A Wizard's Secret - Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Meeting


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It was somewhat cold outside . Merlin wrapped his big coat tightly around himself and followed Prat . They walked approximately a hundred meters before they came to the bottom of a mottled wall . All of a sudden, Prat halted his footsteps and turned around to speak to Merlin, “Master Merlin, we’ve arrived . It’s here . ”

Merlin looked to where Prat was gazing . As expected, not far in front of them, a strange wind had appeared in the air . The area occupied by this strange wind was not large; a vortex was formed, spinning without ceasing at the moment . It was emitting noises like the whimper of a baby .

“That’s strange, the wind isn’t rising!”

Merlin frowned . This was a really strange wind . Other than this, there was no wind in any other places . Merlin took a few steps forward to get closer to this strange wind . He acutely discovered that this strange wind was not in a disorderly state; it followed a certain regularity, as though some mysterious energy was controlling this strange wind .

“Master Merlin, this strange wind is exceedingly strong . We’ve had a few knights who’d wanted to check it out, but they were bruised by the flying stones in the strange wind . By the time we waited until the wind had disappeared to take a closer look, we couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary . It’s extremely odd . ”

Prat glanced at Merlin and said in a soft voice .

However, Merlin was no longer paying attention to Prat’s words . At the moment, he was using his Mind Power to check out this strange wind .

Sensing through his Mind Power, Merlin could feel numerous Wind Elements . They were all very violent, but these violent Wind Elements seemed to have been confined by an orderly energy, so they could only turn according to a certain rule .

The typical characteristic of a spell was to cause Elements to move according to a certain rule! The spells released by a Spell Caster was, in actual fact, Elements operating according to a defined pattern under the effect of Spell Models .

For example, the Fireball that Merlin had mastered at the moment was to operate according to the Spell Model of the Fireball; those violent Fire Elements were condensed into a small fireball, which made it possible for it to possess a terrible destructive power .

The strange wind in front of him seemed to be a sort of spell!

However, this sort of spell was really scattered . Its power had been reduced to the lowest possible, and could only maintain control over Wind Elements within a few square meters . Therefore, this would not have been produced by a Spell Caster prompting a Spell Model, but a spell automatically released by a casting tool without being controlled by anyone .

Casting tools were tools created by Spell Casters to help cast magic . For example, magic staffs and scrolls belonged to the category of casting tools . Merlin had also seen from old man Etha’s Spell Manual that every casting tool was extremely precious . Usually, only powerful Spell Casters above the First-level could, after expending great amounts of efforts and materials, create casting tools .

Therefore, even old man Etha had not had any casting tools .

When the thought came to him that the appearance of this strange wind was possibly caused by a casting tool, Merlin’s heart became very excited . Any piece of casting tool would be something a Spell Caster had always dreamed of .

However, although Merlin felt very excited in his heart, he did not reveal any changes on his face . Instead, he said in a cool voice, “Uncle Prat, wait here, I’ll go near and take a look . ”

General Prat exhorted, “Master Merlin, you have to be careful . Don’t get too close to avoid getting hurt . ”

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Merlin nodded . Following which, he took a few steps forward and approached the strange wind .

The force of the strange wind was very strong, indeed . Furthermore, it was such a cold day; the strange wind sliced across his face, causing a pain that felt as though he had been cut by knives . However, Merlin did not stop . He unleashed his Mind Power and began searching for the source of this strange wind .

He could only find the casting tool that was unleashing the strange wind if he could find its source .

“Uncle Prat and the others have already searched, but they’ve not discovered anything . This means that, perhaps, the casting tool is not on the ground, but buried underground . ”

Merlin carefully did his analysis . He had the help of his Mind Power, so he was able to easily explore the source of this strange wind . It was under a corner of the wall, directly stretching down into the ground . Just as he had concluded after his analysis, there was definitely a casting tool buried underground there .

Merlin had found the source of the strange wind and had come to the conclusion . After analysis, it was very possible that a casting tool had been buried somewhere underground . However, with Prat next to him now, watching him, Merlin did not have the opportunity to search for this casting tool . He could only quietly commit the approximate position to memory and wait until daytime tomorrow before he could come and look for it .

Having made a firm decision in his heart, Merlin withdrew . Prat hurriedly took a few steps forward and shone the weak candlelight upon Merlin, asking in a concerned manner, “Master Merlin, are you alright?”

Prat had seen Merlin stand without moving in front of the strange wind just now . He felt that it was strange, and had even thought that Merlin had been injured by the strange wind .

Merlin shook his head gently . “I’m fine . Go back . ”

Prat took a careful look over Merlin’s entire body but did not find any wounds . His felt relief in his heart and followed Merlin from behind, ready to return to the castle .

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However, they had just gone halfway when they suddenly heard noises made by the hooves of horses outside . A team of cavalry was directly charging towards the castle .

Delight sprang up in Prat’s heart . He hurriedly said to Merlin, “The baron must be back . Master Merlin, let’s go and receive the baron quickly . ”


Merlin murmured in a low voice as his expression kept shifting . It had been a while since he arrived in this world . Finally, he was about to meet with Old Wilson .

Old Wilson was the person closest to Merlin, so he did not know whether Old Merlin would discover some signs .

“Master Merlin, let’s go quickly . The baron often talks about you even in the territory . ”

Seeing Merlin was just standing there without making a move, General Prat hurriedly urged him .

“En, let’s go, it’s time you should meet up…”

Prat did not notice the change in Merlin’s expression . Thus, they speedily walked towards the castle .

After a short while, many servants came out of the castle . They lit up the lights that embellished the inside of the castle, causing the place to look as bright as day, before respectfully welcoming the return of Old Wilson .

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“Baron, sir!”

With a quick step, Prat immediately knelt to the floor with one knee and saluted Old Wilson .

Old Wilson was riding on his horse at the moment . He wore a black armor and had a burly body build, thick eyebrows and big eyes . His body emitted an aura that felt as horrifying as a wild beast .

Currently, Old Wilson wielded a greatsword in his hand . There were even some traces of fresh blood left on the body of the sword; it seemed as though he had just been through a great battle .

“Eh? Merlin?”

Finally, Old Wilson’s eyes fell on Merlin . His body had just been releasing the aura that felt as terrifying as a wild beast . However, after seeing Merlin, the aura immediately turned into a thick emanation of love, causing Merlin to feel very intimate .


Merli took a deep breath and walked a few steps forward as well, letting out his voice in a yell .