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A World Worth Protecting - Chapter 317

Published at 24th of September 2019 09:58:21 AM

Chapter 317

As Wang Baole’s words reverberated throughout the entire college, he managed to make the thousands of teachers standing around look furiously at the staff from the Colony Disciplinary Order through his authoritative manner . Their cultivation was also instantly activated .

The weakest of this group of more than a thousand teachers were at least a Pulse Enrichment cultivator of Ancient Martial Arts . Many of them were in the early-stage of True Breath, with tens of them in the mid-stage . There were at least thirty of them in Dao Mountain Mist Academy who were in the True Breath late-stage .

Even though there were only two Foundation Establishment cultivators excluding Wang Baole, with the cultivation of thousands of people being unleashed, it was frightening . It shocked the tens of people from the Colony Disciplinary Order .

That wasn’t the end to everything . Under Wang Baole’s command, everyone, not just the teachers, but also the tens of thousands of students from Dao Mountain Mist Academy—with Jin Duozhi and Zhou Mei leading the pack—all roared angrily . Instantly, a concentrated force of Blood Qi erupted astonishingly from their bodies .

That was especially so as the Heaven Devouring Skill had become so widespread that most of the students of Dao Mountain Mist Academy, regardless of whether they were male or female, were seen as little fatties at one glance . They were fat, yet their Blood Qi also significantly exceeded that of others . One could feel that their physical strength was indeed impressive .

As a result, the eruption of Blood Qi in all directions from the bodies of these tens of thousands of students and teachers, who were of a similar level as them, surrounded everyone from the Colony Disciplinary Order from all corners .

Such an imposing manner at such a scale immediately made the tens of men in black from the Colony Disciplinary Order frightened, and they turned pale with shock . They were severely alarmed, and even though the woman with the fiery hot figure appeared calm throughout the period, Zhuo Yixian, who was beside her, didn’t have the same calmness . Looking at the thousands of teachers and the tens of thousands of students, and sensing the Blood Qi erupting from their bodies, his breathing uncontrollably quickened .

If someone else, and not Wang Baole, were the dean, he wouldn’t have cared . However, knowing that Wang Baole had a bad temper and would go into battle once something didn’t go his way, he was worried that if Wang Baole were angered, he would command everyone to attack . Death would then be a reality that could be imagined .

Therefore, as he grew increasingly nervous and anxious, Zhuo Yixian suddenly looked at Wang Baole and exclaimed loudly .

“Wang Baole, are you trying to revolt? All of you, are you trying to revolt as well?” Zhuo Yixian was a witty person . With his words, not only was he trying to land Wang Baole in a sticky situation by poisoning the well, but he was also stressing the others around him . The meaning was clear; if anyone were to attack, it would be considered an attempt to revolt!

Indeed, what he said had some effect . Some teachers were frightened, and their imposing manner was weakened . Wang Baole, who was standing on the veranda, was initially very pleased with how domineering his college appeared, but when he noticed that some of them backed down after hearing Zhuo Yixian’s words, he sneered . He looked at those who had become cowardly, before looking back at Zhuo Yixian, and was about to speak .

Just at this moment, Jin Duozhi, who was paying attention to Wang Baole and had been instinctively judging the situation, felt his eyes light up . He seemed to have found an opportunity to suck up to Wang Baole, and was filled with agitation and excitement instantly . He felt that the heavens were on his side, treating him extremely well by always granting him the opportunity to showcase his loyalty to the dean . He was delighted as he rushed out and roared loudly .

“The Colony Disciplinary Order is a bully, oppressing the weak because they have greater power!” Jin Duozhi was loud . As he roared loudly, he raised his hand and slammed his own chest forcefully .

He punched hard, and large volumes of blood spewed from his mouth . He staggered backwards with blood in his mouth, his voice carrying a pitiful tone .

“How dare you hit me? I will seek justice from my grandfather!”

Zhou Mei’s eyes lit up, and she immediately punched herself . Soon, all the students seemed to have realized what was going on and were instantly agitated . As if without any fear of the consequences, they all punched themselves several times, resulting in them either vomiting blood or simply bleeding from the corner of their mouths . With more than half of the tens of thousands of students acting this way, it was a bewildering scene, especially when they completed the act by staggering backwards, screaming and shouting painfully .

“People from the Colony Disciplinary Order have attacked me! I will look for my mother to seek revenge for this!”

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“How dare you attack me? My father is Zhou Yuntao!”

“No one has dared to hit me since I was young . You people have the guts to hit me… My grandfather will not let this pass!”

As the screams reverberated, the surrounding teachers were dumbfounded . Lin Tianhao was flabbergasted, and even Wang Baole was surprised . That was even more so for the people from the Colony Disciplinary Order, who were entirely overcome with shock . As they listened to the angry screams from the students, they trembled and were on the brink of going crazy from all that was happening .

It was obvious that none of them attacked the students . The threat from the students was a clear situation of them accusing the Colony Disciplinary Order . They felt extremely helpless and upset . Zhuo Yixian felt suffocated with shock and grew increasingly anxious . It wouldn’t have mattered much if it was just a handful of students acting that way, but with so many of them, their backing was just too strong, such that even the Five Generation Sky Clan would have to look at the situation seriously .

What the heck is this college trying to do? Why do I feel like I’ve just entered an acting school? Zhuo Yixian was frightened and indignant . Those students were just too unprofessional in their acting .

However, regardless of whether they were professional or not, the blood that they vomited was real . As a result, he felt extremely frustrated and troubled, as he was the one who had pushed for the visit to Dao Mountain Mist Academy . According to standard procedures, he should have met and greeted the school committee first . However, as he didn’t have a good relationship with Wang Baole, he didn’t bother with the formalities .

He had originally thought that Wang Baole wouldn’t do anything no matter how unhappy he was . However, he had never imagined that Wang Baole could generate such a strong reaction in the Dao Mountain Mist Academy with just a simple sentence .

While he grew increasingly troubled, Wang Baole blinked his eyes, staring speechlessly at Jin Duozhi and the others . He knew well that those rascals were physically impressive, and the act of vomiting blood was as easy to spitting saliva for them . They appeared to be injured, but in reality, they could all recover fully by meditating for five minutes .

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However, Wang Baole was still satisfied with their performance . No matter the situation, he felt that his college shouldn’t weaken on its imposing front . As for the teacher who was taken away, Wang Baole wasn’t particularly familiar with him as he had only recently been hired . Furthermore, that teacher was still under internal probation in the college and wasn’t assigned to teach yet . Arrangements for him to teach would only occur after the probation and investigations had been completed .

He wasn’t overly concerned that the Colony Disciplinary Order had sent people to apprehend the teachers . However, the Colony Disciplinary Order had shown up forcefully, unannounced, throwing him into a situation that he didn’t understand . He was definitely not agreeable to such a manner of handling things . After all, Wang Baole could be considered a Secondary Rank Four Noble . Therefore, after looking at Zhuo Yixian and company, he raised his right hand .


With that sentence, the teachers and students standing around instantly fell silent . Jin Duozhi and company all stood at attention, looking at Wang Baole .

Such an imposing and authoritative manner immediately made the people from the Colony Disciplinary Order look at Wang Baole with respect and fear . Only Zhuo Yixian was indignant as he continued to stare at Wang Baole angrily .

Wang Baole completely disregarded Zhuo Yixian, as he spoke calmly while looking at the lady with the hot figure beside Zhuo Yixian, who had remained calm since the start .

“Dear Fellow Daoist, I need a way to explain everything if you are to bring people away from my territory!”

“Wang Baole, don’t be overboard . The Colony Disciplinary Order is carrying out its due diligence, and there is no need to give you an explanation . You…” Zhuo Yixian heard Wang Baole’s words and immediately laughed condescendingly . However, even before he could complete his sentence, Wang Baole suddenly turned his head around and roared with a deep voice .

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“Shut up! I’m speaking to your superior . How dare you interject, you rude rascal? You’re asking me about what basis I have? I, Wang Baole, am worthy, based on my status the dean of Dao Mountain Mist Academy, an educator of Mars, the founder of the Soaring Cloud Student Platoon personally chosen by the Governor, a Secondary Rank Four Noble, and my contributions to the Federation all these years!

“Is that enough?

“And you, Zhuo Yixian, the revolt that you mentioned previously has been said too easily . Because of that, I will notify all the parents of my students that you, Zhuo Yixian of the Colony Disciplinary Order, is suspecting their children of carrying out a revolt, and more specifically, that the Soaring Cloud Student Platoon personally chosen by the Governor is organizing a revolt!”

Zhuo Yixian felt as if he was being punched continuously by Wang Baole’s words . That last sentence especially frightened him . He was about to speak when the cold and distant lady with the provocative figure frowned and calmly spoke to Zhuo Yixian .


She was initially very satisfied with this subordinate of hers, but now, there was some dissatisfaction . Zhuo Yixian trembled internally as he quickly obeyed and didn’t dare to speak any further . He was extremely frustrated, but he understood very well that this woman was someone he couldn’t afford to offend, whether it was based on her family background, her position, her cultivation, or simply the news that had been spreading about her .

Having stopped Zhuo Yixian from saying anything further, the lady looked at Wang Baole with a chill in her eyes that she didn’t bother to hide . She waved her right hand and threw a jade slip directly at Wang Baole .

“The Colony Disciplinary Order apprehends people based on the evidence they have collected . You can read about it yourself . ” When she was done speaking, she no longer bothered about Wang Baole, and she sent out a command to her subordinates from the Colony Disciplinary Order .

“Bring this heretic cultivator away!”

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