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Published at 23rd of May 2020 08:10:06 AM

Chapter 730: 730

Chapter 730 Shut Up!

All of the customers who had yet to taste Mag’s roast meat groaned in unison . However, they gradually fell silent upon hearing Mag’s confident declaration .

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The bet between Mag and Cary’s Rotisserie was already common knowledge to almost everyone on the food street .

It was already quite astounding that such an obscure roadside stall would dare to challenge the most renowned rotisserie on the food street, and everyone was even more astonished to hear that even Duke Abraham had visited the stall . Not only that, but he left without entering Cary’s Rotisserie after tasting Mag’s roast beef, which was a clear indication of who he thought cooked better roast beef .

Now, Mag was declaring his victory, and everyone turned toward the employee from Cary’s Rotisserie in unison .

The employee was panicking slightly from having so many people looking at him, and he stuttered, “Y-y-you don’t know how many customers our rotisserie served, so how can you say you won? You’re spouting nonsense!”

Right at this moment, Ike emerged from Cary’s Rotisserie with a triumphant and arrogant look on his face . “Hmph, how dare a lowly chef like you make such a bold declaration? Our rotisserie served a total of 735 customers this afternoon! How can you even imagine to compete with us?”

The peak dinner hours hadn’t even arrived yet, but Cary’s Rotisserie was already packed to the rafters . There was no way that a roadside stall could compare with them .

“Head Chef!” The employee immediately fled to Ike’s side . He regained his confidence, and also turned to Mag with a smug look on his face .

“735? As expected, Cary’s Rotisserie really is the best rotisserie on the food street!”

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All of the roadside vendors wore expressions of awe and envy . They couldn’t serve 700 customers even if they were to run their stands for an entire day without rest .

“Is Boss Mag going to lose?”

All of the previously confident customers turned to Mag with concern in their eyes .

“Father has never lost before . ” Amy’s expression was completely devoid of concern .

Irina nodded in agreement . He’s my man, so there’s no way he could possibly lose!

Mag turned to Ike with a calm smile, and said, “You actually served 736 customers if you count that baby that came with his parents . However, I sold a total of 1472 cubes of beef today, and each person is only permitted to have one cube of beef, so I served 1472 customers—exactly twice the number of customers you served . ”

The entire scene fell completely silent as everyone gawked at Mag in disbelief .

“H-how is that even possible?! He served 1472 customers in less than five hours? That has to be some kind of record!” a roadside vendor exclaimed with an alarmed expression .

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Meanwhile, elated smiles appeared on all of the customers’ faces . They had all contributed to the final figure of 1472, so they were also a part of this bet, and Mag’s victory struck them with a sense of achievement and vindication .

Ike’s triumphant smile immediately stiffened as he glared at Mag, and yelled! “No! That’s impossible! You’re only one person; how could you have served so many customers in five hours? You’re lying!”

Mag pointed to the rotisserie employee with a calm expression, and said, “I asked him to draw a line for every customer that bought a cube of beef from me . If you don’t believe me, you can count the lines on his sheet of paper . ”

Everyone turned toward the sheet of paper in the employee’s hand in unison . Sure enough, it really was filled with countless small lines, and everyone internally praised Mag for his resourcefulness . Now, Ike had no choice but to admit his defeat .

Ike looked at the sheet of paper . He obviously wasn’t actually going to count every single line, but he could already tell that there were definitely more than 1,000 lines drawn there, so his expression immediately darkened .

“H… Head Chef…” The employee’s voice was trembling, and he was on the verge of tears . The sheet of paper in his hand was like a hot potato that he wanted to toss out, but he was afraid that doing so would result in dire consequences, so he could only hold onto it as if he were holding a ticking time bomb .

“Give me that!” Ike strode forward and grabbed the sheet of paper before ripping it into shreds and tossing it onto the ground . He then turned to Mag with a cold smile as he scoffed, “How are you going to prove that you served over 1,000 guests now? Are you going to get these commoners to serve as your witnesses?

“A lowly chef like you is only worthy to serve your putrid roast meat to these lowly commoners! I can stomp you into the ground with ease! You’ll never guess who’s actually the one standing behind Cary’s Rotisserie!” A wild and arrogant smile appeared on Ike’s face as he waved a hand to summon a bunch of weapon-brandishing chefs and employees . “Beat the crap out of him!”

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“How dare you try to hurt Father!” Amy glowered at the people charging toward Mag as she picked up the little chair she had been sitting on .

Irina had also picked up an adult-sized chair, and she glared at these people as she said, “These people should all die!”

“Is this enough proof for you?”

Right at this moment, a calm voice sounded from within the crowd as the shreds of paper that had been hurled onto the ground flew into the air before reverting back to their original form .

The crowd parted to allow a tall and thin man in black robes to stride forward . He extended a hand and the sheet of paper fluttered into his grasp, looking as if it were in perfect condition and had never been torn before .

“What powerful spatial magic!” someone exclaimed from upstairs .

“It’s Grandpa Principal!” Amy was ecstatic as she placed her little chair back onto the ground and adopted a harmless expression .

Irina also tossed her chair to the side as she pursed her lips, and murmured to herself, “Looks like Old Man Novan is just as much of a show-off as ever . ”

All of the bystanders immediately backed away even further . It was quite clear that this was a powerful magic caster .

Mag was rather surprised to see Novan here, but he still greeted, “Hello there, Principal Novan . ”

All of the people from Cary’s Rotisserie also faltered upon seeing this . They could stomp a streetside vendor into the ground with ease, but they didn’t dare to offend a powerful magic caster .

Ike glanced at the Magus Tower crest emblazoned on Novan’s robes, and he mustered up his courage as he threatened in a cold voice, “W-who are you? This has nothing to do do with you, so you’d better back off! This is Rodu and there are people here that you can’t afford to mess with . ”

Right at this moment, a cold voice sounded . “Shut up! Do you know that the man you’re speaking to is the most powerful spatial magic caster on the entire Norland Continent, and that the chef you just insulted will be cooking for His Majesty during his birthday banquet?”

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