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A Warrior's Path - Chapter 17

Published at 4th of January 2019 07:17:43 PM

Chapter 17

Ryu knew Onoki was watching . He Knocked out the Anbu and placed a seal on him . He turned towards the two other Anbu's and his body again produced lightning arcs . After knocking these two out he thought ' Now how should i do this '

Ryu has already learned all the styles there is so he got a wide array of techniques to make mass destruction, he even modified a few Jutsu's . Jutsu utilises hand signs to weave your chakra to obtain a desired effect . Its just like programming, if you thouroghly understand the coding language it's possible to create any program you want .

Ryu just simply walked towards the village . He thought ' might as well get a warm up before the old man shows up . I just have to make the flies lose their battle strength ' .

Ryu continued walking and was tens of meters away from the village gates . Seeing that Ryu has no intention to stop, the Commander ordered the others to attack .

' Earth style : Rock golem '

' Earth style : land slide flip '

' Earth Style: Rock shuriken '

A wide range of earth techniques were thrown at Ryu . Ryu's body was covered by lightning and dodged all these attacks . This lightning coat of Ryu was similar to the raikage's but Ryu modified the technique . Lightning is one of the top fastest element . The way the Raikage uses lightning is crude, he simply makes his reaction speed faster . Ryu on the otherhand for a split second becomes lightning itself thus moving at stunning speed . The only downside to this technique is that his body cannot withstand the strain of becoming lightning . Lightning is also known for its destruction so he can only turn into lightning for a split second . If this was anyone else doing this they would die . You need perfect chakra control to do this .

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Although he was dodging these attacks he was still moving forward . The commander seeing that long range ninjutsu doesn't work ordered for close combat . Dozens of ninja's attacked Ryu .

Inside the village .

An old man with a bald head having white hair on his head's side was looking at the scene happening outside the village . He knew who was outside his village . It was the same man who attacked the sand almost a week ago . He never thought the man would next target his village .

Onoki: Does this brat think he is strong just because he beat Rasa . Rasa is the weakest among all the Kage .

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Outside the village

Ryu was attacked by the stone ninjas . His eyes kept darting around registering every attack coming towards him . He took out a kunai and deflected one coming at him, at the same time he stepped sideways dodging a thrust from behind .

Every attack made by these ninjas were deflected by Ryu with ease . He understood each of their patterns and started attacking . His body produced lightning arc and disappeared . Seeing this the ninjas become alert . They saw how the man dodged all those Jutsu's thrown at him with the same move .

Before any of them could realise they heard a sound and looked towards its direction only to see one of their comrades with a bloody wound on his arms, they reacted fast enough and made their move . Ryu deflected their attacks and rotated his body in air before kicking them both .

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One by one the stone ninjas were immobilised . Suddenly a ninja attacked him but Ryu pulled his hand and punched his face . All of a sudden Ryu felt his body get heavy . The last ninja at the cost of getting hurt did an attack 'Earth style: Added weight rock ' .

Ryu almost got hit by an attack because of the weight change but he quickly disrupted the Jutsu . He was starting to enjoy this . He kept on blocking, deflecting, smashing what came at him . One after another ninjas fell down .

Suddenly Ryu felt immense danger . His body sparked for a second and disappeared . Where he stood before there was a cube of white light . It disintegrated the ground to dust .

Ryu looked up . He saw an old man in robes looking at him coldly . The white cube was his Dust style kekkai toutai . A bloodline stronger than a kekkai genkai .

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