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A World Worth Protecting - Chapter 330

Published at 24th of September 2019 09:57:48 AM

Chapter 330

While the donkey was feeling confused, Wang Baole’s secret chamber rotted at an increasing speed . At the same time, the cries and howling that seemed to stem from the gathering of supreme beings grew even louder . It appeared as if in the darkness of the situation, a force had arrived, disrupting Wang Baole’s cultivation . However, it was too far away to make a significant impact .

In this manner, time passed slowly, and two weeks came and went!

In these two weeks, Wang Baole sat motionlessly with his legs crossed . His body had already stiffened, and his breathing had disappeared . His entire body was covered in frost, and he was like a corpse, such that he wasn’t able to feel anything, even the fire of life .

During one late night after the two weeks had gone by, Wang Baole, who was sitting with his legs crossed suddenly jerked, his eyes opening slowly . The instant he opened his eyes, the frost on his body rapidly disappeared, and the decay in the surroundings vanished . Everything returned to what it was before, and the cries and howling stopped immediately .

As everything returned to normal, Wang Baole’s eyes were completely open!

The moment he opened his eyes, a chilly cold vibe that was extremely imposing erupted directly from his eyes and his body . If an acquaintance of Wang Baole stood before him now, they would be extremely shocked, and might not be able to recognize him .

However, in reality… This was the real Wang Baole that had emerged from his experiences in the sea of corpses in the Mystic Luna Realm!

He typically showcased another side of his personality to others . He preferred to showcase an optimistic side of himself in order to hide the viciousness entrenched in his character . At the same time, the pupil of Wang Baole’s left eye was now replaced by the Dark Fire!

As he silently looked at his surroundings and felt the Dark Fire in his eyes, Wang Baole didn’t move . Instead, he shut his eyes, and when he reopened them again, the chilliness from his body, as well as the Dark Fire in his left eye, had vanished, hidden by him .

“So… This is the Dark Art…” Wang Baole murmured under his breath . He couldn’t consider himself competent in the Dark Art, thinking that he was more like a beginner in it .

However, even as a beginner, Wang Baole still felt a feeling he had never experienced before . He couldn’t describe the feeling with words . He just felt as if… life and death weren’t endpoints, but a transition process .

“I’m still a little confused…” Wang Baole couldn’t find the right words to describe his feelings . As he murmured to himself, he thought about Little Missy . The fact that she managed to master the technique within a month showed her abilities, and that made Wang Baole envious .

Seems like I can’t be too proud in the future . One should always be humble and learn earnestly .  Wang Baole took a deep breath and took out the mask before directly entering the Hallucination realm .

After he entered the Hallucination realm, Wang Baole looked around but didn’t see Little Missy . However, he was used to this and therefore stood there, exclaiming loudly .

“Little Missy, I have a question that I would like to ask . ”

“Erm… When the Dark Fire appeared, I felt a bizarre feeling, as if I could control life and death . However, it seemed a little ambiguous, and I can’t describe it… It feels like a calling from far away? I’m not too sure myself . Also, there’s a weird voice that I keep hearing . When you first mastered the technique, did you experience all this as well?” Wang Baole was asking earnestly and sincerely this time, as he wanted to know the reason . He felt that if he could get a clearer understanding of what was happening, it would be helpful for him if he were to advance in his cultivation .

When he finished asking, Wang Baole was about to step forward to see if words that explained the situation had appeared on the mask . However, even before he lowered his head, he heard a voice, one that was incredulous, confused, and shocked .

“What did you say! Dark Fire?” As the voice reverberated, Little Missy instantly appeared beside Wang Baole . Her eyes stared wide and round, and her breathing quickened .

Noticing that Little Missy had appeared, and was looking so appalled, Wang Baole was also shocked . He thought about whether something had gone wrong with his cultivation . Therefore, he hurriedly spoke .

“Little Missy, was my cultivation process wrong?”

“Did you just say that you managed to cultivate to the stage where the Dark Fire appeared?” Little Missy disregarded Wang Baole’s question . Right now, she began inquiring, still looking anxious .

“Yes, I managed to do it . Ah, I’m not talented enough . I only managed to succeed after a year . ” Wang Baole sighed . He really meant every word that he said .

After he spoke, Wang Baole closed his eyes, as he felt that in front of a senior elite of the Dark Art like Little Missy, he was like a child . When he reopened his eyes, Dark Fire flames appeared in his left eye .

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The appearance of the Dark Fire immediately caused the already cold surroundings to turn even colder . A chilly vibe, under the boost provided by the Dark Fire, erupted from Wang Baole’s body .

Little Missy was extremely taken aback . She stepped back immediately and hollered .

“Extinguish it immediately!” She was shocked . She felt frightened by the emergence of the Dark Fire, as if it were an innate restraint .

She looked at Wang Baole as if she was looking at a monster . Her emotions were complex, and she was about to break out in a scolding .

Hearing Little Missy’s command, Wang Baole hurriedly closed his eyes . When he opened them once again, the Dark Fire had vanished . However, Little Missy’s reaction made him confused .

Noticing Wang Baole’s confusion, Little Missy stared and immediately spoke sternly .

“What a showoff . You’re just a beginner . Don’t you know that activating the Dark Fire willy-nilly would endanger your life? Remember, Dark Art cultivators like us cannot reveal the Dark Fire so simply, and this is especially so if there are others higher in the ranks of the Dark Art world than you around!”

Wang Baole was shocked and nodded his head immediately as everything became clear to him .

“Little Missy, you’re right . I acknowledge my mistake . ”

As if! Little Missy thought silently in her mind, annoyed . When she saw that Wang Baole didn’t suspect anything, she secretly heaved a sigh of relief . She couldn’t suppress her frustration, which was growing stronger by the moment, but was unable to continue pretending as well . It seemed like she had never imagined Wang Baole would ever succeed in mastering it . Therefore, she had lied to him many times . However, now that everything seemed to have been exposed, it was akin to her image being tarnished, and her only choice was to continue with the pretense…

However, curiosity was like a cat gnawing in her heart, and she couldn’t resist but ask .

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“Wang Baole, how did you manage to do it?”

“I have no idea . Ah, I really don’t have much talent . The past year I spent in cultivation all led to failures . However, somehow, I suddenly succeeded . I am confused as well . Right, Little Missy, how did you manage to do it the last time? Why did I suddenly manage to master it?” Wang Baole sighed . If he were in front of other people, he would have been more arrogant . However, in front of Little Missy, he felt that he paled in comparison .

Listening to Wang Baole repeatedly saying that he wasn’t talented, Little Missy felt as if she was being stabbed in the heart . However, she still appeared to smile arrogantly on the surface and spoke calmly .

“Your talent is indeed ordinary . You don’t even know how you managed to master it . As for me… It’s without question that I stripped the Negative Spirit Bodies from the Spirit Qi and forcefully concentrated them in my body in a single breath . In reality, I said that I managed to master it in a month previously as I was afraid to traumatize you . In reality, I only took five days!” Little Missy raised her chin and spoke indifferently .

“Five days…” Wang Baole was taken aback once again . As his eyes were filled with bewilderment, Little Missy gloated silently in her heart . However, curiosity still got the better of her, and she asked once again .

“Wang Baole, what does the Negative Spirit Body look like?”

“It doesn’t look like anything . You can’t see it, and all you could feel is the chill in the air . It feels quite comfortable absorbing it, eh? Don’t you know, Little Missy?” Wang Baole was suspicious, as he felt that something was amiss .

Internally, Little Missy was thinking that she really had no idea . However, on the surface, she simply glanced indifferently and calmly at Wang Baole . With melancholy, she spoke, as if she were recalling a memory .

“I can’t remember . After all, that happened when I was seven years old . All I could remember was to train earnestly, and I didn’t care about anything else . Later on, as I grew older, I began to train in the higher tiers of Dark Qi . Then, as time passed, I lost my physical body, and everything turned into nothingness . ” As Little Missy spoke, her tone sounded sullen .

“As a beginner of the Dark Art, it wouldn’t be advantageous to know too much . All you need to know is that the Negative Spirit Body is only the initial stage of the Dark Art . Only when you successfully convert the Dark Fire into the Dark Force could you then attempt to sense the Dark Qi . However, all these are too difficult for you . Even for me, I took a month before succeeding .

“As for the voices you have heard and the indescribable feeling that you experienced… I can give you an explanation . The voices originate from the Ancient Galactic’s will . I name it… Dark Spirit!

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“Don’t fret too much over the feeling that you have experienced . All you need to know is that after mastering a certain level of the Dark Art, you would wield the power to control life and death . There was someone who managed to reach the fourth stage of the Dark Art . He was a friend of mine, someone that others referred to as the Immortal Death!

“There is said to be seven stages to the Dark Art!”

“You can leave now, I’m tired . ” Little Missy spoke calmly . Her voice carried signs of aging . She had a look of melancholy on her face, as if Wang Baole had dug up a painful memory of hers .

Her words and her facial expressions made Wang Baole shocked and shameful for having suspicions towards Little Missy . He wanted to say something, but eventually decided to leave after saying farewell with cupped fists .

However, the moment Wang Baole took his leave, the melancholy in Little Missy’s facial expression and eyes instant vanished, replaced by madness and disbelief .

Gosh, where the hell did this annoying fatty come from?

He… He actually succeeded in mastering it . When my mother urged me to stop learning in the past, she also told me that this was something that no one could master!

Little Missy was thrown into madness instantly, and thoughts of suspicion towards herself arose . Very quickly, her facial expressions changed .

Whatever I just said was to continue pretending, and they are made up of ideas from my own imagination that carried little truth . He can’t possibly really absorb the Dark Qi one of these days, right?

Little Missy trembled . However, she also felt that this was impossible . She was about to heave a sigh of relief when she suddenly thought that impossible things had happened over and over again to Wang Baole . She was frustrated, and let out a long sigh, feeling incredibly exhausted mentally…

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