Abe the Wizard - Chapter 672

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Chapter 672: 672

There was only one statue in the main palace . It had a curve bull horn, thin face, and muscles that seemed even more developed than humans .

Abel focused on this giant statue . This statue of the orc god was the only thing in this temple . Anything else was not qualified to be placed here .

The other orcs were already kneeling in front of the statue . Abel sighed in his heart, but he still followed and kneel down .

When he sensed the other orcs began to stand up again, he stood up too . But it was at that moment, a beam of green light suddenly shot out from the orc god statue, engulfing Abel and the 10 other orcs .

He felt a creepy sense scanning his body but it didn’t stay for long . Soon it vanished .

A Tauren next to him was suddenly blasted out by some kind of energy through the green light . Afterwards, 2 bearman and a werecat were also blasted away .

Soon, the green light retreated back to the statue like nothing had happened . If 3 orcs hadn’t gotten blasted away, Abel would have thought it was just another normal scan .

His gaze turned towards the ground and looked at those 3 orcs struggling to climb up . He was sure those orcs also had the power of a wolf rider captain . But after further examination, he realized they only had the power of a beginner wolf rider captain; maybe that’s why the green light blasted them out .

The 3 orcs finally stood up again . The hit just then did not damage their body, but it was targeted towards their souls . Maybe those 3 orcs could no longer train for the next few years, they could only slowly recover .

“Get out of the temple!” The black cloak priest said in a raspy voice .

The 3 orcs did not say anything . They helped each other stumble out of the gate . Nobody else would help them . Losers were not worth a pity in the orc empire .

The Black Cloaked priest then turned back to the other orcs and said ‘Congratulations, you have passed the examination . You have achieved a first step recognition by the orc god, you can now join the official orc god ceremony!” He especially nodded at Abel again, seeming proud that a worgen passed the examination .

They exited the temple and Abel directly turned right to find the other worgens . Since that was what the black cloaked priest had told him, he would attract unnecessary attention if he wandered around . His identity had been confirmed by the orc god anyway, so no one would question him .

He was a little worried when he was first getting the scan . Even though his transformation necklace was a godly object by the goddess of the moon and was supposed to be impossible to penetrate, he was facing a scan from an orc god .

He had everything prepared . Once he was spotted, he would directly retreat back to battle fort 03 . As long as he could track down the actual location of the orc priest, he could keep searching from the sky .

But of course, this was only a plan b, since too much risk was involved . If there was a teleportation circle in the orc god ceremony, then he could no longer track them down .

Luckily the examination went smoothly, so all he needed to do now was to find an informed orc to ask about the details . The best candidates would be the worgens, of course .

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He arrived at the right of the square and a wolf rider captain directly asked “Which family are you from?’

Abel lowered his voice and replied, “My name is Beecher, my family is not well known!”

“It’s ok if you don’t want to say it . No one here is from a normal family!” That wolf rider captain lowered his voice as well .

Abel suddenly realised the gear this wolf rider captain was wearing were not what normal wolf rider captains could afford . He was wearing a full leather armour with beautiful patterns etched onto it . His leather boots were also the same . It was extraordinarily beautiful .

Not only this wolf rider captain, but all the other orcs were dressed in luxury too . You could tell there were no ordinary orcs at first glance .

“My name is Bloom, my family has sacrificed a lot to give me this opportunity . If not, I would be training in the wolf rider army!” That wolf rider captain named Bloom said with a smile pretending to be close .

“This really is a rare opportunity . We only have this chance because all the head wolf rider captains were recruited!” Wolf rider captain Bloom continued in an openly happy smile .

Abel felt awkward looking at that strange smile on a wolf face .

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“Normal wolf rider captains are not allowed in this ceremony?” Abel asked . He suddenly remembered wolf rider captain Beecher was blocked before he could even exit the wolf garden .

“If you escape the army without a powerful background, the only thing waiting for you is death . I heard they were going through mass training involving many huge races . It is taken seriously, so if you are dared to leave, you will be dead!” Wolf rider captain Bloom said helplessly .

At that moment, Abel suddenly realised why there were so many wolf rider captains in luxurious clothes .

All of these orcs were nobles . Maybe wolf rider captain Bloom didn’t understand, but this mass training he was talking about was actually not a mass training . It was a massive war . That was why all the noble orcs sent their most important offspring to join the orc god ceremony .

There were way too many benefits about this . First was allowing the offspring to gain some reward from this once in a lifetime opportunity to join the orc god ceremony without top level forces .

Secondly, it could allow their most potential offspring to avoid the war and preserve their life . Every noble orc in the known knew that this battle would be a disaster .

“I rushed here the moment I got the news, so I’m not sure what will come next . Can you tell me?” Abel scratched his head and took out a bottle of orc fruit wine from his portal bracelet and handed it to wolf rider captain Bloom . This wine was also his spoil of war from the orc battle field .

“Beecher, you must be quite high status in your family . Such good stuff . But make sure you are careful when you take it out . Don’t let the other orcs see it!” Wolf rider captain Bloom snatched the fruit wine and looked around .

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It seems like Abel had underestimated the power of this fruit wine . Most of his spoil of war were gained from the bone made portal object of priests . With their status in the orc empire, these things still cost quite a lot, even though they were just normal commodities in the human empire .

Making wine required a large amount of food . Although fruit wine was only made from fruits, fruits were food nevertheless . It was extremely valuable in an empire going through famine .

To the orcs, wine was a luxury . It could only be attained by the prestigious . Even though wolf rider captain Bloom was a noble himself, he still rarely had the chance to enjoy these things .

“We will have a few battles after this . 30 men will be picked out of these 100 . Right, how are your fighting skills?” Wolf rider captain Bloom asked . He was quite interested in how powerful Abel was .

“I’m stuck as a wolf rider captain for now . I want to use this ceremony as a chance to break through and become a head wolf rider captain!” Of course Abel would not be too humble, this way wolf rider captain Bloom would respect him more .

“Amazing . If you are this confident, this means that we have another powerful force on our side . We wolves really need to help each other out in the ceremony!” Wolf rider captain Beecher said excitedly .

“Are you really confident that you can pass?” Abel doubted wolf rider Captain Bloom’s confidence .

“Haha, didn’t your family tell you? The ceremony this year is hosted by priests from the wolves, so our opponents will definitely be the weakest . If we can’t pass even with that, why even stay here?” Wolf rider captain Bloom began to laugh again and said to Abel gently as he stepped forward .

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