Absolute Duo - Volume 3 - Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Part 1

[Julie-chan, you are so slim and fair-skinned, just like I thought. How nice…………] [Neeh--. She’s also small and very cute♪] [Thank you very much. but, I hope I grow a little taller] [You’re wrong, Julie-chan! It’s better when you're small!] [Is that so…….but my reach is too short, so I want to become taller] [I think your reason for growing is weird, Julie…….] [------?]

[Hey, save the talking until after we're done changing] [Ahaha, that’s true………..wait, Tomoe you look stylish. Places that are meant to come out are out and you're still slim] [Just how many guys have you seduced before now!?] [I-I haven’t seduced anyone] [Then how about seducing Kokonoe-kun♪ He would definitely fall just like that] [Seduce…….Ko-Kokonoe……..Huh!? Wh-what are you saying, Sensei!!]

*kyai**kyai* I could hear the happy commotion coming from the cave behind me.

When their voices started appearing, I had no idea what they were talking about even though I could recognize familiar voices and tones within it. Rather----

(Did they forget that I'm here……….?)

I felt my name had been mentioned several times, but it seemed my presence had completely escaped from their memories; it also looked like they wouldn't be done changing any time soon.

I made a sigh under the scorching sunlight.

(Why does this always have to happen………..)

Regarding what I was doing right then-----I was standing guard at the cave entrance to prevent anyone from coming close and peeping on the girls changing. Unlike myself, who changed in the tent before heading out, it seemed that the girls were in the middle of changing inside the cave------which was a dead end with a 10 meter space.

Because of that, I had been made to stand guard and was forced to go through this awkward situation.

Of course, the girl talk was still on-going during that time----

[I thought this during bath time too but, Hotaka-san has some amazing ones huh. How big is your cup size?] [Tha-that’s a little………..] [Kuhah, if you won’t answer…..this will happen☆]

[Hyaau……….sto-stop, Sensei, Fuaa…………ah, nuu, st-stop, don’t fondle me, fuann………….] [Amazing♪ my fingers are sinking in☆] [Ah, I’ll touch them too. Uwah, it’s true!! Kuh, I am so jealous!! I’ll do this to these tyrants!!] [Kuhahah, do this too while you’re at it☆ Soryah, pinchy pinch♪] [ Hyaa, Hyaaaaaaa…….do-don’t pinch…….Hyuuu……………..] [ It’s going to be worse if you don’t answer you know?] [I-I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you so err, its F…………….HnKuuuun!! Haa, haa……..Hafuu…………]

I could hear rough and seductive breathing, and my imagination was unnecessarily going wild because I couldn't see; I then gulped in the end.

(Mi-Miyabi has the F……….The fantasy F………----nonono, it isn’t the time to be drinking my saliva!!)

In order to get rid of the delusions in my head, I swung my head vigorously.

(Concentrate! Concentrate on guarding……….! I am monitoring the surroundings……..!!)

I covered my ears and tried my best to decrease my worldly desires by chanting tongue-twisters in my head.

I then wished they would get done changing soon.

…………..if this keeps up, something dreadful would happen to my ethical standards.

“Err so, the biggest breast goes to Miyabi, Imari is 3 ranks below and another 2 ranks below will go to Julie-chan. Usa-sensei is 3rd and Tachibana is 1 rank above her. I would be-----“

The result of covering my ears was excellent. Even though I could still somewhat hear their voices, I couldn’t hear the content of it.

While making a relieved sigh, I continued my tongue-twister.

Not long after----

My shoulders got poked and I turned around.

At that moment, the girl that popped her face out from behind the rock shade was looking at me shyly.

“Sorry for the wait, Tooru”

After saying that, Julie timidly came out.


I unintentionally let out my voice.

“How is it?”

“What do mean how………”

A fairy in a white bikini appeared in front of me.

There was more exposure compared to her normal T-shirt appearance and that sent my heart pumping. Also, since the white swimsuit emphasized her white skin, it made my heartbeat pump even faster. On top of that, she had a slender body with modest breasts and slim legs. In addition, the colorful float ring she was holding behind brought out the girlish charms in her.

Her appearance was the combination of slight egotism and loveliness, and it was enough to make me wonder if it was okay to look straight at her.

“I-it’s cute…….very cute…….”

The words that I could say normally without any discomposure usually, just felt embarrassing somehow now.


*Chirin* the bell echoed when Julie nodded happily.

At that moment, 5 more girls appeared from the cave.

---however, there was only one person that I had hesitation in calling a 'girl'[3F 1].

Although this was obvious everyone was in their swimsuits, and honestly speaking I was having trouble as to where to look.

Everyone was directing their eyes at me while I was doing that.

“Tooru. You know what we are going to ask, right?”

“…………you’re going to ask me for my thoughts, right?”

Imari clapped at my answer.

“Correct. You will give us your thoughts on each of us as our male representative♪ Praise us too if you can.”

“What do you mean by male representative, I'm the only guy here……….”

Today’s participants are me, Julie, Miyabi, Tachibana, Imari, Miwa and for some reason Tsukimi was also here; 7 people.

I am undoubtedly the only guy here.

It’s not like I wanted to be in this situation. I invited Tora, Tatsu and 2 other close guy friends but------since Tora chose to sleep on the rest day as usual, Tatsu was muscle training with a staff member he got along with, the other 2 wanted to have a good rest and go out on a date with a branch school girl respectively; each of them didn't join because of their own reasons and that has caused this overwhelmingly unbalanced ratio of male and female.

“Okay okay, we will be losing time to play if you don’t hurry up and tell us your thoughts, Tooru”

It seems I was not permitted to choose the no comment choice.

“Err, for Imari………..”

The swimsuit with frill attachments was tied together with a big characteristic ribbon making it looks cute and that casual atmosphere suits Imari very well. Imari’s tight and balanced body was dazzling with a healthy charm.

“I think you have one charming body”

“Bufuu!? Wh-why are you saying something that outrageous suddenly!? What kind of eyes were you using to look at me!?”

“Do-don’t misunderstand! I mean it as you have an athlete’s body!”

“I-I see……….It’s okay if it’s like that but, it’s not good to put words together that would cause misunderstandings, you said something similar before last time too, seriously……….”

*Puri**puri* Imari puffed her cheeks so I decided not to pry any further, and moved my sights beside her.

“Ko-Kokonoe. Don’t look at me that much”

“So-Sorry………Wait a second? Tachibana told me not to look so, it’s okay if I don’t tell you my thoughts right?”

*Pikoon* I had a good idea as if something flashed up.

“I-I didn't say I don’t want it. Hurry up and say it”

Again, it looks like I am not allowed to give no comments……..

I looked up and down at Tachibana who was having a faint blush on her cheeks while looking away from me.

The deep color swimsuit looks simple at first glance but, the black lace ornaments attached to it brought out Tachibana adult charms. Also adding in her exceptional proportion into the equation, her flowing black hair would attract anyone that looks at her.

“Tachibana is beautiful like I've always thought”

“-----! I-I’m not……..err, not so much worth calling beautiful……..”

“You’re beautiful. Everyone would think the same thing if they saw you”

While she was looking away in embarrassment, her eyes were only looking at me.

“……….Ko-kokonoe too?”

“I’ve been telling you just now, right?………You’re beautiful, Tachibana”

“Yo-you don’t have to say it that many times!..........*co-cough* Well, I will gratefully accept your thoughts”

Even though she looked embarrassed and was red, it seems she was satisfied with it. While thinking that’s great, I praised Miwa beside her also.

“Ahaha, Kokonoe-kun is cool too. You’re more slender in clothes than I thought. It’s not to Tatsu-kun’s level but, you have nice muscles there♪ ……….*Slurp*”

“O-ou, Thanks…………”

Her eyes were somewhat scary so I decided to ignore that while moving next to Miyabi----

That’s what I thought but, she was wearing a straw hat and cardigan.

“Hey, Miyabi. Hurry up and take off that boring thing”

“Bu-but, I'm bad at swimming and I think this is enough since I would be playing in the shallow water………”

Imari got closer to Miyabi and she panicked. Miwa also joined in at that point---------

“We managed to get Tooru to give his thoughts about everyone else, so take that off♪”


2 people teamed up to take off Miyabi’s cardigan and her hat was taken away too.

Like that, Miyabi exposed her swimsuit appearance to me but………


Wow. It would be SUGOI[3F 2] in English……… was in Romanization. Anyways, it's amazing, too amazing. It was hard to maintain my calmness and it was enough to make my thoughts a little crazy. What you ask? I am referring to Miyabi. It might sound very un-classy but, her watermelon sized breasts were swaying around and I was making useless worries about whether or not if those thin strings supporting them would be okay.



Miyabi was hugging her breast to run away from my sight and was twisting her body when I became aware about it.

It's also amazing that it could not completely cover it all.

“Tooru. Comment, comment”

Imari poked my elbows.


Miyabi was wearing a pale color skirt swimsuit and it has a cute design. However, her volume filled breasts which could not be restrained completely by the swimsuit was enough to be called sensational. I was curious whether the cloth surface was too small or Miyabi’s breasts were too big but, it will remain an eternal mystery since I can’t ask her that.

“I think it’s cute”

“Ah…….ehehe, Thank you……..”

“*Pipi* Yellow card!”

Imari pinched Tachibana’s ribbon and shook it.

“What are you doing. And what's with the Yellow card”

“Tooru. You told that comment to Julie before. R.E.D.O!”

“Uuh. I can’t do anything about it even if you tell me that. Don’t expect an extensive vocabulary from me……….”

“I understand your feelings but, work hard and squeeze those words out. Using the same words to another girl is not even at the impolite level okay?”

“Uguhh, i-I get it. Errrr…………”

Even though I hesitated, there were no good words coming up.

That’s why, I decided to say what I thought. *Except for the breast part.

“I-it really suits you……….It’s the first time I've seen Miyabi in a swimsuit but, I think it’s great”

“Tha-thank you, Tooru-kun. Err, it’s very embarrassing but………..I am very happy about it…..”

“I- I see? Then that’s great”


It seems she's really happy.

My heart pumped hard because the shy Miyabi looked more charming than usual and the cause of it might be the swimsuit.


Imari was poking that Miyabi in the elbow for some reason.

[………….This is the first time I showed Tooru my swimsuit though] [M-me too] [Well, well…….]

“Okay then, everyone’s comment is done so, let’s swim”

“………….Wait there <<Irregular>>”

“Your real face is out”

“……………..Iyaaan♥ Oh Kokonoe-kun, I wonder if you're forgetting someone important♪”

*PyoKonn* her rabbit ears swung and there was someone who was directing a pose at me; It’s obvious who the person was, it was Tsukimi.

“How is this how is this, these beach specifications♪ Go ahead and tell your comments, YOU☆”

“…………………Isn’t it nice. It suits you a lot, the bitch specifications”

“Iyaaan, thank you Kokonoe-kun♥ …………….Wait a sec you bastard, who the hell is the bitch? Aarrh? Should I fall down accidentally and pull down your swimsuit to expose your Mr. Elephant?”

“It isn’t an accident if it’s like that…………”

She brought her face closer half-way in her words and whispered to me with a DOS voice.

It’s true that the beach specification she was referring to was probably the swimsuit material but, she looks like a bunny girl no matter how much I look. Of course, she has a rabbit tail on too. It would probably make a complete set if she was wearing net tights or stockings, but it would make me want to ask her why she even bothered coming to the beach if she did that.

“So, why are you here……..!?”

“It would be dangerous for you students, so I joined in as a guardian, you shithead”

(Guardian huh……….)

Even though the last day was a free day, everyone was made to put on the armband since it was the rules.

Because of that we can just send out a rescue signal if there is any emergency, so it was incomprehensible that a guardian would be accompanying us.

“………..You just wanted to play”

“Kuhah, Correct. Look, I am interested in you too <<Irregular>>”


The comment war finally ended and all of us warmed up before running to the sea.

Leaving the 2 people from the branch school aside, the main school group has only seen this transparent sea and white beach on television, so I can understand why everyone was in high spirits since we are in a situation where the whole place was being reserved just for us.

Swimming in the sea, diving into the sea, playing beach ball, each of them started doing what they wanted and just when I was wondering what I should do----

“Tooru, let’s swim”

In complete preparations, Julie was already inside the float ring before she took my hand and started running.

I ran to the beach while holding a girl’s hand.

Just like the first experience between lovers, my heart was pumping hard but-----

*ZaaPaan*. Both of us tripped on a big wave the moment we stepped into the sea.

“I was surprised………..Fuwaah!?”

With her eyes opened wide, the next wave covered Julie’s head while she was on her butt.

I started laughing when I saw her wet already and she was unable to hide her surprise by blinking several times.

“It’s not good to laugh”

Julie splashed water at me with both her hands.

It looks like she was trying to get me wet too, but the amount of water is overwhelmingly insufficient.

I blocked it with my left hand and splashed back with my right hand while laughing before----


My leg got pulled at the same time a shout suddenly sounded.

*Bashaan* my whole body got dragged into the sea together with that splashing sound.

“Wh-who is it!?”

After I surfaced my face, I saw the back of someone running away while swaying her ponytail.

“Damn that Imari……..”

Imari then jumped into the sea half-way and swam away.

“Tooru, Tooru”

“Hnn? ………Puuah!?”

Sea water was splashed onto my face when I turned over after Julie called me.

“Payback for laughing”

The smiling Julie looked kind of satisfied.

“I was already wet……”

“But even so”

“Then payback for the payback----“

“The first strike wins”


My face got splashed with sea water even though I got splashed just now.

“No-now you’ve done it, Julie!”

After shaking my head, I looked to Julie and she did the same thing as Imari, and was about to run away into the sea.


*Spash splash splash*…………..*Zazaan*.

After advancing a little further, she got pushed back to the beach by the waves.


Julie turned around and got shocked that I did not run that far away before trying to swim away to the sea again.

*Spash splash splash*…………..*Zazaan*. *Kuruu*.

*Spash splash splash*! *Zazaan*. *Kuruu*.


She did her very best to run away but, since there wasn't much distance opened from me, Julie strengthened her flutter kick but it only increased the water splash size.

However it was as expected from an <<Exceed>>. She advanced a little further ahead and-----


She got overturned by a big wave and got swallowed into the sea.

“Hahaha…………wait, Julie!?”

I had forgotten that Julie could not swim for an instant, but I immediately recalled that fact back before running to her and-----

The splash sprung up to the summer skies and the silver mermaid showed her face from the sea. *However, she was not swimming.

“Julie, are you okay?”

It looks like she did not drown in the shallow waters but, I called out to her just in case.

“Ya---. I was very surprised….”

Julie turned back after appearing, and her upper body was naked.

(Where did her bikini go-------!?)

Lucky or unlucky------------(I’ll leave it as lucky)-----since her silver hair was sticking onto her nipples and successfully acting as a guard, I couldn't see everything.

“Ju-Julie! Up, uppp!!”

I turned my back at her and shouted while bringing her attention to the problem.

“Nice weather”

“Not that, your swimsuit!!”


It seems she finally noticed.

“……………Did you see?”

“I-I didn’t, it was safe………… was close though”

“It was a close safe huh. Then there is no problem……..but if you saw it, then I have no choice but to give a you strict punishment.”

It seems she would not forgive me even if I saw it accidentally.

“………..I’ll ask this just in case but, what kind of punishment?”

“I will splash water on you. Lots and lots of water on you”

I’m already in the sea.

“Okay then, it will be embarrassing if this goes on like this so, I will go fix my swimsuit”

“Aah, I get it”

I nodded while facing my back at Julie.

I guess I’ll turn my back at her until she fixes her swimsuit.

The moment I thought that------*Pito*, *Funyuun*.


Something touched my back suddenly. Something soft.

“My swimsuit is over there, Tooru”

A hand like white fishes was coming out from under my armpits and it pointed a few meters ahead from me.

Thanks to that, I could easily figure out the true identity of the soft objects touching my back.



“No, Tooru. You must not look here”

Julie hugged me tightly when I was about to turn back in reflex.

Then of course, those modest bulges would glue onto me.

“Wh-wh-why are you sticking onto me…..!?”

“In case the depth is too deep for me to get it alone, I am going to ask Tooru to get it for me. The reason why I am sticking onto you like this is because, I won’t end up showing Tooru my embarrassing spots”

(Please feel embarrassed when your breasts are pushing onto me-----!!)

Not knowing what kind of basis of embarrassment Julie has, I shouted inside my heart.

Without any choice, I started walking to the swimsuit while Julie’s body was glued onto me.

*Puni puni puni puni puni puni puni puni*………….

I would feel a soft sensation on my back each time I moved. I was constantly feeling it.

“Tooru. It’s hard for me to walk if you slouch………”

Even if you tell me that.

Just like that, I fought against a cotton-like body while having distressful thoughts in the sea, before reaching Julie’s bikini top which was floating on the waves-------before I suddenly noticing something.

“Wouldn’t it be okay if I just retrieved it alone?”

“………….That’s true too”




“Kokonoe, we are going to play beach volleyball now, want to join in too?”

After returning to the shallow waters to take off the water that entered my ears by hopping, Tachibana called out to me.

Right now, I decided that it was probably safe to not head back out there since Julie was playing with Imari and accepted the invitation to play beach volleyball.

“Kuhaha. Don’t fail in receiving and push me down <<Irregular>>”

I immediately regretted accepting the offer when the team was organized.

“What’s with that unhappy face”

“Not just unhappy, it’s disgusted”

“Should I pull down your swimsuit like I thought huh? You’ll probably feel good getting *Kyaa**Kyaa* shouted at”

“I will lose my humanity if I feel good in that situation!!”

Can we start already, Tachibana sent a tired voice over and we started the match even though I was reluctant to team up with Tsukimi.

Our opponents were Tachibana and Miwa. However, since Miwa was the only one with a lower <<Level>>, the rules was set that we cannot use our dominant hand to attack as a handicap for her.

*Poon* Tachibana served the ball and a parabola was drawn in the blue sky.

Tsukimi quickly entered the landing point and received it. Tsukimi then spiked the ball I tossed up-----but Tachibana obstructed it with a block.

[As expected from the honor student☆Amazing♪] *It seems she was in her outer personality since Miwa was here too.

“Fufu, I will gratefully accept those words, Tsukimi-sensei”

Both of them looked at each other with a fearless smile but----

“Eh, I was talking about your boobs? I was referring to the fact that it made a super *Boin* bounce when you landed on the ground♥”


Tachibana’s face turned red instantly and she covered her chest.

“Kokonoe you think so too right?”

“Don’t push it onto me!!”

“Ko-ko-Kokonoe! A guy like you; were you looking at me with those shameless eyes!?”

“I didn’t look!!”

And even though I replied that, it became hard to change my thoughts now that I got conscious about it and the game continued while I was unable to concentrate.

What’s more-----

“Kuhah, it bounced again♪”

A battle plan whispered happily from behind and------

“Kokonoe--. Look at this dangerous angle☆ Look to me♪”

After switching between the front and rear guard, she shook her butt and that caused me to lose my concentration.

(Damn it, she is definitely an enemy!!)

Luckily (?) Tachibana had a huge crack in her movements, and the match was taking favorable and unfavorable turns------

And it reached to the situation where if we take the remaining 1 point it would be our win but.


Tachibana raised a spirited shout-------but on the contrary, she only tapped the ball and it dropped into our court.

This was the best chance for me and Tsukimi’s attack.

[Kuh…….! I won’t let you!!] [Idiot! Leave it to me--------]


An impact was felt after we jumped in to hit the ball.

I crashed into Tsukimi who also came to receive the ball like me before rolling in on the beach.

“Where is the ball!?”

After I lifted my face when I stopped, I saw Miwa unable to reach the ball flying to her.

It seems she made a mistake in her estimations because of the wind flow.

“I did it!!”

“………..are you happy, <<Irregular>>?”

“Of course, I mean we won”

“In this posture?”

The moment I moved my conscious from Tachibana and Miwa’s court to my current situation when I heard those words------I spurt out.

I was on top of Tsukimi and my hip’s were touching her lower body……….

“Iyaaan♪ Kokonoe-kun is spinning his hips and pushing onto me♥”

Faster than I can say anything, Tsukimi performed a kanibasami-like move[3F 3] and locked my hips with her legs.

“Uwaaaaaa, just who is the one pushing me onto you-----!?”

Even though I was panicking at this stupid action, the real trouble happened after this.

“Kokonoe……….You shameless fool-------!!”

Tachibana ran away shouting.

“It’s a misunderstanding----------!!”

Tsukimi performed a giant swing and threw me towards the sea before I chased after Tachibana.




After we finished playing beach volleyball, everyone enjoyed themselves with the Bento for which Miyabi woke up early to prepare it. The taste was delicious without any complaints, and Miyabi became shy when we told her our comments. Imari said *Not bad* and kept poking Miyabi’s elbow while laughing.

Everyone commenced the standard watermelon splitting in the afternoon and after that, around the time we started passing the time happily like the whole morning----

I saw Miyabi faraway finding something while bending her body at the shallow waters and approached her.

“Oiii, Miyabi. What are you doing?”

“i-I am finding shells. I'm planning to bring back a shell that would serve as memories of here since we are here”

Miyabi showed the several shells she was holding.

It’s true that the colorful shells were beautiful, and I agreed at the thought of using them as products for remembrance.

“Shell finding huh…….if that’s the case, then can I join in?”

“Eh…………? Bu-but……”

“It’s more fun finding while talking right?”

“------!? I-i-it’s fun talking to me………!?”

*Splash splash splash*………..maybe they slipped out if her hands; all of the shells Miyabi was holding fell into the sea.

“Haha. What are you doing, Miyabi”

I crouched down and gathered the shells Miyabi dropped while laughing.

“Ah……….To-tooru-kun. I’ll pick them up myself……..”

“It’s okay it’s okay. ……….okay, that’s all of them”

I took Miyabi’s hand and placed the shells on top of them.


“Hnn? What’s wrong, Miya----“

Miyabi’s face was completely red and was constantly opening and closing her mouth like a gold fish.


*Banzai* Miyabi raised both her hands together with a weird shout, and all of the shells she had on her hands scattered around.

“Auu…….Sorry, just when you picked them up for me………”

“It’s my fault since I forgot about Miyabi’s sensitivities, so don’t worry about it”

“Uu……..Tha-that just now is well, true but……..this is different from that……and it’s because it’s Tooru-kun…………”

(Because it’s me……..?)

Half of it was mumbles but, it reached my ears.

I thought of the meaning of the words because it reached me.

(………There’s no way right……….? Because, Miyabi is------)

Although I have one possibility in mind, I decided there was no way it’s true and swung my head.

“Tooru-kun. Errr, I think it’s weird for me to say this after scattering all the shells you picked up for me but…………ca-can you join me to find shells again?”

“Aah, of course. Let’s find lots”


Miyabi nodded. Maybe it was left on her cheeks; her cheeks were slightly redder than usual.

After that, we started finding shells while talking.

Soon, around the time the sun was sinking, Imari came to call us back since it was almost evening.

I nodded, and after telling Miyabi we should head back to everyone------

Suddenly, I found a special shaped rock half-buried in the sand.

“Hey, Miyabi. This isn't a shell but, this-----“




Around the time the sky was turning slightly orange, Tachibana showed herself after changing back into her uniform in the cave. Julie and the others came behind her after that.

“Sorry for the wait, Kokonoe”

“……Ah-re, where’s Imari?”

I asked about the ponytail girl because she was the only one I couldn't find there-----

“Ahaha, sorry. Thanks for the wait”

As Imari came out of the cave with good timing, I decided to head back to the branch school.

“It was fun today. It would have been nice if Tora and Lilith had joined in too”

We talked about the members that did not join us while walking on the path leading to the mountain ridge.

“Fufuu, Tora looks like someone who prefers sleeping compared to playing. He is probably having fun on the rest day in his own way.”

“But, it was a disappointment with Lilith-san though…..”

Tora wasn’t the only one we invited to take a dip in the sea with us.

We also called out to the gold girl whose hair color would look attractive with the blue sea.

But regretfully, Lilith swung her head.

Since she had accumulated fatigue, she decided to pass the time leisurely while having Sara massage her today.

However, she told me she would join depending on if I accept her condition or not.

“I wouldn’t mind joining if Tooru would give me an oil massage you know?”

She complained when I immediately told her to take her time with Sara.

“Well we can’t help it. We just have to invite them when we have the chance to play again-------“

And this occurred at this moment.


Imari stopped after making a sudden shout.

“What’s wrong?”

“I was wondering if I had forgotten something just now and it looks like I left my pouch in the cave”

“Haha, how clumsy. No one would pick it up I think, but I think it’s better to head back there immediately and get it”

“That’s true, let’s go with that……………..Ah, oh no. it’s my turn to prepare the ingredients for dinner in the hall. Uuuun, it looks like I would skip my work if I went to get my pouch………..”

“If you run at full strength from here-----“

It will probably be enough to make a round trip, was what I was about to say and Imari made a loud shout again.

“Oh yeah! Neee, Miyabi. I apppooooologize for this but, can you go take my pouch for me? Please, I am counting on you!”

“Eh………? Errr………U-unn. Okay”

*Pan* I thought this when I watched her as she slapped her hands together in front of Miyabi, and Miyabi nodded.

(Miyabi just can’t refuse huhh)

She might be weak with being pressed by someone, but I can’t imagine this soft-hearted girl refusing someone’s request.

Those characteristics are the good points of the girl named Miyabi.

“Thanks, Miyabi! I seriously owe you one! ……….ahh but, it would probably be dangerous if one girl went there alone and something happened. That’s no good. I'm worried”

I wonder why some part of it sounded strange just now.

“Then it’s okay if Kokonoe-kun went along right?”


“That’s true. Tooru is perfect for the job; I will be relieved if he goes with Miyabi”


Thinking she thought of a good idea, Miwa said my name and Imari agreed with her.

“You’ll go right, Tooru”

I had no plans to refuse but, it’s an irrefutable situation no matter how much I think about it.

“I get it. Alright then, let’s go get it, Miyabi”

“Eh? Eh? Eh?”

“Just like what Imari says, it would be bad if something happened when you went alone. We will go together”

Since the conversation was advancing like that, she was probably confused about what was happening.

*Pokan* Imari lightly tapped Miyabi’s back while she was staring at me with her mouth open blankly.


(It’s just retrieving a forgotten object, why does she have to work hard for………..)

However, Miyabi made a shock expression and [U-un………..!] before replying back energetically for some reason.

[Tooru, Miyabi. I will head back too] [That’s true. I’ll go along too]

“STOOP! Tomoe it’s your turn too right!”

“My turn? No, I-----“

*Pachi pachi pachi pachi*……….

Imari was blinking violently.

Just what’s wrong with her?

“-----!! O-oh yeah! Hahaha, oh silly me……..”

“Ju-Julie too right”

“Nai. You’re wrong------“

“I asked you last night! See, you might have forgotten since you were dozing off!?”

“……………It’s true that I don’t remember. I have no choice but to prioritize my role if I was asked for then”

I could hear several relieved sighs when Julie replied for some reason.

“…………Everyone is so kind☆”

Ignoring Tsukimi’s weird sentence, I headed back to the rocky area where the cave was located together with Miyabi.



“Ah…’s over here, Tooru-kun”

We returned back to the cave and started looking for the pouch, before Miyabi found it.

(It’s only natural to forget if it’s placed in a place like this……..)

It was a hiding place in the rock and it’s only natural to wonder why it’s located in a place like that. We took a longer time than expected because of that but we would probably make it back to the branch school before the sun set.

Miyabi put the pouch into her straw bag and wore it on her shoulders before we walked out to the beach.


Miyabi muttered that when she saw the evening sun was near the water horizon and it was causing the sea to glitter.

The sun reflected on the sea surface and created a road of light on the sea.

“This……….is amazing………..”

I agreed with Miyabi’s opinion and stopped my legs to look.

The beach we were playing at during the afternoon had turned into a mystical scene as if it was from a picture.

But personally, this scenery could not even compare to photos in terms of captivating the heart.

The indescribable scenery created by Mother Nature was beautiful, but it looked somewhat heartrending.

“E-err hey, Tooru-kun. If it’s okay with you, can we wait here for a while………I want to see the evening sun………….”

“That’s right. I guess it’s alright if it’s not that late. Oh well, let’s look at this scenery together for a while”


After sitting down on the sand with Miyabi, I lost my ears to the sounds of the layers of waves.

The glittering gold color on the sea from the twilight looked even more magical and I started leaking a breath before I knew it.

“It’s pretty huh, Tooru-kun”

“That’s true. It’s really pretty”

While there was sound in the background, I looked over to Miyabi and our eyes met.

In an instant, her eyes opened wide before she hugged her legs in panic and buried her face into her thighs-----

After a while, I got shy when she saw me after slightly lifting her face up.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw that smile and the tempo of my heart beat gradually increased.

I was looking at a beautiful scene that was not over exaggerating to say that it would remain in my memories for life, together with a girl even though we are just friends.

Together with a friendly, shy and cute girl.

“…………Errr, Tooru-kun. What’s wrong…….? I-it’s kind of embarrassing……..if you stare at me like that……”

“------! So-sorry, I was day dreaming a bit……..”

I avoid saying I got charmed by her and changed to conversation after turning my face to the sea.

“B-by the way. I have to thank Imari later. If she did not forgot her pouch, we probably wouldn’t have seen this scenery”

“Ah……….E-err, about that. I think Imari wanted to show me this scenery…………..”

“So, it’s on purpose?”

“Unn……….That’s because, Imari has been living in this island for 3 months already. Then, I think she knows the time to see this pretty sun………..”

I see, I agreed with her. But, if that is the case------

“If that was the case then, everyone should have come too. Well, it can’t be helped since they have to prepare for dinner”

“U-un………….with everyone……that’s true…….”

It looks like Miyabi thought the same thing but, she dropped her shoulders in disappointment.

“Alright, we should head back now. Everyone will get worried if we take too long”


Even though Miyabi made a regretful expression, she nodded.

We stood side by side again and started walking while looking at the magical scenery at the side.

“…………..Ah, oh yeah”

“What’s wrong, Tooru-kun?”

“Aah, there is something I forgot to do”

*Zazan*,*Zazan* I stared at the waves coming to the shore-----

I then measured the timing and *tatatata* ran on the beach.

The foot trail I made on the beach disappeared immediately after that.

“Haha like I thought, this was something I had to do if I came to the sea”


Miyabi *Pokan* opened her mouth blankly at my actions and words----before laughing not long later.

“*Giggle*………..Tooru-kun you are like a child”

“I didn’t do that In front of everyone because I knew I would be told that”

It’s just too embarrassing doing something that childish in front of girls.

“Fufu. But, I am here right?”

“I thought I would be okay if I showed Miyabi…………ahh, keep this a secret from the rest. I’ll probably get laughed at”

“If it’s me huh……..fufuun. Un, I’ll keep it a secret."

Miyabi giggled again.

“You swear?”

“It’s okay; I will absolutely keep it a secret. Or what, Tooru-kun does not believe me?”

“I believe you. Tentatively though”

“……………….Okay then, I can’t expose it now since I also became an accomplice”

Before I could ask what does she meant, Miyabi placed her bag on the ground before jogging out.

She then made a trail of small footsteps on the sand.

Around the time I understood her meaning, the foot trail got washed away be the waves.

“It’s true that this make you an accomplice………so, how is it?”

“It was fun, it was like I went back to being a kid…………”

“Am I right”

*Un* Miyabi nodded before making a lively laugh.

This girl with a big flower blooming and the glittering ocean in the background does not look like someone that had been about to leave the academy cowardly by her own will.

I was glad I extended my hands to her on that day.

I probably would not be able to see this smile, If I didn’t do so.


After lifting up her luggage, Miyabi let out a soft voice.

It seems she fell on the sand when she was about to take the bag handle.

“Are you okay?”

“U-un. Sorry”

Several of her belongings scattered about on the sand because she fell down energetically.

Within them, there was a white stone with the color of the sunset engraved in it.

That was the stone I picked up and gave to Miyabi.

“It’s a memorable object so please don’t forget it like that okay?”

“I-I won’t forget it. I absolutely won’t………”

Miyabi made a wry smile when she received the pure-white special love (heart?) shape stone.

While still directing that wry smile to me, the wry smile turned into a sweet smile.

“Thank you for finding this stone for me, Tooru-kun”

“Haha, you already thanked me when I found it. Don’t tell me that every time okay”

“Uun, but I still want to tell you……….not only this stone, Tooru-kun keeps giving me things like energy, or the feelings to tell me to work hard, etc-------that’s why, I want to keep telling you this……………”

Inside the sunset world, Miyabi started talking.

“Thank you for everything, Tooru-kun. Thank you lots and lots. And-----“

The words that continued after that, were supposed to be a soft mutter that was meant to be blocked by the sound of the waves.


Either this was lucky or unlucky-----

The sound of the waves stopped at that moment coincidentally.

“I love you”

Part 2

In the Kouryou academy branch school-----

The reason for its existence, was to be the saucer for the people that had dropped out from the <<Qualification Ceremony>>.

“……………There is a 1 in a 1000 chance someone would have an <<Adapt>>. It really is a strange thing that he seriously thought I would throw them away because of one failure”

Tsukumo Sakuya made a weak smile after recalling back the conversation she had with Tooru a few days ago.

“Oh my, was it that different from your personal thoughts, Sakuya?”

Another girl was there combing her Yellow topaz hair while asking the question.

“Yes, that is right…………..I don’t mind throwing away losers”

Sakuya replied back her personal opinion to Lilith’s question.

They might have the strength to be second-tier in the group, but they lost because they got unlucky and got paired up with a first-rate strong opponent. That’s why they thought they would win if they were put together with a different person-------What bullshit.

Those are words that could only be described as funny, by fools that have not thrown themselves into a survival war with their own whole lives bet on it.

No matter how much power a person owns, it would be meaningless if they don’t win when the time calls for it.

“Everything ends when you die”

The results were all extreme logic and also irrational.

However------it is also true that they live in that kind of world.

But that was still Sakuya’s personal opinion to the end, and the Dawn organization’s objectives were a different story. A huge amount of funds is needed to continue the <<Lucifer>> research. In order for that, they need as many public maintenance team <<Exceeds>> as possible for the source of those funds----even if they are not people Sakuya needs.

Of course, Sakuya does not think the existence of the branch school is completely worthless.

All of them are sacrifices.

They are sacrifices to plant confidence into the main school students that have survived in the <<Qualification Ceremony>>-----and also give them the readiness to aim for the top for the loser they won against with their own bare hands.

The reason why she allowed them to know of the existence of the branch school through the seaside school was also a type of mental testing for them.

It had been 3 months since they enrolled into Kouryou academy. During the period when they start getting a little relaxed after getting used to the daily training, they are made to meet up with the branch school and that will cause the students thoughts to change into two big flows.

They would either aim back at the top knowing that they might lose to the losers who had piled up additional training as branch school students...

Or they would become even more relaxed and lose their aspirations.

It is practically obvious that Sakuya wished for the former.

If she thought about the future, she would not need people that would relax at this level.

“By the way Lilith. This is about a few days ago but, what kind of intentions did you have when you said I wasn’t honest with myself?”

“It’s more convenient to have Tooru think the chairman is actually a good child. Especially, that good boy”

Sakuya made a small shrug with her shoulders to the gold girl who winked at her.

“……………Kokonoe Tooru sure is having it rough, to be loved by this double-faced woman”

“The living thing called woman has two-sides you know. More importantly, it is a fact that I do love him, so isn’t that fine? Other than that, I move in order to achieve the things I have to do. In order to reach the <<Absolute Duo>>…………it’s just that”

While placing her hand on her chest as if she was singing in an opera, and spreading out her free hand, Lilith made an exaggerated posture and talked about the contents of her heart.

How much can she believe those words? Sakuya could not measure it as long as she does not say it out loud.

“Then now, a question from me”

The Lilith from a few moments ago was no longer here.

Her smile was gone and she narrowed her eyes; an expression that she does not usually show Tooru was there.

“Will it be tonight, if they are coming?”

“Oh my, did you notice?”

“When there is an idiot scattering its presence that much, there is no way I won’t notice.”

It was the 3rd day’s morning after the start of the Seaside school that, Lilith felt someone’s presence.

The presence would not get near the students and would only remain observing their movements; it was just stopped there far away, waiting for its existence to be perceived.

“It has been 2 months since the last incident……………I even set the bait, thinking that <<Equipment Smith>> might start moving around to cause something…………….”

Sakuya made a faint smile while swinging her head to those let-down results.

“No close encounter huh…………but, I don’t think you need to act as bait by having a night walk even though you have Mikuni with you?”

It was every evening until today that they could feel the trespassers presence, and Sakuya took Mikuni along for a stroll about the island. Just like what Lilith said, she was acting as bait.

“It’s either me or you. I just wanted to know which one of us they want………..The results were; they won’t make a move at either one of us and I just know they are there”

“I wonder what kind of intentions they have for moving around”

“I don’t care. I only hope that it’s good sacrifices”

Unthinkable from a 10 year old girl, Sakuya made a cold smile.

The reason why that smile broke suddenly was because of the emergency signal sent from Kouryou academy main school.

“…………call for reinforcement, why?”

The expression of the black-clothed girl turned dubious, when she received a report that they were receiving an attack by unidentified personnel with guns and were at a disadvantage.

The guards stationed there numbered 2 <<Exceed>>----<<IV>>, 10 number of <<III>>, and their power can rival an army battalion (Around 300 people). Adding in the 2nd and 3rd year students from the main school that had survived training, it was only natural for her to be dubious at this unnatural event of being called for reinforcement.

“-------I see, their goal is the research lab………….I understand, please withstand for 40 minutes. I will make Mikuni head there”

After cutting the transmission, Sakuya clenched her teeth.

(Their aim was not me, but the <<Lucifer>> data------I predicted that too but………….)

“They sure have sent quite a force there. I wonder if we should say that we got defeated here?”

Ignoring Lilith who was talking frivolously, Sakuya ordered Mikuni standing by beside her.

“…………Mikuni, it’s just like what you’ve heard. Head back to the main school and clean up the attackers”

“But Sakuya-sama. If an attack occurs here then-----“

It’s only natural for Mikuni to be concerned. It’s because it is a fact that there is a trespasser on the island.

“Judging by this situation, I can’t send Rito over there. She might end up destroying the facilities there. That’s why, I ordered you because you are an assassin type…………..or what, are you saying you will not listen to my orders?”

“…………..I would never do something such as that”

The gold girl then opened her mouth to Mikuni who was still concerned about her master.

“It’s okay; you don’t have to worry about it. I, the staff and also Tsukimi Rito are here. She is <<V>> right? Unless they sent over a powerful force, it will be impossible to bring us down”

“…………….Understood. I am counting on you; please take care of Sakuya-sama”

“Of course”

Leaning on the wall, Lilith winked one eye back to him.

Mikuni turned on his heels and headed out of the room.

Lilith did not see his back off and moved her sights to the window.

(I did say that, but there is just this bad feeling I am getting……….)

The presence that was squirming around in this these past few days was still here.

But something different from that, an indescribable something was causing anxiousness in her chest.

Both Sakuya and Lilith were thinking without opening their mouths.

The room was wrapped in silence but-----

Soon, the knock that echoed in the room broke the silence.