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Published at 17th of August 2019 09:59:40 AM

Chapter 1

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It was already five years since Duanmu Shen reincarnated in this world . From the time he reincarnated he could remember every single thing . It made him remember about the legendary Eidetic Memory .

Although he could remember everything after reincarnation as clear as day, the memories of his previous life were still the same, a little vague .

Still, it took him around 4 months just to learn the language . Not many people were allowed to take care of him and those who did, they weren't that talkative . After some long investigation, he knew the current peoples were not his real parent, rather real mother .

He had a twin sister who looked like a fairy but what made him excited was his new mother . She was a ravishing beauty .

It was difficult to tell how she was, but judging from her appearance, one could say that she looked like a 20 year old young woman . Her skin was as smooth as jade and her mannerism was decidedly mature . She was as graceful as a poised noble, and she was certainly beautiful . She also had an aura that could attract men and women alike to do her bidding .

He knew for sure if he had an adult body, without a doubt he would jump on her . And even if he committed any crime on the process, he would never regret that decision .

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This 'mother' of his was called Lady Duanmu by everyone . He felt this name felt familiar, but he couldn't recall anything else, so for the time being, he decided to ignore it .

But sadly no matter how excited he was, he was only seen as an energetic boy . That day, he swore that he will conquer her… if he still didn't have that shit curse .

So, his plan to conquer a beauty started at the age of 4 months . He acted like a 'genius', by starting to talk how a kid would after 5 months and started walking soon after . Only to find out it was considered just above average and his current world was actually a cultivation orientated world .

He was hyped up again, he wanted to cultivate at once but had to wait until 5 . But that didn't stop him from his plan to conquer the beauty .

At the age of 2 years, his plan to conquer the beauty finally took place . Although this mother of his didn't breastfeed him, he never stopped taking advantages of the soft melons every night .

Most of the times, he would either pretend to play with them or fondle them while pretending to be asleep .


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Yu Ruyan, on the other hand, didn't know what to feel . She always acted cold with her family members but every night this naughty child of her would break that temperament .

As a virgin, sometimes little touch could arouse her . She even tried to sleep while keeping the kid away from her but this shameless kid starts crying as soon as she moved him slightly away from her . She could only speechlessly shake her head and accept her punishment .

She didn't know whether this kid found her breasts comfortable or a natural born pervert . Still, either way, she can't avoid her child . Little did she know, this 'child' of her has many things in store for her .


Half years ago, Duanmu Shen finally found out the name of his current continent and understood this world is actually AST universe . He finally understood why Lady Duanmu and Duanmu Lingshuang name sounded so familiar to him .

But what made him depressed that he didn't find any cheat . He tried running like how Qing Shui did but it was really hard to do so with a body of 4 years old kid . When he successfully fainted while running, still no cheat like AST appeared .

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As he could not do anything about cheat he could only suck it up . For now, he wanted to leave this family . Other than the beauty mother and sister, he didn't have anyone he liked currently in this family .

Unlike in the story, Yu Ruyan didn't feel too much burdened with her late husband . Currently, she only wants her children to be happy . She really liked the pair of charming kids .

Although the boy might be a little perverted . . . maybe more than a little but he was still her child . She wouldn't hesitate to leave this place if it makes them happy .


Finally, the day came, Today Duanmu Shen will start his cultivation . He was waiting for this who knows how long . Only by being strong can you have the right to stand with your heads up .

If that's what you were thinking he would say then you can't be more wrong . His eagerness comes from his motto, "Only by having absolute strength can you conquer multiple beauties at once!"

An old man accompanied by Yu Ruyan came in front of Duanmu Shen . The old man seemed blabber something about their families great heritage and their great technique which naturally earned a yawn from Duanmu Shen .

The old man's eye twitched a little bit indicating his anger . Normally, Yu Ruyan would berate him but she was having a hard time containing her laughter .

"Shen, be attentive . " After a good ten seconds, Yu Ruyan finally contained her laughter but she really couldn't find any words to berate him . She knew this kid of her was really intelligent . He always expressed his wish to cultivate from an early age . So, naturally, he won't be lazy when it's finally time . Even she becomes bored when listening to this blabber so she really found it funny when the elder got angry .

"Yes . . . " Duanmu Shen straightened his back .

After that, the elder taught him everything about the technique . Whatever the Elder said Duanmu Shen could remember them words to word . Which caused both the Elder and Yu Ruyan to be astonished .

Duanmu Shen followed the Elder's instruction and sat in lotus position . And tried to enter the meditative state . After half an hour, he felt he neared some mysterious state . He was ecstatic, he entered meditative state within 30 minutes .

Yu Ruyan and the Elder, on the other hand, was stunned . This boy just touched the meditative state in a single try and just within 30 minutes . But it was completely different on the other side .

"HERE I COME BEAU . . . Tie . . . s . . . " with this he lost his consciousness .

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