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A Warrior's Path - Chapter 250

Published at 16th of August 2019 07:24:21 PM

Chapter 250

Kenpachi's chest was bleeding but he still showed a toothy grin . That hit he took was his compensation for interfering in this fight .

Stark ignored Kenpachi, his eyes focused on Askin Nakk who seemed to be planning something .

Stark had already shot at Askin Nakk few times and it seemed the other party just absorbed his bullet .

As for Gerard, this guy got bigger as he was attacked . He was now the size of a single story building and growing .

Askin Nakk grew serious, even he found it hard to absorb those bullets . It took him everything at his disposal to not get killed .

Stark didn't make any unnecessary moves, he appeared near and fired at their head .

He wanted to kill them eye to eye .

Askin Nakk was waiting, he absorbed few more bullets while Gerard got stronger and bigger .



Two more shots were fired . Askin Nakk could barely absorb one bullet and now two came at him, his Reitsu flared, covering his body forming a small vaccum .

Stark's bullet was absorbed by this Reitsu vaccum but Askin Nakk wasn't uninjured . His right ear was gone, bloodying his whole face but he showed a smile .

" DeathDealing complete . "

Stark stood still . He felt something trying to invade his body but got destroyed as soon as it did .

Askin Nakk's code was D, DeathDealing .

He can control the lethal dose that could injure or paralyse his opponents .

All this time he was trying to absorb Stark's Reitsu, trying to fill himself with it to reach the conditions for activating his powers .

" Hooooo . . . . That was close! "


Before he could react another shot hit . His body crashed through the rubble and finally settled . Askin Nakk looked at Stark, shocked!

" How? . . . shouldn't you be . . .

" I don't know what you did but . . . . against absolute strength everything will fall . You handled a bullet of mine with one percent power, what about two? "

Askin Nakk felt a shiver down his spine .

' That was just one percent!? No way! He must be bluffing! '


Stark fired another bullet, this one was no different from the last but Askin Nakk clearly felt death from it .

Reishi rumbled around him trying form a cover but . . .

crack . . . .

Like glass it was shattered . Askin Nakk's body emerged from it, this time his entire right shoulder was missing!

" Nicely dodged . "


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Askin Nakk felt his mind go crazy, he couldn't dodge, he couldn't defend, his ability was useless . . . . . there was nothing he could do . For the fist time he felt despair .

He watched as the bullet tore through his chest leaving a large bloody hole . Stark appeared before him, looking straight at his eyes, Los Lobos aimed at his head .



Like a balloon Askin Nakk's head popped open . Not a drop of blood fell on Stark, his clothes were clean without the slightest blemish .

He placed Los Lobos in its holster and looked at Kenpachi .


" Witness Miracle!! "

" Hey Kenny he is getting bigger! "

" Just nice! He would be better diced up! "

Kenpachi's opponent Gerard was now the size of a six story building . His power M, Miracle grants him the ability to come back stronger each time he is chopped down .

" Glory to his Majesty!! "

Gerard swung his sword at Kenpachi .


That huge sword came crashing down on Kenpachi who raised his sword to block .

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The difference between their size was like day and night but still Gerard's sword was cut through by Kenpachi's like a hot knife through butter .

Kenpachi jumped up, in an instant he was already at Gerard's eye level . He chopped his sword at him, cutting off Gerard's head into several pieces .

But a second later he still came back to life even bigger .

" Dummy Kenny, use your Qi! If you don't start practicing now then you are gonna be in for a good beating . "

Clearly these words had some impact on Kenpachi, he halted his steps and took a deep breath .

Slaughter Qi started to gather around him, forming a faint cover over his sword .

" I wanted to chop you some more but it seems I can't, Die! "

Innumerable amount of blade shadows danced around him as he swung his sword . Slaughter Qi rumbled through the air, Gerard felt his entire body tremble from its aura .

" Shine Miracle!! "

Golden light covered his entire body, blinding everyone . Several figures suddenly appeared in midair and was immediately blinded by this light .

" Captain, that presence . . . it's Kenpachi! "

" It seems so . "

" Huh? Hahaha, looks like Captain is back!! "

Ryu and the rest including Renji, Byakuya, Ikakku and Yumichika were on their way towards Kenpachi . They had intercepted enemy forces an hour ago and just finished their battle .

When they got to the battle field . . . .

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Nothing but hashed meat was before them, It was completely black and charred . Not an ounce of blood dripped down .

Kenpachi stood above covered in Slaughter Qi . Byakuya felt his heart race faster sensing that Reitsu ( Qi ), unknowingly he stepped back .

The rest also felt the same, they all showed an inconceivable expression .

" Hahaha, hey Captain looks like you got . . . . buhh . . . . .

Before Ikakku could finish Kenpachi kicked his head, effectively knocking him out . Stars flew around Ikakku' shiny head .

" FU***RS!!! You were beaten by these pests!! Oi! Yumichika where do ya think you are going!?! "

Yumichika who was sneaking out came to a sudden halt . He smiled brightly and flattered Kenpachi .

" I was just about to report, ahaha . . . . . I am glad you are back Captain . . .

" Looks like ya need some thrashing . "

" Hey Yumichika! "

" Huh? Who are you? . . . buhh . . . .

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Yachiru kicked his nuts when she heard his words .

" Lieutenant Yachiru!? Argh . . . . . you didn't . . . . have to do that!! "

Yumichika crawled around like a worm . It's not been seconds since they met and already they were beating down each other .

Renji and Byakuya kept silent .

Stark looked at their squabble and sighed . He locked the last Quincy, Lille Barro .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!