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Published at 17th of August 2019 09:59:16 AM

Chapter 26

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Huoyun Liu-Li felt extremely embarrassed now . She and Shen now sat on a room on the 6th floor and trio girls sat on another room enjoying the meal . She even arranged a room for their rest .

That day she indeed said Shen to take responsibility but she only meant it as joking and never thought to meet like this . Not to mention she didn't even expect him to remember such event but from the cheeky grin pasted on his face, she knew this rascal definitely remembers that event .

"What brings Young Master Shen to my humble restaurant?" as she couldn't bear the embarrassment anymore Huoyun Liu-Li tried to move on the conversation .

"Hmm, just on the way to my disciple's sect . Ah, let me introduce . . . the one on my left was Mingyue Gelou and Wenren Wushuang . You might know both of them from Hundred Miles City and the beauty with veil is one of the Elder from Skysword Sect, Yiye Jiange, my disciple!" Huoyun Liu-Li nodded her head in acknowledgment . Something like Skysword Sect's Elder was a common thing for her . This year her Master even broke through to the Peak of Xiantian Realm!

She seemed to be in deep thought as she heard about Skysword Sect only then did she remember that all girls with him were at least on Xiantian Realm . She felt especially shocked when he said, the Elder is his disciple! "Did you breakthrough?" she couldn't help but raise this question, unlike the girls she couldn't figure out his cultivation base .

"What do you think?" Shen triumphantly flashed a smile .

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"Oh, so is that why you finally decided to leave Hundred Miles City?" Huoyun ignored his triumphant smile as she went to the next question . She already expected him to break through sooner or later but didn't expect it to be so soon . Even she just achieved breakthrough last year .

"Sister Liu-Li, I have become a man and come to take my responsibility-" Shen straightened his back as he said those words in a straightforward manner .

"You are not allowed to speak about that!" Huoyun acted a little coquettishly as she met him after a long time . Which woman won't like seeing a man remembering her even after a year . Not to mention, he even came to bear his 'responsibility' .

"Y-You won't be saying that it doesn't count or you found another man? Are you cheating on me??" Shen looked shocked and sad as he asked her like an abandoned husband . He even grabbed his left chest as if he was about to cry .

"Rascal, What gibberish are you spouting . Why would I find another man?" Huoyun hurriedly stopped Shen from saying more only to say something she shouldn't have said .

"I see, I see . My Liu-Li didn't abandon me and saved her purity from tens of thousands hungry wolves . " Shen said while nodding his head as if it was a matter of fact .

A picture flashed on Huoyun's mind . Thousands of hungry human-like wolves attacking her from all eight directions . With only one sword in her hand, she killed every single wolf without letting even one of them touch her . In the end, she emerged victoriously and stood above the head of ten thousand wolves . . . only to be caught by the biggest wolf!

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Suddenly Huoyun felt her feet being touched by something . She almost jumped up as it was too sudden and frightened her . She stared at Shen hatefully . "You-"

Knock Knock

"Boss, your order is ready!" just as Huoyun was about to say something she was interrupted by a knock on the door .

"Little Shu, come in . . . " Huoyun said as she glared at Shen who locked his toe with hers . For some reason, Huoyun started feeling a little weird from her feet . It was a little warm and soothing .

Little Shu with Little Mu left some dishes which was mainly focused on vegetables . There were also two types of soup . Both girls bowed as they left the room .

During the lunch, none of them talked as Shen was also checking out the dishes . Unlike what he expected they were not much different from his . Or the end result was similar but if he compared his dishes with those from the restaurant the difference was still a few steps lower . But the dishes from the restaurant made Shen realize something .

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His dishes mainly focused on Fish, Meat, or Soups . Although they tasted heavenly, it's easy to get bored when you eat too much meat . He decided to plant some high-level vegetables on the Realm . They should be edible within two or three days and their quality would be much higher than what he can get outside . He didn't lack space as he still had half of the Realm empty for his and Kawa's personal use .

"Sister Liu-Li, don't you think we are missing desert?" suddenly Shen voiced out .

"Let me order now . Little-" Huoyun nodded as she felt they indeed lacked desert, but as she about to order Shen stopped her .

"Wait! I have the best dessert here, why would you need order more now . " Shen said with a smile that seemed dazzling to Huoyun .

"What do you mean?" Huoyun couldn't understand Shen's meaning as she revealed a confusing face, but before she could get an answer from Shen, he already sealed her lips . What could be more suited as deserts other than her juicy lips? Even if he had a hundred deserts lined up in front of him, he would still choose her .

With the little gap on her lips, his tongue snaked in her mouth . His tongue touched hers as a strange force intertwined them together . Huoyun resisted at first but Shen had already grabbed the back of her head . The longer she resisted the fiercer Shen's attack became .

In the end, she gave up to Shen as she was having a hard time breathing . Shen broke the kiss as they both breathed heavily .

"Now that was one hell of a desert . As expected from Earthly Paradise, even their dessert tastes heavenly!" Shen exclaimed as he licked his lips . As if still reminiscing Huoyun Liu-Li's taste .

"Rascal, I dare you to say it again!" Huoyun's face was bright red as she couldn't bear the embarrassment she was feeling .

"Ah, that taste so exquisite and divine . . . umm, can I taste once again?"

" . . . "

"Don't worry, I promise to take responsibility!"

" . . . "

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