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Published at 4th of October 2019 01:35:04 AM

Chapter 159: 159

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"Stop reading that book, Luna . It would be a pity for such a pretty girl to become a bookworm . " A girl in a blue dress snatched the book from the hands of Luna, who was sitting on a bench in a pavilion in some garden . She smiled . "Tell me something interesting . Living in the castle is so boring . "

She looked to be around 18, with a pretty oval face and beautifully arched eyebrows . She wore her hair in a neat ponytail, baring her forehead .

"Give it back, Vivian . I'm almost finished," Luna said with a smile, looking up at the young lady .

Vivian hid the book behind her back and shook her head . "No . I'll keep it for you until you come see me next time . "

"If you give me back my book, I promise I'll come here on my next rest day . " Luna held out her hand .

Vivian slapped this hand, and said, "As if I would believe you . You said the same thing last time, but it has been half a month since you last came here . " She put the book on a stone stool and sat on it . There were several benches around the sides of the round-roofed pavilion . In the middle was a stone table with four stone stools . Two plates, on which were some fruits, were on the table .

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"Sorry . A child was sick last weekend . I tended to her for two days," Luna said, taking a look at her book .

"Is she okay now?" Vivian peeled a mandarin and handed half to Luna . She then brought a segment to her own mouth .

Luna gave a shake of her head . "She died . " She lowered her sad eyes, depressed .

Vivian's hand froze . She felt sorry for her friend as she watched her staring at the mandarin in her hand . She held a segment of mandarin orange before Luna's mouth and smiled . "Maybe it was a release for her . I'm sure she was happy to have you by her side during her last days . "

"Thank you, Vivian . I feel much better now . " Luna smiled, and opened her mouth to eat the mandarin . "Mmm! So sweet and juicy!"

"Taking care of children is no job for a lady . You should enjoy your days in peace and comfort in Rodu," Vivian said . "Take care of yourself, or I'll write to tell your grandfather on you . " Mandarins have been on the market for weeks, but I don't think she has even bought one, and she likes mandarins the most! She must have spent all her money on the children again .

Luna smiled . "He's over 70 years old . Don't trouble him with a mandarin orange . " She poked her forehead with her finger . Apparently, she was in a good mood now . "Don't worry . I'll take care of myself . I have more money this month . Oh, I do have something interesting to tell you about, or rather, someone . "

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"Ouch . " Luna's poke sent her leaning back . "Someone? A man? You have found your Prince Charming?" Vivian's eyes were shining with curiosity .

"No!" Luna said quickly, abashed . She found Mag mysterious and unusual, but she had never thought about marrying him . Amy's mother may come home yet, and she must be a very beautiful elf .

"Are you blushing? My God! I guessed right!" Vivian leaned forward, staring at Luna .

"I'm not, and you guessed wrong . He owns a restaurant . His daughter is one of my students . " Luna poked her forehead again .

"So he's married," Vivian said disappointedly . "Then it would be wise not to get too attached to him . The Chaos School might have to let you go because of your little affair . "

"Don't worry . I'm already married to the school," Luna said, smiling .

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Vivian shook her head . "Trust me, you don't want to die alone . What's so interesting about him?"

"He cooks delicious food . "

Vivian's face lit up immediately . "Really? How delicious? As delicious as the roast suckling pig in the Fryer Tavern?"

"I… Why don't you go find out yourself?" Luna decided to keep her in suspense . "It's at the far end of the Aden Square . The name is Mamy Restaurant . I'll have dinner there tonight . "

Vivian rose quickly to her feet . "You know I've been grounded and that I have a banquet to attend tonight . Why do you torture me like that? You bad girl!"

Luna giggled .

Vivian joined her laughter .

"Father, we are going to the restaurant where you eat every day?" asked Parmer . He was in a black riding jacket, brown riding pants, and black leather boots, sitting on a white pony in a stud farm . He was looking at Gjergj, surprise written all over his face .

On another white pony sat a boy around three years old, who wore his hair in a mushroom bowl . He was holding tight onto the saddle . He paused three seconds before he realized what was going to happen . "Rainbow fried rice! Rainbow fried rice!" he cried happily, waving his little hands .

Smiling, Gjergj nodded . "Yes . The owner there has a very pretty little girl . I think she's younger than you, and older than Parbor . I'm sure you'll like her . " He looked at his two sons, eyes full of love .

"Really? A cute little sister?" Parmer said excitedly . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Parbor paused three seconds again . "Big sister! Big sister!" he exclaimed, waving his hands .

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