, softening his lava heart .

Such a beautiful smile! he thought . Just the sight of her smile was enough to chase away his gloom . He smiled back, put down his iron chair, and seated himself at the table by the door . She should be a waitress . He managed a smile . "I'd like five roujiamos," he said, trying to lower his voice .

Yabemiya nodded, smiling . "Okay, please wait a moment . " She strode towards the kitchen . Now that all the orders had been taken, she started serving food .

"Good morning, Big Bald Head," Amy said to Sargeras like an old friend . He might look frightening, but Amy found him mild .

"Good morning," Sargeras said quickly . Although Amy might be the last person he wanted to mess with, he liked her, especially when she tricked Krassu . He had laughed his butt off when she burned his beard . Watching the old man sitting with her, he wanted to laugh again .

Mag only needed to focus on cooking in the kitchen now . Yabemiya was serving roujiamos and fried rice to the customers quickly . She raised the efficiency by one-third at least .

"System, can I get a bigger oven?" Mag asked, watching the bai ji bread in the oven . They needed to be cooked for about 10 minutes .

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"You have no right to upgrade the kitchenware now," answered the system .

"Then give me another of the same size," Mag said directly .

"You have to upgrade to lv2 first," said the system .

Mag raised an eyebrow . "System, have you ever heard the story of Zhou Bapi 1 ? You're just like him . "

"Sorry, your comparison doesn't apply here . I never crew like a cock in the middle of the night," the system said seriously . "But I recommend you extend your opening hours to earn more money . "

"You're a Zhou Bapi, after all . You don't crow like a cock, but you want to extend my working time," Mag said with contempt . "System, I'll never extend opening hours . I like my current life . I'm pretty wealthy . Making money is hard work . I will not spend 50,000 gold coins on a lot of useless stuff . I don't think I'll ever want to upgrade . "

The system remained silent for a long time . "You'll benefit a lot from the upgrading," it said hesitantly . "You'll gain the right to buy the kitchenware you have now and middle-sized kitchenware; you'll be able to add a protection system to the restaurant; you'll get a chance to change the restaurant for free . And we have some surprises in store for you . "

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"Amy has incredible magic talent . I'm ordinary, and I'd like to stay that way . I'm not interested in your protection system," Mag said airily .

The system's silence was even longer than the one before . After Mag cooked two plates of Yangzhou fried rice, it said at last, "Small-sized oven, 15 gold coins each . Maximum purchase quantity: one!"

Mag frowned . "Make it a little cheaper?" he asked with a twist of his mouth . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

The system said solemnly, "The oven is very reliable . The bai ji bread made by it—"

"Yeah, yeah . I don't want to hear it," Mag interrupted, shaking his head . Then he added, "I'll buy one, then . But give it to me tonight . "

Although looking calm on the outside, Mag was pretty happy within . Depreciating its commodities to turn the tables on it works every time .

Being an ordinary dad was all well and good, but he dreamed of being able to protect his daughter one day .

A line of words appeared in Mag's head . "15 gold coins has been deducted . Manufacturing the oven . Remarks: deliver it tonight . " Then the system fell silent .

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Mag continued cooking, feeling great .

Mag prepared 16 more loaves of bai ji bread for breakfast now that he had a waitress, but they sold out again before 9 am . Yabemiya had indeed increased the efficiency .

At nine o'clock, Mag walked out of the kitchen . Yabemiya was about to take a customer's order . He signaled her to stop, and walked over to the customer with a smile . "I'm sorry, Sir . Our opening time is over, and roujiamos are sold out . Please come back later . "

"I see…" the customer said disappointedly . He had heard about the rules, so he left without a word .

"Boss, is this…" Yabemiya said hesitantly, watching the customer leave . She didn't understand .

"We follow the opening hours here . It's a rule I made when I started this business," he explained, smiling, and walked to the door to turn over the sign .

Yabemiya nodded, thoughtful . It's understandable since this restaurant is different . Her smile returned .

"You did a pretty good job for your first day, and only made two mistakes . Keep up the good work," Mag said to Yabemiya .

The young waitress nodded, her face red, her eyes shining with joy . "Thank you, Boss . I will . "

For the first time, she knew she could do something right and that she was not useless .

Mag nodded, smiling . Yabemiya was skinny yet energetic . She was doing four jobs all by herself—greeting customers, taking orders, serving food, clearing tables . She had made two small mistakes, but she had defused the embarrassment with her earnest smiles .

She did a much better job than Mag had expected . She was really talented .

"Yes . Sister Miya is amazing . We made much more this morning," Amy said as she sat behind the counter, counting coins, her eyes shining with excitement . Money was her number two priority next to good food .

"Come on . Let me show you how to work this dishwasher and then you can clean the restaurant . " Mag walked into the kitchen with Yabemiya and showed her how to use it .

The dishwasher was very user-friendly . Although Yabemiya found this dish-washing iron box very magical, she learned how to work it in a short while . Actually, she found many things in this restaurant strange, except pots and pans .

"Amy, let's buy some milk for Ugly Duckling," Mag said, and then left with his daughter . He had more leisure time now . It was another benefit of having a waitress . Zhou Bapi is the name of a fictional character created by a Chinese author . In the story, he is a land owner who likes exploiting his workers .