Absolute Choice - Chapter 563

Published at 27th of May 2018 01:15:04 PM

Chapter 563: Do you Believe Now

As the most outstanding genius among the pixie's younger generation, Cherryblossoms had already escaped from the shackles of mortality to reach the Connate Extraordinaire realm at the age of fourteen . She definitely stood out among her peers who were still struggling in the Postnatal realm .

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Cherryblossoms had reason to belittle Postnatal realm opponents because be it from the history of the world or her own experiences, all of them had verified the truth that someone at the Connate realm could completely crush others at the Postnatal realm . For example, back when she was in the Postnatal realm, she failed to put up any resistance against Aunt Tangerine who was at the Connate realm . But ever since she stepped into the Connate realm, her senior Kikumi, who had been her equal, was completely not her match .

The Connate and Postnatal realm were worlds apart . It was the first chasm that separated ordinariness and extraordinariness . It was also the first standard to differentiate between a weakling and an expert .

After breaking the shackles of mortality, one would become a Connate Extraordinaire . Naturally, one would have the confidence of triumphing over a Postnatal weakling . This was the immense confidence that history and common sense gave!

Cherryblossoms obviously had the confidence so when she realized that the youth in front of her was a Postnatal mortal shackled by mortal chains, she was delighted, believing that she had the ability to protect the most important young princess of the Pixies .

However, reality is usually harsh . When an existence that ignored the rules of history or common sense appeared, the confidence that stemmed from them would immediately transform into a laughable superstition .

The Scorched Sky Arrow missed its target and the Wind Illumination Cross Slash had been easily dodged . Even her melee strike that she delivered as a last-ditch effort had failed terribly . Cherryblossoms looked at the lion-tooth dagger that had broken into two in a daze, as well as the completely unscathed youth . She was lost in despair .

"This is not the Postnatal realm . It definitely isn't…"

Cherryblossoms sensed that the youth in front of her was not a Postnatal realm weakling she had originally believed to be . On the contrary, the youth was very powerful, so powerful that she could not put up a resistance at all .


The youth suddenly raised his hand to smack away the half dagger that was still pressed on his chest . He ignored the dazed red-haired girl as he walked towards the young trembling girl .

"This King is stronger than you and the strong can do as they wish . "

The youth's cold voice resounded in her ear as his figure brushed past her eyes, jolting Cherryblossoms awake . No, she had to protect Xiaozi! This girl that had sacrificed too much for the Pixies did not deserve any harm!


The red-haired girl bit her lower lip as she delivered an anger-fueled Wind Illumination Cross Slash at the youth whose back was just inches from her .

The Holy Tree had given the pixies seeds known as the Seven Contrary Virtues . To them, sneaking an attack on an opponent with his back facing them was a shameless act, a violation of the virtue of righteousness .

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But to protect the young princess, she did not mind sullying righteousness . Cherryblossoms had made up her mind, vowing to protect the young Kali!

The Wind Illumination Cross Slash which was just feet away almost struck the defenseless youth's naked back instantly .

"You won't be able to dodge this!"

Like Cherryblossoms expected, the youth failed to dodge this time .

No, that was not right . The youth did not even dodge! He had allowed the Wind Illumination Cross Slash to strike his naked back that was without any protection!


However, the sound of skin and flesh ripping open did not sound . There was only a firm collision that resounded ceaselessly throughout the woods . The sharp wind blades seemed to strike extremely tough iron!

The Wind Illumination Cross Slash at such a close distance had failed to leave a single mark on the youth's back . Even the white t-shirt with the word Gaia and a purple orchid pattern only crumpled up slightly .

"How could this be possible…"

Cherryblossoms fell into a daze . The youth had not needed to dodge from the beginning . Even the Wind Illumination Cross Slash she had always been proudest of had failed to leave a mark on the youth, much less the Scorching Sky Arrow or the knife stab she was completely not proficient in .

Heh . Her strongest attack had failed to even break the most basic defense of his body's surface . What else could she do? Even if he had stood there immobile like a wooden black, she could not do a thing to him . This was not a suppression but complete suppression . It was a battle that did not even have a 0 . 000001% chance of victory!


The youth did not even turn his head to look at the 'mosquito' that had failed to make him feel any pain from its bite . He stepped onto the broken tree branches, slowly walking towards the girl as though nothing had happened .

"Wu Wu Wu…"

The young girl looked at the youth walking over without expression . She cried in fright .

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She was about to be captured by the humans—

She would not see her grandmother or sister again, Aunt Tangerine, and…

The girl wept more sadly when she thought of that .

"Let her go!"

Cherryblossoms yelled in despair . What else could she do? What else was available to her?


The proud girl knelt to the ground with a thud . She yelled towards the cold youth's back with tears flowing down her cheeks, "Let her go! She's still a child! She can't be sold for much! If you want to capture anyone, capture me! I will not resist . I will satisfy your every request! So, please! Let her go! Please, let her go!"

Cherryblossoms obviously knew the tragic fate that young and beautiful pixies would suffer once they were captured by humans but at that moment, she had been forced into a perilous situation with no means to resist . She had no other choice but to abandon her dignity . She pleaded while holding back the aggrieved feelings in her heart .

If this was the only way to save the young princess, she was willing to pay the price .

The youth suddenly halted in between the teenage girl and the young girl . He seemed to be contemplating the girl's suggestion .

Cherryblossoms seemed to see the light amid the darkness as her voice trembled . "Let her go . As long as you let her go, I will not put up any resistance . A pixie that is willing to fully submit completely can be sold for a good price . If you wish that the pixie you captured through arduous efforts would not mutilate herself or even commit suicide before the trade is completed, spare her . Spare that child!"

The youth turned his head over and focused on the reddened girl's eyes emotionlessly . He was silent as though he was contemplating the pros and cons .


At that moment, the young, trepid and weeping girl rushed towards the youth!

She suddenly leaped and hugged the youth's arm that was not considered thick but also not overly slender . She looked like an infant koala bear that hugged a tree branch without letting up .

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"No, you are not to take away Sis!"

The girl screamed as she bit the youth's arm!


Cherryblossoms was alarmed for he was a monster that even the Wind Illumination Cross Slash failed to harm him . With the girl's baby teeth, wouldn't it be no different from using weak glass to strike hard metal?

Cherryblossoms seemed to see the tragic state of the young princess's teeth shattering . She could not help but close her eyes, afraid to see that tragic scene .

"This King now has three choices . "

The youth seemed oblivious to the young girl that was hanging onto his arm . Instead, he looked at the kneeling Cherryblossoms and said without expression, "The first choice is to accept your suggestion and only capture you . "

Cherryblossoms opened her eyes abruptly .

"The second choice is to ignore your request and insist on capturing her . "

The youth pointed at the girl that had her teeth lodged into his arm .


Cherryblossoms shook her head frantically .

"The third choice is quite unfortunate . Be it you or her, This King wants both of you!"

The youth's face suffused a strange smile .

Cherryblossoms widened her eyes . She was most afraid of that outcome . "Don't…"

"Don't choose the third choice?"

The youth pricked up his brows and said, "Unfortunately, regardless which choice This King makes, you can only accept it . That's because apart from accepting the fate that This King chooses for you, there is no other option for you . "

The color in the girl's face drained like she was a leaking balloon . She trembled in anger but did not say a word . That was because the youth was saying a fact that could not be retorted . In the presence of absolute strength, there was only one choice laid out for her . She could only wait for his choice, no matter how angry or indignant she felt . She could only accept her ensuing fate .

"Then, may I know what your choice is…"

The girl lowered her head in indignation and acted submissively . She even inquired politely . However, she still humbly prayed that Shi Xiaobai would show pity when making his choice .

"This King chooses the fourth choice . "

That was the youth's reply .

Cherryblossoms was taken aback . "The fourth choice?"

The youth smiled, "The fourth choice is to not want both . That is This King's choice . Did you forget that This King said from the beginning that he has no ill intentions, nor does he plan to harm anyone? This is This King's answer . It has been that from the beginning and it is still the same now . "

Cherryblossoms raised her head in disbelief . Her pupils constricted, probably never forgetting the scene before her very eyes .

Under the dotted sunlight, the youth was smiling with a harmless look on his face . He was gently stroking the young girl's head like he was comforting a frightened kitten . The monster-like arm that could not be hurt by the Wind Illumination Cross Slash was bleeding from a bite .

"Do you believe now?"