A War Between Spies - Chapter 87

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Chapter 87: 87

Yang Yi was assigned to a single person cell . It was only for the most vicious inmates and right now Yang Yi was being treated as such .

Having a cell all to himself wasn’t necessarily a good thing since humans were social creatures . Being in prison was in fact very boring . Even more so when an inmate was being confined alone . An inmate spending too much time alone could be fatal in the long term .

On the other hand, Yang Yi did prefer being alone for the time being because he didn’t feel bored .

At the moment, Yang Yi was very excited because he had finally found Zhang Yong . Once he had met up with Zhang Yong during free activity period, his main purpose for coming to prison would be achieved .

The wait was tormenting for Yang Yi . He immediately stood in front of the cell door the moment the bell started ringing . His patience had reached the limit . Yang Yi rushed out of his cell and saw all the other inmates exiting their cells .

In the light offender section, the inmates weren’t separated from the guards . They could easily come into contact with each other . In contrast, the inmates in the felony section were separated from the guards by a layer of mesh wire . Even if the inmates stood next to a guard, there was no way they could come into contact with each other .

In the felony section, there were too many cases of guards being attacked by inmates . Thus, the guards weren’t allowed to have personal contact with the inmates . If contact was unavoidable, it could only happen in the inmate’s cell while accompanied by at least three or four other guards .

Since the felony section belonged to a high-risk category, all guards stationed in the area carried a gun . Although the guards mainly used rubber bullets, they would use real bullets without hesitation at any moment if the situation became serious or uncontrollable .

Once out of his cell, Yang Yi refrained himself from rushing . He only started moving after the guard had issued the instruction to move along . He was in a line of inmates .

Yang Yi wasn’t sure if he was mistaken but all the inmates were eyeing him with very unfriendly expressions . It seemed as if all the inmates were trying to put him in his place by displaying their superiority .

After the inmates reached the recreation field, they naturally split into groups of two and three and there were also a few large groups .

The scariest part about Pelican Bay State Prison was there were significantly more felons than light offenders . The only commonality he could see right now was that the inmates were still split by their ethnicity as the Blacks, Whites and Latinos kept to themselves . Yang Yi as an Asian didn’t approach any of those groups .

It was actually very dangerous for a yellow-skinned Asian to stand alone just looking around, “Hey, what are you looking at?! Are you looking at me? What do you want?”

Out of nowhere, one of the Black men gathered with four or five other Black men and started yelling at Yang Yi . Yang Yi looked away and cursed the crazy fella internally . However, this only annoyed the Black man even more .

“Hey, are you deaf?! I just asked you a question . ”

The Black man charged at Yang Yi and coincidentally at the same time, Yang Yi finally found the person he was looking for .

Zhang Yong was sitting alone on a bench . He was actually sitting not too far from the group of Black men . It was just that he was being blocked by the group of Black men and so he hadn't seen him .

Yang Yi felt that it was quite peculiar that Zhang Yong was actually occupying a pretty decent spot usually reserved for gang members . For Zhang Yong who was all alone, it signified that his position was rather high . It was, in fact, a good thing .

He had originally intended to keep a low profile because he didn’t want to take any action and started another meaningless conflict with someone . The inmates on this side might stir up problems just for the hell of it . Moreover, there would also be some who would think Yang Yi was easy to bully . Regardless of what Yang Yi did, there would be someone who would want to mess with him .

Ignoring the agitated Black man charging at him, Yang Yi ran towards Zhang Yong . When Yang Yi started running, he attracted everyone's attention . Even the guard readied his gun .

He carefully avoided all the other inmates as he dashed straight towards Zhang Yong .

The agitated Black man immediately retreated when he saw Yang Yi was running towards Zhang Yong . The other inmates also resumed their own activities and pretended nothing was happening . Even the guard turned to look elsewhere .

Zhang Yong was sitting on a bench . There was a pile of cards by his side and he was holding a stack of the cards . When he heard the sound of someone approaching, he took a courtesy glance at the approaching Yang Yi before returning his eyes back to his cards as if he didn’t notice Yang Yi at all .

“Greetings . ”

“Oh, hi . ”

Yang Yi was full of excitement as if he had met a celebrity . Although the person in front of him looked indifferent, he felt that was exactly how an expert would carry themselves . He suddenly had no idea how he should continue the conversation .

After taking a deep breath, Yang Yi cautiously asked, “May I ask if you are Earthworm?”

Zhang Yong took another glance at Yang Yi before he expressionlessly said, “You should dig up the ground if you’re looking for an earthworm . I’m not who you’re looking for . ”

Yang Yi had to pause for a moment before he cautiously said, “I’m looking for Zhang Yong . ”

Zhang Yong sighed heavily before slapping the cards down . He then shook his head and said, “Sure enough trouble has arrived at my doorstep . You even know my name . It seems like I can’t hide any longer . Fuck! Just say it, what do you want?”

Yang Yi cautiously said, “It’s actually quite complicated to explain . ”

“In that case, wouldn’t it be better for you to stop then?”

Yang Yi was once again stifled by the response but he quickly added, “Nope, I had to go through a lot of trouble just to meet you . I was placed here and informed about you by the Captain, Danny . ”

Zhang Yong had a troubled look on his face when he looked at Yang Yi again . He weakly said, “I… forget it . I’m not going to say anything . Why not just be direct and tell me what you want?”

Danny’s face was indeed effective . Yang Yi held in his excitement and said, “I’m here for an apprenticeship . Danny said I should…”

“Stop! Stop! What did you just say?”

“Erm, you mean the apprenticeship part?”

“Yes, the apprenticeship part . What do you mean by that?”

Yang Yi cautiously answered, “I would like to learn some practical skills and the Captain said you could teach me . I was first admitted to the light offender section and then I transferred here today just to meet you . ”

Zhang Yong raised his hand and said rather seriously, “Wait a minute, have you made a mistake? Lil Bro, I came inside so that I could live peacefully . Now you suddenly pop up and ask me to teach you? Sure, I want to know what it is you want me to teach you . ”

Yang Yi slowly replied, “I want to become a spy . ”

“Hahaha . ”

Zhang Yong snickered twice before his expression turned to hard, “Nope, I can’t teach you . It's best you go and find someone more qualified than me . ”

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