A World Worth Protecting - Chapter 187

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Chapter 187: 187

Something wondrous? Wang Baole, who was planning to test out the force of his Heated Burst technique, blinked several times after hearing Chen Yutong's words . Slightly confused, he stopped in his tracks and looked at the voice transmission ring .

Before he could ask, Chen Yutong's voice, which carried a clear sense of excitement, flowed from the voice transmission ring .

"Grandmaster Jiang Zhengde… The Elder has achieved a breakthrough in the early-stage of Core Formation realm and has officially advanced into the mid-stage Core Formation realm . His position has been elevated, and he is being promoted to Ethereal Dao College's Deputy Sect Lord from his previous position as the Dharmic Armament Pavilion's Grand Elder!"

"There were only three Deputy Sect Lords in Ethereal Dao College, but there are four now! Junior Brother Baole, good days have finally arrived for us!" Chen Yutong's voice carried a sense of extreme excitement, such that his rapid breathing sounds could be clearly heard from the voice transmission . His exhilaration was apparent .

Compared to Chen Yutong's agitation, Wang Baole was confused . He had spent some time to truly discover the Heated Burst mystic technique, and his thoughts had seeped deeply into it as if he was in seclusion . He didn't know what happened in the Dao College during that time . As for the clan that Chen Yutong mentioned, even though Wang Baole had some basic understanding of it, he wasn't entirely clear what it was .

Hearing the name "Grandmaster Zhou Zhengde" from Chen Yutong, Wang Baole had to inquire more about it as the name sounded foreign .


Upon hearing Wang Baole's tone, Chen Yutong immediately understood Wang Baole's confusion . He laughed and began to clarify the matter .

"Junior Brother Baole, the old Grandmaster has two disciples . One of them is Chancellor Lu of the Lower Academy Island, also known as Uncle-Master Lu Yunkun, while the other one is my master, Sun Yifeng!"

"When you gained admission to the Upper Academy Island then, Uncle-Master Lu had already made the necessary formalities . Master has also planned to accept you as his disciple for a long while now . However, it happened that your significant contribution to the Dao College, while you were in the Spirit Breath Village, attracted the attention of many, and that Grandmaster also entered seclusion during that time . The delay occurred because your acceptance is a major event that requires proper procedures to be carried out . "

"Now that Grandmaster has emerged out of seclusion and is being promoted to the position of Deputy Sect Lord, you can formally approach him as your master when everything stabilizes," Chen Yutong explained cheerfully .

Wang Baole widened his eyes, as even though the entire matter matched what he had expected, hearing the news himself reminded him of the clan lines mentioned in the high officials' autobiographies . He grew uncontrollably agitated, and his mind also became active . He immediately realized where the crux lay, and hurriedly spoke .

"Senior Brother Chen, since Grandmaster has been promoted to the position of Deputy Sect Lord from his previous post as the Grand Elder of Dharmic Armament Pavilion, doesn't that mean that the seat for Dharmic Armament pavilion's Grand Elder is now empty? Who will replace him?"

Wang Baole's question made Chen Yutong satisfied with his attention towards details . Therefore, with a deep voice, he answered quickly . "Junior Brother Baole, when Grandmaster was promoted to Deputy Sect Lord, he recommended to the Sect Lord that Master is suitable to take over his position of Grand Elder!"

As he listened, thoughts darted in Wang Baole's mind . He immediately realized that if that was really the case, it meant that their lineage, especially within the Dharmic Armament Pavilion of Ethereal Dao College, would become extremely powerful .

There was the Deputy Sect Lord Grandmaster at the top, Dharmic Armament Pavilion's Grand Elder next, and the entire Lower Academy Island… A combination like that would certainly help make him and Chen Yutong even more prominent!

With that thought, Wang Baole excitedly took in a deep breath . Scenes of battle depicted in the high officials' autobiographies immediately surfaced in his mind . The more he thought about it, the more exhilarated he was, as he felt that he had finally become part of the core of Ethereal Dao College's authority and that he was no longer an ordinary person .

"However, there are still some uncertainties in this matter . After all, other Elders of the Dharmic Armament Pavilion are also vying for the position that has been made vacant . In the days that follow, there will definitely be competition!"

"Regardless of that, since this matter has the support of the Grandmaster, who is a powerful pushing force, the chances of succeeding would at least be eighty percent, if not a hundred percent!" Chen Yutong sounded relaxed, and it was apparent that he had complete faith in the capabilities of the Grandmaster .

He chatted further with Wang Baole and slowly calmed down after sharing his excitement with him . He took a deep breath and spoke sincerely to Wang Baole .

"Junior Brother Baole, if everything goes well, when Master becomes the Grand Elder of Dharmic Armament Pavilion, there will be no one preventing me from being promoted to the position of Deputy Pavilion Head in the Dharmic Armament Pavilion!"

"Therefore, Junior Brother Baole, you must work hard and become an Armament Soldier soon! Until then, when Master becomes the Grand Elder, he could plan things out such that the chance for you to be in charge of the College Administrative Department would be high!"

"This is a precious opportunity . Baole; if you succeed, it is possible that you would have the opportunity to become the Deputy Pavilion Head after a few years… This way, us brothers would have a significant say in the Dharmic Armament Pavilion, and even significant authority!"

Listening to Chen Yutong's calm yet optimistic words, Wang Baole was in high spirits, and wonderful thoughts flowed in his mind . He was excited with anticipation and immediately spoke .

"Rest assured, Senior Brother Chen! In reality, I can go for the Armament Soldier assessment now, but I want to be more prepared so that I will have greater chances of succeeding in it," Wang Baole said . Chen Yutong laughed happily, agreeing with what Wang Baole said .

"The Armament Soldier assessment is divided into a major and minor assessment, both of which require registration . Even though passing either of them allows you to be promoted to an Armament Soldier, there are still some differences between them . "

"The minor assessment takes place once every month, and one can take part in it as long as registration is made . The Deputy Pavilion Head will supervise . As for the major assessment, it is scheduled to happen only once a year . Not only does it require registration beforehand, but you will also have many competitors . All the Deputy Pavilion Heads and Pavilion Heads will supervise . Obviously, it is a more significant event than the minor assessment . Therefore, the promotion and position granted in the future would also be completely different from that of the minor assessment . "

"At the same time, those who dare to enter the major Armament Soldier assessment must all be very confident . People aren't competing merely to be promoted, but to have a position in the rankings and be number one!"

"Baole, there are still over three months until this year's major Armament Soldier assessment . If your preparation is almost complete, then you shouldn't waste this opportunity . However, don't give yourself too much pressure either . Once Master becomes the Grand Elder, everything will be negotiable!"

After telling Wang Baole the details of the Armament Soldier assessment, Chen Yutong ended the voice transmission . Putting down the voice transmission ring, Wang Baole stood outside his cave abode, full of optimism for the future .

That was especially so when he thought of his opportunity to be in charge of the College Administrative Department once Chen Yutong's Master became the Grand Elder, and once he was promoted to an Armament Soldier himself . His heart beat furiously, and a determined glow emerged from his eyes .

Three months… that should be sufficient! After some planning, Wang Baole took a few determined strides back into his cave abode, before opening up the Spirit Intranet to register for the major Armament Soldier assessment that would happen three months later .

He stepped out of the cave abode after completing the registration . Stepping into open ground, he was agitated with exhilaration . He raised his right hand and waved, and a small Sea of Fire immediately emerged from his hand, sweeping a radius of thirty feet around him, forming a flame hurricane .

The heat wave spread and burn marks appeared on the ground . Wang Baole was in high spirits but also felt that Spirit Qi was rapidly being depleted . He tried for a while, before hurriedly retracting the sea of fire .

If I unleash all the power, I can only last the time of approximately thirty breaths… Even though it wasn't a long duration, Wang Baole was already very satisfied . He happily returned to his cave abode and took out a bag of snacks and munched on them .

After a while, having finished seven bags of snacks, he rubbed his belly and began thinking about the Numinous Treasure that he would use for the Armament Soldier assessment .

"I had planned to make a Dragon Tooth for the assessment and had prepared many teeth, especially Foundation Establishment Teeth; however…" Wang Baole mumbled to himself, and a peculiar glow flashed across his eyes . As someone well-versed in high official autobiographies, he knew clearly that gaining the recognition of his superiors only won him half the battle . He also had to fight for himself and showcase his capabilities so that he could succeed .

Therefore, he couldn't pin all his hopes on Chen Yutong's master being successfully promoted to the position of Grand Elder . He needed to work hard himself, making sufficient preparation so that he could emerge first, instead of simply being promoted to an Armament Soldier!

That way, even if something untoward were to happen during Chen Yutong's master's promotion, he would still have brilliant results that would allow him to fight for the position he wanted!

It was just that it didn't seem enough to use the Dragon Tooth as the Numinous Treasure for the assessment . After all, even though the Dragon Tooth was powerful, it depended heavily on forging materials, even more so than its inscriptions . That factor would easily be pointed out by others and affect his ranking .

After a moment of silence, a glow flashed across Wang Baole's eyes, and a bold idea appeared in his mind…

In reality, after returning from the stronghold, a fuzzy thought has floated in his mind . The more he thought about it, the clearer the thought seemed .

"Is it possible to create a mini Fire God Cannon?" After a moment, Wang Baole mumbled softly to himself . As the thought cleared and circulated continuously within his mind, Wang Baole grew even more tempted .

If I can create a mini third-grade Numinous Treasure Fire God Cannon, then… I will definitely be able to eliminate everything and everyone during the major Armament Soldier assessment . Then, who else would be first but me?

With that thought, Wang Baole's heart pounded rapidly . Inscriptions within the Fire God Cannon surfaced in his mind, including the hidden ones that would appear on it after being unlocked by the Armament Sand . Sensing the inscriptions, Wang Baole had a strong gut feeling .

I… I can create a mini Fire God Cannon!