A World Worth Protecting - Chapter 504

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Chapter 504

Wang Baole was immensely pleased at the moment, having acquired his own cave abode on the ancient greenish-bronze sword . He was clearly pleased with the cave abode he had gotten as well . It had eight rooms, and aside from an area for seclusion, there was also a Spirit Pool in the center of the cave abode . The water was formed from Spirit Qi and filled the area with a thick and rich Spirit Qi .

The other rooms were all set aside for specific uses . There was a room for growing herbs, another for rearing Spirit Beasts, and yet another for refining pills . What pleasantly surprised Wang Baole was the room with a stone slab in it . It was synced to the stone slab on the main Vast Expanse Dao Palace island that issued missions . He would be able to accept all his missions here .

He could only accept missions though . Once a mission was completed, he would still need to return to the main island for evaluation before he could receive his battle credits . Even so, this was already a pleasant surprise . It would save a great deal of traveling time for him .

The cave abode took care of all the daily needs of a cultivator .

In addition, when he stepped outside the cave abode and stood atop the mountain peak, he was greeted with a clear view of his surroundings . Besides having a view that went on for miles, the cave abode was also the center of the island’s defensive array formation .

After looking around, Wang Baole decided on one room as his main area of residence . He tidied it up, then sat down cross-legged . He began to think about his future plans .

I have to earn some battle credits quickly . At the same time, I have to gain a better understanding of the Vast Expanse Dao Palace as well as the ancient greenish-bronze sword… After some thought, Wang Baole went into the room with the mission stone slab . He pressed his right hand onto the stone, and a long list of missions appeared in his mind instantly .

Wang Baole disregarded the missions awarding single-digit battle credits . He planned to focus on missions that awarded battle credits in the range of fifty points . Those awarding more battle credits were either too challenging or time-consuming, so Wang Baole didn’t consider them at all .

After a round of selection, Wang Baole’s eyes lit up as they locked onto a particular mission .

The extermination of Inferno Rats and the collection of fresh beast cores . One beast core was worth thirty battle credits!

The mission also provided some brief information on the Inferno Rat . It was a beast that lived in the Sea of Fire, and its appearance resembled a rat . It wasn’t a powerful fighter, with most Inferno Rats being at the Foundation Establishment realm . Only the Inferno Rat King was at the Core Formation realm .

Foundation Establishment realm cultivators might have been able to complete this mission if the only difficulty came from the Inferno Rat itself . However, only Core Formation realm cultivators could carry out this mission . This was because Inferno Rats rarely left the Sea of Fire . They could only be found in the sea .

Foundation Establishment realms were unable to enter the Sea of Fire . They would only be able to last a span of a dozen breaths or so before they were burned to death . Only Core Formation realm cultivators, with the aid of protective spells, could remain in the Sea of Fire for long periods of time .

That was why any mission that involved the Sea of Fire could only be carried out by a Core Formation realm cultivator .

Wang Baole thought for a while as he studied the mission details . He sent a voice transmission to his only friend in the Vast Expanse Dao Palace, the fat cultivator, to ask him for more information on the Inferno Rat . The fat cultivator sent over whatever information he had to Wang Baole without hesitation .

Wang Baole thanked him and then studied the contents of the mission . His eyes narrowed gradually .

“The Inferno Rat might not be a strong fighter, but it’s extremely fast when in the Sea of Fire… In addition, when a cultivator enters the Sea of Fire, he will continue to suffer the corrosive poison of the fiery sea despite the defenses he has on . The Spirit Qi in the Sea of Fire is unstable and cannot be absorbed . That is why one should not overuse their spells . Note that one’s speed will also be affected when in the Sea of Fire . ”

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Wang Baole read through the information and fell into a contemplative silence . Then, decisiveness flashed in his eyes . He didn’t hesitate and immediately accepted the Inferno Rat mission .

Then, Wang Baole took a look at the sky . It was near evening . Based on what the fat cultivator had given him, the Sea of Fire was least corrosive and toxic at night . Even though Foundation Establishment realm cultivators would still be unable to enter, a Core Formation realm cultivator would be able to stay in the sea for a longer period of time .

He didn’t waste any time at all . He walked out of his cave abode, then transformed into a rainbow and dashed off . Liang Long, who was still trapped in his huge bell, had long been forgotten .

Wang Baole left the Green Fire Island and raced above the Sea of Fire . He monitored movements in the sea, hoping to find Inferno Rats that might have surfaced . He also kept looking to the skies . The skies darkened visibly an hour later . Wang Baole thought for a bit, then stopped in his tracks . He slowly descended until he stood above the Sea of Fire . He wasn’t so brash as to charge straight into the ocean . Instead, he floated above it, inspecting and checking to ensure that he wouldn’t suffer severe injury before slowly sinking into the sea .

The world around him turned into a dark maroon as he sank gradually downward . The sound of flames dancing resounded in his ears as a scorching heat surged inward from all directions and surrounded him .

Fortunately, Wang Baole wasn’t only a Core Formation realm cultivator; his physical form was also at the Core Formation realm . His level of defense and protection vastly surpassed that of other early-stage Core Formation realm cultivators . He only felt mild discomfort after sinking into the lava and soon recovered .

Everywhere around him was lava . Even though it hindered vision, even without sight, a Core Formation realm cultivator could have a clear grasp of everything happening around him just by relying on his other senses . His senses simply might not extend as far .

When Wang Baole had formed his Heart Core, he had formed a sliver of Spiritual Sense that startled even Li Xingwen . He hadn’t been all that aware of it at first . However, now that he was in the lava, he could clearly sense that there was something different .

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He was pleasantly surprised by the discovery that he didn’t need his eyes to see through the obstruction of the lava . Images of his surroundings appeared naturally in his mind, and he could see as far as ten yards away .

This would definitely shock other Core Formation realm cultivators if they found out . Their senses could only extend as far as one to two yards in the lava . This was one of the reasons why the Inferno Rat’s beast core was worth so much .

Let’s test out the mosquitoes… After he could see his surroundings clearly in his mind, Wang Baole immediately summoned his mosquitoes . Ten mosquitoes flew out from inside his body instantly . Unfortunately, some were unable to withstand the lava when they appeared and seemed ready to disintegrate and melt away . Only the gray mosquito appeared unaffected .

After a series of attempts, Wang Baole realized that the ordinary mosquitoes could only survive for a span of forty breaths before dying .

Fortunately, I can keep on summoning those ordinary mosquitoes… Wang Baole’s eyes flashed . He got the mosquitoes to spread out, and his line of vision expanded swiftly and exponentially to a hundred yards . He took a step forward and dashed deeper into the Sea of Fire, in search of Inferno Rats .

He would summon a new batch of mosquitoes after every thirty breaths to replace the previous batch . This allowed him to sustain his hundred-yard vision .

Such a field of vision, which surpassed his peers nearly a hundred times, allowed Wang Baole to search for Inferno Rats with startling speed . The only flaw was that it took up too much Spirit Qi . After assessing the amount of Spirit Qi he had expended and calculating the maximum duration he could remain in the Sea of Fire, Wang Baole called back a few of his mosquitoes . With three mosquitoes left to support the gray mosquito, the four barely covered the area as he continued his search .

Two hours passed, and Wang Baole had less than an hour before he reached his limits . It was then that his senses stirred . He saw a dark red form in the gray mosquito’s vision . It was extremely quick and sped past in a blur . However, Wang Baole still caught a glimpse of its rat-like form .

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It was the Inferno Rat!

Found it! Delight shone in Wang Baole’s eyes . He didn’t hesitate and released all his mosquitoes . They spread out instantly, widening his field of vision . He saw immediately, a short distance away, an Inferno Rat rapidly racing into the distance .

It seemed to have sensed danger . With a sudden burst of speed, the Inferno Rat attempted to make an escape .

Trying to run? Wang Baole’s eyes flashed as he dashed forward with a burst of speed . He maneuvered his mosquitoes to stop the monster . The Inferno Rat struggled, but to no avail . Wang Baole had a sufficient field of vision and speed boosted by his Core Formation realm physical body . The Inferno Rat roared as the mosquitoes intercepted it, and before Wang Baole could even draw near, the gray mosquito charged forward and pierced it through its skull . The Inferno Rat shriveled instantly .

Wang Baole finally approached, and his right hand made a grabbing motion . A dark red beast core resembling a crystal flew out from the Inferno Rat’s body and landed in Wang Baole’s hand .

Got it! Wang Baole was overjoyed . He was about to inspect the beast core when suddenly, at that moment, Little Missy’s flustered voice rang in his mind .

“Baole, go deeper down . I can sense the aura of a mask fragment below!”