Abe the Wizard - Chapter 222

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Chapter 222: 222

Chapter 222 The Death of the Golden Flying Mount

Savage bees were not afraid of death . There were endless in number and had fearless bravery . They were invincible when they gathered together .

Their only purpose was to bite the combat qi shield . Although a savage bee’s attack was very weak, there were tens of thousands of them, and the effect of their attack was completely different .

“Let Master Bernie go with the Golden Eagle first!” one golden flying ride said .

In this case, the golden flying ride gave up his golden eagle, which was equivalent to directly sacrificing his life .

“I don’t want to leave . We have to go together!” Bernie cried stubbornly .

“It’s gonna be too late if you don’t leave now!” In fact, wizard Aitken also knew that even if Bernie sat on the golden eagle, he would not be able to escape successfully . But if the rest of them attacked with all their strength, Bernie might succeed .

“I’ll explore the way for Master Bernie first!” Another golden flying ride looked deeply at Bernie, bowed, and then jumped on the back of the golden eagle and rushed into the sky violently .

The combat qi of the golden flying ride flashed the golden light like a god of war with reflecting off the golden feathers of a golden eagle, rushing to the sky rapidly, then it slowed down after being hit by endless savage bees when rushing to five meters . There was no speed when rushing to ten meters .

The combat qi of the golden fly ride did not stop the attack for a long time . The dwarves below heard the scream of the golden flying ride . It was that the poisonous needle of the savage Bee had pierced into its body . The poisonous needle of the savage Bee was not disposable and could be reused .

The dwarves felt horrible in this open space .

Every golden flying ride was a selection of elites . Usually, even the golden flying ride wouldn’t make a sound when they got hurt with a knife or ax . At this time, they made such a terrible sound, indicating that the pain had surpassed this powerful flying knight’s maximum bearing capacity .

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The poison of one savage bee could only cause great pain to the enemy, and it was not fatal . The poison of a group of savage bees would quickly destroy the internal tissues of the body, erode every cell, and spread the pain, causing the enemy to die .

“Save him!” Bernie yelled and looked at the two dwarven wizards, wizard Kipling and wizard Aitken . If anyone could save the golden flying ride here, it would be them .

“Master Bernie, there is no need to save them . The toxin has penetrated into the body!” Wizard Aitken shook his head helplessly .

The pain that had been magnified many times made the golden flying ride in the air mourn continuously, and the voice is getting lower and lower, weaker and weaker, and the dwarves seemed to already know the next result .

Just a few seconds after the screaming stopped, a golden flying ride fell from the air and fell in front of the dwarves . The black leather armor on his body was worn out, and the exposed skin was covered in black holes . At this time, the golden flying ride wasn’t breathing, and the golden eagle on one side had withered feather and was on its last legs .

The dwarves looked at the corpse of the golden flying ride, and there was no hope of escaping . They felt hopeless .

Two dwarven wizards, wizard Kipling and wizard Aitken didn’t have enough mana . The full cast they just used cost them too much mana . Bernie did not agree to leave alone, which let the two dwarven wizards felt moving . However, they also felt angry because they didn’t know whether they could save Bernie .


Finally, two dwarven wizards, wizard Kipling and wizard Aitken had run out of their mana, and their bodies were slumped in the Burtons’ combat qi shields . At this time, the Burtons’ combat qi shields were already thin and would be broken soon .

“I’m glad to take the risk with you, and I’ve dragged everyone down!” Bernie was very calm in the face of the imminent death, and he bowed to all the dwarves .

“Master Bernie, we didn’t protect you well!” Wizard Aitken said weakly, at this point, he had felt the death .

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“Master Bernie, please stand in the middle . At least you will die behind us . We have vowed not to let you die in front of us!” Golden flying ride, who had been silent, said in a deep voice .

“The world is dominated by me,

The snowstorm also surge at my command,

The Earth-Dividing Mountain Range,

Life blooms like a summer flower,

Although short,

But we are giant blood,

Sword shield

The sound of our war songs shook through the sea,

This is the age of dwarves . ”

They didn’t know who started to sing the dwarf’s song, but all the dwarves took out the wine, sang the dwarf’s song aloud, laughed and tears, pride, and friendship . It seemed that everything would become eternal memory .

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The Burtons’ combat qi shield finally disappeared in white starlight, and the dwarves were exposed in front of the savage bees . The dwarves consciously formed a surrounding circle and tightly surrounded Bernie .

Just as the despair was shrouded in the hearts of the dwarves, a huge wind pressure blew the savage bees that were preparing to attack the dwarves, and even the standing dwarves were somewhat unstable .

“Come up quickly!” Abel yelled at the dwarves .

Abel’s voice came at this moment like a sound of nature . All the dwarves understood that they were hopeful . The Burtons each supported the two wizards, and Bernie then rushed to the back of White Cloud . The last golden flying ride also quickly followed up, coupled with the coming mounts, there was almost no room in the cabin on White Cloud’s back .

“Pease keep the following thing secret!” Abe said to Bernie, who knew that he had the highest status here .

“Master Abel, I swear in the name of my family . We will not mention anything about your secrets . ” Bernie had known that Abel would rescue them out at the expense of his own privacy . He said solemnly .

Abel nodded to Bernie and shouted, “White Cloud, unfold the shield, let’s fly!”

White Cloud flapped its wings with all his strength, fanned the savage bees away from it again, and a shield appeared on it, wrapping the huge body in it, and the body flew off the ground .

The savage bees, who couldn’t see White Cloud taking off, were still frantically attacking the place where the White Cloud was . Many savage bees collided together, and there was nothing left .

White Cloud forcibly rushed out of the way in the air, and all the savage bees which were on the way were blown aside as if opened by a big invisible hand .

While Cloud accelerated, lifted up, and rose . When White Cloud stabilized at high altitude, there was no savage bee’s around . It was impossible for any savage bee to keep up, even if they did see White Cloud .

At this time, the dwarves on White Cloud had understood the role of the outer shield of White Cloud’s body and the ability to hide . When this ability is on a flying animal, there was basically no place where this flying animal could not go . Needless to say, it was a strategic-level flying beast like a sky sparrow .

It was no wonder that Abel asked them to keep secret . If a war occurred, a soul beast with invisible ability might change the situation of war . Also, this strategic-level beast was in the hands of the individual who was being targeted by humans .

After this accident, which almost resulted in annihilation, no dwarf made a request for a camp, and the nutrition potion produced by Abel also became a ration of Black Wind and White Cloud .

Black Wind was still normal . The nutrition potion had completely eliminated its hunger . It laid quietly on the side to rest .

White Cloud was different . Abel poured the last two nutrition potions into its mouth . The message returned in Abel ‘s soul chain was that the two nutrition potions were just like a dessert to White Cloud .

White Cloud’s powerful flying ability was once again manifested, no matter it was day or night, even if it was fully loaded, it could still fly continuously at high altitude . Two nutrition potions allowed it to fly a day and a night .

During the rest journey, the dwarves ate their own dry food . The two wizards’ portal bags seemed to have prepared a lot of food for this operation . They stopped outside the Double Moon Forest just to eat a hot meal . They didn’t expect to lose a life for that little demand .

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