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Chapter 329

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That night, Amy had just taken a bath, and was sitting obediently while Mag dried her hair. She looked up with an expectant gaze, and asked, "Father, are we really going kite-flying tomorrow?"

"We sure are. We're not open for business tomorrow, and you don't have lessons, either, so I'll take you kite-flying." Mag nodded with a smile as he ran his fingers slowly through Amy's soft hair, and only shut off the blow-dryer after making sure that her locks were completely dry.

"Yay! I love kites! I'm super excited!" Amy leaned back, and rolled over on the bed before getting to her feet and jumping up and down with excitement. However, she quickly stopped, and a concerned look appeared on her face as she asked, "But… we don't have a kite. How are we going to fly a kite tomorrow?"

"Don't you worry about that. When you wake up tomorrow morning, you'll be able to see a kite. What kind of kite do you want?" Mag sat on the bed and stroked Amy's head with a doting smile.

"I want a… super, super, super big kite, and it has to be a purple bird, a super beautiful one." Amy contemplated the question carefully before giving a response. Her smile widened a fraction as she stated each requirement, and it was as if she could already see a massive purple kite flying in the sky.

"Alright, then we'll have a kite just like that tomorrow." Mag nodded with a smile. She had quite a few requirements, but with the system's help, satisfying them wouldn't be a problem.

"Really? You're the best, Father!" Amy planted an elated kiss on Mag's cheek. She then continued to jump around on her bed, and hummed tunelessly to herself, "Big kite, flying high in the sky, big kite, my big kite…"

"Meow!~" Ugly Duckling also began to jump around, but the bed was too tall for it to reach, so it could only jump around at the foot of the bed.

Mag wore a wide smile on his face at the sight of his elated daughter, and he said internally, "System—"

"Not selling!" The system's resolute voice sounded before he had even finished his sentence.

"…" Mag's brows furrowed slightly. The system was growing more and more annoying.

"I haven't even said anything yet, and you're already refusing to sell? Why can't you sell yourself?" Mag grumbled.

"Please watch yourself! The system sells things, but that's different from selling oneself. From my studies, I have determined that the term 'selling oneself' has very negative connotations," the system replied in a serious voice.

"Oh? So what were your findings?" Mag raised an eyebrow. The system was becoming more and more intelligent.

"From your expression and tone, the system can tell that you're discriminating against females," the system analyzed in a serious manner.

"Who said I'm discriminating against females? They're earning money by selling their 'resources', and it's a mutually consensual business model, so why would I discriminate against them? No matter what they do, it's still better than those people who clearly have arms and legs, but still choose to go begging on the streets," Mag also replied in a serious manner.

"That's not the point. From your response, I can determine that you're putting the system in the same category as those people," the system argued.

"That's just your opinion; I refuse to comment on that," Mag responded with a calm expression before pursing his lips, and continuing, "Alright, that's enough chit-chat. Tell me how much money it'll take to buy a kite from you? Business has been booming the past couple of days, so I have a ton of money."

The system fell silent.

"100 copper coins?"

Still no response…


"300? That's the most I'm willing to pay. At this price, I can get a high-quality custom-made kite." Mag remained unperturbed.

"Could you add a bit more?" The system finally broke its silence.

Mag contemplated that momentarily before conceding. "310 copper coins."

"The kites crafted by the system are all made with a super light yet rigid carbon fiber frames, with high-quality sandalwood line reels and super strong lines that can withstand 10th-tier gale-force winds. The kites are a must-have for holidays, and all of them custom-made, so you can state any conditions, and the system will design it until you are completely satisfied!" The system's voice suddenly became quite vehement.

"So?" Mag asked with a smile.

"310 copper coins aren't even enough to cover material costs. Don't you want your kite to beat others from the starting line? Don't you want your kite to fly far higher than all of the other kites in the square? Don't you want to bask in the envious and admiring gazes from your daughter and countless other onlookers? If those things sound good to you, then for a limited time, we are slashing our prices—not to 998, not to 888, but a super low 598 for a supreme quality super kite!" The system's voice became even more animated.

"Show me what you got first," Mag said in a calm voice. In all honesty, he was a little tempted by the system's advertising. In particular, when he heard the part about the admiring gaze from his daughter, he was struck by the impulsive urge to place an order right away.

"No problem!" the system responded. A series of kite images immediately appeared in Mag's mind. There were ordinary kites as well as kites of all types of different shapes and styles, even humanoid ones including Nami and Boa Hancock from One Piece, Kallen from Code Geass…

"System, otakus wouldn't go out to fly kites, so why are you showing me all this random crap?" Mag pursed his lips. He was finding it difficult to keep up with the system's shenanigans.

"You're an otaku, but you want to fly a kite, don't you?" the system retorted.

"Hey, I've never been an otaku in this life nor my previous one, alright? Have you ever seen an otaku constantly on the hunt for delicious cuisine?" Mag asked in a disdainful voice.

"But on the 'Settings' tab of your Weibo account, you ticked the otaku option. From that, I can deduce that you identify with being an otaku in your heart," the system retorted.

"I ticked that one for the laughs." Mag didn't even recall ticking that option himself, but that wasn't important. He browsed through the entire catalogue, and still couldn't find a kite that satisfied Amy's conditions. Thus, he said, "System, make me a kite according to Amy's conditions. Make it a badass one that can put all other kites to shame."

"Ding! The system is designing your kite, the concept art will be ready in one minute!" The system's voice sounded.

Mag was already used to the system's super high efficiency. After all, how else would he have been able to farm in the Wind Forest?

After jumping around for a bit, Amy tired herself out, and fell asleep.

Mag picked her up, placed her on the bed, then placed Ugly Duckling beside her, and tucked them both in. There was still a smile lingering on Amy's face even during sleep, indicating that she was very much looking forward to flying a kite.

"Ding! Ten concept designs have been created; please pick one!" The system's voice sounded again.

"Holy f*ck! Isn't that a purple-striped griffin???" Mag's expression became quite peculiar after taking a glance.