Absolute Choice - Chapter 467

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Chapter 467

Chapter 466: All a Bachelor Dog could do was laugh foolishly

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Translator: CKtalon  Editor: CKtalon

The array world ushered in dusk . This dangerous world that could even slaughter true gods similarly had night and day . As night approached, the two suns of varying sizes had no choice but to subdue its blazing heat and sink slowly into the ground .

The setting suns were like drops of blood that dyed the dimming azure sky . The vivid crimson colors also seemed to be derived from the blood of the dirty monsters that soaked the lands .

The ice-cold crimson land was 'hell' that even the monsters did not dare approach because standing in the middle of 'hell' was a devil more terrifying than monsters .

The blood-covered devil had forbidding silver hair and a pale complexion . Its glazed eyes had black pupils with golden vortices that seemed to be perpetually rotating in them . The description of the devil was not sufficient to illustrate the terror that it possessed . It did not have a hideous body or a frightening aura . One could not even feel the existence of a 'soul' from it .

It was like a soulless mass that acted like a cold machine powered by the gear-like golden vortices .

But maybe it was because the silver-haired devil lacked 'emotion' that made it resemble a 'devil' . The imperceptible but vivid feeling of death and the impossibility of seeing its true appearance because of the blood that covered its body prevented anyone from thinking of it as a 'human' . There was also no way one could tell that this devil which did not have any breathing, heartbeat, emotions or soul was actually . . .

"Shi . . . Xiao . . . bai?"

Dawn gradually opened her eyes . In her blurry vision, the first thing she saw in the blood-red world was the silver-haired devil that was closest to her . In fact, she did not immediately recognize the devil whose true identity was beyond recognition . Out of instinct, she had muttered the boy's name she was most worried about the moment she regained consciousness .

But in the next instant, as her mind gradually cleared, she immediately recognized the silver-haired devil's true identity .

Even though the silver hair and the blood had changed his appearance, and although his cold and breathless state had wiped off all signs of humanity, she could still recognize the 'silver-haired devil' in front of her to be the boy whom she recently got to know and was extremely concerned about .

"Shi Xiaobai . "

She lightly whispered his name once again .

However, the boy named 'Shi Xiaobai' did not give her any response . The pair of black eyes that were originally filled with hallowed light were now glistening with resplendent golden light . They were like a pitch black haze that sealed his soul within .

The girl frowned slightly as the nauseating smell of blood caused her to look to her side to witness the hellish scene of dismembered limbs everywhere . She easily guessed what had happened and she could easily predict what would happen next .

When she consecutively called out twice, it was obvious what the silver-haired devil that only had its killing instincts left would do once it had its attention garnered .

"Shi Xiaobai!"

However, she still shouted out his name a third time with a raised voice .

Finally, or perhaps, indeed, the silver-haired devil lowered its head slowly . Its ice-cold eyes reflected her figure before they were minced by the golden vortices again and again .

It let out a low growl . It was without any emotion and it resembled a wild beast that had caught scent of its prey .

Then, it stretched out its blood-stained hands towards her .

They were demonic hands that had been assimilated . . . after grabbing onto the 'devil's hand' .

The pair of hands had torn apart hundreds, if not thousands of monsters . It had spilled blood and strewn organs across the barren land . It had used cruel deaths to accentuate this cruel world with even more cruelty .

The three-headed hellhound, Herat had witnessed the massacre that happened only moments ago . It had seen the pair of blood-covered devilish hands and the scene of it tearing its prey apart countless times . Up to that point in time, the scenes were still reverberating in its mind, like a nightmare .

Therefore, it knew what the silver-haired devil would do instinctively when it realized that it had neglected a fresh life tied to its waist .

It would definitely tear the girl attached to its waist into pieces .

Just like the tragic outcome of those monsters, that beautiful, warm-blooded body would be torn to shreds in a second . Boiling hot blood and viscous organs would splash onto the filthy ground and eventually stained by dust . It would be lost in the filthy corpses and with the passage of time, emit a stench until the smell completely disappeared .

And what was ironic about it was that the girl had done her best to force a smile and passion to pacify the boy of his worries up to the last second before she fainted .

The boy had once burned his will while running fervently for the girl . He climbed back up again and again after collapsing to the ground even though injuries covered every inch of his body . Yet, he continued to desperately protect the girl and had no choice but to transform into the ruthless devil up to the final moment in order to protect her .

They were willing to sacrifice themselves for each other and their love was as pure and beautiful as glass .

But at that very moment, the boy who transformed into a devil to save the girl had stretched its bloody hands towards the girl he wanted to save out of killing instinct, after having lost his humanity and reason .

In order to save her, he had partaken in the consumption of a bitter fruit, yet he would eventually down the wine of eternal regret of 'killing her himself' .

To rip apart such a beautiful scene was what one would call a tragedy .

But Herat had never seen such an ironic and lamentable tragedy before .

Although it was a bachelor dog that hated 'love' to the bone, it could not help but lose a bit of its initial excitement . It could not help but have feelings of compassion and empathy .

However, it was powerless to prevent anything .

The only thing it could do was to witness the birth and end of the tragedy while watching coldly by the side . In the future, it would remark at the greatness of that 'love' and also spurn the ironic 'tragedy' .

"Howl . "

Herat howled softly as it gave its blessings to such a beautiful love that had no help to the matter .

. . .

Having just awoken, Dawn did not know that the bloody hands had been tearing apart prey while she was unconscious . She did not even know that the hand gesture that was slowly approaching her had resulted in savage deaths .

But even if she did not know, she could easily guess from the hellish scene she was in and guess at the reality .

The ice-cold eyes that were filled by the golden vortices could no longer hold her figure in them .

In his eyes, in everything he could see, including her, were bubbles that were repeatedly burst .

The silver-haired devil would not hesitate to vanquish any life in front of it .

Dawn clearly understood this cold and harsh fact .

But even so, she did not cease calling out his name after the first three times .

"Shi Xiaobai . . . Shi Xiaobai . . . Shi Xiaobai . . . "

There was no need for additional words, all she needed to do was to repeat his name .

She slowly twisted her slender figure that was tied to his waist . Finally, her feet touched the ground as they stood facing each other .

Due to the thick rope tying them together, her body was adhered tightly to his .

She could clearly sense that his body exuded a coldness . The originally warm embrace was now as cold as an icy cavern .

But even so, she still stretched both her hands out to hug his waist . She hugged him tightly and did so with even greater strength, as if she was using all of her strength to merge his body into her own, or fuse into his soul .

Even though the blood-stained devil's hand was holding onto her shoulders forcefully .

Even though death might descend upon her at the very next moment .

Even so, she still hugged him tightly and passionately called out his name .

"Shi Xiaobai . . . "

Such an act was not about giving up her struggle, nor was it to search for the final warmth in life .

The reason why she did not attempt to flee but instead hugged him tightly was not because she believed that it was pointless to flee but because she trusted him .

She firmly believed in him and believed that even though he had transformed into an inhumane devil, he would not harm her .

Such a 'belief' filled the girl's emotions . One could call it simple-minded or one could also call it foolish .

Dawn naturally would not accept that she was a simple-minded girl, much less admit that she was a foolish nymphomaniac . Therefore, she had thought up of several logical reasons in a short span of time to give birth to that belief .

The objective clues were everywhere . For example—

For example, the crudely-made rope that was made from cloth was not torn . The rope was still tightly binding the two of them together .

For example, even in a bloody hell, even though there were hundreds, if not thousands of monsters ripped to pieces, she remained unharmed despite being the closest to him .

For example, the black beams of light were still shooting at them from every direction in an attempt to kill them, but the black beams were blocked by an invisible barrier, and the barrier had enveloped her within as well .

For example, the bloody hands that held her shoulders did not seem as cold and ruthless as they seemed on the surface . As its grip slowly increased in strength, it was also clearly trembling . . .

There were many objective reasons why he would not harm her, and all of that made her faith become ever more reliable .

However, the most important and most heart-felt reason was that in her eyes, he was definitely not a silver-haired devil .

It was just a slightly transformed—

"Shi Xiaobai . "

She gently called out his name in an impassioned manner .

She had never imagined that there would be a day she would fall head over heels for a particular boy . Even though she realized how incorrigible her infatuation was, she willingly gave up her reason and chose to immerse herself within it .

The her from yesterday would definitely mock the present her .

But the present her only felt sweetness in her heart .

He protected her at the cost of transforming into a devil .

The reason why she could open her eyes again and still remain alive was all because he had given his all to protect her .

It would definitely not be overstepping any boundaries to imagine what painful but touching stories had happened while she was unconscious .

And just a tiny bit of imagination would cause her sweet thoughts to completely drown the terrifying guesses .

Even though she realized that she was in an ocean of sugary-sweetness, or that her life might be devoured by that sweetness at any time . . .

Even though she was being naive and silly . . .

She would still choose to hug him tightly in a manner that she could not extricate herself from and passionately call out his name .

"Shi Xiaobai . "

She believed in him .

Even if he had transformed into a devil, he would definitely not harm her!

. . .

Herat slowly widened its eyes and watched the scene in front of it in disbelief .

The bloody hands that held the girl's shoulders did not rip the girl's body into two like it had expected . Instead, after trembling for a long while, the arms finally fell to the sides slowly and reached at the girl's slender waist before they gently hugged her .

The girl had hugged the devil tightly and the devil eventually returned it with a gentle embrace that should never have happened .

It was clearly a mindless and emotionless devil that was acting on instinct so why did that happen?

Or could it be said that gently treating the girl in his arms had also become an instinct of the silver-haired devil?

Or could it be said that the deep emotions of the girl had reformed the heartless devil?

Herat couldn't figure out the answer . Finally, it could only come to a conclusion—the greatness of love had created an unbelievable miracle .


With that thought in mind, Herat could not help but give a howl that lacked savageness .

If it had a mirror in front of it, it would see the expression it had—it was a foolish smile that could not be any more foolish .

In front of it, in the 'hell' that was strewn with blood and minced meat, the golden-haired girl and the silver-haired 'devil' were hugging each other tightly . The black beams smashed incessantly into that invisible barrier as they constantly produced sparks . The monsters that surrounded them layer after layer trembled without approaching . They did not dare to disturb the girl and the 'devil' that was reveling in an embrace .

The setting sun's last light rouged a beautiful tinge to the firmaments .

The duo did not separate from their embrace as they waited for the impending night and the tomorrow that was no longer very distant .

In front of such a beautiful scene, the bachelor dog, Herat, could do nothing but laugh foolishly .


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Chapter 467: Because she's a goddess, her love was more submissive than mortals

Translator: CKtalon  Editor: CKtalon

Because she's a goddess, her love was more submissive than mortals


Herat could only laugh foolishly because it was only a bachelor dog that had yearned for love despite having never experienced it before .


When Kali saw this scene, she was unsure of what expression to deliver . That was because among the lovebirds that were using their lives to express their fondness for each other was her boyfriend .


Generally speaking, to an 'old witch' that had lived for ten thousand years, a so-called 'boyfriend' might be akin to a dessert one would occasionally taste . It was a dessert that 'could be changed once she was sick of it’ or ‘abandoned once her appetite changed' .


But to this date, the ten-thousand-year-old 'old witch' still maintained her virginity . The boyfriend she had was her first love in the extended ten thousand years of her life . Then, this 'dessert' would obviously become something she did not want to share with others . It was so precious that she would have to consider carefully before tasting it .


At that moment, the cake that Kali had yet to enjoy after storing away for ten thousand years had a mouthful bitten off by another person .

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"Hey, how can that happen?"


"I came first!"


Kali's cheekbones raised as she nursed a grievance like a frustrated wife .


This beautiful pixie that was like a goddess most of the time acted like a teenage girl reveling in love when facing her first instance of it .


She remembered that night in Riko's house . In the process of Shi Xiaobai testing his superpowers, he had 'accidentally' touched the softness in front of Riko's chest . That had caused her to feel pangs of jealousy .


In order to affirm her 'sovereign rights', she had shamelessly kissed Shi Xiaobai on the lips .


Although that was a slight peck that separated almost immediately after it happened, it was her first kiss .


As a first kiss, that kiss lacked the atmosphere and was too rushed . It was filled with regret . . .


But because it was imperfect that accentuated its beauty, making it an indelible memory . Although she lost a tiny bit of her strength as a holy pixie because of the first kiss, it was still worth it . . .


Alright, all that was said above was just Kali's self-consolation . She had to admit that the first kiss was too impulsive .


Due to the impulse that stemmed from a 'jealousy' that she did not realize, she had paid the price of having a lacking first kiss and the loss of a portion of her strength . That was the truth of the matter .


So . . .


She could not be jealous!


She could not be jealous!


She absolutely could not be jealous!


"How can that be possible . . . "


Kali sighed . She felt her chest feeling tangy . Her throat was slightly dry and her heart felt winced in an unbearable discomfort .


She constantly told herself—she might lose her life because of the fourth apocalypse, so how could she have the right to prevent members from the opposite sex from pursuing him? Even though the girl that would eventually be by his side might not be her, it was already a perfect ending if she could create a world where he obtained happiness .


She was increasingly turning vexed, but when she saw the boy and girl that were hugging without separating while standing on the blood-stained ground and the sanguine dusk, the look in her eyes turned into a 'hidden bitterness' .


"The power of love is so magnificent . I'm so envious of it . However, I'm somewhat sad for you . What sort of tragic feelings do you have as you witness that beautiful scene of being betrayed by that unfaithful boy?"


A charming voice with a sharp tone suddenly sounded .


Kali suddenly came to a realization that her 'projection' was plastered across the chessboard right in front of the Infernal Queen . Her melancholic and pouting expression clearly revealed the bitterness in her heart .


To a girl who was feeling jealous, the Infernal Queen's 'mocking laugh' was no doubt a critical blow .


But unfortunately, Kali was feeling jealous mostly because of regret that the female lead in the scene was not her . She did not feel overly envious about the beautiful scene .


Although this pixie that had time stall on her in her pubescent stage did not have big breasts, she was broadminded . It was so large that it could accept everything of the person she loved—the good, the ugly, the brightness, the darkness . . . everything . She could accept everything with a smile .


A true goddess might have the additional petulance of a girl, but she would absolutely not become a goddess that devolved into a base goddess .


The Infernal Queen's attempt to create strife failed to create any negative effects . Instead, it made Kali's mind calm down .


"My mood is indeed somewhat terrible, but there is no way it can be termed 'tragic' . Instead, it should be said that I'm feeling somewhat disgruntled . . . My intentions are definitely not inferior to that girl . No, no! My love is definitely deeper than hers . . . It's clearly the case, but at this moment, the person moving him by 'making a sacrifice while disregarding her life' isn't me . For me not to be able to accomplish that . . . makes me feel a little disgruntled . . . that's all . . . "


Kali's calm voice quivered slightly .


The words she said came from the bottom of her heart . She did not deny that she was feeling terrible . She even admitted that the disgruntlement she felt caused the hint of jealousy in her words . This ability to directly understand her heart highlighted her traits as a goddess of being diametrically opposed to being cold and hostile .


Unfortunately, the Infernal Queen who heard her words was not someone she could have a heart-to-heart talk .


The Infernal Queen did not abandon the useless act of causing strife . She once again expressed words that were filled with malevolence .


"I can completely understand the disgruntlement you are feeling . You, who can dominate the world if you so wished, has injected all your feelings for a mere mortal, and all in exchange for his unfaithfulness and betrayal . . . Despite already having such an outstanding lover like you, he still shamelessly remains intimate with other girls . This is completely . . . sigh . I can completely understand your disgruntlement . . . "


"Enough . "


Kali finally voiced out to interrupt the Infernal Queen by saying, "You have even made a mistake about the direction in which you are trying to misrepresent, so don't continue this childish act of sowing discord . About the accusation of him being unfaithful, recall well . You were unable to successfully seduce him despite stripping, so you should know better than me how impossible it is for him to be unfaithful, right?"


That sentence was a counter check on the figurative chessboard . It caused the Infernal Queen's expression to immediately turn ugly .


With her irresistible appearance, not only did she fail to seduce the boy while standing stark naked in front of him, it had been completely ineffective .


And at that moment, that hateful blond girl had managed to move his 'heart' with that male outfit that lacked any feminine charm .


Such a thing . . . no matter how one thought about it . . .


It was truly something worth being disgruntled about!


The Infernal Queen felt somewhat hurt, but she did not mind continuing the mutual damage onto each other . She said with a sneer, "Indeed, that boy's upstanding is extraordinary . It made me once suspect if he has an abnormal sexual orientation or if he is impotent . . . but even if his body did not cheat, it is equally unfaithful by having someone else in his heart . Despite having such a perfect lover like you, his heart was stirred by another girl . Are you truly capable of saying that it's not an act of betrayal?"


Kali said with a chuckle, "If such an excellent girl fails to move Xiaobai after devoting herself in such a silly manner, I would begin to suspect if he really had a 'heart' . "


The Infernal Queen responded with a scoff, "Isn't what you are saying the excuses unfaithful men often give? Think carefully, do you think that there are any differences with hypocritical excuses like 'it's not because I was unfaithful, but because that girl was too excellent . She is so excellent that any man will fall for' and gross explanations like 'I didn't want to push her down, but that she took off her clothes by herself and threw me onto the bed . I only committed a mistake that any man would'? That boy did not commit the sin of the latter, but didn't he commit the mistakes of the former? Not only are you not blaming him for his unfaithfulness, you are instead helping find such an excuse that is unbearably common . Why is that so?"


The relation of love to one's heart and body was an everlasting topic .


From the Infernal Queen's point of view, 'the love of many in one's heart' and the 'cheating using one's body' were equally abominable .


To the Infernal Queen, 'her act of taking the initiative to strip and push Shi Xiaobai down, resulting in Shi Xiaobai failing to resist the temptation and have sex with her' was not much different from 'Dawn Li's silly devotion that made Shi Xiaobai fail to withstand her passionate love, eventually falling for her' . The only difference was that she had failed while Dawn Li had succeeded .


However, from Kali's point of view, these two matters were not considered one and the same .


Kali pricked up her eyebrows and said, "The way you view matters really suits the superficial essence of a 'program' . I'll temporary ignore the reasons behind why you had equated the two scenarios, but have you ever thought of vast differences between the 'shameless seduction of a woman with slightly better looks' and the 'devotion of a girl with limitless future to the point of disregarding her life'? All you did was strip and spread your legs, while that girl was willing to sacrifice her life for him . How can you compare the two as if they were the same? Your method might be effective against lustful male scum, but to Xiaobai, that 'cheap body' and her 'precious sincerity' is completely incomparable . "


Their value system was different, resulting in them having judgments on the same matter to be worlds apart .


Kali's point of view was completely opposite to the Infernal Queen's .


The Infernal Queen could not help but bite her lower lip as she fumed secretly in her heart . The present situation regarding the debate with 'mutual damage' seemed to leave her 'covered in scars' despite her relentless bombardment .


Woman with slightly better looks?


Shameless seduction?


Cheap body?


They were accusations that were infuriating, but there was no way to retort against it!


Yes, she had indeed stripped herself easily . She had casually spread her legs for that boy, but as a living creature that had lived for thousands of years, would she have any sense of shame towards such a matter?


Why was there a need to disparage such a perfectly justified act into being such a cheap act?


The Infernal Queen laughed from her vexation and said, "You are right . To beings like us with nearly eternal life, 'stripping and spreading the legs' is indeed not something difficult, but sacrificing one's life is something nearly impossible . Your understanding isn't wrong, but to use our special existence as the foundation to build on, wouldn't that appear to be an overgeneralization?"

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"No, no, no . It's not 'we' . . . "


When Kali heard that, she immediately waved her hand and said, "It's not 'we' . It's only something very easy for you . To me, I'll rather die than do such an embarrassing act . Do you understand? It's not that 'devoting one's body' and 'devoting one's sincerity' is not equivalent, but it's the value behind the devotion process . In summary, that cheap body of yours and that previous sincerity of hers are incomparable . If a girl who devoted her body had remained chaste for ten thousand years, then the devotion she exhibits is naturally considered a 'precious body' . "


When Kali said that, her face gradually turned ruddy .


For some odd reason, her mind could not help but imagine her devoting her body to Shi Xiaobai . The girl that maintained her chastity was naturally referring to herself . However, such an embarrassing scene was something she found it hard to accept even when she imagined it .


It was not that she was so 'naive' that she did not dare imagine it, but because 'chastity' had an extremely important meaning for her .


Once she lost her 'chastity', the power that the World Tree endowed her would dissolve and disappear . Her strength would drastically decrease . Having been burdened with the heavy responsibility of avenging the pixie race, she had lived to this day, so strength was more precious to her .


Therefore, from Kali's point of view, 'devoting her chastity to Shi Xiaobai' was much harder than 'sacrificing her life for Shi Xiaobai' .


There were no essential differences between the devotion of heart and body . However, the importance it held for the devotee determined its value .


This was Kali's understanding .


However, it sounded like undisguised mockery to the Infernal Queen .


Why did the words 'cheap body' make her so frustrated?


Indeed, as a program that attained sentience and will from having no 'heart', the act of 'intercourse' was something extremely natural . It was not something that needed to be fussed over, but, but . . .


The Infernal Queen said a frustrated sentence that did not sound convincing at all .


An indescribable frustration surged through her heart . It prompted her to reveal her true thoughts on this matter that she did not care about to begin with .


"I used my body to seduce the boy purely as an act of revenge for your domineering attitude . "


However, Kali was just too strong . She was so strong that she could not think of any other acts of revenge . Therefore, she had chosen the lowliest of all lowly strategies .


"To me, intercourse is not something that gives any pleasure . "


Although she had her own will, her innate nature as a program could not be changed . She did not have the desires like other living creatures . Therefore to her, there was no need for intercourse . She did not gain any happiness from intercourse .


"Therefore, this is the first time I'm doing it!"


Although she did not mind the act of intercourse, she would not be bored enough to have intercourse with other biological creatures since she did not need intercourse, nor did she derive any pleasure from it .


Using intercourse as an act of revenge might be something completely trivial to her, but up to date, she never had the need to do so . This was the first time she encountered an existence as powerful as Kali who loved a weak biological creature at the Psionic Mortal Realm .


Therefore, this was really the first time she was doing it!


"Furthermore . . . furthermore, this body has never been tainted . It's a genuine virgin . . . "


So . . .


"So, I have never had intercourse, and according to your explanation, I have also maintained a so-called 'chastity' . It's not some 'cheap body'!"


The Infernal Queen did not know why she needed to provide such an 'insipid' explanation, but she felt greatly relieved after saying those words .


Was the reason behind the sense of frustration due to the vilification of the explanation that seemed like the truth?


In summary, if 'chastity' that she did not place any importance to became an indicator with value, she would definitely not fall into the abyss of 'cheapness' . As such, proving that she was 'chaste' would not be a meaningless matter .


With this thought in mind, the Infernal Queen suffused a composed smile .


Kali never expected that the Infernal Queen, who had 'no sense of shame', would go to such great lengths to explain herself . After a moment of stupefaction, she smiled with a shake of the head, "Alright, let's consider it as you preserving your 'chastity' . But even so, this does not change my evaluation of you . That's because your cheapness is not dependent on your body being untainted, but that you completely do not care about the person you . . . have intercourse with . Just to infuriate me, you could sacrifice your body . So how can this 'chastity' that you don't even care about be considered 'precious'? The price you pay might be 'chastity', but no matter how you put it, it is just 'cheap chastity' . "


The Infernal Queen's smile immediately froze . Her intense retort had only been returned with a light answer that was so substantial that she had no way to retort .


Kali had only changed the words 'cheap body' to 'cheap chastity' .


It was as if a sharp knife had stabbed into her, tearing apart her virtual walls she constructed using 'chastity' .


What indignation!


She had never felt so indignant before!


She had never felt so helpless either!


"Then . . . "


The Infernal Queen said at a loss, "Then . . . Then if 'chastity' is as important as 'life', would it . . . would it not be cheap anymore?"


Kali faltered slightly before saying with a nod, "Erh . . . it can be understood in that way . "


Kali had a nagging feeling that something was odd, but what the Infernal Queen comprehended did not seem erroneous . Although from a normal person's perspective, life should be something of greater importance, it was not like there were no women in the human world who treated their 'chastity' with greater importance than their 'life' . . .


Forget it, for such a creature that lacked morals like the Infernal Queen to have such an understanding probably only had every advantage and no drawbacks, right?


With this thought in mind, Kali said seriously, "You can only devote your chastity only when encountering someone you deeply love who you are 'willing to sacrifice your life for' . Only then would such 'chastity' be 'valuable' . Do you understand?"


The Infernal Queen nodded her head as she pondered over it . She secretly took note of Kali's words and buried it deep into her heart . A composed and seductive smile once again suffused across the corners of her lips .


Then, a drop of cold sweat oozed out of her forehead .


Hey, wait a moment!


What was going on now?


In the beginning, wasn't she using the unfaithfulness of Shi Xiaobai to deepen the jealousy-spurred 'wounds' of Kali?


Why did it become this strange situation of her being educated?


After all, whether her body and chastity were cheap or not had nothing to do with whether Shi Xiaobai was considered unfaithful or not, right?


When did the topic of conversation slowly shift?


The Infernal Queen turned increasingly vexed the further she thought . Looking at the gorgeous face which had a relieved look, like she had taught someone well, projected in the chessboard, she nearly burst out in angry tears .


How infuriating!


What happened to the mutual damage?


Why was she the only one hurt!?


The Infernal Queen's red lips twitched slightly as she used a stiffened tone to say, "I understand now . Compared to that blond girl's sincerity, my naked body back then was indeed not worth mentioning . But! But so what? Was it certain that by devoting her precious sincerity, it was taken for granted that the boy would be moved? Was it certain that if the boy's love was split into two, you wouldn't feel sad because of it? Was it certain that as you watch him and her embrace each other tightly, without separating up to this point, you wouldn't feel upset about it? Was it certain . . . "


Without any consideration for logic or excuses, the Infernal Queen began to use 'was it' as a counter attack after she turned shame into anger .


Along with the Infernal Queen's counter, Kali's expression turned increasingly cold .


This had caught the Infernal Queen by surprise for her unreasonable counters had turned effective .

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That azure blue eye gradually turned dark and dull .


It isn't an illusion!


The Infernal Queen immediately laughed .


So that was the reason . She had chosen the wrong method from the very beginning .


The pixie who was almost a 'sage' could indeed accept everything about the boy, but because of her deep love for him, it was impossible for her to not have the desire to 'monopolize' him .


She must have also wished that the boy would belong only to her .


That jealous expression from before was not an illusion .


The Infernal Queen gave a charming smile . She finally found a weakness that could be pulverized from the nearly perfect pixie .


"Even if Shi Xiaobai has . . . intercourse with that girl, would you really not mind at all?"


By using a gentle tone to forcefully say the sharp word of 'intercourse', the Infernal Queen had given Kali a brutal strike ruthlessly .


"How is it possible . . . "


Kali's dull eyes flashed a look of melancholy . She pouted her lips and muttered to herself in an inaudible manner, "How can I not mind . . . "


The Infernal Queen's smile immediately turned richer .


Her original goal was not to 'sow discord' because she knew that the chances of success would be extremely low . She only believed that it would be extreme vindication for her if she was able to make the azure blue pupils that resembled a sea of stars reveal a hint of distress .


But she never expected that a goddess could reveal such a frail state that looked so heartbreaking .


This . . .


It truly . . . felt too good!


The grief expressed by a goddess nearly overwhelmed the Infernal Queen with euphoria .


I want it!


I want to tear and destroy the mask of the goddess!


I want to violently trample on the pure feelings of a girl!


This twisted desire was suddenly born in a very natural way from the will of a program that should not have had any desires .


The Infernal Queen used a charming voice to say in a manner filled with emotions like she was weeping and grumbling, "Too pitiful . You are really . . . too pitiful . You clearly do not wish that his body is touched by other women, but you watched with your own eyes how they embrace each other to the point of sinking their bodies into one another . . . You clearly only wish to be his only one, but you can only resign yourself to fate and accept the fact that another girl had entered his heart . . . You clearly wish to reserve your 'valuable chastity', but he might very well have intercourse with other women in the future, leaving behind a 'cheap body' for you . . . Ah, this is too sorrowful . It's really not worth it!"


The Infernal Queen's voice made it seem like her body was filled with deep emotions of grief and anger .


Kali sighed and said coldly, "You are right . I do not wish that he touches other women . I wish to be his only one, and similarly, I care about his 'chastity' . But I will not make my wish turn into ugly selfishness . Because compared to all of this, what I cannot accept is . . . to have such ugly jealousy that I become something he dislikes . "


Once again, the purple-haired pixie did not put up a false front by lying nor did she avoid the topic . Instead, she openly admitted her wishes and expressed her moving thoughts directly .


Compared to her wishes, what was more important was to not become something he disliked .


Such a love . . .


The Infernal Queen said in disbelief, "Isn't . . . isn't your love too submissive?"


It was too submissive .


Compared to her loftiness as a 'goddess', such a love was just too submissive!


Kali smiled faintly as she shook her head and said, "Love between two parties is never equal . There would always be a side who will love the other more . From the moment Xiaobai 'snatched' the evil seed of corruption, I was completely defeated in this comparison of love . . . From the feelings known as 'like' to the fear of 'not wishing to be disliked by him and not lose him', what else can I do but to carefully and submissively taste these sweet fragments dipped in glass?"


It was impossible for love to be complete happiness .


The pixie who clearly fell in love for the first time had the understanding that many couples lacked . Due to the loss of her family and race and having spent ten thousand years in loneliness, she would be horrified over the tiny possibility of losing the boy she had met by sheer chance .


Even if her love was even more submissive, she could not be disliked by him .




The Infernal Queen angrily responded to the pixie's concept of love with vitriol .


"What do you mean that there are no options!?"


The Infernal Queen did not know why she had a baffling sense of frustration rise up in her heart . Furthermore, this sense of frustration felt like it was boiling, as though it was about to burn her chest .


"You are too foolish!"


The Infernal Queen finally abandoned the last guise of respect with a switch of her tone .


She angrily said, "All you need to do is stay by his side and declare your sovereign rights to him . With your looks and your strength, there is no woman in this world that has the courage to snatch him from you! With your charms, all you need is to give the boy a tiny perk and he will definitely not be able to extricate himself from his infatuation towards you . It would impossible for him to have his heart stirred by others! In your so-called 'comparison of love', you can cause a complete reversal going from defeat to victory . Why do you admit defeat so easily? Why!? Are you really such a fool!?"


Ah, she understood . She understood the reason why she was so angry .


That was because the pixie in front of her was perfect in everything except for her pubescent body . It was something that even she as a 'program' could not replicate . It was an existence she could only look up to and feel jealous of!


Her beauty and her strength, her every gesture and smile, made her doubt the bias of the Creator .


But she, who was a favorite of the Creator, had revealed such a despondent expression for a weak human . She had revealed such a submissive state!


Such a preposterous fact was infuriating!


Towards the Infernal Queen's anger and the aggressive tone she had, Kali could only smile faintly . She did not make any retorts .


Indeed, just as the Infernal Queen had said, if she could stay by Shi Xiaobai's side all the time, even Dawn Li would not have any chances .


But unfortunately, she could not do so .


"He and I were two trajectories that should have never been able to cross . . . Every intersection that happened out of an accident is illogical . If I were to selfishly linger around him, how would his fate be distorted when I have no choice but to leave him? Therefore, what happens now is already sufficient . "


An analogy that was obscure and difficult to comprehend was actually describing a simple and direct reason .


A goddess and a mortal's encounter might seem beautiful, but the destiny of their intersection was cruel .


If a mortal fell in love with a goddess, he would be infatuated with the goddess . He would rely on her or even be possessive of her . The goddess might have to leave the mortal world one day because of a mission she had no choice but to bear the burden of . Then, how would that mortal's destiny change?


It would be pointless grieving over it . No amount of pain and sadness could alleviate the problem . One could only hate himself for being weak and curse at his own submission . As one could not find a substitute for a goddess, one would drown in the beautiful memories as he lived alone the rest of his life . That was the destiny of a mortal .


Therefore . . .


By maintaining an illusionary distance or by positioning the goddess as a beautiful bubble that could burst at any time, it would make it more acceptable when the mortal were to lose her . Only then would the mortal not be as sad . . .


Kali did not want to become a goddess, but Shi Xiaobai and her were never residents of the same world .


There was bound to be a day she would leave his world and return to her own . And the world that belonged to her was a world he would never reach regardless of the pursuits he would embark on .


Therefore, in order to reduce the grief he would bear when the moment came and in order to reduce the destined pain, she could not increase even a tiny inkling . . . of lovely memories between them .


For her, that was enough .


She was already satisfied with the present situation .


"I'm already satisfied to be able to see him from afar . "


This was probably the sweetest expression of love in the world, but also simultaneously the bitterest expression of love in the world .


Even a goddess, no, because she was a goddess, her love was more submissive than mortals .


"Is that so? Is that really enough?"


The Infernal Queen found it inexplicable . She could not grasp the way Kali thought .


Perhaps it was because she was born in the cold 'program', so she had no way to understand what such warm 'sacrifice' was .


As such, she was feeling infuriated .


The Infernal Queen said with a sneer, "Should you be called foolish or naive? Love without partnership will one day lose its original flavor . If you continue watching him from afar, there will be a day when the memories fade away . He will no longer love you! Now, he is only unfaithful, but if this carries on, the distance between the two of you will result in him having a complete . . . complete change of heart! At that moment, you will really lose him!"


By being too submissive in her love, it would instead result in the matter she feared the most to happen . Would it really end up making her lose him?


This possibility was something Kali had never thought of .


However, every time he felt the grief of losing her, wouldn't that also mean that there was an additional possibility of him not loving her?


Ah, why did she not think of such a simple logic?


No, if he were Shi Xiaobai, he would not so easily turn unfaithful!


But . . .


But . . . even Shi Xiaobai could possibly turn unfaithful, right?


Kali's eyes flashed a perplexed look .


The worry of making him sad, as well as the fear of losing him, there was no way to tell which side was heavier when they were mixed together .


"Enough . . . Enough . . . This is something between him and me . . . It has nothing to do with you . "


As Kali said that, she categorically rejected this conversation that had finally wavered her .


The Infernal Queen's eyes constricted slightly as she could not help but clench her fist .


She had noticed a look of despondency flash in the girl's eyes .


Using a forceful but unreasonable method of 'it has nothing to do with you' was no doubt the limpest of surrenders .


In this debate of 'mutual damage', it looked like she had clinched the final victory .


But why?


Why did she not have the slightest inkling of joy?


Why was she filled with anger instead?


The Infernal Queen lowered her head and gave a stiff smile, "Then, this conversation can't carry on?"


"Yes . . . the happy chat ends here . "


Kali sighed and suddenly her tone returned to normal . A blizzard-like cold voice emitted out of her soft, red lips . "Let's return to reality . That stupid bull that you reared has regenerated itself after ten minutes of hard work . It would fully recover in another ten seconds . I believe your nonsense should also come to an end? Take the opportunity in which no one is injured and end this joke that has gone too far . You and I might be able to become 'friends', if not . . . "


Kali's words pulled the Infernal Queen back into reality .


The conversation that appeared calm on the surface was, in fact, a dangerous situation that could explode at any time .


At that very moment, in the mountain valley of the Silent Desolate Lands, seven trial-takers from the human world remained motionless because their shadows were captured by the Shadow Wraith .


Earthbound Yaksha, which had nothing to do, was napping while leaning against a rock cliff . Although it had yet to deal the fatal blow, in the past few minutes, Field Marshal Awesomo, who had been nearly ground into meat pulp, was finally about to recover to its perfect state after a slow self-recovery process .


The terror that had been brewing for ten minutes was about to descend!


How would Field Marshal Awesomo, who had been brutally dealt with, brutally abuse the seven trial-takers over the accumulation of humiliation and anger, especially that azure-dressed girl that had diced him into pieces? The unnerving scene that was about to happen was something unimaginable even if one tried .


This was a cruel situation that was approaching despair .


Kali could not save them because the moment she made a move, the Infernal Queen would be able to activate the self-destruct sequence . Shi Xiaobai, who was in the array world, would not be able to survive .


Shi Xiaobai similarly could not save them because he was a 'silver-haired demon' at the very moment . To repress the urge to kill the girl in his arms already took him all his strength .


Dawn was even more unlikely to be able to save them . She was unwilling to depart the boy's embrace, so how could she have any intentions of returning to that world?


The friendly forces on their side were no longer able to give a helping hand .


At that very moment, the only person that could prevent the tragedy from happening was the Infernal Queen, who was the enemy!


Kali was helpless . The only thing she could do was persuade the Infernal Queen to end this 'joke that had gone too far' and persuade her with the sincerity of 'becoming friends' .


However, how could the Infernal Queen, who had painstakingly machinated this scheme, compromise after forcing Kali and the rookies into such a state of despair?


"Becoming your friend . . . is truly an irresistible enticement . . . "


The Infernal Queen smiled coquettishly . The sincerity of becoming 'friends' had indeed moved her .


Unfortunately, the present her was enraged . She was extremely furious!


Therefore . . .


"Please forgive me, but I reject it . "


"That's because compared to becoming your friend, I'm more interested in knowing . . . what expression you would give to apologize to him for not being able to save the boy's friends . "


"That would definitely be the most beautiful scene in my opinion . "


. . .


Due to her jealousy, indignation, as well as anger that came from anticipation, she ripped the possibility of a peaceful outcome to shreds .


The shattered pieces fluttered like snowflakes descending down to the ground .


It was ashen and ice-cold—just like the soon-to-happen tragedy of utmost cruelty that no one could salvage .