A World Worth Protecting - Chapter 186

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Chapter 186

The unique mystic technique would cause the item to disappear once used . Based on Ethereal Dao College's tradition, unless someone had contributed a significant deed, it was extremely challenging to possess it, since only close to a hundred of them had been obtained over the years .

Even if the contributions that Wang Baole had made previously in the Spirit Breath Village were taken into account, to be granted the heritage of the unique mystic technique was still a stretch . If Wang Baole chose to give it all to the Dao College, it would still be possible for it to happen, but if not, he shouldn't even think about it .

Zhou Penghai and Sun Fang were somewhat confused . They didn't know much about the mystic technique, but Chen Yutong had heard something about it previously . His eyes were wide open as he looked at Wang Baole while holding his breath . He was extremely envious and shocked .

Even Wang Baole was slightly dumbfounded . He didn't understand how valuable the mystic technique really was, but had managed to obtain an indication of its value from the changes in others' facial expressions . Still shocked and bewildered, Chen Yutong's Master took a deep breath and ordered Wang Baole immediately .

"Baole, thank the Deputy Sect Lord now!"

Having heard the elder's words, Wang Baole didn't hesitate . His heart raced as he immediately stepped forward and bowed .

"Thank you, Deputy Sect Lord!"

The red-robed middle-aged man smiled and chatted with Wang Baole and company before leaving . When he left, the Pavilion Head of the Dharmic Armament Pavilion Head stepped forward and praised them as well . However, his tone was more formal and less amiable than that of the Deputy Sect Lord .

However, something rare happened at that time as the Dharmic Armament Pavilion also rewarded Wang Baole in the form of a cruiser . It was silver in color, making it look like a water droplet . The moment it was revealed, it immediately caught Wang Baole's eyes, such that he was instantly attracted to it the moment he saw it .

It seemed like the silver-colored droplet-like cruiser was more advanced than that of Chen Yutong's, and of better quality . It was also extremely cool, making Chen Yutong feel envious upon seeing it as he laughed bitterly . He knew that the Dharmic Armament Pavilion had spent a lot on it .

"Junior Brother Baole, this cruiser can be considered one that is specially granted to someone of the rank of a Deputy Pavilion Head . The cost of any one of these would allow one to purchase an apartment in Ethereal City's most luxurious district . "

After realizing the price of the cruiser, Wang Baole was extremely excited, and he immediately conveyed his gratitude . When the Dharmic Armament Pavilion Head and company had left, Chen Yutong's Master, who stayed behind, gave Wang Baole an overview of what exactly the mystic technique was!

As he listened to the elder's words, Wang Baole's eyes widened with shock . He felt that everything had happened too suddenly . He immediately realized how valuable the mystic technique was after hearing about it . It was difficult to estimate the worth of everything, even if he were to disregard the value of the cruiser .

The mystic technique that is recorded on a piece of fragment can only be inherited once . Once inherited, it will turn into dust… Wang Baole was agitated with excitement . Even after he returned to his cave abode in the Dharmic Armament Pavilion, his emotions and thoughts hadn't normalized .

According to principles, I shouldn't be rewarded so generously… Very quickly, Wang Baole realized that something was amiss . In his bewilderment and constant thought about the issue, he noticed that in the days that followed, there was an unprecedented widespread announcement of their encounters in the stronghold on the Upper Academy Island .

Even the rewards that were given formed part of the announcement . That immediately attracted heated debate on the entire Upper Academy Island, and even Liu Daobin sent him a voice transmission . Wang Baole instantly came to know that the entire incident was being announced, even on the Lower Academy Island .

Is this to set an example? Wang Baole had some guesses, which made him more excited . He felt that the Dao College had a good eye for talent . He sat, munching on his snacks while browsing the Spirit Intranet to take a look at the discussions .

Ethereal Dao College announced all the contributions that Wang Baole and company had made in the stronghold . They made all of them heroes, and Wang Baole was made the center of attention . As a result, Wang Baole's name became the focal point of everyone's discussion on the Upper Academy Island again after the announcement was made .

As commotion spread throughout the entire Dao College, Wang Baole also tried out the droplet cruiser . Its speed was extremely fast, surpassing that of Chen Yutong's cruiser, and it was equipped with a level of combat power that wasn't to be belittled . As Wang Baole was filled with pleasant surprise, he grew even more excited in anticipation of the mystic technique that would be even better than the cruiser .

That anticipation didn't last long, as several days later, Wang Baole received the mystic technique reward from the Deputy Sect Lord!

It was a crimson red fragment the size of a fingernail, kept in an elegant box made of jade . By examining the box, Wang Baole deduced that it was probably made of Rainbow Spirit Stones in its interior, and covered with jade on the exterior . The mere realization that he had never seen anything like that before made Wang Baole shocked .

This box is already very valuable! Wang Baole's delight was apparent . He opened it up to take a look at the crimson red fragment, and extremely concentrated waves of Spirit Qi wafted continuously from the fragment towards him .

The Spirit Qi carried heat waves as if there was an invisible Heat Spirit situated within it, noiselessly roaring and filling Wang Baole with exhilaration . His entire body tensed up, and his breathing quickened .

There are many kinds of outer space fragments . Some can be directly absorbed into the body, while some could be loaned for use, like those in the Spirit Breath Village . There are some which are like the one I'm holding in my hand right now . Even though they cannot be absorbed, one can feel a vibe that seems to be like an imprint of an awakened state . Wang Baole chanted the information given to him by Chen Yutong's master in his mind . Wang Baole wasn't clear about it at first, but after seeing it with his eyes and feeling the waves of heat emanating from it, he suddenly gained enlightenment .

After a while, Wang Baole took a deep breath . He hesitated for a moment but eventually revealed a look of determination in his eyes as he raised his right hand and immediately pressed it on the fragment—just like Chen Yutong's master had taught him .

The instant his hand touched the fragment, scorching heat began spreading from his fingertips but stopped suddenly, as if waiting for something to happen .

Wang Baole held his breath . At that instant, his cultivation was being activated within his body . As it activated, the scorching heat that had stopped began to erupt, spreading throughout his body from his hands, eventually flowing completely into his head .

Wang Baole's body trembled violently, and his mind immediately buzzed as he instantly lost control of his body and his consciousness .

A while later, as Wang Baole's consciousness recovered, he had forgotten everything—including who he was . The only sensation that remained was that he had transformed into a ball of fire . The world before him was also transforming, and he saw… a hurricane made of fire!

The fire hurricane erupted towards the sky, destroying everything as it swept everything before its eyes . It covered everything and took over his heart and soul .

Days passed . After half a month, Wang Baole sat motionlessly in the cave abode with his legs crossed . There was a crimson red mark between his eyebrows, moving slowly . As it moved, his body trembled, and he opened his eyes slowly, looking confused .

The confusion didn't last long . He slowly regained consciousness, and minutes later, as the blurriness faded, Wang Baole's body tensed up as his breathing quickened . With the complete recovery of his consciousness, he opened his eyes wide as he exhaled deeply .

It feels like a dream… Wang Baole normalized his quickened breathing and lowered his head to look at the box before him . He realized that the fragment that he seemed to have just touched had already become ash . Experiencing all the changes, he raised his head immediately to look at the time, and he realized that he had lost consciousness for half a month . A torrent of thoughts and emotions ran through him .

It was also at that moment that he experienced a sharp pain between his eyebrows . He couldn't feel anything with his hands and proceeded to check it out with a mirror . What he saw shocked him, and he stood up immediately .

This is… Wang Baole was unable to remain calm . He held his breath as he looked at the fire mark that was slowly fading between his eyebrows . After a brief moment, Wang Baole raised his hands and began chanting in his heart according to the method that Chen Yutong's Master had taught him previously .


In that instant, a crimson red ball of fire appeared in Wang Baole's palms . Even though it burned strongly, Wang Baole was unable to sense any pain . In his agitation, he raised his right hand and flailed it strongly . Immediately, a miniature sea of fire erupted before him . The heat wave instantly spread throughout the entire cave abode, such that the array formation on the surrounding rock walls showed signs of being scorched .

In his excitement, Wang Baole immediately stopped whatever he was doing . With his will, the surrounding Sea of Fire was instantly retracted back into his right hand at lightning speed .

This is the mystic technique… Heated Burst? Wang Baole was extremely agitated . After circling the cave abode several times, he left as he planned to look for a place outside to test out the force of the mystic technique .

However, just as Wang Baole walked out of his cave abode—prepared to find somewhere to test out the Heated Burst mystic technique—he suddenly received Chen Yutong's voice transmission . The other party sounded urgent, unable to hide his agitation and exhilaration . After Wang Baole switched on his voice transmission ring, he could hear the excitement clearly .

"Junior Brother Baole, something wondrous has happened to our lineage!"