Absolute Choice - Chapter 380

Published at 3rd of May 2017 10:26:33 PM

Chapter 380

Chapter 380: End the Age of Bravehearts

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[ Choice 1: Complete the King’s Mandate (B-level reward) ]


[ Choice 2: End the Age of Bravehearts (B-level reward) ]


[ Choice 3: Leave the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower (No reward) ]


“Make your choice, youth!”

The familiar fiery voice resounded in his mind as the scene before his eyes had turned completely still . The Absolute Choice had appeared once again!

However, Shi Xiaobai did not behave like in the past by looking at the three lines of black text immediately . Instead, he attempted to converse with the fiery voice .

“Where is This King’s A-level reward?”

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Shi Xiaobai was feeling rather stumped . He had clearly completed the Absolute Choice, ‘Push down the raging Ka Xiaozi’, but he did not receive the corresponding A-level reward . Shi Xiaobai had guessed that it was possibly because he lost consciousness rather quickly back then, and the reward was given out when he lost consciousness . Therefore, he did not know what he had received .

Now, with the Absolute Choice having finally appeared, Shi Xiaobai naturally wanted to seize the opportunity to clarify his doubts . It was an A-level reward! Shi Xiaobai, who had enjoyed the sweetness of countless rewards from the Absolute Choice, was fatally attracted to A-level rewards .

However, when the Absolute Choice appeared, time was completely still . Shi Xiaobai was also unable to move . He could not open his mouth, and he could only repeat his questions in his mind, in an attempt to converse with the fiery voice . After all, he made his choices with his thoughts .

However, despite how much Shi Xiaobai inquired, the fiery voice only had a single response .

“Make your choice, youth!”

The constant tone and the constant volume seemed like it was a recording on replay in his mind .

Shi Xiaobai attempted to ask several times, but the Absolute Choice failed to give him any answer, so he could only helplessly give up .

Shi Xiaobai could only cast his gaze on the three lines of black text .

The first thing he did was cast his eyes at the bottom .

“There is no gentle reminder . ”

Shi Xiaobai sighed . This kind of Absolute Choice without a gentle reminder and with three choices was the one he felt the most aversion to .

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After carefully reading the three choices, Shi Xiaobai’s mood immediately turned worse .

The third choice was very clear . The completion difficulty was extremely simple . He just needed to leave the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower, but there was no reward to this choice, so Shi Xiaobai immediately eliminated it .

The remaining two choices were headache-inducing because they were too vague .

Complete the King’s Mandate?

End the Age of Bravehearts?

What did they mean?

Shi Xiaobai was left scratching his head, but he knew that both choices each had their inherent meanings . The truth contained within them was currently a mystery, but it would eventually be revealed .

The last Absolute Choice of preventing Ka Xiaozi from raging as well as pushing down the raging Ka Xiaozi were likely similar to the two choices this time . However, these two choices were even more confusing . Shi Xiaobai was completely without clues at the moment .

However, he still needed to make a choice and he could only make a random choice based on his intuition!

Of course, Shi Xiaobai, who had little immunity against the word ‘King’, did not hesitate and chose the first choice—Complete the King’s Mandate!

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What was the King’s Mandate?

To Shi Xiaobai, there were too many possible answers, so many that there was no way to even filter them . Therefore, he could only temporarily put it at the back of his mind .

Time began to run once again . Shi Xiaobai’s original line of thought had been interrupted . He had suddenly lost interest despite having wanted to inquire about the fourth story of the Hero King .

Shi Xiaobai tried to probe the three and asked a question, “What do all of you think is required to end the Age of Bravehearts?”

This question sounded somewhat baffling, but they were presently in a world on the seventh level which was the Age of the Bravehearts and Infernal King . The Age of Bravehearts likely meant the era of this world .

Pulp Farmer and company, who had studied the seventh level ahead of time, probably knew a thing or two .

Although Shi Xiaobai did not choose the second choice, it was best to ask in the event he failed the first choice . It was definitely important to save for a rainy day .

Sure enough, Pulp Farmer and company were left dumbfounded for a moment, but they did not question Shi Xiaobai for his inquiry . Instead, they began to fall deep into thought .

Moments later, Liu Yu was the first to speak . “The era of the world on this level is called the ‘Age of Bravehearts’ . Just like how our human world is currently in the ‘Age of Heroes’, it’s because heroes have become a main theme of the era .  Therefore, as long as the main theme of the era is replaced, it will result in the change of an age . However, Benefactor Shi Xiaobai, you are asking about ending the Age of the Bravehearts . If it’s just ending it and not replacing it, it means to gradually let the main theme of Bravehearts disappear . In other words, it can be accomplished as long as Bravehearts are no longer the main theme of this era!”

With Liu Yu saying this, Shi Xiaobai understood some of it but Feng Yuanlin was confused by it . He asked in a baffled manner, “What does it mean? Make Bravehearts no longer the main theme of the era? Does it mean to kill all Bravehearts? Or is it about finding a method to repeal the titles of Bravehearts?”

Liu Yu rolled his eyes and said, “Feng Yuanlin, use your pig brain and ponder over it . Why was there an emergence of Bravehearts? What is the reason for Bravehearts to be born?”

Feng Yuanlin scratched his head and after a moment of thought, he said, “If I remember correctly, the title of Braveheart emerged for those who enter the Infernal domain to kill the Infernal King? But what has this got to do with ending the Age of Bravehearts?”


Liu Yu said in a speechless manner, “You can’t even figure out such a simple thing? Since the Bravehearts emerge in order to kill the Infernal King, wouldn’t the existence of the Bravehearts vanish if the Infernal King is killed? If This Penniless Priest isn’t wrong, the Age of Bravehearts would come to an end if the Infernal King is dead!”

When Shi Xiaobai heard this, his eyes lit up . Liu Yu’s logic sounded extremely reasonable . Since Bravehearts were the main theme of the era, the world’s age was termed the Age of the Bravehearts . Then, diluting this main theme was equivalent to ending the Age of Bravehearts!

And since Bravehearts existed to kill the Infernal King, the meaning behind the existence of the Bravehearts would vanish once the Infernal King died!

To sum it up… One could end the Age of Bravehearts by killing the Infernal King!

At that moment, Pulp Farmer suddenly spoke up, “It’s probably not that simple . The end of an era needs a catalyst and time to pass . The death of the Infernal King should provide the catalyst to end the Age of Bravehearts, but it will need a lot of time to diminish the main theme of an era . That is still an open question . Ending the Age of Bravehearts is considered quite an impressive feat, and by being able to accomplish it, one should be able to gain the assessment program’s approval, but the amount of time required probably far exceeds one’s imagination . ”

Pulp Farmer and company believed that Shi Xiaobai had asked such a question in order to find another way to obtain the assessment program’s approval .
And it had to be said that ending an era sounded rather cool and bombastic .