Absolute Great Teacher - Chapter 164

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Chapter 164: Sun Mo’s Violent Temper

Chapter 164 Sun Mo’s Violent Temper

Tantai Yutang, Ying Baiwu, and Xuanyuan Po all had no interest in the study of spirit runes . After obtaining Sun Mo’s permission, they no longer attended this class .

Jiang Leng was keen, but after hearing Sun Mo speaking about basic knowledge every day, he couldn’t help but feel vexed . Hence, he chose to attend Great Teacher He Yuanjin’s spirit rune classes instead .

Lu Zhiruo was Sun Mo’s crazy fan . Although she wasn’t too interested in the subject, as long as it was her teacher teaching the class, she would always be present . It was just that she was recently pulled away by Li Ziqi .

For Li Ziqi, other than subjects that required movements, she liked everything else . As a genius, she had managed to comprehend the essence of Sun Mo’s spirit gathering runes . Even a casual drawing by her could achieve the tornado spiral effect . It meant that the spirit gathering runes she now drew were at least of the fifth-level .

Naturally, the amount of time she needed was at least three times more than Sun Mo .

There was no solution to it . After all, Sun Mo’s proficiency level was near the ancestor-level, while Li Ziqi just began to learn . From this, one could tell how outstanding her talent was .

Due to the above reasons, no personal students of Sun Mo attended his study of spirit runes class . But the current Sun Mo also no longer needed them to make up for the numbers .

There were roughly about fifty people attending each time . Although the system gave out a mission for him to reach 200 people within three months, there was no punishment if he failed . Hence, Sun Mo wasn’t anxious about this .

In truth, to An Xinhui, it didn’t matter if Sun Mo taught this class or not . As long as he continued to work hard on his Medical Cultivation classes, it was already enough .

An Xinhui recently planned to make his Medical Cultivation classes into a representative class of the Central Province Academy . In fact, she even intended to hire some officials and nobles, as well as famous people in the society to come to his lecture, wanting Sun Mo to shoot to fame with a single shot .

As Sun Mo walked into the corridor, he tidied his clothes out of habit . He was someone who paid meticulous attention to his external appearance and he would always maintain a smile on his face .

But today when Sun Mo entered the classroom, the smile on his face vanished . A solemn expression replaced it .

There were only seven students seated at the center of the classroom and they were staring at him with teasing looks of contempt .

Sun Mo activated Divine Sight and detailedly surveyed these students immediately .

“Eh? Why is this a lesson taught by a new teacher? Did you guys mix up the classroom?”

“Oh, I saw it wrongly . We should head to the #401 classroom instead . ”

“Let’s go, we should only attend classes conducted by great teachers . The standard of a new teacher like this person is simply too low . If I listen to his words, I would feel pain in my ears . ”

A few students stood up and made a big fuss while they walked to the front door, wanting to leave .

This was a serious provocation .

Zhou Yong appeared in the corridor and wanted to admire Sun Mo’s expression through the windows .

“Hold it there!”

Sun Mo berated .

“Why? We don’t wish to attend your lesson . Are you forcing us to stay?”

Zhou Cang questioned .

Sun Mo didn’t respond to Zhou Cang . He turned to a student with a sharp chin . “You said that my standards are low? May I ask which part of the lesson is flawed?” “Eh, the standard of your overall lesson is simply too low, yet you refuse to allow others to comment on it?”

The student with a sharp chin had a very loud voice and he intentionally raised his voice to allow the students in the corridor to hear what he was saying, causing them to crowd around .

This was something Zhou Yong told him to do . They had to make Sun Mo lose face in front of the public .


Sun Mo spoke and directly pointed his finger at the student .


A golden beam of light appeared like sparks flying off a flint . It then transformed into a golden arrow and shot toward the student with a sharp chin .


The student basically didn’t have any time to evade and was struck by the golden arrow . After that, his eyes turned vacant . He then drooled and began wandering about aimlessly .

“Teacher Sun, you actually used the ignorant and incompetent halo on a student . I will go to the Saint Gate and report you to strip you of your qualifications as a teacher . ”

Zhou Cang called out .

Sun Mo didn’t say anything . He directly walked to the front of Zhou Cang .

Zhou Cang lifted his neck and stared at Sun Mo with a look of provocation in his eyes . Actually, he didn’t want to go against Sun Mo, but he had no choice . He was the son of a servant in Zhou Yong’s clan and had also signed himself to them . His entire clan was to serve the Zhou Clan forever . Since his young master had said the word, he could only do it .


Sun Mo lifted his hand and directly slapped Zhou Cang’s face .

“What reason are you hitting me for?”

Zhou Cang roared in rage .

At this moment, there were already students gathering in the corridor . After seeing Zhou Yong, they all stood far away from him . Hence, a strange phenomenon occurred .

At the front door and back door, many students gathered there . However, in the radius five meters around Zhou Yong, there was no one else at all .

“I’m not beating you up, I’m helping you treat an injury!”

Sun Mo spoke and unleashed another slap .


A resounding slap rang out .


Zhou Cang still wanted to speak, but his words were swallowed back in his throat by another slap from Sun Mo .

“Zhou Cang and his cronies must be here because of Zhou Yong, how troublesome!”

“Ai, I knew that Zhou Yong would definitely take revenge . ”

“This fellow is so loathsome . It isn’t easy for our school to get such a good teacher . Why do they want to deal with him? If Sun Mo was chased away, the ones who suffered the heaviest losses would be none other than us . ”

The students discussed . Although they didn’t know what was happening, when they saw the school bullies here, they immediately stood on Sun Mo’s side .

These people were the followers of Zhou Yong and there was no evil that they wouldn’t do .

Extorting money, teasing girls, beating people up, forcing people to bark like a dog, reciting gang songs, etc… They had done all these nasty things and more . Not only did they harass students, but a few teachers had also lost their reputation due to them . These teachers had no choice but to leave the school .

One could say that Zhou Yong’s gang of people were annoying rubbish everyone hated . However, one couldn’t afford to antagonize them or even hide from them .

Seeing Sun Mo taking action, Zhou Yong smiled . He precisely wanted to see such a scene . (Just continue hitting . The more ruthless you are, the greater your crime would be when the Saint Gate investigates this . At that time, you wouldn’t even be able to be a teacher . )

The Saint Gate was the organization that governed the teachers of this world . They evaluated the star-rankings of great teachers and they had control over whether a teacher was certified or not .

Now, Sun Mo was hitting someone without rhyme nor reason . Once the Saint Gate verified this, his qualifications would be revoked .

However, this Sun Mo truly acted differently from the teachers he had bullied before .

The other teachers, when facing such difficulty, would always try to argue and verbally convince the troublemakers using logic . Honestly, when a teacher dropped so low as to argue with a student, they would have lost face . Their prestige level would surely dip . However, Sun Mo didn’t do anything like this, and he directly attacked .

“Teacher Sun truly has a violent temper!”

The spectating students mumbled . All of them felt as though their emotions were also vented after seeing Zhou Cang being beaten up . They felt like hitting the other school bullies as well .

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“I’ll give you a chance to explain why the students coming for this class left suddenly . If not, I will request Headmaster An to expel you guys . ”

Sun Mo coldly stared at these students, feeling a little annoyed . It was so troublesome to fire one student . This couldn’t be allowed to continue . He had to climb higher and become a vice-headmaster as soon as possible .

“We are not immortals, how would we know why the other students don’t want to attend your class?”

Someone acted indignantly .

“Teacher, they are the ones who threatened people not to attend your class . ”

A student shouted out from the crowd .

“Who is the one talking?”

Zhou Cang immediately turned over . His gaze was ferocious and ruthless like a hungry wolf’s .

Sun Mo lifted his leg and kicked Zhou Cang .


Zhou Cang was blasted out from the impact . He even knocked over a few desks .

Zhou Yong turned his head in the direction of the voice .


The group of students there acted like sheep meeting a hunting wolf and immediately moved aside nervously, afraid that Zhou Yong might be mistaken that it was them who had called out .

“Let me through!”

Upon hearing the commotion, Lian Zheng rushed over . When he saw Zhou Yong at the scene, his face immediately turned black . (Why is it this school tyrant again?)

“This time around, it has nothing to do with me . Teacher Sun is beating up students!” Zhou Yong laughed . “Are you not going to stop him? Our new outstanding teacher might have his qualifications revoked by the Saint Gate . ”

“Disperse, stop crowding around!” Lian Zheng berated . He quickly entered the classroom . “What’s going on?”

“Teacher Lian, I feel that our school has to purge the atmosphere a little . How can we recruit trash? This is simply humiliating the great name of our Central Province Academy . ”

Sun Mo was very angry . The things he hated most were school bullies . As a teacher, they ought to give a quiet atmosphere conducive to learning for students, allowing them to experience great memories of their youth here instead of a nightmare .

Lian Zheng fell silent . He naturally knew the current situation of the school . However, there was nothing he could do .

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“Head Lian, I want to complain about him beating us up for no reason at all!” Zhou Cang climbed to his feet . His eyes were filled with bitter resentment as he glared at Sun Mo .

Sun Mo pointed his finger over .


The ignorant and incompetent great teacher halo was activated .

Zhou Cang tried to dodge, but it was useless . He was directly struck by the arrow formed from the golden light and turned into an idiot .

“Teacher Lian, put these students in the detention room first . I’m going to look for Headmaster An and Vice-headmaster Wang now to explain this situation . These students ought to be expelled!”

Sun Mo glanced at Zhou Yong . The shit-pouring attempt this morning should be orchestrated by this fellow .


Lian Zheng had also suffered the atrocities committed by Zhou Yong long enough . Maybe, Sun Mo could chase Zhou Yong away .

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“Teacher Sun, beating and cursing at students isn’t good for your reputation . I think you better hurry up and apologize or when the investigators from the Saint Gate arrived, it would be too late for you . ”

Zhou Yong shouted as he stared at Sun Mo’s leaving figure . “I can be a witness . These people started the trouble first . Teacher Sun is only enforcing the classroom’s discipline!”

Lu Changhe stood out . He was still a young man and his blood was hot . He wouldn’t maintain silence because he feared Zhou Yong’s revenge . Zhou Yong immediately glanced over and shot him a look saying, ‘I will remember you’ . “Scram, there’s no place for you to talk here . ”

Sun Mo berated .

Although he was scolded, Lu Changhe knew that Sun Mo was trying to protect him . Hence, he felt some gratitude in his heart .


Favorable impression from Lu Changhe +30 . Friendly: (210/1,000) .

Lian Zheng brought Zhou Cang and the other six away . This matter had blown up . Given Zhou Yong’s personality, there was definitely no chance of reconciliation between him and Sun Mo . Leaving aside the fact that his father was a huge magnate, his personal teacher was none other than the 2-star great teacher Xu Shaoyuan . Xu Shaoyuan was someone very narrow-minded .

Sun Mo and Zhou Yong both left, but the students still gathered here . They began to discuss and comment intensely .

“I really hope Teacher Sun can get Zhou Yong expelled!”

“I think it’s very difficult . I’m afraid Teacher Sun won’t be able to endure the consequences of this action!”

“Zhou Yong’s background is too strong . If not, Headmaster An would have expelled him long ago!”

The vast majority of students didn’t feel optimistic about this . This time around, Sun Mo might have rammed his toes into a steel board .