Absolute Choice - Chapter 362

Published at 25th of April 2017 11:58:45 AM

Chapter 362

Chapter 362: But This King won’t do so!

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How hard was Shi Xiaobai’s right fist was a question even Shi Xiaobai himself did not know .

After having eaten countless gigantic black scorpions and steel rhinoceroses over the desolate desert, his physique had been greatly enhanced . After that, he had eaten the Transcendence Holy Tree’s mysterious fruit . After half a day of digestion, his physical strength had a significant and qualitative improvement .

And most importantly, Shi Xiaobai’s right hand had previously been sealed as a result of the Absolute Choice’s punishment . During the seal, ‘This Turtle Is Hardest’ was constantly activated . Therefore, after twelve hours, Shi Xiaobai’s right hand was already so hard that it could withstand a ‘Turtle-speed Divine Punch’ that gathered power for thirty minutes .

With all three factors compounded with each other, Shi Xiaobai’s right arm could really be called a Qilin’s arm . His right fist was so hard that it was appalling .

If he were to use any other part of his body to clash head on, like using his head against another head, Shi Xiaobai might be inferior to Moya in his second form . But a right fist against a right fist?

Shi Xiaobai could only say, “Sorry, Spicy Chicken, you can scram now!”

The power that came from his rage pervaded his entire body . At this moment, Shi Xiaobai’s physical strength was unfathomable . It was a terrifying strength that let him to rip a Level Lord apart with his bare hands!

Therefore, this punch was a steamroll when it came to the hardness of his right fist . It was a a trashing based on pure power!

Moya, who had put a wonder performance of crushing his opponents, was now completely crushed!

Regardless of who witnessed this scene, be it King Leonis or the Transcendent citizens, they could not sit still and stood up in unison .

Just by looking at race alone, Leonis, who was a bastard child of a member of the Transcendent race and a lion-headed race, could not represent the Transcendents . And among purebred Transcendents, Moya was the strongest . He was the true representation of the Transcendents, but at this moment, Moya was sent flying by a single punch from a human . What did this mean?

Did it really mean that there was heavens beyond heavens, that the race of the Transcendents was not the strongest race in the world?


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“Stand up!”

“Moya, quickly stand up!”

“Stand up and defeat that human!”

The Transcendents shouted, unwilling to accept this reality .

Rubble buried Moya’s body, and there was three full seconds of silence .


The rubble blasted as a black figure stood up from the rubble .

The figure was about one and a half meters tall . His skin was entirely black, and his squinted eyes were scarlet . A black horn had grown from his head, making him look like an evil demon!

This was Moya?

“This is the Transcendent’s third form!”

Pulp Farmer warned in a low voice, “Be careful, Moya in his third form has lost his mind and all reason . He only has devil-like instincts . Furthermore, his strength and speed is several times above that of his second form . ”

Shi Xiaobai nodded his head slightly . He could feel a terrifying aura from Moya as well . It was an aura that made him extremely uncomfortable . It was as if there was a vague hint of darkness that permeated in him .

The eyes of the Transcendent citizens were transfixed . In the history of the Transcendents, it was extremely rare for a Transcendent to be able to touch the third form, even fewer could completely transform into the third form .

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This was because completely transforming into the third form not only meant the loss of one’s sanity, it would also reveal a fact the Transcendents refused to face!

The third form of the Transcendents looked too similar to the Infernals!

The Transcendents were even accused of being ‘bastards of the Infernals’ .

Unless necessary, no Transcendent who could attain the third form would take the initiative to enter the third form .

But this time, Moya had no choice but to do so because if he were to suffer an abject defeat in such a manner, a defeat from an alien race, his reputation, his ambition, everything that he possessed would become nothing!

Moya’s scarlet eyeballs moved and finally locked onto the target of their hatred . Crazed killing intent surged at that instant!

A hoarse voice sounded as Moya’s figure suddenly vanished!

Shi Xiaobai felt his heart jump and immediately dashed forwards!

A black figure stretched out its dark hands from the ground in an attempt to capture the running Shi Xiaobai’s feet!

Shi Xiaobai did not dare to push the boundaries as he hurriedly used Crab Steps and dodged the attack at an extremely fast speed!

A stygian sound of the wind suddenly howled at that moment!

A black bone claw grabbed Shi Xiaobai’s back with a ripping sound!

In pain, Shi Xiaobai hurriedly jumped forward and used ‘Unleaking Turtle Aura’ to inhibit the pain . The clothes on his back had been torn, leaving behind five bloody marks . If not for his body having a quantum leap in toughness after consuming the holy tree’s fruit, this strike would have ripped his body into two!

From beginning to end, all Shi Xiaobai could discern was a trace of a dark shadow!

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Moya in his third form was this fast?

In the audience stands, Liu Yu and Feng Yuanlin were looking anxious .

Feng Yuanlin said nervously, “We’re doomed . Boss Shi Xiaobai does not know the characteristics of Moya in his third form!”

Liu Yu said with a sigh, “Sigh, who would have thought that Benefactor Shi Xiaobai would personally engage in battle . Furthermore, he has forced Moya to use his third form? Transcendents in the third form do not have their strengths greatly enhanced from the second form, but their speed is increased in an exaggerated manner . Trying to defeat Moya in his third form, dodging is useless . He can only stand his ground in defense . ”

Feng Yuanlin said with a wry smile, “However, Moya’s strength is no joke either . If one is not a psionite that focuses on defense, standing his ground in defense is only being a sitting duck . ”

Liu Yu shook his head and said, “Being a sitting duck is better than scurrying around like a rat . By standing your ground, you can at least determine where Moya is attacking from . If you are dodging, you don’t even know where Moya is, where or when he will attack . And if you attempt to counterattack, the outcome will be terrible!”

Feng Yuanlin said in a heavy tone, “But do you think with Boss Shi Xiaobai’s character, do you think he will be willing to be a sitting duck even if he knows that standing his ground in defense is more hopeful?”

Liu Yu gaped before sighing once again .

Against overwhelming strength, you could dodge or use even stronger strength as a counter .

But against overwhelming speed, unless you had impeccable defense, you would be completely out of options .

This was the theory that all the martial arts in the world could not be defeated if one was fast enough!

The black shadows flashed around Shi Xiaobai like black strobing lights . Moya’s third form was so fast that the naked eye could not capture .

After failing in his first strike, Moya appeared to have a bit more patience .

He instinctively knew that the prey in front of him was a tough nut . Therefore, he was waiting for the best opportunity, so as to deal a direct critical blow .

Shi Xiaobai came to a stop .

He did not need others to inform him, nor did he need to know about the summarized experiences from previous trial-takers . After being hit once, Shi Xiaobai’s magnificent combat talent had already calculated the best way to face the battle .

Against an opponent that had overwhelming speed, running was the most foolish of options .

Shi Xiaobai gave a helpless smile .

He had previously used the speed and maneuverability of Crab Steps to crush several opponents . At this moment, he finally encountered an opponent that crushed him in speed .

Then at this moment in time, how should he choose?

Stand his ground in defense, and wait for the opportunity to launch a counteroffensive?

This would have been the best method at this moment in time .


“But This King won’t do so!”

Shi Xiaobai suddenly widened his eyes . He wanted to win this battle with a method that had the bearing of a king!