A World Worth Protecting - Chapter 503

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Chapter 503: 503

A mere mid-stage Core Formation realm cultivator, and you still dare to fight me? This Liang Long has only one ball . I have three! Wang Baole thought arrogantly . His attack had completely overpowered Liang Long . Since forming a Heart Core, the strength of his physical body had reached terrifying levels . In addition, he still had a Lightning Core and a Dark Core .

Practicing the Lightning Immortal Transformation strengthened the foundations of his cultivation . As he struck, lightning bolts descended from the heavens and rendered Liang Long almost powerless to fight back . He was forced to react and unable to unleash many of his own attacks .

Wang Baole charged forward like a raging Tyrannosaurus, threatening to rip everything in his path apart . Liang Long quaked in his boots . His eyes reddened as he became trapped in such a critically dangerous moment . He retreated hastily, yanked a jade pendant that had been concealed underneath his clothes off his neck, and pressed it .

You have Dharmic Armaments? So do I!

The jade pendant started shining instantly . It transformed swiftly into a huge turtle shell that encased Liang Long within . The aural shock waves from Wang Baole’s megaphone arrived as soon as the turtle shell was formed, surging forward, thundering, and crashing onto the turtle shell .

The skies quaked with deafening thunder . The force of the aural attack erupted, splitting the earth open in numerous places . However… the turtle shell protecting Liang Long only suffered a slight dent, and it healed almost instantaneously!

The spectators had no time to observe the scene before Wang Baole’s lightning bolts approached immediately after his aural attack . They landed on the turtle shell, but they only caused a slight dent in the turtle shell . They seemed unable to shatter it . Then, Wang Baole approached . He lifted his right leg, and his kick landed on the turtle shell . That was when a sliver of a crack appeared on the turtle shell .

Even so, this crack healed immediately before his eyes!

Wang Baole frowned and retreated . Liang Long was finally able to catch his breath . His facial features were contorted into an extremely ugly expression . He stared unblinkingly at Wang Baole’s right leg . The brief sigh of relief was followed swiftly by terror and shock . He knew how precious this turtle shell was . It was a defensive treasure that had been a gift from his master . It was able to withstand an attack from a Nascent Soul realm cultivator . A Core Formation realm cultivator wouldn’t be able to cause it any harm .

He had tested this many times while fighting others and while carrying out missions in the sword body . However, just a moment earlier, a kick from Wang Baole had actually caused a crack in the turtle shell . It might have healed instantly, but that still sent fear into his heart . He thought about where Wang Baole had been aiming for, and his hair stood on end .


While Liang Long released a breath of relief, a cold light flashed in Wang Baole’s eyes . He dashed out again . This time, he was faster and didn’t give Liang Long a chance to react . He approached and raised his right hand for another attack .

It wasn’t a single punch, but a series of punches!

A series of thunderous booms erupted . Wang Baole was like a hurricane, lashing out repeatedly against Liang Long’s turtle shell . The sound of his fists and kicks connecting with the turtle shell thundered and rang out in the air . He unleashed the power of his three cores at the same time . Regardless, he could only manage to inflict more cracks on the turtle shell .

Liang Long wasn’t having a good time himself either . Despite the turtle shell being able to withstand the attacks, it still shook from Wang Baole’s kicks and punches . The tremors weren’t limited to once or twice . Wang Baole had unleashed more than a hundred punches without pause and kicked a dozen or so times . The resultant quakes were enough to send Liang Long’s blood churning . It felt awful .

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This experience of being hit without being able to hit back drove Liang Long mad . His eyes shone with murder . He was about to unleash his killer move when he held himself back .

I’m going to wait for him to tire himself before I strike . I’ll use this turtle shell to exhaust his energy!

Liang Long grit his teeth at that thought . Wang Baole had an awful expression on his face at this point as well . The turtle shell was giving him a headache . He couldn’t break it apart .

I’ve encountered something like this before… As Wang Baole sent another punch forward, he recalled a similar experience when he had been in the Spirit Breath Village . He had trapped the other party inside something else then .

I’ll do just that . You really think there’s nothing I can do to you? Wang Baole grew impatient at that thought . He retreated suddenly and raised his right hand . The glow of a spell erupted instantly .

It was then that Liang Long’s eyes flashed as he saw Wang Baole’s retreat . This was the moment he had been waiting for . His hands came together to form a series of hand seals . He roared and bit the tip of his tongue, spilling blood . He raised his right hand and made a grabbing motion in the air . His spilled blood transformed into a blood saber before him, and his hand gripped it . He was about to retaliate when the tip of a small bell appeared within the glowing light in Wang Baole’s hand!

It expanded rapidly and grew to an enormous size in an instant . It was over three meters tall and exuded a terrifying power . It… surpassed that of the giant megaphone and seemed to be at the level of an eighth-grade Dharmic Armament . There was a giant red python on this huge bell, coming to life as it roared . This python was the remnants of a god inside the huge bell!

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Wang Baole formed a series of hand seals . The large bell fell buzzing over Liang Long’s head the same moment his blood saber was unleashed . It descended with a loud boom, trapping Liang Long and his turtle shell within and encasing them within a seal!

Liang Long’s blood saber slashed forward then and landed on the bell, causing the bell to shake and release a deafening ringing that shook the earth . Liang Long was flung sideways repeatedly by the violent aural vibrations . He released a cry, and blood spilled from his lips . His fury was indescribable as he howled madly .

His cry sent the huge bell buzzing again . Liang Long’s heart started beating violently . He was on the verge of madness . However, there was nothing he could do about it . His blood saber might be powerful, but it couldn’t slash open the bell with a single blow . He would have to unleash multiple attacks .

He could imagine the deafening ringing that would result from each attack, that would lash back at him . He wouldn’t be able to sustain the use of the turtle shell for such a long period of time as it required too much Spirit Qi . Resentment filled Liang Long . He was about to bite the bullet and unleash everything he had when alarm flashed across his face .

This artifact can cut off Spirit Qi! He could immediately sense that he had been cut off from the Spirit Qi outside the bell . He was unable to absorb and replenish his Spirit Qi!

Everything drove the already resentful and frustrated Liang Long further into a mad fury .

At present, Wang Baole stood outside the huge bell . He threw a glance at the bell, then snorted . The bell could only be used once and couldn’t last long, but Wang Baole didn’t feel much loss using it now . After all, he had caught plenty of remnant thoughts of gods on Mars . As long as he had enough materials, he would be able to refine another one .

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You have that turtle shell of yours, right? Seems quite impressive . Let me make this more challenging for you! Wang Baole stuck his chin up in the air arrogantly . He kicked the bell a few times, triggering a series of loud ringing . Then, he decided that he couldn’t be bothered with it anymore . He turned and stared at Zhou Biao and the others around him . Their faces were pale, and when they looked at him, it was with eyes of shock and terror .

“Has the cave abode here been cleaned up? Someone, lead the way!” Wang Baole said coolly . The breathing of Zhou Biao and the others quickened . They hastily greeted Wang Baole, and respectfully led him to his cave abode .

His cave abode… naturally sat atop the main mountain peak . It rested on the very top of the peak . One could gaze upon the vast Sea of Fire . This was the spot on the island where Spirit Qi was the richest . There was also a Spirit Pool inside the cave abode .

The amenities and daily necessities were comprehensive . Wang Baole smiled with great satisfaction after entering and inspecting the cave abode .

Zhou Biao and the others had originally planned for Liang Long to have this cave abode . However, they had witnessed with their own eyes Wang Baole’s violence and dared not offend him . They released a sigh of relief after leading Wang Baole straight into his cave abode . Then, they stared at one another . They could see the resignation in one another’s eyes .

“There’s nothing we can do about it . We can’t afford to offend him . Let’s just be more careful from now on . ” Zhou Biao sighed . He turned to his fellow cultivators and passed down his instructions . A Foundation Establishment realm cultivator amongst them hesitated, then asked softly .

“Senior Brother Zhou, what about Uncle-Master Liang?”

“That’s out of our hands . We cannot get involved . Didn’t you see how even Pavilion Head Li of the Foreign Affairs Pavilion washed his hands of this…” Zhou Biao thought for a bit . The fearsome image of Wang Baole’s violent punching and kicking appeared in his mind . He shuddered and then shrugged quickly .

Everyone left their own separate ways quickly . What remained was the giant bell in the public square and Liang Long’s occasional howls of resentment escaping from within .