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A World Worth Protecting - Chapter 262

Published at 18th of August 2019 09:44:01 AM

Chapter 262

Listening to the words from her master, Chen Hui’s breathing quickened as she stared incredulously with her eyes wide open . She had never imagined that the earth-changing transformations that had occurred were a result of the combined actions of her sect and the Five Generation Sky Clan .

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She was also well aware of how severe the consequences would be . Naturally, the sect would have an idea of it as well, as it was akin to resistance against the whole Federation . Once exposed, there was no doubt that a great war would result .

However, even so, the sect still decided to partake in it . That made Chen Hui gasp in shock as she realized that the sect had great plans!

The old lady didn’t speak any further . She passed Chen Hui some pills and inquired about the details of the Spirit Qi source . After knowing that the object was a small tripod cauldron, she turned around and charged in the skies towards where Wang Baole was carrying out the Foundation Establishment process!

She was so fast that wind and thunder roared ferociously, causing changes in the sky as loud noises spread in all directions . That attracted the attention of many cultivators . After seeing the old lady in the skies, everyone’s mind buzzed as a torrent of emotions erupted in their hearts .

“Core Formation!”

“Gosh, how is this possible? Impossible… Someone of the Core Formation realm appearing in the Mystic Luna Realm!”

“The seal hasn’t been broken, but yet there is someone of the Core Formation realm here!”

All the cultivators within the area were trembling with shock as their breathing grew rapid . They all felt that, within the Mystic Luna Realm, situations that were out of what they had imagined were occurring one after another . No one knew for sure what the eventual outcome would be, and the fear and reverence in their hearts had reached an indescribable level!

The old lady didn’t care much about the shock experienced by the True Breath realm cultivators, not even bothering to mask her speed . After all, the preparations that she had been making were almost complete . Since that was the case, there was no need for her to hide . That was why she went out in search of her own disciple . Having heard news of the perfect object, she was happy .

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That small tripod cauldron would be the perfect item for our Hui-er to begin Foundation Establishment!

On the other hand, Wang Baole was sitting with his legs crossed in the cave . With anticipation and agitation, he was fast in the process of Foundation Establishment .

Using an object for Foundation Establishment involved two steps . The first step was Spirit Integration, which involved using either sufficient fragments or perfect objects and covering them with one’s own spirit energy to weaken it . That was to integrate one’s spirit energy with the item before swallowing it and allowing it to sink to one’s dantian .

What followed after that was the second step—Life Foundation!

Life Foundation meant sharing flesh and blood with the object . It involved completely integrating with the object from within, and using it to establish and build the Foundation Stone!

‘Establishment’ meant to build, while ‘Foundation’ referred to the object!

To a certain degree, Foundation Establishment was akin to having an additional organ in one’s body . The purpose of the organ was to evolve and advance the cultivator’s life!

From there, Spirit Qi would no longer be a rootless energy source . Instead, it would make one’s body into a whirlpool of Spirit Qi source . It would be equipped with the ability to absorb the Heaven and Earth powers, and be the foundation for taking over the fortune of the firmament and the galaxy!

Once that was successful, the nature of life, spells, and everything else would be significantly transformed!

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Soon, as Wang Baole’s cultivation was activated and his spirit energy emerged to envelop the small tripod cauldron within it, he sealed his hands again and began the process of Spirit Integration according to the method outlined by the Dao College .

Gradually, as the small tripod cauldron was enveloped in spirit energy, it turned opaque . It shimmered, turning from opaque to translucent before it was completely translucent, invisible to one’s eyes . When that happened, with passion in his eyes, Wang Baole opened his mouth and sucked . Instantly, the spirit energy that he released brought along the invisible small tripod cauldron and entered his mouth at a fast speed .

Instantly, Wang Baole felt like he had swallowed a block of jelly . It felt slippery, and when he swallowed, the spirit energy that had entered his mouth sank to his dantian .

There, the invisible small tripod cauldron gradually regained its appearance . When it was no longer transparent, it floated endlessly in the devouring seed .

It is indeed a rare perfect object suitable for Foundation Establishment . I’ve completed the first step so easily! Wang Baole was excited and agitated . From the information from Ethereal Dao College that introduced the first step, it wouldn’t be an easy process to integrate twenty fragments and gather them within one’s body so that they would completely fit into one another .

Furthermore, there couldn’t be any mistakes made during the entire process, which required nurturing and care . Failure was of lesser consequence, as the damage to one’s meridians and dantian during the process would be a more dangerous life-threatening situation .

That was especially so as during the entire process, one wasn’t allowed to move his body . Therefore, it must take place in an extremely safe place . Wang Baole had to abide by that even though he was integrating with a perfect object . He even felt that right at that moment, he shouldn’t be moving unnecessarily . If not, the newly integrated small tripod cauldron within his body would be unstable, causing the Spirit Qi source within it to be released . His body would be like a balloon, exploding directly .

That was the reason why Wang Baole didn’t dare make an attempt at Foundation Establishment previously . It was only there that he felt safe and made use of the opportunity for Foundation Establishment . He took a deep breath and maintained his body posture to stabilize the small tripod cauldron which had integrated into his dantian . He then began the second step, which was also the most crucial last step of the process .

Life Foundation!

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If the first step had to proceed smoothly without any incidents, the second step must be even more smooth-sailing . Any small turbulence would lead to failure as the Life Foundation step involved integrating one’s life, flesh, and blood with the small tripod cauldron, in order to turn it into one of his own organs .

He couldn’t afford to be distracted . After Wang Baole sent orders to his mosquitoes outside to patrol on their own and prevent anyone from coming near, he settled down and attempted to integrate his meridians, flesh, and blood together with the small tripod cauldron according to the method taught by the Dao College .

The advantage of using a perfect object for Foundation Dstablishment was obvious . The whole process was extremely smooth sailing . Very quickly, Wang Baole’s life, flesh, and blood began to connect with the small tripod cauldron to a certain extent . After five minutes, the integration had reached thirty percent .

Slowly, it became forty, fifty, and sixty percent…

As time passed and the degree of integration increased, the movement of Wang Baole’s cultivation grew stronger . If others who had used the fragments for Foundation Establishment were to see him, they would be immensely shocked . Wang Baole, having reached only sixty percent integration, was giving off a vibe so strong that it was on a level similar to that of people who have achieved complete integration using the fragments .

The integration process didn’t stop there . Gradually, it rose to seventy, eighty percent…

As the integration occurred and Wang Baole’s cultivation was boosted significantly at astonishing speed, his life, his flesh and blood, his spirit, and his everything seemed to have been evolved in the process of combining with the small tripod cauldron . At the same time, memories and scenes of ancient times seemed to have emerged from the small tripod cauldron, flooding into Wang Baole’s mind .

There were so many images that Wang Baole was unable to take a clear look at everything . He noticed that the image that appeared most frequently was that of a gigantic altar, with numerous blurry figures surrounding it and praying . Of those praying figures, there were so many of them whose vibes alone made Wang Baole frightened . He didn’t know what level of cultivation they were at, but he had a feeling that a single look by one of them would be sufficient to destroy him thoroughly .

The altar that they were praying to consisted of three levels . There were four small tripod cauldrons on the lowest level, and one of them was exactly the one that Wang Baole was integrating!

On the second level was a pair of pearls, one black and one white, giving off a dark and shimmering glow respectively!

The third level was a fog layer . Faces of the commoners who were extremely devout appeared from within it . It looked extremely bizarre, and it was apparent that the objects placed on the three levels were offerings . They were in ascending levels in terms of value, and one could see how Wang Baole was bestowed with an unusually good fate that time around .

After all, it was only an offering from the first level, but it was already being revered by so many people . That made it clear that its value couldn’t be described with words .

The thing that the countless figures were praying and offering valuable items to… could be seen in a blur from the image that appeared in Wang Baole’s mind through the small tripod cauldron .

It seemed to be a green lotus growing in mid-air!

The instant he saw the green lotus, which was the exact same moment where the integration with the small tripod cauldron had reached eighty percent, Wang Baole’s vibe was so strong that it had already exceeded those who had succeeded in advancing to the Foundation Establishment stage . One could imagine that after he had succeeded, Wang Baole’s Foundation Establishment would be much more formidable than everyone else’s!

However, just at that point, something happened . Wang Baole’s mosquitoes, which were outside his cave abode, exploded even before they could sense someone approaching . The gray-colored mosquito was more hardy but had only managed to last for a while more, just in time to send a signal to Wang Baole before it completely vaporized .

Wang Baole trembled . The image of the green lotus in his mind vanished, replaced by the expressionless face of the charging old lady sent by the gray-colored mosquito!

The moment the image of the old lady appeared in Wang Baole’s mind, an astonishing loud noise reverberated in all directions and caused the earth to shake such that Wang Baole’s small cave tumbled and was torn open from above Wang Baole’s head!

The wall above his head exploded open . As innumerable rocks pelted down, the old lady, carrying a ferocious vibe and a boisterous manner, looked condescendingly at him…

Sudden change had occurred!

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