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A World Worth Protecting - Chapter 116

Published at 13th of June 2019 01:30:04 AM

Chapter 116: 116

Previously, Wang Baole had wanted to be nice, but those people had wanted to not only to knock him unconscious but also strip him naked . Their goal had been to expose his slender body for public viewing, and that was something that Wang Baole could not ignore—something that he could not allow to happen .

The more Wang Baole thought about it, the angrier he was . Therefore, he quickly turned and dashed out, and a moment later, as screams were heard, everyone, except two that were lucky enough to escape by virtue of the magnetic field, was knocked unconscious by Wang Baole . As those who had fainted were to be moved by the puppets, Wang Baole tied them up with ropes first .

After all that, Wang Baole patted his hands on his shirt as he looked delightfully at all the individuals flying away due to the magnetic field while being tightly hugged by the puppets .

I'm such a kind person, escorting them out using my puppets after seeing that they have fainted .

Wang Baole was in good spirits . He gathered all the objects that the others had found within the fragment mountain and placed them into his own pail . There were so many objects that it was difficult to store them, but Wang Baole came up with the idea to activate the remainder of his puppets and tie the objects to each of them . With that, he was satisfied .

That's weird, why am I not being ejected? Wang Baole felt for his own cultivation and realized that the feeling of ejection had not developed . He pondered about it and looked toward the altar .

Should I go over to take a look? Wang Baole looked at the long, blue spear on the altar, and a fire lit up in his eyes . Logically, he reminded himself that he was in a dangerous place, a place where his cultivation would not be sufficient, but he still fancied his luck . Therefore, he stepped forward, stopping beside the array formation canal .

Wang Baole did not dare to step too close to it . Rather, he lowered his head to look at the five-foot-wide canal and stood there, raising his right arm in anticipation . The devouring seed within his body erupted, spreading its suction force toward the blue spear that was on the altar within the array formation, trying to attract it!

The suction force caused numerous rocks within the array formation to rise into the air . Even the symbols on the altar flashed several times, but the blue spear at the top, together with the four corpses floating around it, stayed firmly in place .

Seeing that it seemed to have worked but was unable to affect the long, blue spear, Wang Baole felt a little indignant . He widened his eyes, and with a loud roar, the devouring seed within his body fully erupted . The suction force increased exponentially in strength, accompanied by a loud boom . Instantly, it appeared as if a hurricane had swept by the array formation . As even more debris were being sucked toward him, the four corpses meditating at the top of the altar seemed to be influenced as they moved ever so slightly toward Wang Baole .

The only issue was… despite Wang Baole's face flushing red hot after giving all his might, the long, blue spear still remained floating without even shaking .

"Damn it!" Wang Baole turned flustered . He wanted to step over the canal to absorb the spear from a closer position, but forcefully stopped himself . He looked at the canal in front of him before retrieving a puppet and controlling it to walk forward to the periphery of the array formation . The puppet was just about to leap into the air and into the array formation canal .

However, right at that moment, a blinding glow emerged from the array formation canal . Frighteningly, it landed straight on the puppet with a loud boom .

The puppet was instantly decimated, disintegrating into thin air . That sent chills down Wang Baole's spine as he exhaled deeply .

"How dangerous!" Wang Baole's heart was pounding hard . A moment later, his eyes flashed as he thought about what a waste it would be if he gave up . Therefore, he thought about it and looked at the surroundings . After confirming that there was no one but him in the area, he sat down with crossed legs and began waiting .

Time trickled by, and after five minutes, magnetic fields finally appeared around Wang Baole . As the forces pulled against each other, Wang Baole immediately retrieved his mysterious mask without a hint of hesitation!

"I'll risk it!"

The moment the mask appeared, fog covered the entire area, and coupled with the waves of loud booming sounds, it was like the turbulent waves were shaking the earth!

When the mask was retrieved, the surrounding fog instantly became turbulent . At times, it tumbled, and at times, it retreated, as if there lived a ferocious creature within it, struggling and howling .

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The deafening sound spread in all directions, causing the ground to tremble vigorously . As the ground vibrated, cracks also began to appear in the array formation canal . Rubble began falling off it as though the entire land was about to crumble .

Such a huge change!

Wang Baole stood rather unsteadily, both physically and in his breathing, and he quickly retreated as his heart palpitated furiously . His motive of bringing out the mask was to see if he could induce some changes to the area and create an opportunity for himself .

Seeing how bizarre the changes in front of his eyes were, Wang Baole regretted it slightly, but when he thought about the long, blue spear, passion filled his eyes again, and he became even more determined .

Riches are only attained through trials . Furthermore, if it becomes too dangerous, I will stop resisting it and use the magnetic field to escape!

Harboring such thoughts, Wang Baole immediately released forty or so of his remaining puppets, controlling them to charge toward the canal .

This time, the blinding glow still emerged from within the array formation canal, but the turbulence of the surrounding fog came continuously . The vibrations of the ground caused the glow to slightly shift, and even though most of the forty puppets had been decimated, two of them successfully crossed the screen of light and landed within the array formation .

The instant that they were within the array formation, Wang Baole rushed out quickly, his speed boosted by the Spirit thread . Following close to the two puppets on safe ground, he also crossed into the array formation and appeared within it!

When he landed, Wang Baole's heart rate increased significantly, and he was extremely agitated .

I'm in!

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Wang Baole was exhilarated, and looking at the staircase-like altar not far away from him, a fire lit up in his eyes . The devouring seed within his body erupted once more, resulting in the emergence of the suction force again . This time, the distance moved by the four corpses visibly increased, but the long, blue spear still stayed in place!

Wang Baole frowned, and after making some estimations on the distance, he gritted his teeth as he prepared to act again . He then controlled the two puppets beside him, using them as test subjects .

After confirming that it was safe, he followed closely behind and soon neared the altar with the two puppets . Noticing that the numerous symbols and inscriptions on the steps of the altar were flashing, Wang Baole did not dare to approach it anymore . That was especially so after one of the puppets that he was controlling was instantly decimated by the glow from the altar the moment he controlled it to leap onto it . This made Wang Baole nervous .

I can't advance further .

In the silence, Wang Baole controlled his last puppet to leap into the air . Without even blinking, he saw that it was similarly decimated when it jumped to a height of fifty feet .

Wang Baole's face was awful . He felt that the magnetic force and the pulling force on his body was getting stronger—he knew that he did not have much time left . He raised his head to look at the long, blue spear above the altar and squatted down with his eyes narrowed .

After a short moment, using the remaining energy in his body, Wang Baole roared as he stepped hard on the ground . His body instantly leaped into the air, and controlling his power, he immediately retrieved a flying sword and positioned it beneath his feet at a height of fifty feet .

To people in the Ancient Martial Arts realm, standing in midair was not possible . However, to a True Breath cultivator, that was possible for a short time with the assistance of Dharmic artifacts . Right now, Wang Baole was executing just that . He stepped on the flying sword, and the moment he paused, the devouring seed within his body erupted fully, sucking the long, blue spear directly .

"Come to me!"

With a loud boom, the four corpses were pulled toward Wang Baole due to the strong suction force . However, even though the long, blue spear quivered slightly as well, it was not sucked toward Wang Baole . Instead, it began warping, and signs of it self-destructing began to appear as it turned translucent!

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What's going on? Wang Baole was taken aback . Very quickly, in front of his eyes, the long spear grew increasingly translucent . In the end, as if it had been warped away, it disappeared at lightning speed .

It seemed as if the long, blue spear was an imaginary image . Under Wang Baole's suction force, it grew unsteady and dissipated .

Is it not real? Wang Baole rubbed his eyes, and after looking at everything closely, he was dumbfounded .

Damn it! I put in so much effort, and it turned out to be a fake? Putting a fake spear here is deceit, and you'll get your retribution! Wang Baole cursed angrily as his body descended .

However, the instant that he reached the ground, a blue bead where the long spear had disappeared flew directly toward Wang Baole!

Wang Baole's pupils constricted, and after grabbing it, the impact of the approaching bead formed a impactful force that forced Wang Baole to step back . At the same time, the magnetic field surrounding his body also grew stronger, pulling his body swiftly backward .

I'll accept the bead as well! Wang Baole was extremely surprised, and seeing how he was being pulled backward by the magnetic field, he immediately unleashed his devouring seed, pulling in the four corpses backward together with him .

The returns are decent! Wang Baole was exhilarated, and his body was pulled into the space above the array formation canal . He was nervous, but he managed to pass right through it, unsure whether it was because of the bead or the corpses that were shielding him .

Wang Baole heaved a sigh of relief and unleashed the suction force using his devouring seed again, sucking the pail and all his treasures toward him .

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