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Chapter 17

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Liam De Gran took a deep breath listening to his brother's non-stop firing of questions after Adone stopped he started to explain "Our grandfather, Gran Vir was the man who established The Great Gran kingdom more than thousand years ago . "

"He comes to this continent in order to fight the leach king and put a stop to the atrocities he was committing, but due to the distance between his place and the continent caused him to delay . This delay in result saved his life but it also enabled him to save the founder of Shila Empire"

"He found him unconscious near the present northern border of Great Gran and the Waste Land and took him to the place where the essence was concentrated due to natural formations to help him in his recovery and this place become the Royal Palace of great gran"

"This resulted in his friendship with the founder of Shila Empire and while the founder was recovering grandfather started to conquer any city and tribe that survived the massacre and help those who were affected by the massacre, ultimately forming the kingdom of Great Gran"

Of this long explanation what was the most important to Adone was the place his grandfather found the founder of Shila Empire .

"The northern border of Great Gran and the Waste Land…" Adone murmured silently, but he continued his facade of a curious brat .

"When will grandfather return?" He asked Liam .

"This, even I don't know when grandfather will return but he should return in about one and a half year as it would be more than twenty years of closed door cultivation for him . So he should return near your tenth birthday" Liam answered .

That night, in his room he commanded "Bionic Chip show me the map of the northern border of Great Gran and the Waste Land"

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[Beep! Projecting the information]

Soon a semi-transparent 3-D map came into his vision, it represented a vast region as the Great Gran shared a large border with the Waste Land but the northern part was at the centre of the focus .

Even then this focused region covered thousands of miles so it was not as hard as finding a needle in a haystack but it was hard as finding a coin in a haystack .

"This is still better than nothing at least I knew the correct region to search"

For next few months, he was on a look for any new of the northern border of Great Gran and the Waste Land in the royal court .

His wait came to an end when the military was informed of the problem of the bandit that pillaged the villages near the northern border .

He instantly went to his brother's room .

"Brother, the bandits are pillaged the villages near the northern border, please send the soldiers to deal with these bandits and protect our citizens"

"I have already heard about the bandits from father and he already ordered a squad of 100 soldiers to destroy any bandits they could find"

"But that would just cause them to escape in the Waste Land or hide among the villagers and when the soldiers return they would go back to being bandits"

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"So how do you suggest to deal with this situation?" Liam asked as he was intrigued by the thinking of his little brother .

"We can use the bandits we capture to set an example for the rest of the bandits making sure that they would not even dare to think about being bandits" Adone said with a solemn face (Think about it a 9 year old chap teaching you how to deal with bandits) (ʘ ◦ ʘ)

"And how do you think we should achieve that?"

"Well, we execute any bandit we capture right? So why don't we change it to something worse than death?" This cross questioning of his little brother shocked Liam .

"This . . . . Come with me, we will go ask father about it"

Liam brought Adone to Drake's office .

"Come in" before Liam could knock Drake's voice came through the door .

"Father, Adone came to me today to send some soldiers to bring those bandits to justice but the question he asked made me think about a new way to deal with the bandits"

He then told the king about his conversation with Adone, which shocked the king but he soon calmed down .

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"This… we could try this out, after all, it would not cause any problem even if this doesn't work" Saying this he stared towards his genius kid then asked "Would you like to go and see what the outcome of your suggestion would be?"

"This…" Before Liam could say a second word Adone answered

"Yes, I will father"

"But, Father he is just a kid" Liam protested .

"Yes, he is a kid but he is a child with dragon and elf bloodline and the dragons don't who don't hunt starves" He roared at Liam

"I, understand but please allow me to go with him so I can protect him in case something bad happens" Liam pleaded .

"You can"

When Viviana became aware of this she went berserk and broke into King's office to demand an explanation for this .

It isn't known how the King managed to calm her but a rumour soon started to spread in the palace that the king will send Adone for a test .

Adone wasn't aware of this rumour but Viviana started to teach him how he should behave and act if anything happens .

Soon the day for the departure came which caused Viviana to worry more about Adone but she just packed his belonging into a spatial ring and gave it to Adone

"I have packed your clothes and other necessities in the ring but since you don't have any cultivation just gave it to your brother he would help you with your stuff"

She then gave him another ring which had a green stone embedded into it .

"Put this on, it can protect you from anything three times"

When both of them walked out of the palace, Tephanie came rushing in and hugged Adone "Where are you running off to? Don't you want to play with your sister?"

"I will play with you when I return and I will bring gifts as well" Replied Adone as he slipped out of her arms .

They move on to saw a simple but elegant carriage standing in front of the palace .

"Come let's go" Liam shouted as he walked out of the carriage .

"Look out for your brother, Liam" Viviana said with a concerned look in her eyes .

"Yes, I will" Liam said solemnly .

Both brothers entered the carriage and the carriage started to move as two squads of hundred soldier each followed the carriage .