Absolute Choice - Chapter 293

Published at 23rd of March 2017 10:46:05 AM

Chapter 293

Chapter 293: Who dares to touch her

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The timing of the purplish-gold bullet’s surprise attack could be said to be fatal . Sunless had just thrusted out with nearly all her strength, but the bullet had come shooting from behind .

The bullet’s power was not to be underestimated since it left Sunless no choice but to forcibly change the trajectory of her attack and reversing from offense to defense . The sudden reversal of strength definitely caused damage to one’s body .

Sunless spat out a mouthful of blood as her face turned pale . Her body trembled a few times and managed to stand firmly with the support of her sword . Clearly, she was already seriously injured .

However, the move she made vividly reflected just how strong Sunless was .

Despite the fact that forcibly changing the directional force would inevitably lead to a loss of power, she was still able to defend against the gigantic dragon phantom and the purplish-gold bullet’s pincer attack . It was clear how strong Sunless was .

Without a doubt, Sunless would have definitely shattered the dragon phantom and even defeated Pulp Farmer if not for the purplish-gold bullet .

In this case, Sunless was very likely much stronger than Pulp Farmer!

The surrounding crowd was stunned . At the same time, they were enraged . Although they wanted to eliminate Sunless, they could not deny the fact that Sunless was a true goddess in their hearts .

How could anyone not feel the wince in their hearts and the anger when a goddess was wounded by a sneak attack?

“Which shameless jerk sniped? Get the fuck out here!”

“Fuck, what a shameless asshole to actually launch a sneak attack!”

“Which bastard is it? I’ll never spare him!”

The rookies burst into invectives when suddenly someone shouted, “Look, the sniper is there!”

Everyone immediately looked towards the direction in which that person pointed and were surprised to discover that a short-haired teenager, whose hands were in his pockets, stood proudly at the top of a large tree in the distance .

He was the sniper?

He actually stood there brazenly for all to see after launching a sneak attack?

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Suddenly, someone recognized the short-haired teenager’s identity and shouted, “Isn’t…he Sen Senyuan?”

Immediately, someone echoed, “That’s right . I’ve recognized him as well . He’s the sixth on the official forecast, Sen Senyuan!”

Everyone immediately burst into an uproar .

“Sen Senyuan . I remember the official forecast saying that he is a very overbearing person . Why would he launch a sneak attack?”

“An overbearing person might not necessarily mean he’s not despicable . And his overbearingness might be an act . He might just be a vile person actually!”

“Heh heh . This Sen Senyuan is only sixth, yet he dares to attack Sunless in such a sneaky manner . Isn’t he afraid her brother will seek revenge? Heartless is fifth after all!”

“There’s no need for Heartless . Just Pulp Farmer alone will not spare him since he’s such an open and aboveboard person . How can he forgive such a despicable malefactor undermining his duel with Sunless?”

“Waiting for Pulp Farmer to teach Sen Senyuan a lesson!”

“Look at Pulp Farmer’s expression . It’s as ugly as it can be . There will definitely be a good show coming up!”

Everyone immediately looked at Pulp Farmer . At this moment, his expression was indeed extremely ugly . However, keen-eyed people could tell that Pulp Farmer was trying to repress his anger .

No, it should be said that Pulp Farmer was forcing himself to swallow the anger in his heart .

What was going on?

Suddenly, everyone saw Pulp Farmer bow towards Sen Senyuan, who was on top of the tree . It looked extremely respectful .

Pulp Farmer lowered his head and said with a loud voice, “Young master… With your status, there is no need for you to launch a sneak attack . Why…”

Everyone gasped .

Young master?

Pulp Farmer addressed Sen Senyuan as ‘young master’?

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What was going on?

The clamoring crowd gradually quietened down and perked up their ears .

A cold, haughty and imperious voice came from the distance .

“If not for this bullet, you would have been defeated . Although you are just trash, your clan is still rather loyal as a dog . ”

These words astounded everyone .

From what Sen Senyuan said, Pulp Farmer’s family clan was his family’s ‘dog’?

Pulp Farmer lowered his head as a tinge of anger flashed in his eyes . He took a deep breath and said in a heavy tone, “I do not think I would have been defeated by that strike!”

Sen Senyuan sneered and said, “The reason why trash is trash is because they cannot tell where they lie . You suffered an abject defeat after a few strikes several years ago . Do you think you can close the gap just because a few years have passed? The innate differences between people are irreversible . You are just a mortal with slightly more talent . Sunless’ speed of improvement is so many times faster than yours . The gap between you and her will only be larger than a few years ago . She said she could defeat you in three moves, but in fact, she could finish you in one strike!”

Pulp Farmer suddenly looked up as his eyes were filled with disbelief . He loudly said, “Impossible . She is no longer the pure sword fanatic . She has someone in her heart . Her Sword Truth should clearly weaken…”

Pulp Farmer suddenly thought of the move she forcibly made at the end as a wry smile suffused across his lips . However, there was a stubbornness in his eyes . He said with a heavy tone, “I’m not a person that can’t accept defeat . If the gap between us is that large, I’d rather suffer another abject defeat than having such a despicable victory . Compared to defeating her, I would rather be as you said, never to be able to catch up to her . In that case, I will never lose my goal . ”

“Fool . ”

Sen Senyuan’s voice was cold and dismissive . He said, “Whatever . What has the degeneration of a trash like you got to do with me?”

As Sen Senyuan said this, he pulled his right hand out of his pocket . A purplish-gold circle of light lit up as a purplish-gold pistol appeared in his hand .

The gun was aimed at Sunless as Sen Senyuan said, “Sunless, as a human, your talent is top-notch . Reasonably speaking, you should not be eliminated here, but only Speechless can be my opponent . I will not waste any more time on this level, so your epaulette is mine!”

Sunless was silent but her face was still pale . However, her eyes appeared extremely clam . Although the gun was pointed at her, she did not even turn her head to glance at where Sen Senyuan was .

The rookies were alarmed as they found Sen Senyuan’s tone over-inflated .

“Isn’t this jerk ranked sixth on the official forecasts? He actually says Speechless is his opponent?”

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“But from Pulp Farmer’s attitude, this Sen Senyuan does not seem simple at all . It looks like the official forecast is not necessarily accurate . ”


Everyone was in a flurry of discussion .

Pulp Farmer’s expression changed slightly as he said with a heavy tone, “Young master, you were the first to sneakily attack . Now, you are even taking advantage of her perilous state . How can you live up to the Sen family’s reputation!?”

Sen Senyuan said with a sneer, “Failure makes a rebel, success makes a king . This is the only credo of the Sen family . Be it a sneak attack, taking advantage of a person’s perilous state, or even attacking collectively, the final victor is always on the side of righteousness . The failure has no right to complain . Only the victor has a voice and a reputation . If you want to try stopping, I don’t mind you letting you understand the duties of a dog . ”

A struggle flashed in Pulp Farmer’s eyes . Moments later, he turned towards Sunless and said apologetically, “Sorry, if I were to attack young master, my father and grandfather’s loyalty would be destroyed by my hands . Between unfilialness and unrighteousness, I can only choose the latter . I can’t help you . ”

Sunless had her head lowered towards her sword and ignored him . Pulp Farmer sighed and turned around silently .

At this moment, the rookies found it unbearable as they began to stir . Some could not bear to watch, but there were still others that coveted for the Death Epaulette .

At this moment, yellow circles of light lit up in the sky . Firearms began emerging out of the circular lights as they filled the sky . There were thousands of them with all shapes and sizes . There was no way to count them all as they spanned several kilometers .

The rookies drew a gasp as they revealed looks of trepidation .

“That is no ordinary gun!”

“Look at it… Isn’t it the Cait Demonbreaker Gun that’s worth several hundreds of millions?”

“That is a Dragon Slaying Machine Gun that’s worth several tens of millions…”

“Ah, isn’t that the Blackgold Holy Gun that only existed in legends?”

“Every gun in there seems to have quite an impressive background…”

“If these guns were to fire at the same time…”

Everyone suddenly feared imagining it . They felt a chill from head to toes .

At this moment, all the guns pointed their barrels right at Sunless!

“I know you would not use the exit command . Even if your body is so heavily injured, you would still take on my shot . ”

Sen Senyuan looked at Sunless and said, “So I think very highly of you, and if it’s possible… I want to kill you . The array of guns at this scale was meant for Speechless to enjoy, but as a gift for your funeral, I cannot be too stingy either . ”

When everyone heard this, they were immediately turned anxious . Pulp Farmer also turned angrily towards Sen Senyuan . They never expected that Sen Senyuan had not only kicked her while she was down, he was even planning to kill her!

If it were any other person, they would definitely choose to use the exit command while facing such a situation .

However, Sunless would not do so . She did not even have an inkling of what it meant to feel fear . It was even very likely that she did not put her life at heart .

Everyone was immediately extremely worried .

Unsurprisingly, Sunless’ eyes remained calm . She turned around and raised her sword . Her attitude was adamant and obvious .

Everyone could see how pale she was . They could imagine how weak she was at that moment . How could she have the remaining strength to face the array of guns that filled the sky?

However, the weak-looking her remained firmly at her position . She did not even bat an eyelid against the multitude of guns .

“Very well . You are worthy of being killed by my own hand . ”

Sen Senyuan coldly said, “Then, please die!”

The moment the cold voice faded, the triggers of the multitude of guns were about to be pulled . Everyone felt furious but they did not know how to prevent this . Pulp Farmer clenched his spear while his eyes were filled with a struggle .

Sunless quietly stood there, as though she was a snow lotus that would soon wither .

At this moment, a furious bellow suddenly came from afar!

“Who dares to touch her!?”