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Published at 10th of September 2019 01:20:05 AM

Chapter 111: 111

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At lunch, Mag made two roujiamos for Yabemiya . His lunch was the same as Amy's—a plate of fried rice and a roujiamo .

"Try it, Sister Miya . It's very good," Amy said as she ate the fried rice, watching the young waitress who was holding a roujiamo with two hands .

Yabemiya nodded . "Okay . " She stared at the roujiamo, eyes shining with excitement . She had swallowed many times as she watched customers eating in the morning . After a busy morning, she finally got to enjoy her roujiamo . She took a bite solemnly, all expectant .

"It tastes so good!" Yabemiya exclaimed in delight .

Inside the soft, sweet bai ji bread was soft meat . As she bit into it, tasty juice was released . Every taste bud of hers was cheering and dancing . The taste was wilder than Yangzhou fried rice's . She closed her eyes and swallowed, and the aftertaste of the meat remained in her mouth .

After she swallowed, the pleasant food suddenly became violent . It turned into a hot current and rushed within her, stimulating her blood . Her face became red suddenly, feeling as if something were trying to get out of her body . She rose quickly to her feet and let out a long roar .

One button on her dress gave way and a part of her breasts was showing through . Then a tail covered with golden scales popped up from under her dress and overturned her chair .

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Mag and Amy lifted their heads, swallowed the rice, and gave a startled look at the same time .

Mag raised an eyebrow . She burst her clothes too! Is this devolution? He saw her white breasts and cleavage . Wow, quite a view . Then he dropped his gaze to her tail .

The golden scales as large as the top knuckle of a little finger covered her tail, shining like gold . She wagged her tail uneasily . If she could become a dragon someday, she would be a golden one .

"Wow, a dragon tail!" Amy exclaimed as she watched Yabemiya .

Ugly Duckling saw the tail too . It seemed surprisingly unafraid, but it was baring its teeth and lifted its paw as if before an enemy .

Mag frowned . She is okay, I hope… Yabemiya should be happy if she could become a dragon . After all, dragons are the most powerful beings on the whole continent .

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Yabemiya's roaring stopped . She opened her eyes slowly . The golden light from her left eye faded . Her face was red, her brow was covered by a sheen of sweat, and her eyes were dreamy . She felt the beast in her had been released just now . Her legs went weak from exhaustion .

Then she felt a warm feeling in her body . It was like a magical energy, soothing her every cell . She had never experienced this feeling before . She felt so good and let out a moan of comfort despite herself . Then she saw Mag and Amy, who were staring at her with a spoon in their hand each, frozen with surprise .

She looked down and saw her breasts . Her red face became even redder . She straightened and tried to cover them with her hands .

In nervousness, her tail overturned another chair . She looked back and saw her new part . "What… What is this?!" she cried as her face turned white, close to tears .

Mag gently put his hands on her shoulder . "Calm down, Miya . You're a half-dragon . This roujiamo has made you devolve or evolve . You look more like a dragon now . You should be happy," he said softly, looking into her eyes .

She was only 17, and she had been through so much that she always had a feeling of insecurity . Besides, a dragon tail was too big a surprise for anyone to stay calm .

Mag's gentle eyes eased her tension . "But… But I don't want a tail . I don't like those looks on their faces . This pair of horns was already making me look strange . I can't imagine how they would look at me if they found out I had a tail…"

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Mag shook his head, smiling . "I don't think you're strange . I think you're cute," he said, looking at her with caring eyes .

"Yes, your tail looks very cute, Sister Miya . If you become a dragon, you can take me and Ugly Duckling for a flight," Amy said solemnly, nodding .

"But I just want to be normal . I want to work here, but now…" she said worriedly . The hands on her shoulders made her feel warm, and Mag and Amy's encouragement relieved her anxiety, but the golden tail was really not helping .

Mag looked at Yabemiya and felt sorry for her . Normally one would be thrilled at the prospect of becoming a dragon .

Now she had a chance to become a powerful dragon that others looked up to, and to pay back the people who had mistreated her .

But she didn't want it . Instead, she was worried that this tail might cost her her job . It seemed she didn't hate her old boss and those who had treated her so badly . She just wanted a peaceful life .

"Don't worry . You're my waitress, with or without a tail," Mag said seriously .

"Boss…" Yabemiya looked up at Mag, eyes red and watery . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Mag took his hands away . "And maybe you can retract your tail," Mag said with a smile . Yabemiya is not the first to have such a dramatic change after eating roujiamo . Amy and Sargeras both changed for the better, and the system promised that there wouldn't be any bad side effects . So, she may be able to control this change .

Yabemiya's eyes lit up . "Retract it?" She closed her eyes and clenched her fists . A short while later, with a sudden flash of golden light, her tail disappeared .

Amy looked down . "It's gone," she said with surprise .

Yabemiya's face lit up . "It's really gone!" She twirled around, making her dress fly up a little . The tail vanished . "Boss, I really made it disappear!" she said to Mag, excited .

Mag was also relieved . The system is pretty reliable . Then, out of curiosity, he said, "Good . Are there any other changes?"

She coiled her hands into fists . "I feel I have limitless power . I think I can work a whole day without getting tired," she said with surprise .

Mag nodded, smiling . "That's a good thing . " He dropped his gaze to the roujiamo on the table . "Do you still want it?"

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