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Chapter 336

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"Of course!" Mag immediately replied. He had been looking forward to this upgrade wheel for a long time. Amy had asked him a few times during the past few days about when she would be able to taste the super delicious food, and he could only placate her with ambiguous answers. Whether he could fulfill his promise or not would depend on the spin of this wheel!

Just as Mag's voice fell, a large wheel appeared, upon which there were seven even sections. Those sections were: +0.5 strength, high-quality wine fermentation method, secret black pepper steak recipe… better luck next time, spicy grilled fish recipe.

The most attractive of those available prizes was naturally the +0.5 strength point. After all, that was something that could directly contribute to an increase in power and combat prowess.

However, Mag still wanted the spicy grilled fish recipe the most. Grilled fish was one of his favorite foods, and whenever he visited Sichuan or Chongqing, he would always eat many meals of spicy grilled fish, the spicier, the better.

Amy also wanted to eat fish, so that was the most sought-after prize for him on that wheel.

At the very center of the wheel was the number "1" which most likely indicated that he only had one chance to spin the wheel. Mag took a glance at Amy, who was about to fall asleep with her head resting on the counter, and hesitated momentarily before making his way over to her. He held her in his arms, and scaled the steps with a smile as he said, "Amy, you can't sleep before you brush your teeth and wash your face. We have to be nice and clean before we go to bed."

After tucking Amy and Ugly Duckling in, Mag planted a kiss on Amy's forehead before lying down in his own bed. He looked at the large wheel with a serious expression, and asked, "System, are you sure you can't remove the 'better luck next time' from the wheel?"

"Any statistical game is made more interesting and stimulating with a dud option. In order to make your path to becoming a God of Cookery more interesting, the system insists on retaining the 'better luck next time' option. At the same time, I swear upon my integrity and moral principles that the lucky draw will be fair," the system replied in a serious voice.

"Can you swear on something else instead?" Mag wasn't convinced that the system had any integrity or moral principles.

"Please do not doubt the system's integrity and moral principles!" The system's voice rose a few octaves.

How do I doubt something that doesn't exist? Mag pursed his lips.

"Rest assured, the system will not participate in this lucky draw activity. If you do not trust the system, then you can use a physical wheel to conduct the lucky draw." The system chose to concede.

"Oh, right. I forgot that I bought a physical wheel." Mag's eyes lit up upon hearing that. A lucky draw opportunity was quite difficult to come by. In order to prevent the shameless system from intentionally making the wheel land on the "better luck next time" prize, it was much better to be safe than sorry.

Thus, Mag dragged out the wheel that he had purchased from the system from the neighboring room. The wheel was identical to the one in his mind, with seven sections upon which were inscribed different options.

"You only have one opportunity, and no test spins. After you spin the wheel, you must accept the result regardless of what it lands on. I wish you good luck." The system's sincere voice sounded.

"Alright." Mag looked at the large wheel, and he could feel his heart rate accelerating. He took a deep breath before grabbing onto the wheel, and gave it a good spin.

The wheel began to rotate at a high speed; the pointer clacked over and over again as it came into contact with the spokes on the edge of the wheel. Mag stared at the pointer with an intense unblinking gaze. The wheel gradually began to decelerate; when it was close to stopping near the "better luck next time" prize, Mag felt his heart skip a beat. If it were to stop there… He was about to tear his hair out by the roots.

However, in the final moment, the wheel mustered up the tiny shred of gas it had left, and ticked over to the next section.

"Spicy grilled fish!" Mag exclaimed before immediately clamping his hands over his mouth. He shot a glance toward the other room as elation shimmered in his eyes.

"Congratulations, you have received the spicy grilled fish recipe. The prize is ready to be claimed at any time. You can enter the test field for the God of Cookery to practice your new dish." The system's voice was tinged with a hint of disappointment.

Mag was in a very good as he saw the grilled fish experience bag appear in his mind, but he pursed his lips, and asked, "System, you were hoping that I would land on 'better luck next time', right?"

"Please do not doubt the system's goodwill!" the system retorted in a serious voice.

"Alright, alright, I'm in a good mood today, so I won't argue with you." Mag put the large wheel away before making his way toward the room. Seeing as he had already received the experience bag, and it wasn't very late yet, he naturally had to learn how to cook this delicious spicy grilled fish so he could make it for Amy the next day.

After lying back down on his bed, Mag immediately opened the golden experience bag. Countless strings of information flowed into his mind. Making a delicious spicy grilled fish was quite an in-depth skill.

The spicy grilled fish was a similar dish to Wanzhou grilled fish in that it involved grilling before braising. However, there weren't that many ingredients, and the main focus was placed on the natural flavor of the fish. The degree of spiciness could be moderated in accordance with the customer's wishes. There were four levels, consisting of mildly spicy, medium spice, super spicy, and insanely spicy. Due to the fact that it was a spicy grilled fish, there was no option without any spiciness.

For Mag, the medium spice level was the most suitable. In reality, in Sichuan dishes, medium spice was already very spicy. Those who could eat dishes at the super spicy level were truly brave warriors. As for the insanely spicy level, Mag didn't know who would be able to stomach that. Perhaps only truly insane people would be able to eat dishes at that level.

After going through the recipe in his mind, he had already perfectly integrated the information into his mind. If it weren't for the fact that he knew that the memories had been planted into his mind by the system, he could easily mistake himself for a master spicy grilled fish chef in his past life.

Mag pushed open the door to the test field for the God of Cookery, and murmured to himself, "Looks like cooking a good spicy grilled fish really isn't an easy task."

A white light flashed, and Mag appeared in a completely sealed-off kitchen. He had already completely digested the memories surrounding the spicy grilled fish, and made them his own. All that was left for him to do was to utilize the cooking method that had been planted into his mind to cook a delicious spicy grilled fish.

"Let's look at the ingredients first." Mag strode over to the fridge, and found that there was a new fish tank beside the shrimps, within which there were seven large fish swimming and thriving.

There was some disparity between the sizes of the fish. The smallest one was about 20 centimeters long, while the largest was about half a meter in length. The fish were a little like grass carp, with long streamlined bodies, except they had dense small scales that shimmered with a beautiful iridescent light, making them appear as if they were saltwater fish.

"System, what fish is this? Isn't grass carp or snakehead fish usually used for spicy grilled fish?" Mag was quite curious as he inspected the fish.