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Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Inevitable Heartbeat

Su JianAn obediently stuck out her small tongue, the tip of her tongue was reddened, and there was a sign of peeling, which made her screamed in pain .

Lu BaoYan hurriedly went to get first aid kit . When he came back, Su JianAn heard a “pchit” sound and felt something was sprayed on the tip of her tongue, which was burning in fire . After some time, the pain finally subsided .

“Thank you . ”

Su JianAn’s accent became a bit funny because of the tip of her tongue, but her voice was more delicate than before . He felt like a soft little hand was poking the bottom of his heart when he heard her voice .

Perhaps it was because of the pain that her bright peach blossoms eyes became watery, and made her look quite pitiful .

Lu BaoYan’s voice was mixed with a touch of helplessness “Su JianAn, how can you be so stupid?”

“You just realize it now?” Su JianAn proudly said, “We are already married and it is too late to regret it now~”

Su JianAn looked at the pot of porridge with regret . “I can’t eat, so help me finish all this porridge…”

Lu BaoYan hooked his lips and said “Mrs . Lu specially made this for me, I certainly will not waste them . ”

Su JianAn stuttered “Who . . who said! I did not specifically made this for you!”

Saying that she quickly left the dining room .

Being hungry was indeed an excuse, she just does not want to let him get hungry .

But how did he know?

Lu BaoYan looked at the her back, and his lips smacked a smile . He took his laptop and slowly ate the porridge while reading some documents .

He finally finished reading the documents and the porridge in the porcelain bowl was also finished . At the end, the tingling sensation of the stomach also disappeared .

He was given an Intravenous drip for a few hours but his stomach pain still did not slow down .

It seems that it is not a bad thing to go home with an idiot .

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Lu BaoYan went passed Su JianAn’s room . His footsteps habitually stopped in front of her door, holding the doorknob and twisting it, and surely the door was unlocked .

When he entered her room, he saw her curled up like a small animal, on her big bed while holding a thin long-haired fury bear pillow in her arms . Half of her face was on the pillow, and the other half was bathed in dim light .

It’s just that her sleeping habit was really bad . The quilt that was initially covering her was already in a mess . Her slender legs were resting on the quilt, and her smooth skin was illuminated by the warm yellow light .

Lu BaoYan walked over and skillfully covered her back with the quilt .

The little monster who fell asleep was squatting into the quilt, and slightly licking her pink lips…

Staying for quite some time, Lu BaoYan couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t do anything . He leaned down and kissed Su JianAn’s pink lips and left her room, just like he hadn’t been there .

Thinking again, he was so busy for half a month that he could only came back home to see her in the middle of the night and had to leave early in the morning in a hurry .

The night was especially short, at least Su JianAn felt that way .

* * *

Su JianAn woke up with the sound of her alarm . She could only slept for 5 hours in total, which was definitely not enough for her . But she still quickly washed up before going down the stairs .

Old Xu and the servants have already begun to work . Seeing that Su JianAn came downstairs so early, Old Xu couldn’t help but asked in confusion “Young Madam, is there anything I can help?”

“Is the kitchen ready for breakfast?”

“The chef just got into the kitchen . ” Old Xu said, “Is Young Madam feeling hungry? Then I will tell them to hurry up . ”

“No . ” Su JianAn rolled up her sleeves and thought about it . “I burnt my tongue yesterday and couldn’t eat anything, so I want to do it myself for breakfast . ”

Old Xu nodded and asked the chef to come out and hand over the kitchen to Su JianAn .

Su JianAn decided to cook porridge . She took a small amount of rice and poured it into the casserole . She then added some water and turned on the fire and let it boil .  She took some preserved eggs and lean meat and sliced them into pieces before putting them into the casserole and closed it . She then added a certain amount of salt and seasoning .

Finally the porridge was ready to be served .

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At 7:30, Lu BaoYan came downstairs . It was rare to see Su JianAn to wake up earlier than him . Seeing her, he walked straight to her “How is your tongue?”

“Already healed . ”

“Let me see . ”

It was the first time for Old Xu and the servants to witnessed Lu BaoYan and Su JianAn being so close . All of them was looking at the couple with curiosity . Su JianAn was stunned “It’s really okay . That… there is porridge, with preserved eggs and lean meat in the kitchen . Your stomach is still uncomfortable, so having some porridge is good for you . ”

Su JianAn was about to prepare some porridge for him when he suddenly pulled her “Will you listen to me or want me to take coercive measures?”

Su JianAn was speechless for a moment, and asked “How… what kind of coercive measure?”

Lu BaoYan hooked up the corner of his lips, leaning forward, his cheeks was attached to her ear, and then he turned his head, his breath was soft and warm, he count by five to ten into her ear [1] “How about with a kiss?”

Su JianAn reacted in a second, and he was completely incoherent “You, you, me… I, I am really okay! If you don’t believe me, you can see–”

She obediently extended her tongue .

Lu BaoYan looked at it, his brow slightly picked up “You still cannot eat?”

“I can eat another way . ”

Su JianAn turned and ran, not knowing what to look for .

Old Xu and the servants grinned and felt that they had the motivation to work . In their view, Su JianAn and Lu BaoYan were not like when they just got married . Now they have at least seen a kind of “feeling” . Things had just exist between the two .  As for how intimate their interactions… Needless to say .

Lu BaoYan sat down and saw half of the financial reports . Su JianAn came back with a disposable paper cup and a straw . She gave him a bowl of porridge . “Try it for me, if it is still hot? ”

He rarely tasted it in cooperation “Just right . ”

Su JianAn happily loaded some porridge into the disposable paper cup and inserted the straw into it “I am rushing to go to work, so I’ll leave first . ”

Lu BaoYan did not stop her until her car drove .

Old Xu came towards him “This morning’s porridge is made by Young Madam . ”

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“I know . ”

He already tasted it . The taste was the same as the porridge made by Su JianAn on the night before, which was quite different from the porridge made by the chef .

Old Xu smiled and said “Young Master, can I asked a little more? The matter… Is it handled? If the time is longer, and the lady asks what you are busy with, how do I explain?”

Lu BaoYan folded the newspaper “She won’t ask . ”

He know her well . The only thing she was interested in, was only the gossip between him and Han RuoXi .

Old Xu thought for a moment “In this time, the lady did not ask…”

Unexpectedly, Lu BaoYan smiled “Things have been handled . Help me to regularly check the things at home, and don’t be discovered by her . ”

“You can rest assured, I will handle the matter at home . ” Old Xu expression was solemn .

Lu BaoYan was clear about Old Xu’s character, so he naturally felt reassured letting Old Xu to handle the matter at home .  Before he went to the company, he explained to Old Xu about the matter before he went out .

On the other hand, Su JianAn has already arrived at the police station . She drank the porridge she brought while on the road . She felt that she had no spirit . She stopped the car and went to the coffee shop at the intersection to buy a cup of coffee before entering the office .

“Hey, Jian An, it’s rare to see you having a panda eye . ” The female colleague named Xiao Ying turned to Su JianAn . She blinked and said, “Tell your family’s great Chairman Lu, don’t be too excessive~”

Su JianAn’s face was red, and she didn’t know what to say for a while .

Usually in the office, Su JianAn was notoriously calm, but that day she coldn’t say anything . Xiao Ying laughed, as if heaven had give five million to her .

Su JianAn remained silent and took her coffee to read some informations .

It was already at noon, Xiao Ying came to Su JianAn and Jiang ShaoKai to go together to the cafeteria to eat .

Su JianAn was silent all the way to the cafeteria while thinking of her tongue . At the moment, the outside office suddenly had a commotion, and the small shadows were screaming “Wow” “This is the legendary… British-style butler?”

“What’s going on?”

Old Xu was seen waiting for Su JianAn . He wore a well-made three-piece suit, carrying a delicate low-key wooden cane and a black gentleman’s hat on his head .  Although his face was old, but his eyes were not as muddy as the average old man . His eyes were still very bright, and every move was like an old gentleman in an English drama .

Behind him there was a servant wearing a light blue uniform .

“Young Madam . ” Old Xu walked into the office of the forensic group, smiled and took off his hat . Giving the servant behind him a look, the servant obediantly took out a lunch box and put it out to give Su JianAn .

Su JianAn was full of doubts .

“The Young Master already told me . ” Old Xu said, “Is your tongue still hurt? Actually the Young Master had specially ordered the kitchen at home to prepare lunch for you, and let me send it to you . ”

Su JianAn was actually quite surprised .   Her heart seemed to have been swept with a layer of honey for a moment . She smiled and said: “Thank you . ”

“This is all what I should do . ” Old Xu smiled and left with the servant .

Su JianAn looked at what he brought, and it was all smothered . The ribs soup was full of scent, the bones had all been removed, and the finely cut meat had been stewed nicely .

“Oh! That’s great!” Xiao Ying exclaimed . “Well, Jian An alreadt has a love lunch . Master Jiang, you follow us to eat at the cafeteria . ”

Before leaving the office, Jiang ShaoKai turned around “You said that in order for your dad to believe that you guys are loving, sometimes Lu BaoYan will just playing on the scene, right?”

He smiled mysteriously and shook his head “Jian An, I don’t think that’s the only reason . Even me who is an expert at playing around with girls, I have never be considerate like this . ”

“What do you want to say?” Su JianAn asked .

“You know what I want to say . ” Jiang ShaoKai smiled . “You still figure out that he is better at thinking about you . Or… You also think change of affection, shift of love?” [2]

Su JianAn was obviously stunned .

Jiang ShaoKai instantly understood – Su JianAn was moved by Lu BaoYan . Even if she had a person that she liked for so many years, she was still inevitably moved by Lu BaoYan .

Translator note:

[1] count by five to ten – to narrate systematically and in full detail

[2] change of affection, shift of love – to change one’s feelings to another love