A Will Eternal - Chapter 121

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Chapter 121

Chapter 121 - Paper Cranes Soaring Across The Sky . . .

Following Beihan Lie’s achievement of issuing a challenge towards Bai Xiaochun on the Testing Stage, the disciples of the North Bank all gathered to observe the grand fight after hearing the news . Gradually, more people came, densely crowding the Testing Stage .

Beihan Lie stood proudly on the Testing Stage, his blood boiling within his body . As of this moment, Beihan Lie wanted revenge; he wanted to wash away his humiliation and he wanted to let the entire North Bank know that he, Beihan Lie, was still a Heaven’s Chosen!

“The place where I fell will be the place where I stand up . . . Bai Xiaochun! You will be my stepping stone!” Insanity appeared within Beihan Lie’s eyes . He had waited for this day for far too long . At this moment, he believed that his Setting Sun Technique will definitely be able to defeat Bai Xiaochun!

Even if he had heard about Bai Xiaochun’s fight against Gui Ya, he would still have this confidence . This came from his insanity and struggling during these past few years . He wanted to first fight Bai Xiaochun, then afterwards, fight Gui Ya .

“Bai Xiaochun! Show yourself!” Beihan Lie’s heart and blood boiled as he faced the heavens and let out a roar . His aura became even more intense, causing the countless people nearby let out a cry of surprise . His cultivation scattered, forming a whirlpool that spread out in all directions .

“Way to go Senior Brother Beihan! Beat down Bai Xiaochun!”

“Haha! We have also waited for this day for too long!”

While everyone was cheering, Bai Xiaochun was in the forest . He sat on the back of the pangolin as he hummed a little tune, while he strolled around . Suddenly, a long rainbow from the distance whistled over, actually setting off a bit of crimson light . This blood-coloured light had a hint of a baleful aura spread out, as if it could boil the blood and increase anyone’s fighting intent . Bai Xiaochun was startled when the crimson light appeared in front of him and turned into a paper crane .

“Inner sect disciple Bai Xiaochun, Beihan Lie of the North Bank, who is at the ninth layer of Qi Condensation, desires to fight against you . He has used 37000 contribution points to issue a challenge against you . You have a time limit of half a year to accept this challenge . If you win, you will obtain all of the contribution points bet . Even if you lose, according to the rules of the Testing Stage, you will not lose anything,” a voice whih seemingly had no emotions eminated outwards from the paper crane . As it resounded in all directions, the feeling that could excite the body’s blood and impulses increased even more .  

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes widened and his heart involuntarily jumped . Under the effects of that sound, it was as if there was a consciousness in his body that was howling .

Fight! Fight! Fight!

“Fight my ass!” Bai Xiaochun patted his chest and dispersed the change in his state of mind which was caused by this sound . He had been researching about the sect rules of the North Bank and was not a stranger towards this Testing Stage and its regulations .

“What identity do I, Bai Xiaochun, have? I am an Honourable Disciple, the Junior Brother of the Sect Head . For these things that involve fighting and killing, I won’t interfere myself in them . ” Bai Xiaochun’s gaze swept over the paper crane as he let out a dry cough and flourished his sleeve . A gust of wind stirred up, sweeping that paper crane off into the distance .

He hummed a small tune as if nothing had happened, then sat back down on the back of the pangoin, continuing his stroll .

Time passed, and after half an hour, the people surrounding the Testing Stage were flabbergasted . The cheering sounds had also decreased a lot .

After an hour, many people started talking in a low voice, and the body of Beihan Lie who was on the Testing Stage also trembled .

“That Bai Xiaochun would not have rejected the challenge, right? No way… he is the number one in the Heaven’s Chosen War . He, he… could it be that he doesn’t care one bit about his face?”

“It shouldn’t be . . . Every single Heaven’s Chosen, after being challenged, would at least speak of the time of the fight, even if they don’t accept the fight at that moment . Why does this Bai Xiaochun not have any reaction at all?”

Two hours later, the sun set on the mountain, and it was now evening . However, Bai Xiaochun, as before, still did not have the slightest bit of a response . One by one, the expressions of the disciples of the North Bank turned blank .

“Damn it! I knew that it would be like this! This Bai Xiaochun had always been shameless, he actually rejected the challenge!”

“This is too excessive! He came here as a representative of the South Bank and now he’s making the South Bank lose face!”

When everyone present was discussing, Beihan Lie rigidly stared in the direction of the Hundred Beasts Courtyard . He too did not think that Bai Xiaochun would actually reject the challenge . He wasn’t amused . He felt that if he was the number one of the Heaven’s Chosen War and someone challenged him, there would be no way that he would run from the challenge .

“You will definitely come out and fight with me!” Beihan Lie clenched his teeth as he stood there, his figure showing stubborness, causing the hearts of the disciples of the North Bank tremble after seeing it .  

Suddenly, a long rainbow suddenly flew out from the crowd, which turned into a figure that headed straight towards the Testing Stage . When everyone looked at the figure, they instantly recognised that the person who flew out was another Heaven’s Chosen like Beihan Lie, Xu Song of the North Bank!

Xu Song had a dignified expression . When he stood on the Testing Stage, he remembered the scene of Bai Xiaochun and Gui Ya fighting during the Heaven’s Chosen War . At that moment, they all could tell that Gui Ya did not lose to Bai Xiaochun, and instead lost to his body’s inability to support his abilities . Bai Xiaochun was truly strong, this point was acknowledged by Xu Song . However, he was also growing these years, and he was now much stronger than he had originally been during the Heaven’s Chosen War . He relived it many times, and thought that he had the qualifications to have a fight with Bai Xiaochun . And so, he loudly spoke at this moment .

“Today, I, Xu Song, have responded to Beihan Lie’s fighting intent, and I too will challenge Bai Xiaochun!”

“I, Xu Song of the North Bank will take out 20000 contribution points to challenge Bai Xiaochun!” Once he spoke, there was a momentary silence in the crowd . After that, a commotion that could frighten the heavens and move the earth exploded out .

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“Senior Brother Xu Song is actually challenging Bai Xiaochun too!”

“Way to go, Senior Brother Xu Song!”

The entire Testing Stage glistened with light, and a second paper crane condensed, flying towards the Hundred Beasts Courtyard .

Beihan Lie felt moved and looked towards Xu Song . The gazes of the two met, and they saw the determination to fight with Bai Xiaochun in their eyes as they laughed together .

At this moment, another figure suddenly flew towards the Testing Stage . It was a female figure . . . and she was exactly Gongsun Wan’er .

“I, Gongsun Wan’er, would like to use 20000 contribution points to challenge Bai Xiaochun!”

Before the crowd could react, a fourth figure suddenly approached and also stood on the Testing Stage .

“I, Gongsun Yun, would like to use 20000 contribution points and challenge Bai Xiaochun!”

The Gongsun sibling also wanted to challenge Bai Xiaochun here . During these years, they had also made great improvements .

Following these words, the Testing Stage’s light quickly flashed and formed another two paper cranes, which streaked across the sky, and also flew towards the Hundred Beasts Courtyard .

“How hot-blooded! This is our North Bank’s Heaven’s Chosen!”

“The unparallelled Heaven’s Chosens!”

“Haha, that Bai Xiaochun must be scared silly . All right, count me in! Even if I lose, I would just lose some contribution points, but I still want to challenge him and let him know about the unity of our North Bank!”

When the crowd was excited, the fifth, sixth, and seventh figures came whistling out from all around, charging straight towards the Testing Stage .

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“I, Chen Ao, want to share this tribulation with Senior Brother Gongsun, and would like to use 700 contribution points to challenge Bai Xiaochun!”

“Senior Brother Xu Song has given me kindness . I, Sun Chenglong, would like to accompany him, and use 500 contribution points to challenge Bai Xiaochun!”

“I, Zhou Fang, would like to use 400 contribution points to challenge Bai Xiaochun!”

The entire North Bank caused a sensation at this moment . Meanwhile, Bai Xiaochun, who was within the forest of the Hundred Beasts Courtyard, stared blankly at the paper cranes that came one after another, directly whistling towards him, which began to speak with an emotionless tone .

“This is too excessive…” Bai Xiaochun blinked his eyes . He had already thrown away three paper cranes . But when he looked back at the sky, and saw that there was actually five or six more paper cranes that joined into a string and flew towards him, he immediately sucked in a deep breath .

Every single paper crane carried that fighting intent that could affect one’s state of mind, making one’s heart have a will to fight, and making it hard to calm one’s mind down . Bai Xiaochun quickly fanned out the wings on his back and simply stopped strolling in the forest; he just returned straight to the pavilion .

On the way, he saw more than ten paper cranes charging to his side, letting out that same emotionless sound .

These sounds of challenges irritated Bai Xiaochun’s mind, making him also want to angrily roar out .

“You guys are bullying too much, so many people challenging me, and all of them are above the eighth layer of Qi Condensation . What should I do? No . . . I have to keep a low profile!” Bai Xiaochun returned inside of the pavilion and directly opened the formation array, isolating all of the paper cranes that were outside . Only then did he proudly sit down in a cross legged position .

“In the North Bank, I must keep a low profile . I absolutely cannot let them have their way, humph . ” Bai Xiaochun sighed with sorrow and meditated in a cross legged position, slowly forgetting this matter .

Quickly, one night passed . Under the lead of Beihan Lie and the others, the Testing Stage had continuous challenges, so much that it had caused a storm within the sect . There were people that were here to curry favour with the North Bank’s Heaven’s Chosen, some were Gongsun Wan’er’s admirers, while there were even more people that only took out a few contribution points to join in the passion of the community .

On the morning of the second day, Bai Xiaochun had finished his cultivation and opened his door . In an instant, countless sounds of challenges exploded out with a boom, as if thunder was rolling . The shocked Bai Xiaochun went blank and took a while to surpress the boiling fighting intent in his heart . He opened his eyes widely and stared blankly at the hundreds of paper cranes in front of his door; he took a deep breath .

“This North Bank is too crazy . ” Bai Xiaochun felt his head go numb as he quickly closed his door, deciding to no longer go out .

On the morning of the third day, he thought that the people of the North Bank ought to have calmed down already . But this time, he only felt like thunder had struck him as he saw at least 300 paper cranes in front of him, densely packed in front of his pavilion, like a small hill .

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Every paper crane represented a challenge . . .

Bai Xiaochun let out a dry cough and quickly closed the door . He believed that the people in the North Bank were all lunatics .

“Aih, there are times when being outstanding isn’t a good thing . Bai Xiaochun, Bai Xiaochun . . . your mistake this time was being too excellent . ” Bai Xiaochun put on a long face and sat in the pavilion, lost in thought . After a long period of pondering, he decided to might as well cultivate the Water Nation Technique .

Time passed, and during the following seven days, every time Bai Xiaochun opened his door, he would see several hundred paper cranes that dropped down . Slowly, he got used to it, and there were over two thousand paper cranes piled outside the pavilion .

Every time a disciple came to the Hundred Beasts Courtyard, the first thing he would see would be that area covered with paper cranes . . .

During these seven days, the storm created by the numerous Heaven’s Chosen within the entire North Bank responding to Beihan Lie’s challenge had escalated . In the end, almost 40% of the inner sect disciples had challenged Bai Xiaochun . Although they had to take out contribution points, they only took out a small portion of the points they had; they would not be as crazy as Beihan Lie . Nonetheless, the total number of people alone was frightening, and this matter had caused too great of a sensation . It even alerted the Elders and Ancestors of the various mountains, who were also shocked by this scene .

From the time that the Testing Stage had been created in the North Bank until now, it has been already over 4000 years . However, there had never been a time… where it had been used for something with this kind of scale and sensation .

That was, around two thousand inner sect disciples making a challenge, and all of the challenges were to one person . . .

This situation was simply uncontrollable, as if it had turned into a surging tide that lead the North Bank to this crazy situation .

“Breaking news, there were another three hundred inner sect disciples that challenged Bai Xiaochun on the Testing Stage today!”

“Haha! Bai Xiaochun must be scared to death! This time he will come to know about the power and unity of our North Bank!”

“Wait! I’m also going over there to challenge Bai Xiaochun!”

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