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Chapter 180: 180

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Between the bike, Amy's chuckle, and the black-and-red robe, they were truly an eye-catching sight .

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"Maybe . It runs with only two wheels, and is so fast!"

"Isn't that Mag and his daughter?"

Some people saw them, and started talking about the bike .

"Father, look! There is a two-wheeled vehicle running by itself!" a little boy said to a man who was buying breakfast on the street .

"Oh, really? Here, your favorite green onion bing," the man said, clearly not taking it seriously . He touched the boy's head with a smile and handed him the hot bing . When he turned to look, he froze . He blinked and looked again .

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"What is that?" the man said, baffled .

"It's so cool, Father . It's even faster than our carriage," the boy said with an envious look in his eyes .

The man gave a snort of contempt . "I don't think so . Huang, overtake that strange vehicle!" he said to a lean old man, and got into the carriage with his son .

"Yes, sir," answered the coachman . He cracked his whip, and the two horses leapt forward right away . People on the street hurriedly moved aside .

Ugly Duckling tumbled in the basket . Every time it tried to get up, the jolting sent it back down . Finally, it gave up helplessly .

"The bike is so much fun!" Amy waved her arms delightedly . She had never ridden a carriage or a horse before . The speed gave her a rush, making her feel very excited .

Mag smiled . The bike made by the system was very user-friendly; even he could ride it without breaking a sweat . Of course, the roujiamo and Yangzhou fried rice he had been eating were also helping .

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The Aden Square was paved with 40-centimeter-long and 20-centimeter-wide green stones, laid by some of the greatest dwarven masons .

The stones were being maintained every day, so the square actually wasn't bumpy at all, and the shock absorbers were absorbing a large part of the impact .

"Father, they're watching us . "

"They must envy me for having such a cute daughter . "

"No . They envy me for having such a nice father!" Amy threw her arms around Mag, giggling .

"We've caught up with you!" the boy said elatedly, sticking his head out of the carriage window, eating his green onion bing .

"That two-wheeled thing is no match for this carriage here . I can overtake them in no time," the coachman said proudly and confidently .

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The man in the carriage also smiled, feeling really good showing off in front of his son .

Then the coachman noticed the clothes on Mag and Amy . That's a strange robe, but she must be a genius if she's already a magic caster at such a young age . Maybe I should apologize for my offensive remarks earlier .

Amy took a look at the bing in the boy's hand, swallowed, and turned to her father . "Father, they think they're faster than us . "

Mag turned to look at the coachman, who was still smiling gloatingly . That had really stimulated his competitive spirit . "Then we should let them see what this bike can do . "

They have made a mistake provoking me and my semi-pro race bike . It seems this race is inevitable . "Hey, old man, I'll race you to the gate of the Chaos School . Good luck catching up . "

"Way to go, Father!" Amy clapped her hands . Then she turned to the old man . "We'll win easily . "

"I've been driving for 40 years . There's no way I'll lose to you!" the old man said angrily .

His master was a middle-rank official serving the lord of Chaos City . He had managed to procure several young Vic horses, which were quite scarce . They were mild and strong, and one of the best horses to draw a carriage . Goblins used them to freight ores . They were really very fast .

"Such an interesting man," Dicus said, not unkindly .

He had had to pull a few strings when he bought the Vic horses . One of them had even won a race against his friend's racehorse .

He was a little intrigued, wondering whether that thing was truly as fast as Mag had claimed .

Mag donned his serious face . He shifted gears and pedaled harder . The bike was taking the lead again, and its speed was increasing fast . It was flying like a wind . Thus, it was a hundred meters away from the carriage in no time .

That's… impossible! Huang gaped incredulously as the bike started to disappear in his sight .

"Come on, we're losing them!" the boy called out . He slapped the carriage anxiously .

Dicus couldn't hide the surprise in his eyes . "We have already lost," he said, stroking the boy's head . He smiled as the bike disappeared around the corner . "Huang, let's go to the Chaos School . "