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A Warrior's Path - Chapter 238

Published at 16th of August 2019 07:24:52 PM

Chapter 238

Ryu's words confused others but King showed a surprised expression .

" How did you know? "

" It hard not to . Your body seems to be protected by something but you still haven't actively used it, if anything it's just shielding you from this chaotic energy . "

King narrowed his eyes, he felt like his secrets were being laid bare before this man .

' Those eyes . . . another ocular bloodline!? '

Unlike Madara's King felt Ryu's eyes more dangerous . He hesitated for a second before taking out a golden bell .

The bell seemed ordinary at first sight but if one sensed closely a faint ripple escaped it, covering King .

Ryu got ready, that weapon he took out didn't possess any threat to him, atleast that's what he sensed . But from what he saw before it was a defensive artifact .

King channeled his Qi through the bell, as he did the bell started to increase in size, it was merely the size of a fist at first but in a split second it was three times that .

The bell silently floated from his hands and settled above his head .


As it settled above his head, a loud ding was heard as ripples spread from it, dispersing the chaotic fluctuations around King .

' That's thorny . '

Ryu attacked . His figure flashed as he tried to get close to King .

King obviously wasn't gonna let that happen . That sword of Ryu made him dread, even with Heaven Shielding Bell he didn't want to leave anything to chance .

He clenched his fists and punched out, his hands blurred as tens of hundreds of Fists materialised all around him before assaulting Ryu .

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Seeing the incoming attack Ryu released his domain . A terrifying heat sprang out around them, sword light flashed within .

Now it was a contest of Domain!!

King's domain maybe be ineffective against Ryu but it could still strengthen his attacks . Each of his attacks got crazy strong as his domain engulfed them .

Sword lights and Fist shadows collided .

Boom . . . . boom . . . . .

Terrifying explosions engulfed the entire sky . Their fight wasn't left unnoticed, such huge explosions were bound to attract people .

Several silhouettes were watching from a distance . Most of them varied in strength but they were all Immortals and true Immortals .

" Who are those two!? Golden Immortals!? "

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" Since when did such a Golden Immortal exist with Rockwell city!? "

" Both of them are so young and yet . . . . . which influence do they belong to? "

People were trying to figure out Ryu and King's identify . After all who wouldn't want to befriend a golden Immortal?

Ryu was constantly trying to get close to King . He couldn't use any space abilities, under this kind of chaotic space who knows where he will end up . So Ryu opted for the most efficient method, speed .

His body was completely covered in lightning sparks . Even King found it hard to keep up with Ryu's speed .

Bit by bit Ryu closed the gap between them, just when King was about to make another punch his eyes caught sight of Ryu's golden pupils .

" Infinite Nightmare! "

His body faltered for a second but he snapped instantly but that was all the time Ryu needed .

His sword burned through King's fist shadows and was in motion of cutting his head off .


A loud sound echoed through the place . Ryu showed a shock expression, his sword was blocked by a faint energy cover around King .


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The energy cover was being burned by Ryu's sword but it kept regenerating .

Ryu's attack was blocked!!

King used this opportunity .

" Thunder Rain!! "

The clouds above them churned, the sunny sky suddenly descended into deep darkness . Dark clouds wriggled above them, like a beast about to awaken .

Ryu retreated . His body felt a prickling sensation from all around, he was being tied down by thunder chains!!

He didn't know when but chains made of thunder wound around his limbs, completely immobilising him .

" Did you really thing I threw out hundreds of punches just to attack you? "

Ryu finally understood . Those fist attacks of King contained thunder as well, as he destroyed his attacks specks of it attached to him without him knowing and now when he was prepared they materialised and formed into these chains .

King expected Ryu to be shocked but all he saw was surprise and nothing more . If anything his intent was getting stronger!

crackle . . . . . crackle . . . . .

Thunder dawned upon Ryu, from a distance it felt like raining but noone would want to be in the center of such a rain .

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Lightning arcs covered everyone's sight . Ryu seemed to be completely swallowed by these lightning, noone knew what his fate was .

Seconds later the lightning disappeared and the clouds dispersed . As they looked around they couldn't trace Ryu, he vanished!

" Did he die? "

" Maybe, that last attack was terrifying! It nearly destroyed this entire part of Wilderness!! Just how strong was it!? "

People found it hard to believe but facts were so . King's attack decimated that entire region .

Don't be mistaken that it's just trees and earth, Immortal realm is fundamentally different . Take a simple stone for example, an ordinary stone .

If a stone from mortal world has ten points in toughness then the same stone from the immortal world would have ten thousand points in toughness .

So it's very hard to destroy geography in Immortal world, especially the wilderness . This place was ancient and has been standing for thousands of years . It's hard to make destruction of such calibre in here

Such a sight showed how strong King was .

" Huh? What's he looking for? "

A man watching this fight from a distance pointed out . Everyone looked forward .

King didn't remove his battle stance, he was still on guard for any sudden attacks . Suddenly the space before him twisted, revealing Ryu .

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