Abe the Wizard - Chapter 48

Published at 9th of February 2020 12:51:59 PM

Chapter 48

The orcs cheered with excitement as they penetrated the defense line of the humans . However, as they ran towards the direction of the sunset, the team of 33 knight brigades had already begun to increase their speed the team had reached their peak speed .

As the arrowhead of the knight brigade charging formation, the Knight of Saroya was at the very forefront . The Elite Knight, Bernard, and Elite Knight of Hopper closely followed behind .

The Knight of Saroya shouted “LOYALTY!”

A white glow of combat qi began to rush out from the body of the Knight of Saroya . Soon, all the knights who were following closely behind also began to unleash their combat qi .

The Knight of Saroya then shouted “HONOUR!”

This large amount of combat qi began to merge . Even the 30 lesser knights at the back were trying their best to unleash their combat qi .


More and more combat qi shifted from the back of the charging formation towards the forefront .


Now, a large amount of combat qi was concentrated on the bodies of the 3 Elite knights .


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A combat qi armor that was exclusive to head commanders began to appear on their bodies


As the knight brigade continued to accelerate . The white color combat qi armor on the 3 elite’s body knights had shone even brighter . At last, they had merged, forming an arrowhead .


The 30 lesser knights at the back continued to supply more and more combat qi towards the forefront . The arrowhead became bigger and bigger .


At last, a gigantic arrowhead had formed at the forefront of the charging formation, shielding the 33 knight brigades .

The Knight’s charging formation were some of the most powerful force humans could create in this world . It congregated the spirit of knights . In order to achieve a knight charging formation, it required a minimum of 10 official knights . However, if more knights were in the formation, the more powerful it became .

The holy contention had a legend . It states that when the words, “Loyalty”, “Honour”, “Sacrifice”, “Bravery”, “Mercy”, “Spirit”, “Honesty” and “Justice” were collectively being said together, the knight brigades would become unstoppable .

As described by countless enemies, The only way to defeat a team of knights brigades in a charging formation was to wait for it to stop charging .

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Actually, it was planned all along . Those warriors who were initially in a defensive formation to withstand the orcs . They were only there to create extra time for the knight brigade to complete their charging formation . Although the charging formation was very powerful, it could only be used in an actual battleground . Since the formation would often take a long time to complete if they’ve been spotted during the process . The enemy would gain enough time to plan a response .

“It’s the knight charging formation . Run! Quick!” Fowler loudly warned the other orcs . His calmness completely vanished . He was frightened by the most powerful attacking formation of humans .

The orcs had already been slowed down by the human defense formation . There was no way they could escape this already formed knight charging formation . The giant arrow of combat qi rushed towards the frightened orcs, like a sickle about to harvest its crops .

“Protect the Lord!” Since the wolf riders were near the back end of their formation, they preserved most of their fighting power . They madly rushed towards the front, using their bare body to protect the escaping Lord Fowler .

Fowler had already lost 2 out of 9 personal wolf riders in the previous batter . The 7 that remained were closely guarding Fowler by his side .

“For the glory of the Woolf family!” A wolf rider roared as he directly rushed towards the knight brigades . Although is sacrifice had made no difference, there were still many wolf rider shouting, ATTACK!

“Go to hell, humans . One day, I will call my lead troops to kill you all” . Fowler swore, but it couldn’t change the reality .

The orcs were different from humans . For human royals, the oldest son would inherit the family’s assets . While for the orcs . The most powerful son would be the inherence .

Fowler was the 6th son of the Woolf family . In order to gain a chance to inherit his family’s assets, he had to work very hard . That’s the reason he had decided to join this new member trial .

Every year, the orc empire sent a large number of young soldiers to the human world . If they could survive for more than three months, they would be awarded . The main reason was that the orcs were too good at reproducing, and the orc empire doesn’t have enough resources to meet up the demands . Especially for these orc soldiers . Therefore not only could the orc empire gain more resources by sending these troops to steal, but they could also minimize their population . That’s why “the trial of death” was created . Of course, it had a better sounding name “the new member trial” .

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There were two elite wolf riders beside Fowler . These elite orcs were an important asset of the orcs empire, and they would rarely appear in these new member trials . However, since they needed to ensure the safety of their lord, they had also traveled to the human world .

“Wooo…” an elite wolf rider viciously howled towards the sky . Under the influence of combat qi, his voice was clearly heard by a sky sparrow just flying above them . The driver of the sparrow understood the message . He knew that he need to pick up an orc that was very high status within the orc empire . It was commanded that no matter what happened, this orc had to return safely . The driver then lightly padded the neck of the sky sparrow . The sky sparrow then took a turn in the sky and began to lower itself to around 20 meters above the ground .

The two elite wolf riders tightly held on to Fowler’s arms, one on each side . In a count of three, they unleashed all their combat qi and threw Fowler towards the sky .

“I will take good care of your families!” Said Fowler in mid-air to the two elite wolf rider on the ground . Soon the sky sparrow swooped from below, catching Fowler with its giant body .

Meanwhile, the knights charging formation was rushing directly towards the two elite wolf riders . The two wolf riders were flashing with intense combat qi . They felt gratified, at last . Their lord had been saved, and the Lord said he would take good care of their families . Everything was worth it .

Just like sand being swallowed up by a powerful wave, the great charging force of the knights had soon turned the two elites wolf rider into smoke of blood . Since the 2 elites wolf riders also possessed great power, they had an even more tragic death under the rebound power of the knight charging formation .

This scenery had frightened the sky sparrow which Fowler was on . It soon began to immediately accelerate towards the sky .

The Knight of Saroya realized that sky sparrow was still in reach, so he once again gathered knight brigades, and unleashed a beam of combat qi towards the sky . Although the sky sparrow could accelerate very fast, it was nothing compared to the speed of the knight brigade’s beam of combat qi . Soon it had began caught up with the sky sparrow .

Fowler sensed that he was in danger once again . He took out a rune sign from his chest pocket and smashed it . The rune sign turned into a white shield . However, the beam of combat qi produced by the 33 knights was still too strong . After a while, it had penetrated Fowler’s shield .

Although Fowler’s shield could not stop the beam of combat qi completely, it still absorbed most of its energy . The beam only made a small cut on the sky sparrow’s body and vanished .

The injured sky sparrow was traumatized . No matter how hard the driver tried to calm it down . It flocked around frantically and did not follow it’s an initial path at all .

At the time, most of the sky sparrow drivers had realized that the orcs they were supposed to pick up were killed . Since their sky sparrows were also getting more and more irritated, they began to retrieve .

“Damn, we let him got away,” the Knight of Saroya said with an annoyed tone .

That orcs must be very high status . All the wolf riders had gone crazy to protect him earlier, even 2 elite wolf riders had sacrificed themselves . Moreover, it was unusual for a sky sparrow to take a risk flying at such a low altitude . All of these things just add up, that orc must be someone extraordinary .

“Let’s clean up the mess”, said the Elite Knight of Bernard from the side .

We had killed 160 wolf riders with rank 6 and above, two of which were even elite wolf riders . The military service we achieved today was already very outstanding .

The 200 soldiers who were guiding the mouth of the valley had all been called back to clean up and give first aid to other injured soldiers .

No matter dead or alive . Let’s chop off the heads of all the orcs . They represented our outstanding military service .

“Master, the result has been calculated”, a lieutenant came out with a bandaged arm and said with a heavy tone . “Out of the 1000 warriors, other than the 200 who were guarding the valley mouth . We have 302 dead, 54 in critical condition, and 5 lightly injured . ”

“Ah, report it anyway . We’ll give a part of the spoils of war to their families”, the Knight of Saroyan helplessly said . People die in battles, this fact was unavoidable . These were all the bright soldiers that trained under the Knight of Saroya for many years, fighting against normal orcs should be a challenge . However, all the orcs in this battle were rank 6 and above . Since all they wanted to do was to penetrate our defense line, the result had to be like this